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Battle Mage Royal
by Tinon

A Visual Novel MMORPG with TG & TF elements

Enroll at the Mage Academy of Transmutation and Alteration, and venture into the secret world of erotic transformation. Fight to maintain your independence and even your humanity, in a battle to see who will make it furthest in this world.

You are currently able to create your first character and play through the introduction. After the introduction, you will enter free-roaming, where you can go around the school and meet other players. All players start out with four spells that you can cast on yourself and each other, which will have some predictable effects on characters.

From Monday to Friday you can attend classes during the day, where you will have a chance to meet two of the ten professors at the academy. When there are no classes, you can explore locations to look for items left by other players.

The game is in an alpha state and content is still sparse, but I work towards having new content and features released frequently. Please leave a review and let me know what you would like to see more of.


Content patch 0.4 is now live!

The latest content patch is now out on the live server! Arboretum now has four backgrounds, one for each daytime, and the dorm room backgrounds have been improved. Three new item types have been added with this update: usable items, consumables items, and materials, with ten new items spread between the new types. Two new spells, and two new qualities have been added, and spellcasting can now require materials and other conditions to be met. It has also become much harder to change the gender of an opponent, and players are now able to regain their original gender using some of the new content.

You can see the full patch notes on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/G2QWuEE


Hotfix #1:

Discarded junk items such as bottles are now removed from the game world. Academy staff has picked all bottles on the campus so they no longer litter every location. Remember to recycle!


Hotfix #2:

Body and mind spells will automatically succeed when casted on an opponent with zero body and or mind health, respectively, making it much easier to transform a downed opponent using appropriate spells.

Added support for Impact font for android and other devices that do not support the font by default.

Fixed error with action hub not closing properly, for instance when clicking Myself or Menu.

Inspecting a friend will now work properly, and will always show their current character.

Fixed two-way filters not allowing content that is unlocked with several filters, if both players did not have the same filter enabled.

Opponents should now properly change gender when targeted by Breast Enlargement at zero body health.

Fixed some GUI clitches that could happen when a character changed gender during an encounter.


Hotfix #3:

Made some changes to the turn update script that may or may not have fixed the evasive bug that causes actions to not replenish properly, among other things.

Added a better log system, which should help me track when the turn update fails and why.

Using the leave action while your opponent is already leaving no longer costs an action and will cause your opponent to leave immediately instead.


Features on the horizon

Deeper skill and spell system that can change players in more interesting ways

Usable items that can change the appearance and properties of clothing


Upcoming content

More items and spells

More teachers, courses, classes, and skills

More things that can happen when exploring campus

You can see the full patch notes on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/G2QWuEE

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 04/25/2019

Gameplay is increasingly getting more interesting as updates continue. The addition of more objects, spells and interactions with defeated players could be really interesting, as well as maybe extra alterated states other than the current ones.

Good work!!

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 04/12/2019

Can't wait to see the game start being worked on more! Haven't found much to it atm. Guessing it's just a bare bones alpha test for now. I do have great interest in absorption and such. ;3

Edit: Definitely need more content and other ways to interact with players to keep people interested. Game's quite empty when I'm on. ^^"

Review by zxc

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 04/01/2019

There's potental here. a lot of potental.

But the wait between changeing locations kills it for me.

currently gameplay consists of;
go to a lesson,
do lesson,
run out of spells and have to go back too your room,
wait 30s
arrive at room,
wait 1:30
go to location,
meet person,
cast spells,
wait 40s
round 2
cast spells,
go back to room,
wait 1:30
cast spells on self,
wait 1:30
go to location,

Review by Mojopoop

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 03/06/2019

Really liking thsi so far! can't wait for more to be added!

Review by icarue

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 03/05/2019

I feel is a weird thing to like, but i LOVED the UI (at least graphically), It reminds me of Persona 5. It could be mechanically better, small changes, doesn't need to be huge or even big. It's pretty well done overal. 

Content wise, there's not a lot, but there's a good base that doesn't need to change a lot to do a lot. Sprites don't change and the status is shown on a grid of images, so changes could be done easily. 

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