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Version: 0.1

Heart of Thieves

A tale of fantasy and adventure, deception and revenge, of thievery and... waitressing?

This is the story of Dorian Leth, World Famous Thief (self proclaimed), as he finds himself at the end of his career, only to be contracted for an ordeal with very different rules, in a body not his own, indebted to a master that is all but human...

Join us in the life and times of Dorian, now Dora, the Barmaid.

Dorian Leth, World Famous Thief (self proclaimed), takes on a heist to steal a valuable statue, one that could help set him up for the rest of his life... Which ends up being far sooner than he realizes as he finds himself impaled on the blade of an assassin. It is then that he makes a deal with a mysterious woman to fulfill her contract in exchange for giving him new life.

Unfortunately for Dorian, this contract is far from normal, and he finds himself in a situation that he would never imagine himself to be in... That of a young barmaid at a tavern called the Drunken Angel.

Truly, he must live in interesting times...

Dorian Leth - World Famous Daring Thief and Main Character of the story. He must struggle against the ordeal placed before him if he wants any chance of regaining his lost form and take vengeance on those who wronged him. Works as a barmaid at the Drunken Angel.

Miselgelda - Mysterious Benefactor to Dorian Leth who gives the intrepid thief a second chance at life... For a price.

Tyson Blazer - Friend to Dorian Leth and his partner in crime.

Draco Harcourt - Inquisitor for the Kingdom of Widegard, and long time antagonist of Dorian Leth.

Nemu Navaronne - Barmaid at the Drunken Angel and charged with looking out for Dorian by Miselgelda. Nice girl and experienced at what she does.

Alexander Beaucoup - Tavernkeeper for the Drunken Angel and Dorian's immediate boss. Very gruff with little humor.

Blake Nightshade - Witch of Transmutations and also contracted to Miselgelda. Has been ordered to help Dorian with his task.


- Your choices will determine what your stats and skills will be in future versions of the game, so be mindful!

- There is one bad ending during the first Dream Sequence. It's pretty obvious though.

0.1 (Initial Release)

- Mechanics (3,218 words)

- Prologue (22,452 words)

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Review by Houdini111

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/24/2019

An enjoyable start. The premise lends itself well to having lots of things to do in the future. Being tasked with "stealing hearts" provides good opportunities for character development. The writing was devoid of grammar or spelling errors, which is always good to see. There are still things I cannot comment on, like the gameplay balance, as there simply isn't enough there to see yet. Perhaps my one criticism I can give right now is that I would like to see more differentiation between the difference speakers. It's not a critical issue, mind you, but a wider variety of colors would have you keep track of who is who easier.

Review by Goctionni

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 02/20/2019

Really solid game / intro. Very curious what the game will be like now that it's coming into a (I suspect) less linear portion.

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