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Battle Mage Royal - Holiday Event
by Tinon


A Visual Novel MMORPG with TG & TF elements

Enroll at the Mage Academy of Transmutation and Alteration, and venture into the secret world of erotic transformation. Fight to maintain your independence and even your humanity, in a battle to see who will make it furthest in this world.

You are currently able to create your first character and play through the introduction. After the introduction, you will enter free-roaming, where you can go around the school and meet other players and discover spells, items, and crafting methods.

From Monday to Friday you can attend classes during the day, where you will have a chance to meet three of the ten professors at the academy.

Please leave a review and let me know what you would like to see more of.


Yule has come to Battle Mage Royal!

You can see the full patch notes on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/G2QWuEE


New Features

The game now supports seasons with exclusive events. The game's first season is Yule, which takes place from December 1st to December 30th. Seasons will return each year, and whenever the calendar in-game matches the same time frame.

You can now color containers, such as the wrapped candies. They will draw from a much smaller custom pull of colors, and some may be more rare than others. The color of a container influences its content.

When a character has more than 9 qualities, the last field in the quality grid will be replaced by a number that says how many more qualities that character has after 8. Clicking on the numbered field will open up a much larger grid that displays all the qualities the character has.

With the introduction of the first hat, the Headwear slot now also functions as an alternative third accessory slot. I realise quite a few people don't enjoy wearing anything on their heads and I don't want to force them to do so, in order to optimize their playstyle.

It is now possible for worn items to have actions on them. Any action that is available on an item while it's worn is available to any character in the encounter.


New Content

Added 1 new spell variants.

Added 1 new consumable.

Added 1 new container.

Added 6 new pieces of clothing with respective crafting recipes.

Added 2 new character traits.

Added 4 new backgrounds for the Auditorium by Ink.


Other Changes

Gender Adjustment spell has been renamed to Change Appearance to better include a larger variety of spell effects.

Minimized the number of calls to missing images, resulting in less 404 errors.

Improved the performance of backend operations related to learning spells and crafting recipes.


Bugs and Error Fixes

Fixed some cases where the date-time on private messages were not formatted correctly.


Hotfix #1

Fixed an error where one of the new items did not work correctly with particular character traits.

Fixed an error that caused the new spell variant to be inaccessible.


Hotfix #2

Fixed an error where the new spell would sometimes not post any message, or say it had no effect, even though it did.

Fixed a typo in one of the new traits.


Features on the horizon

Being able to turn other players into items.

More ways to alter peoples minds.

Request a meet-up with another player, either in the dormitory or somewhere else.

A proper trading system between players and shops.


Upcoming content

More items and spells

More teachers, faculty staff, courses, classes, and skills

More things that can happen while exploring the campus

You can see the full patch notes on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/G2QWuEE

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.7.3 on 10/10/2019

Great game! I do have something which I think, or hopefully was already thought of by you and the team, but most players often just hit and walk away without any RP, and I was wondering if we could do a little something like make notifications for messages and friend requests whenever you receive anything. Maybe even have a small icon showing a count for how many friends you have online, for those special few people you'd like to try and encounter again. The only way we see a message so far is by actually happening to click the box wondering if you received something and notice it was from quite some time ago and missed a potential meetup maybe. Otherwise, keep going, you're doing awesome! Hope to see absorption or inanimate stuff soon as well if ever possible ;)

Review by Sabrecat

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 08/14/2019

While the game looks fun, and does look like it has a decent amount of content, a nice looking display and such. I would find the game far more fun if it had a single player only story mode where you interact with AI npc's. I'm far too shy to interact with real people in a tf porn game. When I found it was a game primarily interacting with real players I went ACK! And was out of there! Lol

Review by Shinchan

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 06/03/2019

A very fun game,  the social aspect is actually surprisingly good, being a pornographic game. It's a bit short in the tooth but I can't wait to see more. 

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 04/25/2019

Gameplay is increasingly getting more interesting as updates continue. The addition of more objects, spells and interactions with defeated players could be really interesting, as well as maybe extra alterated states other than the current ones.

Good work!!

Review by zxc

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 04/01/2019

There's potental here. a lot of potental.

But the wait between changeing locations kills it for me.

currently gameplay consists of;
go to a lesson,
do lesson,
run out of spells and have to go back too your room,
wait 30s
arrive at room,
wait 1:30
go to location,
meet person,
cast spells,
wait 40s
round 2
cast spells,
go back to room,
wait 1:30
cast spells on self,
wait 1:30
go to location,

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