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Version: 7.7.0

Version: Main Pics Folder

Young Maria: Live Show

I started my own site: MariaMod.site
and Discord server: https://discord.gg/GC37yVQ
and I have a SubscribeStar page: SubscribeStar.adult/MariaMod
equally as a Patreon one: Patreon.com/MariaMod
and I even created a BuyMeACoffee page: BuyMeACoffee.com/MariaMod

Important news (if you play Offline version)!
You should download the Main Pics Folder ( https://MariaMod.site/download/YM-MainPicsFolder.zip ) to get all pics. You download that .zip file and merge the "pics" folder you found there with the "pics" folder I added to the last version .zip file ( https://MariaMod.site/download/YM-Offline.zip )

Hello, my name is MariaMod and this is my new game about a young girl in a big city.


- I make it with love, passion and eager
- People like you tell me what they want to see and I add/fix this
- I like games at this site and I create this game with knowing what it should look like
- I've made this game for a whole year


- No dead pic links (I have a host with a backup folder)
- Rich cheat menu
- You live with your parents and you can corrupt them!
- You can buy your own apartment
- You can build your own brothel
- Free day-night cycle
- Bestiality
- Advanced Help menu
- You can buy a gun ;3

So, check it out. I'm working on updates.
Check my Patreon or SubscribeStar for other games and cheats!

You are a young girl, trying to live in a new city. Make yourself as dirty and corruptive, as you want! Buy clothes, a gun, corrupt your parents, go to the school without panties, make new lewd friends, build your brothel and so on!

You, a young girl

Your dad and mom

Ron, Jack, Key, Ralf, Jerry and others...

Got stuck? Use Help, I made it exactly for this situation

UPD 7.7.0
- Now, you can take a nap for 1-5 hours. You can pick hours and minutes. And you will gain a small amount of Energy for a short rest and vise versa
- Fixed data! Now it works. You can see the current date in Stats
- Added a new Beach scene. Drink enough (>90 Intoxication) alcohol and go out from the Beach Bar to see it with a 30% chance
- Added some new notes to the Help menu
- Added a new section to the Laptop porn - Non-consensual. You can watch it only if this content is enabled in Settings
- A lot of new fixes and text improvements by Rachael. My God, I spent all night working on them. She did an excellent job with vivid dreams, by the way
- Rewrite the Everyday Widgets passage. It should help to count days without errors
- Created the base of the Kisekae system (paper doll)
- Added a new dream - School bondage torture. The 9th dream it has three gifs, and the non-con settings don't affect it
- Fixed a few dreams to make stylesheets work properly (eliminated overlaps)
- One variable name was fixed, and two types were removed by myself. Can't compare with Rachael, but I do my best :3
- Changed Stay Home bonus name, added ": second wave". Pls don't ask, I just wanted to do this... 


UPD 7.6.0
- I changed the amount of points of Corruption required to see dreams. From 30 back to 90, like it was earlier
- Updated Main Pics Folder. Don't forget to download it!
- Added two invisible checking images to the very first paragraph. If you play the offline version and you have no problems with pics, you will see nothing new. But when something is wrong, you will be notified about it. One pic checks Main Pics Folder and the other - the last offline version pics
- Added a new scene with a sibling. When you enter his room between 20 and 4 hours, there is a 20% chance to catch him fapping. Your Corruption must be 40+ points and his - 50+ points to be able to help him
- Added information about this to the Help menu
- Updated Hall of Glory. I'm a bit tired of adding every supporter since there are hundreds of them now. I decided to add a new tier, and now the Hall is a place for Special Thanks and names of Investors
- Added two vivid dreams from Rachael: "Sewer Slime Monster" and "Public Sex"
- Beautified Vivid Dreams just a bit, nothing serious
- Fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes
- Added a new section about dreams to Help menu


UPD 7.5.0
- I updated SugarCube version (from 2.31.1 to 2.33.2). I hope the Settings error will disappear. As I proved in my Discord server, it's the SugarCube issue
- And if this won't help, I replaced some parts of code in the widget so it should work better now. I'm talking about the Settings Check widget
- Beautified vivid dreams text a bit
- Reduced a chance to meat Temple and Cave (from 25% to 15%)
- You asked too many times, and I finally added this. Now your granddad can catch you doing funny things. Every scene, every scene has a unique addition (7 in total). Granddad has it's own schedule, and the chance of being seen depends on what he is doing: sleeping(0%), eating(6%), working(10%)
- Rachael significantly improved vivid dreams (both Temple and Cave scenes) and worked on other scenes


UPD 7.3.0
- Fixed the little bag in Smartphone. After whoring, you still had that "Back" button like if you were using Smartphone
- Rachael improved some text pieces, like always. Mainly, the Library scenes in this update
- Also, Rachael added some code to improve the text-indent
- Fixed the messages you get after webcamming. Two variables weren't defined
- Now every interaction on the kitchen requires 10 points of Energy
- Looked through sibling's schedule, changed a couple of things. But didn't find anything serious
- Added Brother's schedule to his Help menu section
- Fixed some appearance pics
- StoryInit paragraph got some minor changes
- Changed the Settings Check Widget a bit. As I figured out, it doesn't work well. Well, I knew it would take some time...


UPD 7.2.0

- Now when you tease your sibling while cleaning his room, he can get excited and ask for blowjob or vaginal. It's random, he must have 50 points of Corruption, and there is a 30% chance
- Looked through some NSFW scenes and improved a few general details there (code, mostly)
- Added WebCam to Laptop. Yes, it's not useless anymore! Give a show once a day and receive bonuses based on your Beauty, Corruption points, popularity (based on how many times you gave webcam show). A little tip: there are more viewers on weekends. Oh, you can also change your nickname there
- You can receive messages from your fans! They can give you some extra money or ask to do something lewd. And still, give you some extra money:3 There is a 30% chance to receive a message every day (from 4:00 to 15:00)
- Updated the Help menu, added WebCam section
- Added some text improvements by Rachael


UPD 7.1.0
- Fixed breasts size random selection in Edit Appearance
- Added a non-consent scene with dad. From 11:00 till 18:00 on Sundays, you can be taken by him. No Corruption or Relationship check, but there is only a 5% chance
- Reviewed and did some changes in the Beach code
- Now if both Relationship with Dad and your Corruption above 40 points, you'll get spanking after missing your classes
- Added the 8th dream. Well, not totally a dream, you know ;)
- Fixed some code, variables, dots.. Like always


UPD 7.0.0
- Added one extremely important widget - Settings Check widget. It prevents the system from the most annoying bugs like sibling variables reset or missing Ralf links in the Barn. The second part of this widget will notify you with the pop-up window that Problem Solver just fixed the setting error.
This widget is very important and still in progress yet, so help me with your feedback, please. I really need it :)
- Added a new non-consent scene. When you explore the city, there are equal chances to met a robber and a rapist. There is no Corruption check, by the way
- Fixed three last cheat codes for $24 tier supporters. Sorry for this
- Deleted "Lubricant", "Anal lubricant", "Vibrator", "Egg vibrator" from Lexena Market due to their uselessness
- As always, some writing improvements from Rachael. Thank you, Rachael


UPD 6.7.0
- The Parents' Relationship bug fixed. The one that used to appear when you were watching TV naked
- The Library red error line was fixed
- Fixed the "dialog_4" bug in the Broken WC
- Fixed the bug that made it impossible using saves from previous versions. Don't use saves from version 6.6.0
- Added non-consent content to Settings. It won't affect old non-consent scenes for now. Special thanks to Rhino for gifs and pics
- And added the first non-consent scene in the Park. When you masturbate and see a guy, offer to give him bj. There is a 20% chance that he will be a bit rougher with you than you expect. Don't forget to turn on the slider in the Settings
- Rachael has expanded some scenes and fixed more typos. Thanks, Rachael


UPD 6.6.0
- Changed some code in office work. I don't see errors there, but someone did
- Rachael fixed and improved some text
- Added pigpen to the Farm! To play with a hog raise your corruption up to 90 points. Thanks to Grtleskletch for that text


UPD 6.5.0
- Fixed pregnancy restarting
- Now only humans can make you pregnant
- Finally fixed the brother sleep scene! Took me ages, goddamn. Now you can have some fun with him + the bug with adding two days was fixed
- Deleted from "pics" folder gifs never used in the game. 640Mb were removed it total
- Updated changelog view to more comfortable. Plus, the very first paragraph has "Changelog" button in the left menu
- Escape Hatch button was fixed
- Fixed Exploring the city paragraph. I added the bar to "discovered places counter"
- Now you stretch your holes from 1 to 10 points. A training adds 1 point and you need 5 capacity to be able to use a hole with Jackie
- Fixed bathroom event when parent interrupts you
- I want to say thank you to Rytis, Tux and Rachael:) You helped me a lot, guys


UPD 6.4.1
- The farm can be found easier now
- The bathroom window was removed
- Jackie was fixed (the red error lines were removed)
- Giving handjob to your classmate is now have the "Go out" link
- Added Brother section (where you can find the sleep scene walkthrough) and Jackie to the Help menu
- Added the Main Pics Folder


UPD 6.4.0
- Lucifer - it's a nickname - gave me two pics of pregnant girls today, and now you can see them when you are using pregnancy test and, obviously, are pregnant. One pic for days 1-7 and another for >7
- Added bar games to the city bar. Only darts for now, and only SFW yet. The rules are strange, also. It's hard to make something fascinating in a text game in a short time:)
- Added Barn to the Farm and a horse to the Barn. Horse's name is Jackie, and he is a really blueballed stallion! Make sure you have 50 points of corruption and go try to help him~ (You can use all three holes!) By the way, Rachael wrote these scenes. Don't forget this
- Before you go to Jakie, make sure you trained your orifices! Remember big Bad Dragon dildos? Buy them via Laptop and prepare any of your holes. You have 1 point of capacity from the beginning, and every training adds 0.5. You need 3 to have sex, and 5 to have good sex:) And yes, 5 is maximum and you can train only once per day


UPD 6.3.0
- Added words "Useless in this version" for items I'm still working on (thinking about removing these items in the future). Yes, like lube and vibrator
- Fixed the link you meet when asking a black guy to show you a way home and then decided to find it on your own
- Intoxication became much more useful! Now it adds points to your corruption when you are drunk. Every 10 points of intoxication add 2 points of corruption, so you can get +20 points of corruption, being totally drunk




UPD 2.0.0:
- No more dead pic links! I bought a host and created a backup folder. This problem is solved. Interesting fact: this game has 147 gifs and pics. Quite a lot!
- Some typoes fixed
- Some pics and gifs added
- Two bonus events with Jack is done and available at his house, try to find them!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 7.1.0 on 08/04/2020

You say if stuck look at help,but when I look there to find out how buying with the laptop works it just says buy dildos with laptop. The laptop only has masturbate. Do I need more corruption? Do I need to train throat more? It doesn't say! Please fill out your help more or add greyed out options that say 'you need this or this to activate'. It's a good game, but the mechanics are confusing (Still haven't found 'liberty' to allow you to walk at night).

Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: 7.1.0 on 08/04/2020

Can't say I really care for this one. It's alright, but it's not great. It's good enough to kill a night or so with it though.

It's your average "girl sim", like something like "Girl Life", complete with that janky "foreign country" feel to it. I can't say that it's particularly fun, it's grindy as hell, yet a bit less than usual life sim games. The pics are nice though.
Fetishes are pretty varied, which is good. Something that irks me the most though, is that there's a clear lack of any TF in the game. Despite it being on TF Games Site. The TF Theme tags would have you believe that it has this TF content, but it really doesn't.

Age progression / regression? The game gives you the option to choose your age at the start. The AP content in this game is just the character growing up normally. Someone naturally growing up isn't something I'd see as a fetish/kink (but the internet is weird). Aging naturaly isn't really a TF in regards to what people are lookig for on the site though. Now that I think about it, AP is a bit of a weird one since everyone is aging in almost every game. AR content is just the ability to have your character start under the age of 18.

Invol/Vol - Pretty sure this is just in regards to the rape content in the game. Which isn't TF, despite being in the "TF Themes". Which is mainly for things like (in)voluntary transformations. Not if your character doesn't consent to vanilla sex or not.

MC/Corruption/Slow - People can be on the fence with this one, but in my opinion, MC/Corruption on their own doesn't constitute a TF game. Going from being a "good girl" to a "bad girl" isn't a transformation, it's a progression. Even if it's "slow".
"Oh but that's just semantics!" It's not. The game has a "Corruption" counter, but it could have just as easily been called sluttiness or anything else that suggests the PC is becoming more promiscuous. Doesn't suddenly make it TF. Same goes for the parents/family. Them being more open to their kid being a bit of a whore, isn't really a corruption TF. IF the character had some aura or something about them that makes people more influenced by suggestion or something, then yeah, I could see it. But the PC's dad agreeing to a blowjob from their daughter isn't a TF. It's just bad parenting. 

If this game had the little tag that says it's part of the Hypnopics Collective, I'd have given it a pass. But it's not, and it's not a TF game. You can huff and puff that it's gatekeeping, and that "I don't care if it doesn't have TF, the game is good. Why does TF even matter? Plenty of other games don't have TF and are on the site!", but until this game has actual TF content, it's a fish out of water in terms of the site. Right now it's just skirting through loopholes with the TF Theme tags by using them for content that's technically in the game but isn't actually TF. Not to mention the official site rules state that the game has to have physical TF somewhere in the game to count as a TF game. Even more so if it has a Patreon.

I'm only being a sourpuss because it's out of its element here at TF Games site. Apart from that, it's worth a play. If I had saw it on another site, I wouldn't give it as a hard time. It's still grindy, mind you, and it's not an amazing game, but it's alright enough for a few wank sessions. Ignoring the lack of TF, there's a multitude of kinks and fetishes that's in the game, even some that others don't touch. So that's points in my book. You can tell the dev made it with "love, passion and eager" whatever that's supposed to mean. Hopefully in the future the game will actually have content that's worthy of the high honor of being on TF Games Site. I'm looking forward to when that time comes. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later. 

Review by IcecreamPie

Version reviewed: 7.0.0 on 07/30/2020

Game is and has been a broken buggy mess for a long time through a lot of updates. The latest "feature" in the current release is a menu widget that immediately throws up errors from the moment you finish character creation. There's no possibloe way the developer could have failed to notice this if they'd so much as test-played even a single time, and I can only assume they just didn't care but released it anyway hoping some poor fools would throw more money to buy cheat codes from their funding site.

In previous versions there was some content and I assume it's probably still in there somewhere if you can find a way to get to it before you give up because of all the other problems. But at present "gameplay" mostly seems to consist of making a character, telling the game that yes you want to take a shower and brush your hair every day, then proceeding to trial-and-error your way through options that mostly don't allow you to do anything except look at things you can't afford, until eventualy you start searching for new locations to go to, at which point this happens:

1) You get raped by some random passerby!

2) Restore from save. Buy a gun.

3) Ok, now you can avoid it.

4) But now you get raped by some OTHER random passerby!

So then you disable "get raped evey time you do anything" from the settings menu, and you're treated to such riveting gameplay as getting watch tv with your $sibling_type, and running out of energy but not being able to sleep because it's not late enough in the day so your only options are to walk back and forth between rooms dozens of time, or to take a shower a bunch of times to get enough energy to make time pass. Or doing fun things like "leap out the window" of your house to get back to the living room, because apparently English is not the dev's native langguage.

Game is an awful waste of time. Give it a pass.

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 6.3.0 on 06/24/2020

It's still grindy, like many Sugarcube sandbox games are. On the other hand, there is some clear progression which helps, and MariaMod is a very aggressive developer, continually adding features and flattenning bugs. There's also an emerging narrative, which is gratifying.

You might want to try it!

Review by kaneeden

Version reviewed: 6.0.0 on 04/19/2020

It could be one of the best of its kind but at the moment it´s a broken buggy mess.

Days not advancing while sleeping so you need to do stuff over midnight to advance.

If you change into a bikini and go to the beach you can close your browser because it becomes a dead end no emergency escape button can get you out.

Ah yes, the emergency escape button gives you another type of error :-D

Showering not possible due to -55 shower gel, so lets relax for days in the bathtube.. thats more effective for regaining energy than sleeping anyway.

The whole sibling stuff is broken from the first second.

I could go on and on... if the dev would´ve cared to play this release (6.0.0) only one f... time for lets say ten minutes i´m sure a light bulb would´ve appeared.

Besides that the atmosphere is great and while playing it i wanted to see and explore more and more..until the point where our virgin Maria is fucked by a random guy without the option to say no.

I restarted and in that second run another one took her virginity again without a chance to escape the situation.

This game is worth a look but try to not get too addicted because it will disappoint you eventually.

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