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Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1

Mind Control Dating Simulator
by ZZZoom

The possibilities open to a person with mind control abilities are nearly endless. Unfortunately, that person is you, and all of the possibilities are "get laid."

Right now, the basic gameplay loop is: go to a club, click on the appropriate brain sector for your action, and gradually build up your victim's Attraction and Fear until they do your evil yet unimaginative bidding.


Edit: If you're having difficulty viewing all the content: 

Find someone heavily inebriated

Pull them to the bathroom

Work your wicked will on them

After you cum, you will have the opportunity to ask for their phone number. This will allow you to call them from your bedroom, unlocking new training options.

Added 22 exciting new bugs

Added the first character with a unique storyline. Go to the park after buying Cloak of Ignorance to unlock her. 

A bunch of new special events, most of which have a chance of triggering when you call someone. Right now, there are three longish event chains: one that only the bride from the park can get, one that involves dominating a couple, and one that involves a pervy son who needs to be put in his place. The first two are NTR-focused (from the point of view of the wife stealer), while the third is focused on femdom. The second includes a lengthy minigame; to access it, you need two different couples who have both reached the appropriate stage of the event chain.

A new intro. 

A new explanation for your powers. 

Debug options that allow you to just give yourself mana and experience, or to raise the target's attraction and fear directly.

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Review by Exotica

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/30/2019

First things first:

Play Now button leads to Mega for downloading and you have a Download link as well. Not saying it is a bad thing but could use some looking into.



Sandbox games are nice and I do enjoy them. This however after 35 minutes of trying to gain Experience to increase mana is no fun. granted you stated it was a short loop but it's a little to short. Whats the point of having numbers oif girls you meet if they wont proceed further?


This game is Alpha stage...VERY Alpha Stage and has potential. will be interesting to see where it goes

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