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Version: 0.60

Version: 0.55

Playing Both Sides
by Ailius1

People have long forgotten the proper name of the

Lawless Sea. There are no honest men here. There is

only might, and with might alone are fortunes made.


The only authority within this locus of chaos is the

brutal Patriarchy, a group of men who before all else

hunt down witches, letting virtually all other crimes

go unpunished.


Aboard the privateer ship Antelope, the adventure of

a young crewman named Eric begins. A target ripe for

the plunder has been spotted, and the Antelope is

poised to attack, but the series of events

that has been set in motion is beyond imagination.


Consider the title crawl a work in progress. The setting is an ongoing cold war between a order of paladin-types called the Patriarchy and a coven of witches called the Resistance. The protagonist will end offending one of these witches and get 'recruited' into the coven. From there, the game will be linear until (s)he finds means to cure him/herself (or not) and after that, it will be a more open-world experience as the protagonist chooses a faction and helps their cause.


This demo goes far enough to give you a feel for the game mechanics. My guess is it's about 2-3 hours of gameplay.


From this point on, I'm not planning any updates prior to a finished game. There may be bug patches, but I'm not going to tease you guys with a thousand micro updates.

Eric - A young man who joined a crew of privateers in order to get the money to make a better life for himself and Morgan.

Morgan - The love of Eric's life. You'll find out more about her as the story progresses.

Aracha - A witch who serves as the head of security for the Resistance. She is always seen dressed in black and wearing a mask. She's, standoffish, a lesbian, and casually refers to men as "Dicks".

Cid - When he was 11, he was the chosen one prophecied to save the land from an apocalypse. He succeeded. However, his fame eventually waned. Now an adult, he is an alchoholic and works as a mercenary.

Anne - A priestess in the Convent of Tires (pro-Patriarchy), she is kindhearted, but takes her duties extremely seriously.


Removed random encounters except on the field map.

Added sprites which seek you out to trigger encounters. Not all of them are practically avoidable.

Added trainers which give exp in exchange for coppers. Sandra will offer that service after her quest. The second trainer is in the Frostvale Coven.



Fixed a trap in the first dungeon.

Fixed a bug in the book in the library.

Fixed the faces of the sailors on the first boat.

Adjusted the terrain to make it impossible to strand yourself off your boat.

Added a quest with dungeon to recover another spell in the mountains north of Murik.

Added a few transformation offensive spells.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 0.60 on 03/17/2019

Nobody gives a shit about your politics. This place is for fapping and doing things that wouldn't be possible in the real world, not engage in debate. Can't take a game seriously if they put politics into it, right wing or left. Also kind of weird you have a whole "might makes right" kind of thing seeing as how that's a right wing mindset yet you have what looks to be left wing beliefs here.


Game wasn't that bad other than that. 

Review by 6power

Version reviewed: 0.60 on 03/06/2019

I liked this game. The comabt systm has potential and so story, keep up the good work. 

Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.60 on 03/05/2019

I like how this game plays with the JRPG combat standards.  There's a little bit of a paper/rock/scissors aspect to it, but once you get some magic and a few levels, the strategy opens up quite a bit.  It gets really interesting once you get into a mage duel.  

Basically, elemental spells will alter the combat "environment" such that they affect subsequent spells.  If you cast "water" then the environment becomes "wet" so cold is more effective, lightning will stun, and fire is nullified.  Handy if you are fighting a mage who likes to cast fire all the time.

That said, the way that enemies spawn is a little too quick currently, and they move a little too fast.  So it becomes quite easy to get hemmed in by three or four spawns at the same time and have to fight your way out.  People who don't like RPG combat will probably not like that.

Also, I would have liked it if the initial transformation was a little more drawn out.  Currently, it's just a "bamph" sort of thing with little fanfare.  The mental transformation is much more interesting.  Kudos there.

Looking forward for more.

Review by bane89

Version reviewed: 0.60 on 02/25/2019

i like this game, a good base with an interesting story. i am looking forward to seeing the completed game, although i'm saddened to see there will be no more relases until the game is finished as this may take a long time, or it may just never get finished like many games on this site. but overall it's worth the time it takes, especially with the random counters reduced as that would have been my only complaint.

Review by Houdini111

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 02/24/2019

The "Play Now" button should not be a link for downloading. It should only be used for linking to online versions of games that do not require downloads. 

During my time with the game, I encoutnered two major issues:

I encountered an error when attempting to read the (important) book in the library: "Failed to load: img/faces/characters.png", which is a picture that does not actually exist in the game data. It got stuck in an infinite loop of trying to load it. I made a copy of pre-existing files and renamed them "characters.png" and "characters.rpgmvp", which bypassed the issue.
I was able to softlock myself after getting the boat, by visiting the town on the north side of the island from the boat, which keeps it there. Exiting the city puts you below it, and going up (to where you'd be able to interact with it to get back on) puts you in the city.  

On the good side:

The game has a few entertianing little jokes and whatnot. Those were appreciated. 
I was quite surprised at the amount of content there is in this intitial release.
The combat seems like it has some decent room to grow, and isn't grindy at the moment.
The opening premise is entertaining enough, and could certainly be expanded into a full game. 
Some may dislike it, but I enjoyed the lack of explicit content. To me, it's a breath of fresh air when a game doesn't feel the need to... get dirty.

On the not so good side:

Encounters are bit too common in my opinion. There were times when I was lucky to go a full second of walking without an encounter, and there isn't much of a reason to fight; levels don't do that much and the only things to buy are consumables that would only be used in battle.  


So with all that said, I enjoyed my time with the current release of this game. I give it my approval, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for it.


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