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Version: 0.05b

Version: 0.04a

Version: 0.04

Version: 0.03a

Version: 0.03

Version: 0.02

Version: 0.01

Earn Your Freedom

New version (0.06a) is out for early access!

Here is a list of what got included in this update


If you don't start the game from start and would like to use a save file from the previous update, you should start it from the first Tom's visit as to progress in 0.05, you'll need a dildo, and you will only be able to buy it if you play through the Tom's first visit event.

"Earn Your Freedom" is a game about a regular teenage guy, who is captured by some bad guys and is forced to work in a brothel. Play the game to find out what will happen to him and if he'll become an obedient little slut ;)

Some screenshots from the game:






- intro, getting to the brothel
- can suck boss's cock when you meet his for the first time, or refuse
- choosing clothes, doesn't matter what you choose
- end of the day, possibility to escape, if you choose "try to escape" it will lead you to a gangbang scene
- day one, glory hole handjob scenes, after a first handjob scene if you choose any of the two options except "serve one more cock" you'll get one more scene with Ashley and a possibility to masturbate while covered in cum later in the day
- after the glory hole an option to masturbate, you'll be able to do it again every evening until locked in a chastity cage
- day two, you can visit different locations and look around, work at the glory hole again, doesn't matter what you do
- day three, Alex visits to collect the weekly payment, resulting in a footfetish scene
- next after that is a scene, where Alex puts on a chastity cage on MC's cock
- after that, you can work in the gh booth if you like, travel around, visiting other locations, but to progress, you need to speak to Ashley
- take a new hairstyle in the beauty salon
- wait for a client in the room - handjob scene, after that a groping scene, if you choose an "ask him to stop" menu option, it will lead to a fingering scene
- wait for a client again, nobody comes, MC realizes he needs to look more girlish
- visit beauty salon again (need to have $50, you can get them by working in the gh booth) you will get some make up
- after that - a prostate milking scene with Erika and new lips for the MC
- after getting new lips, you can wait for a client in the room again, it will lead you to an anilingus scene and a blowjob scene
- if you wait for a client again after that, it will lead you to a bj scene, that will repeat over and over in the 0.03 version if you choose "wait for a client"
- you can also visit Erika again for hypno scene or a prostate milking again
- if you get one more prostate milking, a vibrator becomes available for buying in the sex shop
- if you have a vibrator, it will unlock a masturbation scene in the evening
- with your money you can also buy new clothes
- also, there is a final punishment scene, if you don't have enough money for Alex next time she comes to collect the payment
- after the first blowjob in the room, blowjobs in the glory hole booth become available
- after buying a vibrator from the sex shop, you need to make MC have some fun with it during the evenings (3 times)
- on the third time you'll get some new scenes with with Alex
- after the event if you wait for a client, you'll have an event with MC's past friend
- after this event you are able to buy a dildo (white)
- also after the event with Tom, gym becomes available
- you can visit the gym and start training, but to do so, you need gym clothes, you can buy them in the clothes shop, (red shorts & blue top)
- visit gym training five times to see all the scenes
- if you visit a butt wall room, it's possible to trigger a random event with a "familiar" butt in the wall
- after the event with deepthroating in the gym, one more blowjob scene in the glory hole becomes available, also there is a continuation of the events in the butt-wall room if you visit it couple of times more, and also you'll get to meet a new character
- the next event at the gym is when Craig shows how to do crunches
- after the crunches you need to have some fun with the dildo from the sex shop
- if you've used it for a couple of times and did crunches for a couple of times with Craig, you'll get an event in the morning, saying that you've trained for a while already, but there are no visible results, after that you should talk to Craig about it
- he will propose you more intense trainings
- do 2-4 intense trainings and you'll get another event when you wake up in the morning with first body transformation
- after this, gym becomes optional, only if you want the player to get breasts, then you need to do 2-4 intense trainings more
after the first body transformation, Ashley will come to your room in the late evening and will invite you to hang out together in her room
- now you can visit her every evening
- after this you need to spend three evenings with her, to get a threesome event
- after this you can continue spending time with her, but there are no major events at this point
- after a threesome event if you press "wait for a client button, you'll get visited by Tom for the second time, and will meet another new character.
PS. You can also use "Scenes" button while you are in the room to see if you've missed any major events in the game.
PPS. A lot of people ask about event #16 - you can unlock it if Alex comes to collect another weekly payment and you don't have enough money for her and you got punished.

- Fixed bug during the final punishment event with MC's missing eyebrows
- Fixed error with missing label after the final punishment event

- Possibility to use old saves from ver0.04
- Two new characters
- Additional scene with Boss in the beginning of the game
- Possibility to buy one more sex toy
- New dildo masturbations scene
- Continuation of the story with personal trainer (Craig)
- Two new exercises in the gym
- New training shake that will allow body transformations
- Body transformations (upper body, legs/ass, breasts)
- Ashley's storyline - now you'll be able to hand out with her in her room
- Added sex scenes with Ashley and MC (and maybe someone else...)
- Additional event in the butt-wall room
- Possibility to take off t-shirts (while in the room)
- New scene with Tom (and another surprise character)
- 12 new scenes to unlock
- Cheat menu (allowing you to get money without working)
- and a small bugfix in the dialog with Alex after MC's attempt to escape

- Fixed bug with overlapping images during friend's visit
- Fixed bug "Exception: Sayer 'hey' is not defined" during the same event

- 2 new pieces of clothing
- 4 glory hole bg variations
- 5th additional special bj event in glory hole
- Additional bj variation in the room
- 3 scenes from an event with Alex
- Special surprise event in the butt room
- Event with a new character from MC's past life (before brothel) with 4 scenes
- New location (gym)
- One more new character (Craig - personal trainer)
- 4 scenes with Craig
- Redrawn MC look (no drastic changes)
- Reworked all the variables in the game in attempt to make old saves to work after updates
- "Scenes screen" added to the game, that allows you to check if you've seen all the major scenes from the current and previous updates
And also some minor changes and fixes (Erika's colors changed a little, all characters' sizes increased for more pleasant look, add possibility to take off stockings (while changing clothes in the room) and other).

- Fixed receiving money after the hypnosis event bug
- Fixed bug with infinite "new makeup event"
- Added some text before the line "why would I want to use makeup?", so now it makes sense
- Fixed bug "Name 'dtme' is not defined."

v0.03 List of the new content:
- Gang bang scene
- 3 new characters
- Continuation of first punishment by Alex
- 2 new locations
- Anilingus scene
- 2 blowjob scenes in the room
- 1 available sex toy to buy (possible to buy only after a certain event in the game)
- Anal masturbation scene
- Hypnosis scene
- "Fluid donation" scene
- New lips for the mc
- Final punishment event
- And now it's possible to play through the game as long as you want if you have $210 by the end of the week for Alex

v0.02 List of the new content (SPOILERS!):
- Possibility to travel around the building and visit different locations
- Jerking off second cock in the glory hole
- Two new characters (Ashely & Dalia)
- Cum eating scene
- Meeting Ashley scene
- Masturbation scene
- Foot worship scene
- New hairstyle
- Possibility to buy stockings & bras
- Client visit scene

v0.01 Release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.05b on 09/26/2019

Great game, and there is even an android version c:

Review by Memers

Version reviewed: 0.04a on 08/18/2019

Really like the art and story of this game. Wish it felt more forced though, MC basically just goes along with everything no fuss.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 0.03a on 06/17/2019

Maybe this is just not my thing or something, but I just can't see the appeal in this one.

Supposedly this is involuntary-themed, but it doesn't feel like it.

And what ruins it the most are the sex scenes. The way MC behaves there, you'd think he's a natural. But then right afterwards you see him "resisting" which in combination of the writing of the resistance part itself and of the sex scenes feels more like a "kid being difficult" for no reason than like actual resistance.

The progress is also quite mismatched IMHO. On one hand MC is working with clients already on the other he still can't stomach make-up.

The writing behind his feminisation progression is also quite lacking, imho. First he doesn't want to do anything despite the fact that he and his family have been kidnapped by freaking criminals, AND he's been told that he has monthly payments to deal with (see where "kid being difficult" part is coming from? It's like he expect all to be forgiven after a mild talking-to and also expects someone else to show up and take care of all his troubles) but then he gets a short advise from one of the local working "girls" and all of a sudden he's ready for the next step, yet not the step after that... probably waiting for the next 3rd person to tell him to get on with it.

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 06/05/2019

u should make some free tier 0 posts on patreon so ppl like me who can only follow u can comment and msg u and give reviews on patreon, i feel a bit cut off and censored by that. :( anyway great game and art, cute art style, i hope to also see some double anal and analingus and breast expansion and ass expansion, turning the mc into a shemale eventually. :)

Review by ronnyboy

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 05/25/2019

Really enjoyed all the content that you've added in the update. Also, very good drawing, I think the art style is really cute and sexy! Can’t wait to to see the new versions of the game. Keep up the good work and progress.

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