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Version: 0.3a

Bimbo Life Coach

Bimbo Life Coach throws you into the life of a once-successful businessman who has blown almost all his money on partying and turning a succession of girlfriends into bimbos. Realising the gravity of his situation, but also appreciating his skill for turning women into bimbos, he launches Bimbo Life Coaching. Rather than find yet another young woman to satisfy his drive to build the perfect bimbo, he decides to work as a life coach - New York's first Bimbo Life Coach.


  • Full physical transformation for first client, Stella Jackson
  • Corruption and full physical transformation of client's daughter, Charlotte
  • Business storyline to turn Bimbo Life Coaching into a profitable enterprise
  • Ex-girlfriend and successful bimbo Tiffany
  • Rupert Cosgrove, your enemy in the building, and his Vietnamese wife Hang
  • Well developed story, with lots of real porn GIFs that keep consistent characters and are scene appropriate

v0.3a Changelog

New Content

  • Main focus is Hang Cosgrove's transformation from a shy, selfless recent immigrant to a confident woman. The player will face two major choices with Hang which will have repercussions later in the game and in future updates
  • New system for returning players. Unfortunately I will basically be breaking saves with every update, but to compensate for this there is a new system where players can enter in start point codes which will take them to the end of storylines.
  • New journal system. As the game grows it would have cluttered things too much to have all the information in the left hand menu, but equally the game would be difficult if the information was not available. All characters that the player can interact with will have have an entry in the journal, which will show progress and give hints for progression.
  • New storyline involving Hang's husband's attempt to get you out of the building, which will introduce new minor characters who sit on the co-op board for your building.
  • New stories involving Erica and Stacy, two regular attendees of your weekly sessions, who will turn to you for advice and offer other opportunities.
  • Introduction to Rosa Hernandez, the local city councilwoman whose attitude to you will be important in learning how the broader community views Bimbo Life Coaching.
  • New content for Hang's friend Tan.
  • New content for Stella and Charlotte, potentially reflecting their greater comfort with each other, depending on prior choices.
  • 20 new scenes for the weekly meetings, some of which will unlock content outside of the meetings.


  • New logic for Charlotte's porn/modelling career.
  • Fixed repeat exam issue.
  • Fixed various iffy triggers in the Charlotte/Stella storyline.
  • Tried to fix an issue with a blank screen for Charlotte, but as I could not replicate the issue nor did I receive a save file for it, this may still be a problem.
  • Introduced a new programming/trigger system for non-Charlotte/Stella characters alongside the journal update which should avoid many bugs from prior updates.
  • Spelling and grammar issues.

Fixes/adjustments from v0.3

  • Changed Hang's post-transformation model from Jasmine Jae to Asa Akira, and adjusted the scene where she returns to reflect this change and to improve the choice the player makes.
  • Players can no longer repeatedly give Isaac the finished guide
  • There is now a counter indicating how many sections of the guide players have completed
  • Charlotte wanting to talk about her mom's new tits is only triggered once
  • On Thursdays, though not on other days, the left hand menu will have a reminder that Stacy is holding her exercise class
  • The bug with Charlotte's porn shoot being repeatable should be fixed, but I could not duplicate it so I changed what I think was causing it
  • The bug where Stella gets fired at the same time as discovering Charlotte's porn career is fixed, but the requirement for Stella to be at max happiness before totally bimboing up her teaching job and getting fired has not been changed
  • Councilmember Hernandez's office page is no longer blank

v0.2a Changelog

New Content

  • The new update focuses on Charlotte's coaching, and the relationship between you, Charlotte and Stella
  • New Stella happiness/acceptance dynamic
  • Two physical transformations for Charlotte
  • Modelling career path for Charlotte
  • Camgirl/porn career path for Charlotte
  • Bimbo coaching path for Charlotte
  • Make Assistant vs. House Bimbo choice for Stella affect later scenes
  • Various e-mails and phone calls involving Charlotte, Stella, and other characters
  • Introduction to ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who has repeatable events with two endings based on your choices
  • Dynamic weekly meetings, with some new content unlocked based on what Principles you emphasise
  • New Rupert + Hang events
  • Minor, early game event involving old business partner

Fixes/adjustments from v0.1

  • Finances are now consolidated to one page, to limit clicking
  • Various events have now become more randomised, to improve pacing
  • Fixed a flaw that allowed you to assign multiple additional tasks to Stella at once
  • Accurate Stella fitness description
  • Fixed continuity error for Stella stripping
  • Made Stella's stripping income passive, though watching her work still has an impact on her character
  • Added in two new sleep image bimbos following a suggestion from GoreWolf

Fixes/adjustments from v0.2

  • Corrected the text for the monthly licencing option in the James event

v0.1a Changelog

  • Switched from GIF animation to webm - cutting download size from 1.28GB to 403MB
  • Added 'skip day' button to sleep page 
  • Fixed logic on recurring Stella masturbation event
  • Made the end of Charlotte's content clearer
  • Ensured naming consistency for Sophie (Formerly Erica...!)
  • Fixed the trigger for conversation with Ana
  • Made the end of Stella's stripper content clearer

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by filament

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 07/15/2019

One of the better games on this site. To the point where despite not massively being "into" the Bimbo or plastic surgery kink, I really enjoy the game.

The gameplay loop is fun, and ok, the start is a little slow, but it soon makes up for it. Particularly when Charlotte starts cleaning your apartment. I'm looking forward to new content with this one, new characters to bring into the coaching sessions such as the neighbour's wife and barista, and further development with the existing characters.
My only request really would be to add some more scenes for Stella once she's went full bimbo, as she seems to run out of standalone events (without the Charlotte plot) once she's working at the strip club. Perhaps also have your ex tease you a little more with some solo sexting/flirting as you improve your relationship with her?

Review by NovusPeregrine

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 05/28/2019

This is very solid for a first release! A decent amount of content and quite fun. The only issue currently is that it's a bit dull/slow for the first few weeks of the game, since getting at any of the content requires waiting for a specific day(s). I suspect that will sort itself out as more releases flesh out content though! I look forward to seeing more. 

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 05/11/2019

Great game.

There's a lot of content. I hope people don't expect that much content with every update though. ;)


Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 05/09/2019

This is a good start and there's a decent amount of content already. Its currently a bit linear and you have to push through the first couple of weeks before the content starts picking up the pace, but if you are even mildly into the bimbifocation genre then you will enjoy this when it gets going.

Review by Goronthil

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 05/07/2019

Ok man that a great game :)

Bimbo game is common in this website but yours is quite good (good video, good photos, interesting characters, and good evolution with the storyline).

I really hope update will be soon and will give us more girls (like the neighbor's wife) or more options with Stella and Charlotte ^^

However I think you should improve the money system ^^ It's pretty hard to obtain the improvement (especially the photo studio), maybe raising the salary with some event could be pretty helpful ^^


Good job and keep going, you're doing great dude it's a good 0.1 version with a lot of content (compared with some 0.1 game that are just demos) and a lot of potential too. :)

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