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The NewLife Sissy University


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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/09/2020

It is a linear story with sissy theme. Pro: story isn't bad. pretty much straight fapping material with quite some images. Con: I really cannot stand the font.

Review by DrElliotReid

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/09/2020

"Cos" sin tan? cause or because, please, at the very least, use real words.

The whole introduction of the love island thing, then skipping 3 months just feels weird. Like I had to go through it twice to make sure I understood what happened, like it feels weird to talk about New Life Uni, then Love island thing, then have 3 months skip then go to Uni.... the flow and pacing of the story feels off. This is then never mentioned

Also, "Love Island? OH! i remember, they handed leaflets to the school saying whoever is charismatic and attractive should sign up to this show where people love each other... pretty self explanatory."; very self explanatory.. oO


Content: "Slow sissy transformation". On the first night, you dream about feet and instantly jump to being called a sissy. It feels like theres no build up, the pacing feels weird, you just clicking the one or two options to get to the next page, no real choices, you are just increasing/decreasing the number of pages the current scene includes.. 

On day 2, you wake up with a chastity cage on, your then introduced to Alphas, Betas and Sissys, you are then told you are a sissy. Its then the end of class, you have questions but you decide to go back to your room. You then aren't hungry, but want to eat some cream (but your not hungry xD). You then go to sleep, your dream is that "You are a girl", day 2 btw. You wake up for some reason, just to have the scene where you "unknowingly" injest more cream I guess and go back to sleep. "(you will watch a 10 minute sissy video on your future)" is this me or my character, is this supposed to be the dream? Like at least edit a video to make it somewhat relevant, this is just dial to 10 on day 2. There is an apparent attempt to make this work within the story, "hes taking his meds" and making it seem like its some kind of consipracy/center to turn men into sissys, but it honestly feels like a swing and a miss. Your femininity is increased by 2 and intelligence reduced by 2.... great, thanks for allowing me to follow the set route and "change" these meaningless stats.

Anyway, you go to class, go through a few pages of no choices, just reading and go to your room, there are choices, only one works "So horny you need to masturbate" one, so you masturbate with a dildo (day 3) and then have a bath where your body hair is removed AND your head hair grows... The roommate then needs to use the loo, he can't wait and you are knocked to the ground, hes then so desperate, he just start peeing on the mc... the mc starts drinking. Like where has this come from, I get it you want the scene but theres no build up, its just there and feels like your trying to find excuses to get to these scenes and it makes no sense.... you then get reassured by the roommate, and then dream about having sex, but its not a dream dun dun dun. Then theres an annoucment and you leave, your cock is meassured against Mr. Brown then you go get fucked by him, you are now a sissy, the end.

"Slow sissy transformation", sorry to say but the pacing feels off in general and seeing the content tags just made me laugh. I've played this game before, and outside of a few changes, it felt very farmiliar, it felt like the only new bits were at the start and everything felt very farmiliar once you get to NLU.... 

On Stats: Like what is the point in stats if you have no control over them (ie choices make no difference), can't see them and they do nothing. Like in other games, the whole point is that it allows you to perform actions or wear feminin clothing, but this game has none of that and even if it did, your just clicking through a set path so its all meaningless...

Like I guess its so that we as the player, know that this has happened, but it's a set story (like if it was dynamic, tell the player their action has consequences) but in a story, if you have tell us that they have become more feminin and less intelligent, are you telling a convincing one? To me, it should either be obvious via action or choice the character makes..... like maybe they start hating cream, cream not jizz btw, and you make a point of that, then after like a week they add cream to their meal, start to eat it and realise what they have done, dismissing it "i usually hate cream".... a week later they are having it with every meal, maybe not liking it but trying to get something from it thats not there... you could then hint that its subconciously attempting to drink jizz like liquid and even go down the route of its actually jizz or sometimes it is mixed in to further confuse/mess with the mc... 

Like I feel that this just another attempt to get in on that sissy porn game patreon money. At least make something of note before you start trying to get people to pay for it...

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 09/28/2019

A short sweet game thats good only for getting off in a pinch to some hot stuff. Very heavily inspired by the sissy training school, and not really much of a game more than a hot story, But it does what it does well. 5/10

Review by holyrelic

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/10/2019

The games not that bad it is linear but at least they have selected good images and the writing isn't horrible. It does have a decent amount of content for the first showing too. 

Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/09/2019

Meh, I have feeling that this game made by gathering all gifs, fetishes into one big garbage can and turning on the mixer.

Creator at least should give option to turn off some of content. For now it's just a mess full of unpleasant surprises.

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