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Version: 0.1.1

Timeless Pantheon
by David

A slow transformation of the main character game inspired by Magical Girl Camp, Little Bitch Academia, and most notably, Afterlife.

As of version 0.1.0 there is currently a little over 60k words of content. Much less will be seen in any given playthrough due to dialogue choices and other branching options, but it's starting to look like a real game.

Jake, a college student, is pulled to another world. I don't like giving spoilers much more than getting them, so play the game if you want to find out more.

Minimal Spoiler Walkthrough

Warning: I've tried to keep this walkthrough as close to the bare minimum for spoilers as I can, but I can't avoid all spoilers while still making it helpful.

After the lengthy intro an option to save will pop up prior to a mini-game. The only effect of this mini game is that if you dodge long enough, you’ll get an extra bonus to your stats.

Note that you can still be hit by orbs briefly even when you can’t really seem them right at the end of the event. If you dodged successfully, the text will list the bonus separately, so you’ll know that you got it.

Continue through the intro until you get control of your character again. Before leaving the building, note that if you keep talking to the character to the right of the door, you can earn yourself an extra 500 credits.

Continue on until shown to your room. Check the boxes in your room to pick up a stash of health potions.

First Fight

Continue along with the story until given a choice how much divinity to spend. A few things to note on this choice:

  1. The more you spend the harder your fight will be, but the more ranking points and experience you can potentially earn.
  2. The strongest level should be unwinnable at this point in the game.
  3. The middle fight should be winnable if you’re willing to make use of the healing potions you should have grabbed.
  4. You will need a large supply of divinity to get the most extreme version of a transformation available later in game. You can afford to spend enough for the middle fight, but it gives you less wiggle room on earning enough.

When you fight if you want the second most potent form of a transformation coming later in the game, you’ll need to lose. There’s no other reason to lose short of seeing the dialogue, which also varies based on which fight you ended up in.

First Free Time

Continue the game until you get your first free time. You can do two events that take time during this free time.

See section on free time below for some options, but the one key thing to do at this point is talk to the nurse in the hospital. This will not take one of your slots, but you can only see one nurse event per day, and there are other events locked behind the event chain. With limited time, it’s best to get started.

Also, do not visit the library until the first two nurse events have been seen or you will lock yourself out of a few events.

Next up, there are two weapon stores. You must visit the one in the town center before you can enter the one in the south. Note that there are better weapons for the same price in the southern shop, so it’s recommended you don’t buy anything in your first visit.

Finally, it is recommended against spending divinity on new aspects if you want all options for an upcoming transformation. Spending 500 would make it a fairly heavy order to earn enough.

First Dungeon

You will start off being given a choice to select two party members to fill out the party. Some notes:

  1. There is an optional piece of equipment and a sellable item only available if Angie is one of the choices, so it is recommended you take her.
  2. There is an optional transformation coming up with three variants. The variants are, at least at this point, stylistic only and merely change some text.
  3. To avoid the transformation, you will need at least one of Gedmern or Adinia in the party.
  4. One of the variants with Grosh in the party, and the other requires you have both Grosh and Angie. As such, a party selection of Grosh and Angie will let you see all content except avoiding the transformation.
  5. Niarae’s Rain of Fire ability is a large gamble. Each drop has a 60% chance of hitting an enemy and a 40% drop of hitting an ally. It’s a very high risk move but can do a lot of damage if you’re lucky.
  6. The main character is likely to go down during some fights, but that’s fine, you get full EXP even when unconscious at the end of battle.

In the first forest area there are a few things to do:

  1. You cannot move north until you’ve collected both required herbs. One is in the main section and one in the small area to the east.
  2. One of the flowers you’re told to ignore will have different text. Examine this again with Angie in the party for a piece of equipment an item that sells for some credits.
  3. Kill all the spiders. One is hidden across the river to the west. You can cross in the section hidden by the large tree to find it.
  4. Once all the spiders have been killed a hidden boss will available in the eastern section. This boss is worth more divinity and drops an item that can be used to craft a piece of equipment.

Optional Boss

The optional boss is one of the harder fights in the game but should not prove too challenging with the right party and strategy. Boss details:

  1. The boss has two regular attacks, a poison spit that does damage with a high chance to poison and a physical attack against two random targets.
  2. At the end of each turn the boss will either web shoot or web spray attempting to encase a single party member or the entire party at once.
  3. Being hit once with this will drop the afflicted character’s speed and evasion.
  4. Being hit when already hit will completely paralyze the character, and this debuff does not wear off during combat.
  5. For the duration of the fight, Niarae will get the ability to burn off the web.
  6. Burning the webbing does a small amount of damage to the target at the same time as completely burning away webbing regardless of which step it’s on.
  7. The aoe version in addition to damaging everyone also does more damage than the single version.
  8. If you’re gambling with Rain of Fire, an ally hit with a Fire drop will be freed as well.
  9. If Niarae is fully trapped there is no way to free her before thee end of the battle.


Continue the game until being brought to new scenery. This next part has a couple of puzzles. For the first puzzle, examine the machine to start, then push it up back the way you came.

Missable Transformation: After the explanation for the maze, but before moving on walk back up toward the entrance. This will trigger an event for a hidden transformation. You will not see the results of it until the maze is complete.

Maze tips:

  1. Don’t forget that the “T” key switches between characters.
  2. The direction they’re facing when you press it will determine the point of view.
  3. You can save at any point during this event. It’s recommended you do so as it’s easy to accidentally walk off.

Continue on to the next boss.

Boss Fight

This fight will be harder for some fights than others, but should be fairly simple for any party if you know what you’re doing. 

  1. The boss has three modes. It starts in the middle mode and switches based on how much average damage has been done per turn over the course of the fight.
  2. If your damage is high, it will get defensive and begin countering all physical attacks.
  3. If damage is low, it will become reckless increasing damage done moderately and damage taken significantly.
  4. When it’s HP total gets low it will begin charging a powerful desperation attack and will repeat this until either it or the party dies.
  5. It will remain in whatever mode it was in when it hit that point for the rest of the battle. If it was defensive, it may be challenging to finish the fight before the charge completes. This can easily happen with a big crit when damage is increased from being reckless.
  6. The easiest strategy is to simply defend for a few turns and have Niarae recharge mana. Then start attacking with extra damage, but save some TP for big attacks when it gets reckless.

After the boss you get the choice described in the notes at the beginning of the dungeon that affect the transformation.


Notes during the escape:

  1. It’s good to try to kill as many spider as you can as both exp and divinity are limited resources.
  2. There is a chest with 1000 credits behind the hut.
  3. The bubbles move randomly, the spiders chase you.
  4. More spiders and bubbles will continue to spawn at random locations as the timer drops.
  5. Hitting a bubble will drop the timer by 30 seconds, cause all spiders to appear to teleport closer to the party, and spawn two additional spiders.
  6. The bubbles, the spiders, and the timer itself will all move faster as the timer gets closer to zero.
  7. With these mechanics it is very easy to get surrounded and stuck in chain combat until the timer runs out near the end, so make sure to have a safe save if you’re pushing your luck hunting spiders.

Free Time

After continuing the main story, you’ll be given your second free time again with time for two time-taking events.

The only recommendation is to talk to the nurse again for the second event. After the second event you’ll be free to use the library. You’ll need to see both library events before you can continue on to the next nurse event.

Second Arena Fight

  1. The options for this fight are the same as the first fight.
  2. If you really want the second largest transformation coming up shortly instead of the largest, you’ll need to lose again. This will likely require you to spend 500 divinity as the bats are unlikely to hurt you.
  3. You can rank up to E rank if you won both your fights and at least one of them was against three bats.
  4. The strongest fight is likely still not winnable. If you do manage to find some way, you’ll be rewarded with some extra ranking points and some flavor dialogue, but nothing too meaningful will happen.


  1. Choosing a payment will determine what transformation you get.
  2. You get the strongest version if you pay exactly 0 extra and had at least 2000 divinity walking into the room.
  3. If you did not get the strongest version, paid less than 50 extra, and lost both arena battles you’ll get the second strongest version.
  4. If you did not get either of the above, and paid less than 500 divinity you’ll get the third strongest version.
  5. If you pay at least 500 divinity you get the weakest version.

Free Time

Your first weekend with nothing to do. You’ll have four free time slots to fill your time. If you’ve been following this walkthrough and saw both nurse events and then completed both library events, make sure to stop back at the nurse for a reward.

You may also want to visit the enchantment store to craft equipment. At minimum you should be able to get one from the earth spirit core, and you took down the spider boss, that’s good for a nice cheap piece of equipment.


There’s nothing optional dialogue scenes you can see early in the mission, but nothing of significance. Just advance the plot. Check around the town shops if you’re not sure where to go at various points.

Dungeon Notes

  1. Time is the main key for which transformation you get in this dungeon, so keep that in mind when working your way through.
  2. Rushing through with more than five minutes left will get you the weakest version.
  3. Between 1 and 5 minutes will get you the next weakest.
  4. Less then one minute will send it up another step.
  5. For the strongest version, after clearing the dungeon, but before heading to the end, go all the way back to the beginning. When less the 30 seconds are on the timer, an event will trigger at the entrance. After that event, make sure there is less than a minute on the new timer before leaving.
  6. There is a switch hidden with the skeletons that opens the path to one chest.
  7. To avoid missing out a piece of equipment, open all chests and on the final chest choose not to eat the contents. Also, examine the crystal at some point before leaving.
  8. Eating the contents of most chests will completely restore whoever ate it. Only the final one gives you a choice as to who that is.


This fight has an easy mode. Feel free to try without the easy mode. There’s no real reward beyond a little extra experience, but you may find it challenging. It shouldn’t be too hard.


  1. The boss starts with two adds.
  2. For an easy victory, do not attack either of the adds for two turns. The boss is safe to attack.
  3. The boss will use attack/defense buff on its turn while the adds attack.
  4. If the adds are untouched for two turns they will escape and the boss will take damage, and switch to just attacking physically.

Make sure to save after this boss fight.


This fight should be fairly simple, but you can get unlucky.

Continue with the main story.

Free Time

Your final free time has but a single event slot. This is the only time you can get Adinia’s social event. Also, if you followed the guide, head back to where you entered the previous dungeon to find a glowing spot. You can use the item there at the enchantment shop.

Free Time Events

These are the events that take up Free Time slots


Has two events. It’s recommended not to do either event until the first two nurse events have been seen. The first one increases Study Points (used for training new spells) and adds to the main character’s magic defense stat. The second lets the main character equip staves and adds magic.

Magic Trainer

Adding aspects takes no time, but training spells does. Since you start with only one study point, it’s recommended not to train magic until after the first library event, as you’ll learn twice as fast.


At the gym you can train fencing. The first event teaches a stronger attack move. The second event lets the main character counter whenever a parry is successful.

Note: Second level social events for main characters require a minimum affection level. If short, there will instead be a repeatable event to raise affection.

Gedmern Social Events

To activate the first event, you need to first have entered the item store at least once. Then, it can be activated in the bar.

The second event requires the first and can be activated on the first floor of the Timeless’s headquarters.

Grosh Social Events

Both events are in town. The first by the food stand near the entrance to the temple. The second is by the shop.

Adinia Social Events

Adinia only has one social event. It can be activated only during the final free time event of the game and starts at the door to her room.

Niarae Social Events

Niarae’s first event is found on the first floor of the Timeless’s headquarters. Her second event is started by talking to another character near the entrance to the tower North of town.

Angie Social Events

The first event is found in town near the shops. The second event requires the first three nurse events be seen and is found on the roof the Timeless’s headquarters. To complete the nurse events:

  1. Do not use the library until the first two events are seen.
  2. Talk to the nurse in the hospital to start an event. No more than one event per day.
  3. After the second event, do both library events.
  4. Go back to the nurse for the third event.


  • Latest fix for issues caused from missing actor_sv files in version 0.1.0. This should work even with saves from the original 0.1.0.
  • Fixed one more potential game freeze in first dungeon. I think I have them all this time.


  • Added three more days of main story about doubled the amount of dialogue in the game from the first release.
  • Added a new social event for all main characters.
  • Finished Magic Store and Added three more stores.
  • Library is functional with two events.
  • Added a second training session.
  • Redid the optional boss and the escape event from the initial release.
  • Updated many maps to be less dull.
  • Added music. My taste may be terrible but you now have a second option beyond silence.
  • Added more people to the town, some with their own mini events.


Fixed bug that was preventing end of content event from firing and looping back to an old event instead.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MilitaryAaa

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 04/28/2019

Just finished playing and I had fun for most of it. 

The story seems pretty decent while it takes inspirations like you said it's definitely it's own thing, the time problem is unique and why the m2f happens isn't the same old that I've come to see.

Completely bug free for me.

Still getting a feel for the characters but that all seem interesting in their own ways, I like the reversal for the one. Really thought she was going to be a tsundere when I first met her.

Combat is fine, nothing has been even mildly difficult when with your party members but I hope Jake can pull his weight when it comes to fighting soon.

A few different mechanics to keep me on my toes was a good addition, the timer and bubbles, the dungeon puzzle etc.

Oh and I like Izzy. :V


I look forward to seeing more of this.

Review by Yato

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 04/03/2019

Glad to see more games that actually intent to be a real game, not CYOA. What was presented in 0.0.1a is a solid fundament for a great and entertaining experience. Certainly Timeless Pantheon can stand on the same ground as LBA or Magical Camp once given enough time. Who knows, it might surpass them with enough work. Keep up the good work!

Review by Shukketsu

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 04/01/2019

For the Moment pretty good with more development it could stand beside Magical Camp and co.


Review by therandomestpersons

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 03/31/2019

Game seems pretty cool, and btw, there is actually combat in this version. Not sure what the minigame part was in reference though....


Hopefully the character does at some point become a godling (if they actually aren't already) though, otherwise things might get kinda grindy....

Review by fartmandoo

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 03/31/2019

Engaging story right from the get go! I'm interested to see more. Great start!

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