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Version: 4.10.0

Version: 4.9.0

Version: 4.8.0

Version: 4.7.0

Version: 4.6.2

Version: 4.6.0

Version: 4.5.0

Version: 4.4.0

Version: 4.3.0

Version: 4.2.0

Version: 4.1.1

Version: 4.1.0

Version: 4.0.0

Young Maria: Siblings!

I started my own site: MariaMod.site
and Discord server: https://discord.gg/GC37yVQ

Hello, my name is MariaMod and this is my new game about a young girl in a big city.


- I make it with love, passion and eager
- People like you tell me what they want to see and I add/fix this
- I like games at this site and I create this game with knowing what it should looks like
- I've made this game for several months (>6)


- No dead pic links (I have a host with a backup folder)
- Rich cheat menu
- You live with your parents and you can corrupt them!
- You can buy your own apartment
- You can build your own brothel
- Free day-night cycle
- Bestiality
- Advanced Help menu
- You can buy a gun ;3

So, check it out. I'm working on updates.
Check my Patreon for another game, cheats, my telegram and more!

You are a young girl, trying to live in a new city. Make yourself as dirty and corruptive, as you want! Buy clothes, a gun, corrupt your parents, go to the school without panties, make new lewd friends, build your brothel and so on!

You, a young girl

Your dad and mom

Ron, Jack, Key, Ralf, Jerry and others...

Got stuck? Use Help, I made it exactly for this situation

UPD 4.10.0
- The family schedule has been completed, one schedule for weekdays, one for Saturday, one for Sunday (unfortunately, I did not manage to add events to the family, but they will be added in the next version)
- Fixed beach locker room bug
- Now you can join Cristy when you follow her
- Now you can spy on your family members in the shower (additional events will also be added in the next version)
- Changed the description of the rooms, now it is shorter and hidden in a separate passage


UPD 4.9.0
- Added new stores and new products
- Now you can apply makeup and lipstick to increase the attractiveness
- In the erotic store, something has appeared that you can wear
- Applications to all things in the store will be added in future versions
- Now you must monitor the purity of your body. If you do not swim for a long time, your attractiveness will decrease. In order to swim you need shampoo, so do not forget to buy it.
- Passages are redesigned, now almost every action takes time
- The work on the family schedule has begun, each member of the family will have their daily schedule (working on the father, but it is not completed)


UPD 4.8.0
- Redesigned wardrobe system
- Added more slots for clothes and accessories (things themselves will be added)
- Your parents respond to your total or partial nudity. Caution, they may not like it!
- Added new "Attractiveness" attribute instead of "Allure." It is a dynamic attribute that will be developed along with the game and depends on many things (your clothes, whether your hair is brushed, whether cosmetics are applied (to be added))
- Now you can brush your hair to raise the attractiveness
- Minor improvements regarding moves after some events


UPD 4.7.0
- Real bestiality pics. Enter the cheat code "realmansfriend" to enable/disable them. Yes, porn pics in laptop will be changed, too! Also, this stuff is always online-based, even in the Offline versions
- Added my first paragraph with brother. It's an almost SFW "the PS4" scene. I know that you want some 'interactions' with your brother and I've already started to find pics for this
- Setted borders for sibling's relationship
- The "<<" and "undefined" errors were fixed
- The image when you examine your breasts
- Red line in the Collar passage
- The broken WC image
- "Playing PS4 with brother" line (some system changes and one serious misprint that was removed)
- For people who already tried real bestiality pics already: fixed the "wrong operator" mistake
- The problem with choosing breasts size
- All the mess with the clothes system


UPD 4.6.2
- Up and down limits for siblings' corruption
- Created the system for hidden adding real bestiality content
- Some cheat codes fixed
- A lot (~50) of pics were fixed
- Processing of changing the appearance of character at the beginning was fixed
- A scene with a brother was blocked due to a mistake. Fixed
- Displaying of a few pics were changed (reduced size)
- A red "Error" string at the character creation page was fixed


UPD 4.5.0
- Relations between parents are divided: now it is possible to increase relations separately with father and mother
- Now the brother reacts to the fact that you are topless or naked
- Filling some parts with content
- Bug fixes and minor interface improvements
- Now you can interact with your brother’s bed (not all are added yet)
- In the next version, I’m going to focus primarily on interactivity with brother (random situations, corruption, communication), as well as on interaction with a laptop and effects during intoxication


UPD 4.5.0
- Brother added! Now you can interact with him
- You can play PS3 and sleep with him
- Talk to him to raise your relationship
- Added ability to raise his corruption level when you are playing PS3
- New content in messages
- Some typoes fixes and code rebuilding
- A few variables' names were fixed (they caused errors)


UPD 4.4.0
- Added customization of the character’s appearance when creating
- Added an item to the menu "Character info", which indicates info about the character
- Added descriptions to the rooms, later new features/events will be added to them
- Added a sister/brother's room. So far there is only a description
- Fixed some bugs. About which they wrote in the discord and which they found
- Deleted the menu item "Settings", since the ShugarCube already has built-in functionality, I used it. In the beginning, a popup appears with the settings and there you can select them. You can also do this during the game in the menu item at the bottom of "Settings"
- Changed the disclaimer text
- Changed the image size of the pictures of rooms


UPD 4.3.0
- Added the ability to join a caught character
- There were some choices in sex with a caught character in the library that may increase your depravity!
- Added the ability to immediately put on a school uniform and go to school
- Fixed the ability to go to the library with a guy
- Fixed bug with getting maximum corruption
- Fixed bug with train deepthroat
- Removed timeout from events in the library


UPD 4.2.0
- Now you can go to the Library and read books
- There is a 20% chance to run into some event
- New stats added: Arousal and Intellect. Not useful yet, but they will be later!
- A new design of dialogs, which will be improved over time


UPD 4.1.1
- Now Ralf can mount you!
- Some Library fixes
- Started to work on saves, that might not work


UPD 4.1.0
- Now you can fuck with Rulf:3
- Also, there is a scene, where you become his breeding bitch - the first time he mounts you
- And after this scene, you will take his Collar - a new clothes item
- Now you can disable incest content (enable, to be right. It is disabled from the beginning)
- Added Bestiality porn (check laptop)
- Now the intoxication level doesn't rise to 100 if you go to bed drunk
- Wardrobe menu became a bit more comfortable


UPD 4.0.0
- The Hall of Glory is back! I found a way to extract and operate big tables (over 600 patrons and followers!)
- I changed the side menu design + added clocks + added a progress bar to Energy stat + added authors

- The exploring system was improved - now you explore places randomly
- The problem with displaying Throat-Training pics was solved
- The library is now available. You must have more than 60 points of Corruption to be able to go there after fingering in the classroom
- All images size was fixed or reduced. No more huge pics
- Now changing clothes at the beach cost 5 Energy


UPD 3.9.0:
- Farm. Wait till weekends, parents will think about a day off in the countryside, persuade them and it'll be unlocked. There you can meet your old great grandfather and his dog called Ralf
- Ralf. Play with him long enough (30 Relationship points) and you'll find out why I added him;3 *winks aggressively*
- Disclaimer. Not very interesting
- Now the Help menu contains Story Help! Use it when you are stuck and don't know how to reach library / 2 hidden scenes with Jack / gloryhole / etc.

- Tried to fix the Train Throat scenes (thanks to David Bacon), but failed :/


UPD 3.7.0 - The Beach Season:
- A new location - Beach! You can swim, take sunbath, drink, play volleyball or fuck there! But firstly, you have to buy a bikini. Also, some boy might ask you to play volleyball with his team. Also, you can drink alcohol at the local bar (this is useless for now since I need to test this first). Also, when you change clothes, there is a chance to run into some "troubles". You know what I mean:3 There are four kinds of them. Also, swimming adds Beauty.
- A new system - intoxication! As I said earlier, useless for now. But I'm going to add a lot of cool stuff you can meet when you are drunk!
- A feature that Middlewared implemented before - Increasing Max Energy when running (or swimming) for too long - was balanced a bit.
- Online and Offline versions separation is back!


UPD 3.6.0(author: Middlewared):
- School scenes update
- Now not only your butt can be shown everyone at school, but your tits as well
- More gifs!
- Added ability to train your deepthroat skills (high corruption required). You can choose different objects to do this
- Some minor improvements and little bugs fixed


UPD 3.5.0(author: Middlewared):
- More photos
- Added professionalism at the workplace. More pro you are, more money you make!
- More books
- Added ability to maximize your energy capacity jogging in the park
- Added Library (Warning: in progress!)
- Gloryhole scenes
- Selling video


UPD 3.3.0 (patrons-only):
- Added a gloryhole to School! Spy on Cristy three or more times to unlock it
- Added two new cheats for Beauty and Reputation
- Fixed one thing about Jack
- The path back home from work now costs time, as it should
- Slightly increased the chance of running into Cristy after school
- Fixed a bug, which appeared when chasing Cristy


UPD 3.2.0 - Secretary:
- Now you can work as a Secretary. You must be 19yo or older. Go Smartphone->JobHunters.net->Secretary or click "Find the job" at your bedroom. You must wear an office suit at work! There are a few NSFW scenes, will be much more!
- The coolest clock I made by myself:3 Visit Work and check them out
- I think I fixed the time system. At least, it works properly now
- Some stats changes. I created "amount borders" for Corruption and Parents' Liberty
- Other fixes I'm too tired to remember.. Sorry for this)


UPD 3.1.0 (patrons-only):
- Into Stats added the "Hall of Glory" with all my patrons and other supporters
- Added two scenes at school
- Increased chance of running into interesting scenes at school
- Some improvements with time system in general


UPD 3.0.1:
- A few images were added
- Some CSS code, to make it even more beautiful:3
- "Underage" removed, ok
- Fixed Beauty and Corruption issues
- Some typoes removed


UPD 3.0.0 - Changing system:
- Added text colors and changed font size
- Added Tech shop
- Added Laptop, masturbation (a big choice of porn!)
- Added a bit of story, ability to choose your name and age (and change name later)
- Added School! Now implemented one NSFW scene, the system, and the school uniform. Later - much, much more interesting things!
- Added a new stat - Reputation at school. It will affect future scenes at school and, maybe, at home
- A whole new system of gaining and losing corruption and parents' liberty 


UPD 2.4.0:

- A new system of Smartphone-Stats-Help Back buttons! Now it's much harder to trigger a loop
- A new system of showing what you are wearing right now
- Plus two new slots for dressing: neck and legs
- Two new items for these slots: a choker and stockings
- A new stat - Beauty. For now, it helps you to earn some tip while whoring
- A new activity in the Park - jogging. Rises your Beauty. Don't forget to buy a special Sport outfit!
- A new place to discover - Beauty Salon. Guess what it does. Also, it contains a NSFW scene
- Some typoes, of course
- The scene with a drunk man is now available


UPD 2.3.0:
- A new event at night walks
- Two new shops at Lexena Market (I started working on them, but they not finished)
- I'm working with JS and CSS, trying to give you the ability to change the background of this game
- Added a Changelog!
- Small, but critical bug with Jerry is fixed
- "Explore" system is revised
- The day-night cycle of the city now works properly


UPD 2.2.1:
- Small changes, some bugs fixed


UPD 2.2.0:

- Now you can walk at night. But buy a gun first! Walking at night is dangerous. And it's a bit too simple now. I'll work on it
- Walking at night, you can meet a new character - Jerry. He loves anal plugs and tails, so wear them for him
- Smartphone "Back" button fixed! It took me ages to figure out how I can make such a complicated method, but I did it. Now you can use Smartphone everywhere!
- Due to a small typo bath scenes with parents were unavailable. Fixed
- Another small typo in code is gone, the scene with mom in the kitchen now adds Parents' Liberty
- A bunch of other small mistakes fixed


UPD 2.0.0:
- No more dead pic links! I bought a host and created a backup folder. This problem is solved. Interesting fact: this game has 147 gifs and pics. Quite a lot!
- Some typoes fixed
- Some pics and gifs added
- Two bonus events with Jack is done and available at his house, try to find them!

Full lists of improvements - https://Patreon.com/MariaMod

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 4.10.0 on 01/25/2020

It stinks that your game is no longer on F95Zone, so is there a way for ye to add a Mega Link to download your game on here?  1.4 GB is way too large for me to direct download.   I would love to continue to enjoy your game, but i can't if i'm unable to download it.  Thank Ye & keep up the great work!

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 4.10.0 on 01/24/2020


its a bloody funn game

but the game stat gain are like a parabola instead of diminishing returns

im sure once fixed it will become a first class game

Review by DastardlyDoug

Version reviewed: 4.9.0 on 01/21/2020

Like most decent potentially grindy games... This one has a smartphone added to enter cheat codes. So you can get right into the thick of things.

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 4.8.0 on 01/11/2020

This game has a lot of potential. The grindyness of corrupting family members is a bitch though. Maybe certain acts bump the corruption a few levels more than other acts. Also, the shortage of variety in the wardrobe is an issue. Also not exactly fond of forced anything, so the forced interracial stuff before my character is ready for that sort of thing is jarring and irritating. I don't mind the writing and can ignore most of the typos and syntax errors. Overall, I enjoy this game, faults and all. Keep up the good work and maybe add a little more choices.

Review by Goronthil

Version reviewed: 4.7.0 on 01/05/2020

I really love your game, it's amazing !!

Yes there are bugs in every updates, but the new scenes and the story progression are cool and the new kinks keep the game entertaining !

I don't know what do you plan to do in the future update, but I'm pretty curious to see Jack or his friends again (becoming their bitch or something else) or new content with the parents (more incest with them could be interesting I'm sure).


You're doing a great job keep going and thank you :)


P.S. : Are you planning to add "pregnancy", with all the cum in her cunt I'm sure you can create good dilemma between keeping the baby or not.

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