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Version: 2.4.1

Crimson Veil

You play as the vampire huntress Mila, tasked with completing hunting contracts to earn gold for her organization! As a hunter, you must defeat the hordes of the undead while avoiding getting turned into one yourself! Each monster encounter will require preparation. Upgrade yourself by visiting shops, raising your hunter rank and interacting with the world around you. Bad Endings can be discovered from being defeated by enemies, each featuring unique illustrations drawn by me. Additional lewd illustrations can be found throughout the game, along with an unlockable Picture Gallery to help you track what endings and illustrations you may have missed! Currently 45 illustrations to collect in total! Play as a vampire and turn against your hunter organization, live a life of debauchery as a succubus, or restore a dying forest when you are transformed into an alraune.

Do you have an idea you want to see added to the game? Side quest scenarios suggested by the community have now been added to the game! Please visit https://www.patreon.com/MKRUdesign to suggest your idea!

Coversation with a vampire


•Two new Hunting Contracts have been added.
•One new Non-Hunting Contract side quest available in South
Mor Town from NPC after the end of chapter 2.
•Ten additional images added to photo gallery.
•The Rotten Grove expanded.
•You can now read through Mila's diary without triggering
a bad ending.
•New enemy type: Nosferatu.
•Flower Shop Laurels now have a stock of 5 per Laurel
•Eastern Overworld is locked until end of chapter 2.
•Librarian scene in chapter 1 redone. New art has been added as well.
•Difficulty of Librarian and Bookworm battles have been adjusted.
•Whip Upgrade store has been expanded! New whips are available as well as a place to purchase Silver Ore.
•Selling items now possible at a store found in the Eastern Overworld (Abelleth Village).
•Transformation sequence added when dying from vampirism
in the Overworld.
•Liquid Silver and Dagger skills now inflict "Weakened" state
instead of lowering all stats.
•The level at which certain skills are aquired has been changed.

•Gallery Pic 8 art has been updated
•Fixes to progression in certain contracts.

•Vampire route is now accessible after completing chapter 2. Speak with the
bald man in South Mor Town to begin!
•Five additional images added to photo gallery.
•Bookworm/Bianca can now be fought in chapter 1 without any penalty
of accidentally slaying her. Option to slay is still available.
•New enemy type: Vampire Maid
•Additional items, equipment, and skills have been added.
•Pet system has been added in the vampire route.
•Sound effect tweaks in certain scenes.
•Character profiles added in status menu for all party members.
•Stat growths for Mila have been adjusted.

•Adjustmentments to Faye's Flying Syringe Skill.
•More HP added to Viviene in each form.
•Bug fix which made Contract 3 inaccessible if you completed Contract 2 before accepting Contract 3
•Nosferatu's drop rate for Vampire Dust adjusted from 25% to 33%
•Genevieve, Scarlett, and Claudia all drop Vampire Dust after their boss fight.
•Summon Bat Skill now hits 3 times instead of 5
•Boss fight music added to Victoria's fight.

•Bookworm/Bianca and Iris' Bad Endings have been updated.
•Two new Hunting Contracts have been added.
•2 Vampire Hunter enemies have been added to the Vampire Route. Alyena can be found in the Rotten Grove Cemetery and Johannes can be found in the Rotten Grove Grotto.
•Eight additional images added to photo gallery.
•Bug fixed which allowed players to purchase Laurels in the flower shop without any gold.
•Bug fix which prevented the player from saving after using the "Invoke Fog" skill.
•"Guard" skill has been adjusted. Reduces more damage, protects against more ailments including "Vampire", increases LP charge rate when taking damage.
•"Summon Bat" skill has been updated. It now hits 7 times, with a fixed HP damage. No longer drains HP.
•Leveling up with Faahlda now fully restores Mila's HP and SP.
•Ghouls now appear in the mountainside area after completing chapter 2.

•Guard Skill no longer protects against vampire state.
•Amber's design has been updated.
•Amber and Mila's sprite has been updated.
•Fixed glitched chest that allowed player to gain infinite Iron Ore.

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Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 2.4.1 on 04/21/2020


This game is awesome, and as stated in my previous review, I'm saying that even though it doesnt cater to my number 1 kink.

([SPOILERS] Love Saint V and her town and the tease with the Virgin Cross and the mysterious powerful vampire. The Rotton grove is good and I'm looking forward to whatever the structure is in the underground cave there. 

The ancient Vampire route was an awesome surprise. I hadn't realised there was going to be another route to take and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have everything so far!

-One note, fighting Saint Vivine is far too RNG heavy. You can be overleveled, with the best of everything you can get and she locks you down from full health to death. I spent a good 20-30 minutes just getting cheesed by her mechanics and having to reload, with nothing more I could do to get around it, or give me a further advantage. Also, the Queen -Bee encounter may be a little too difficult and require a fair amount of reloading as well, but that one might have been that I was not yet HR 14 as suggested for the quest and perhaps I was missing a key ability?


I like that Crimson Veil has a strong theme, but doesn't limit itself 100% to just vampires (and everyone loves vampires), giving the occasional different bad end to add some extra variety.

All the new additions are great and there's some clear foreshadowing that has me interested in the unfolding story(stories?). It's clear a lot of effort has gone into this game. It has great art and dialogue. An actually interesting story that is still erotic (which is pretty rare), mostly well balanced and not too heavy combat and a decent amount of content which as always for a game this good, leaves me wanting more and eager for the next chunk of story.

Thanks once again to mkrudesign for all the effort and sharing. A damn good game!

-----------Previous Review--------------------

A great prologue.

While this doesn't hit my most major kink it does have corruption(with a little transformation), sub and MC which are secodary for me. Still I found this a fun game and quite enjoyable.

Since this is the prologue I'm looking forward to any updates or anything. With that said, my personal hope is to have the erotic scenes last a little longer with more graphic description in some places in game beyond the prologue. Note this doesn't include changes to the art, I like the art just as it is!

Thanks to mkrudesign for sharing their efforts here for us to enjoy!


Review by Tizzzy

Version reviewed: 2.4.1 on 04/17/2020

This is not just a TF game it is a really good RPG, There were tons of moments where i was at the edge of my seat saying "One more hit, ONE MORE HIT YESSSS" It's super fun so far and the contracts keep it feeling fresh. Probably one of the best games on this site, super underrated! 
One minor detail you would want is to backtrack through locations, certian areas of the game might seem hard at the level you are at so back tracking into the town and doing a contract is super useful! 

Review by Vire

Version reviewed: 2.3.1 on 01/23/2020

Wow this is fun!

I appreciate the fact that I can bumble around stupidly (didn't know the SP bar had to be filled manually) and legitmately feel the consequences of that ignorance, but feel so satsfied overcoming it. Storywise you have built a solid narrative and planted the seed for a character flaw with a dark obsession that I can't wait to see expanded upon (possibly in game mechanics?).

I think it would be especially rewarding to see you flesh out the lore ([SPOILERS] I'm particularly interested in knowing what happened to her parents, want to know more about her relationship with her sister,  and wish Iris's death hit harder [/SPOILERS]), but am far more captivated with the story you are already telling.

Seriously good job, I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 03/26/2019

Currently, this game subscribes to the "die to see lewdness" philosophy, but I see some hints of corruption in the content, so hopefully it'll get better.

At the moment, the combat is wildly difficult - unless you're super lucky or have gone back to town to level up and buy stuff.

The art is pretty good.  Grammar is just fine.  Level design is mostly fine, though the overworld is sparse.  I assume it is unfinished.  There is some puzzle content, which I found easy enough, but I was glad to see it anyway.

I'll be watching this one, and hope for future updates.

Review by Arxyn

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 03/21/2019

One of the better RPG maker games I've played, and the only one I've ever played that was fully focused on vampires and their related kinks. Didn't think I'd enjoy them coming in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Getting taken down by a scrub ghoul and converted was more satisfying than I expected. I like the grit of the gameplay as well: Getting bitten by a vampire during gameplay is a serious damn matter, and unprepared hunters will be severely punished for their hubris. Save often and bring LOTS of Holy Water.


The prologue chapter is pretty long too, so you can call it a completed demo, which is a definite plus. I'll definitely be following this game.


A tip for players finding it hard to proceed in the later fights: Remember that in order to level up, you have to return to your Hunter Base and talk to the quartermaster.

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