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Version: 10.4.0

Version: Main Pics Folder

Young Maria

I started my own site: https://MilkyNail.site
Discord server: https://discord.gg/GC37yVQ
SubscribeStar: SubscribeStar.adult/MariaMod
Patreon: none (will be created a new one in a couple of months)
BuyMeACoffee: BuyMeACoffee.com/MariaMod
Boosty: Boosty.to/MariaMod
Gumroad: Gum.co/MariaMod
Itch: MilkyNail.itch.io
Email: [email protected]

I'll change my name to MilkyNail soon

Important news (if you play the Offline version)!
You should download the Main Pics Folder ( https://MilkyNail.site/download/YM-MainPicsFolder.zip ) to get all pics. You download that .zip file and merge the "pics" folder you found there with the "pics" folder I added to the last version .zip file ( https://MilkyNail.site/download/YM-Offline.zip )

Hello, my name is MilkyNail (previously - MaraMod) and this is my new game about a young girl in a big city.


- I make it with love, passion, and eagerness
- People like you tell me what they want to see and I add/fix this
- I like games at this site and I create this game with knowing what it should look like
- I've made this game for a whole year


- No dead pic links (I have a host with a backup folder)
- Rich cheat menu
- You live with your parents and you can corrupt them!
- You can buy your own apartment
- You can build your own brothel
- Free day-night cycle
- Bestiality
- Advanced Help menu
- You can buy a gun ;3

So, check it out. I'm working on updates.
Check my site for other games and cheats!

You are a young girl, trying to live in a new city. Make yourself as dirty and corruptive, as you want! Buy clothes, a gun, corrupt your parents, go to the school without panties, make new lewd friends, build your brothel and so on!

You, a young girl

Your dad and mom

Ron, Jack, Key, Ralf, Jerry and others...

Got stuck? Use Help, I made it exactly for this situation

UPD 10.4.0
Now stepbrother and sister are checked by default
- Added 4 new shower join scenes. Now you can join every member of your family while they're showering. You need to have > 50 corruption points and more than 60 relationship points with parents, and more than 40 relationship points with siblings
- Added a new scene for sissy brother. See the "Help" section
- Added Cuckold Mother scene co-wrote by Rachael and Regent. You need to have > 70 corruption points, > 70 relationship points with mother AND father points. It can only be triggered on Fridays between 21:30-00:00. Also, you must be naked and have had sex with your father and mother more than 3 times
- Now, you can go to school through a link location! (Thanks to Sad+Lonely, our new developer and tester)
- Also, Sad+Lonely fixed a few bugs
- Finally added a pic for sister
- Added 3 new locations - Gym, Night club, Strip club. But only Gym is filled with some content. Content for other locations will be added later
- Increased the chance of granddad catching you at the farm
- Fixed the Problem Solver: Everyday check pregnancy error
- Updated SugarCube version from 2.34.1 to 2.35.0!


UPD 10.3.0 (by Middlewared, Rachael, Plaze)
- Now you can have:
1. No siblings at all
2. Only brother
3. Only sister
4. Both brother and sister
- Minor changes and fixes


UPD 10.2.0 (by Middlewared, Rachael, Plaze)
- Added a new start perk - Sissy brother mode. It can be enabled only in the character creation menu and can't be disabled in the game
- Added a related section in the Help menu
- Added a training scene with a sister to activate an erotic scene, corruption is more than 40, and a relationship with a sister is more than 40
- Added a scene with a sister on the sofa (sofa). For activation, you need a corruption of a sister more than 30 and a relationship with a sister less than 20
- Added a scene to spend the night with my sister. To activate the erotic scene, you need a relationship with a sister more than 30 and corruption of the main character more than 40, but other options are also spelled out
- Problem Solver: Everyday check was improved greatly. Now, if the value of the setting doesn't equal 'true' or 'false' it takes the last valid value. Quite simple, but it took ages for me to build it


UPD 10.1.0
- (by Middlewared) Now you will see a display of the comfort level of the main character in the wardrobe. It depends on the current underwear and your Corruption
- (by Middlewared, Rachael) Added reactions of relatives on your nudity
- (by Middlewared, Rachael) Added reactions (of relatives, other people) on your current clothes and erotic accessories
- (by Middlewared, me) Added new items: lacy bra, lacy panties, thong, crotchless panties. Already added, but not implemented yet (you won't see these items): handcuffs and yoke, chastity bra, chastity belt, nipple chain, corset
- Fixed pics in the scene where you are mating with Ralf in the room
- Fixed the detention gifs (female version)
- (by Rachael, me) Added a Cleaning sister's room scene. To see it, you must have 15 points of Corruption and your sister more than 30. There are vaginal and oral endings
- Changed colors for the main character's dialogue box. I hope it's more comfortable for the eyes now
- Improved the Cleaning brother's room and Brother is training scenes a bit
- Fixed style of sister's dialogue boxes here and there
- Put brother\sister paragraphs in a new order. Now brother scenes are on top of sister ones. Players won't notice any changes
- (by Rachael, me) Added three small scenes with sister: Sister exercising, Sister playing PS4, Sister reading a magazine
- (by Rachael, me) Added the ability to chat with sister (when she is exercising). All topics are similar to brother's chat paragraph
- A cosmetic change in the sibling schedule
- Fixed one huge bug. Now sister character displays correctly


UPD 10.0.0
- I spent a lot of time fixing Paper Doll. It should work properly for mobile players now. Also, I added some variables to add pieces of clothes easier in the future
- Freed up space in Twine in the top left corner by moving all Story Help menu-related passages into one. Players won't notice any changes (I hope)
- I created a new schedule for the sister. Added it to the help menu. Spoiler: it is similar to brother's one
- Created a style for sister's dialog boxes. Feel free to submit your ideas about the color combination
- Added sister's reaction on nude/topless main character. It works as brother's since they have almost identical schedules
- Fixed some misprints and made text improvements
- Fixed (/finished) global variables showing positions of sister
- Now sister can notice semen on you. Two reactions: when semen on/in pussy and when it's everywhere
- Improved both Problem Solver and Daily Check Problem Solver. I don't want to touch something that works, so I just made them a bit faster and more efficient
- Added new text by Rachael to the Threesome event (when you are whoring via Smartphone, and a family member wants to join). Now, sister is available, too. Like always, there's a scene for the first time and another one for other times
- Fixed the error you get when you go to JobHunters from the Bedroom link and then back
- I removed all useless books from the Library
- Added a new rule to the HaveASexWidget now beasts can cum in you without getting you pregnant! Already added this ability to existing scenes
- Added limit for Ralf's relationship points (from 0 to 100)
- Now, you can mate with Ralf in Family Bitch mode. Enable it in Dog girl magazine (requires 80 FB Corruption). Later I'll add his reaction to Canine lube to make it not so useless


UPD 9.8.0
Family Bitch mode update:

- Now, when you start with the Family Bitch perk, the farm is already discovered + you have 50 points of relationship with Ralf, and you didn't see the very first scene with him (when you obtain the collar) + granddad has already seen you with him
- Added a new item to the Dog girl magazine - a realistic dog dildo. Use it to add some FB Corruption for 20 Energy. The only blowjob is available for now
- Now, you can use the cheat codes menu on your Smartphone while in FB mode. The cheat for Corruption will add FB Corruption points (but only in FB mode!)
Other changes:
- Added gifs for a Library scene. The one you see when reading erotic books
- Increased the chance to get pregnant. Base chance - 5% instead of 1% and 15% instead of 2% if you started with the "Blessed mother" perk (you don't have to restart the game)
- Now reading in the Library is not so useless. For 30 points of Energy (instead of 20) you can choose a new book - 'Social literature' and it will give you +1 to all family members' Relationship. Also, I changed the structure of this passage to add more books easier in the future
- Added two scenes by Rachael. When you go to the school detention with non-consensual content enabled and not corrupted enough, you'll see the rape scenes (with male and female teachers). This counts as a 'first interaction,' and you won't see the standard first scene


UPD 9.7.0
Family Bitch mode update:

- Fixed the 'if' clause in the Park. Now you can't go out while in FB mode
- Fixed the scene with Max (the park dog)
- Changed the Bedroom appearance a bit. Also, now playing with the ball takes 2 hours, instead of 4
- Added a Dog girl magazine to the Bedroom. There you can "acquire" some pet things absolutely free. But you need to reach the required amount of FB Corruption points for this
- For example, you can get the Dog bowl if you have more than 10 FB Corruption points. It restores 20 points of Energy once a day
- Also, there you can find the Canine lube item. It makes your pussy smell like a dog one. It has no particular benefits for now
Other changes:
- Removed the 'End Game' warning in the Bedroom. You saw it in the last days of pregnancy
- Added a new scene by Rachael. Remember that detention scene in the school? Now you can meet a female teacher with a 50% chance. You must have 50 points of Corruption to have sex with her


UPD 9.6.0
Family Bitch mode update:

- Added a scene by Plaze - Playing with brother in FB mode. Just beg him to play more with you, and you'll get what you want! And, if you have a non-consent setting turned on, you have a 20% chance of getting the more interesting part of this scene
- Added ability to go to the Park while you are walking
- And there you can meet another scene by Plaze. Turn bestiality on, get more than 40 points of FBCorruption and play with your new friend - dog Max! There are two scenes, actually
Other changes:
- Added a scene by Rachael - Father is Ron (for the giving birth event)
- Another scene - Father is Jerry
- And another - Father is stranger
- An update in the system that prevents save files crash (by Middlewared)


UPD 9.5.0
Family Bitch mode update:

- Fixed the lack of energy to do anything. Yes, again. Did it in the brother room, living room, and parents room
- Also, you won't see the regular brother schedule while you are in FB mode
- Changed the Police dog rape scene a bit. And moved it to another paragraph (only programmers will notice this)
- I set a new limit for FB Corruption - 100 points (instead of 50). Plus, you can't get more than 100 now
- Added a new small scene by Plaze. If you have more than 20 points of FB Corruption and lucky enough (20% chance), you can see an "invitation" to have a nap on the couch. This scene is available only in the Family Bitch mode
Other changes:
- Fixed the endless vitamins
- Fixed the tip variable error in a couple of places (including the Threesome event)
- I set limits for some more stats (family Corruption and Relationship stats, mostly)
- Finally, I added pics to the Dog scene in the Park
- Fixed a lot of typos here and there
- Added a scene for Library. When you read erotic books, you can masturbate or meet a guy and have sex with him (blowjob or vaginal). These scenes have many gifs (~20)


UPD 9.4.0
Family Bitch mode update:

- I improved some pieces of text
- Also, I fixed the kitchen schedule a bit (the lack of energy error)
- Added the ability to jump into Family Bitch mode right from the beginning (in perks)
- Fixed a collar displaying. Yes, again..
- Added a Family Bitch section in the Help menu
- Now you can't use your phone while Family Bitch mode is active
- Also, I changed the Bay Window location a bit. For now, you only can stare outside, but I think it's a good place to add a scene or two in the future
- Added a scene by Plaze. When you walk outside in FB mode, there's a 20% chance to meet a police officer and to have fun with his dog. Bestiality and non-consent fetishes must be turned on to see this scene!
Other changes:
- Hid some dead links to not existing paragraphs
- Also, I improved the training with the brother paragraph (just a bit, totally nothing interesting)
- Added a scene by Rachael. Now, if your baby's father is Jack, you will see a rich scene with a good or bad reaction
- Another new scene by Rachael
- A threesome event! When you are working as a "night GF" and call a young man over to your place, there is a 20% chance (if you have 70 or more Corruption points and your dad has 50 or more of them) to run into it. As you could guess, your father catches you in the middle of the night and decides to join the fun


UPD 9.3.1
Family Bitch mode update:

- Fixed the missing pic of the collar. I replaced it with the dog collar
- Commented the "Dildo scene" words. It is a placeholder for a potential scene (chance of adding it one day? 40%)
- Fixed the error, preventing the use of old saves
Other changes:
- Fixed a huge error line in the bathroom spy scene
- Fixed the mainChar error in the scene with a teacher
- Now Jack can impregnate you (the drinking-all-night scene)
- Fixed a few errors in HaveASexWidget arguments (now ending in pussy is shown correctly)


UPD 9.3.0
- Mom and Dad got their own "message bubbles." Also, changed the color of the brother's ones
- Fixed a few bugs in the teacher scene and added more content. Now you must have 70+ points of Corruption to see some pervy content, and the second (or more) visit to detention will have another scene. Rachael made the whole scene
- Some fixes and minor additions in the Barn
- Added a new big mode - "Family bitch". To activate this mode, the main character must be seen by his grandfather as she has sex with Ralph. After that, keep playing and wait :) Warning! This mod needs some final touches and may contain bugs!
- Also, the scenes for that mode were written by Plaze
- Updated SugarCube (from 2.33.2 to 2.34.1). The authors have fixed one serious system bug, according to the changelog
- Perk values were lowered a bit


UPD 9.2.0
- I added a lot of text by Rachael for shower scenes. There's a scene for a sister now. I added a couple of gifs and changed the code a bit
- Rachael changed some sentences
- She also has written a lot of text for cop scene (for every interaction and time of day)
- Another Rachael+Middlewared new scene. Now you can get banged by a teacher. You need 60 points of Corruption and a bit of luck
- Also, now you can have sex with Diego (the massager in the Beauty salon). There's a 20% chance, and you need more than 60 points of Corruption
- Grandpa can catch you when you are mating with Ralph (a 20% chance and more than 80 Corruption points). This scene has been written by our new writer - Plaze! 
- Now mom or dad can peek at you, taking a shower (from 20:00 to 21:00). Also, you may run into brother from 22:00 to 23:00
- Something else. Pretty much stuff no one remembers about


UPD 9.1.0
- Fixed cop scene gifs
- Fixed cleaning functions
- Middlewared fixed the error you receive when loading old saves!
- He also added a non-consent scene with the brother. You must have this option turned on in settings + 80 or more points of brother's corruption + there's a 20% chance. All you need is to run into an aggressive brother when searching through his wardrobe, drawler, or something else...
- Now you see "notification" when the main character loses virginity




UPD 2.0.0:
- No more dead pic links! I bought a host and created a backup folder. This problem is solved. Interesting fact: this game has 147 gifs and pics. Quite a lot!
- Some typoes fixed
- Some pics and gifs added
- Two bonus events with Jack is done and available at his house, try to find them!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: 8.0.0 on 10/05/2020

Quite a nice game, without any bugs that I could see, and with some nice gifs/images to go with the text.

However there are a couple of rough edges - the most annoying is the way that energy is used in the game. It  turns it into a grind because even activities that you'd think would be restful use up large amounts of your energy reserves, so you spend far too much time napping/sleeping/bathing in order to regenerate enough energy to do something else. I think with a simple tweak to how much energy is used up the playability of this game would be hugely improved. The other issue - only mildly annoying - relates to the links for moving around. Within the house every room has to be accessed via the living room and to go to bed (which is vital to recuperate that energy!) involves several clicks each time.

I do think it's a fun game and it's still enjoyable.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 7.1.0 on 08/04/2020

You say if stuck look at help,but when I look there to find out how buying with the laptop works it just says buy dildos with laptop. The laptop only has masturbate. Do I need more corruption? Do I need to train throat more? It doesn't say! Please fill out your help more or add greyed out options that say 'you need this or this to activate'. It's a good game, but the mechanics are confusing (Still haven't found 'liberty' to allow you to walk at night).

Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: 7.1.0 on 08/04/2020

Can't say I really care for this one. It's alright, but it's not great. It's good enough to kill a night or so with it though.

It's your average "girl sim", like something like "Girl Life", complete with that janky "foreign country" feel to it. I can't say that it's particularly fun, it's grindy as hell, yet a bit less than usual life sim games. The pics are nice though.
Fetishes are pretty varied, which is good. Something that irks me the most though, is that there's a clear lack of any TF in the game. Despite it being on TF Games Site. The TF Theme tags would have you believe that it has this TF content, but it really doesn't.

Age progression / regression? The game gives you the option to choose your age at the start. The AP content in this game is just the character growing up normally. Someone naturally growing up isn't something I'd see as a fetish/kink (but the internet is weird). Aging naturaly isn't really a TF in regards to what people are lookig for on the site though. Now that I think about it, AP is a bit of a weird one since everyone is aging in almost every game. AR content is just the ability to have your character start under the age of 18.

Invol/Vol - Pretty sure this is just in regards to the rape content in the game. Which isn't TF, despite being in the "TF Themes". Which is mainly for things like (in)voluntary transformations. Not if your character doesn't consent to vanilla sex or not.

MC/Corruption/Slow - People can be on the fence with this one, but in my opinion, MC/Corruption on their own doesn't constitute a TF game. Going from being a "good girl" to a "bad girl" isn't a transformation, it's a progression. Even if it's "slow".
"Oh but that's just semantics!" It's not. The game has a "Corruption" counter, but it could have just as easily been called sluttiness or anything else that suggests the PC is becoming more promiscuous. Doesn't suddenly make it TF. Same goes for the parents/family. Them being more open to their kid being a bit of a whore, isn't really a corruption TF. IF the character had some aura or something about them that makes people more influenced by suggestion or something, then yeah, I could see it. But the PC's dad agreeing to a blowjob from their daughter isn't a TF. It's just bad parenting. 

If this game had the little tag that says it's part of the Hypnopics Collective, I'd have given it a pass. But it's not, and it's not a TF game. You can huff and puff that it's gatekeeping, and that "I don't care if it doesn't have TF, the game is good. Why does TF even matter? Plenty of other games don't have TF and are on the site!", but until this game has actual TF content, it's a fish out of water in terms of the site. Right now it's just skirting through loopholes with the TF Theme tags by using them for content that's technically in the game but isn't actually TF. Not to mention the official site rules state that the game has to have physical TF somewhere in the game to count as a TF game. Even more so if it has a Patreon.

I'm only being a sourpuss because it's out of its element here at TF Games site. Apart from that, it's worth a play. If I had saw it on another site, I wouldn't give it as a hard time. It's still grindy, mind you, and it's not an amazing game, but it's alright enough for a few wank sessions. Ignoring the lack of TF, there's a multitude of kinks and fetishes that's in the game, even some that others don't touch. So that's points in my book. You can tell the dev made it with "love, passion and eager" whatever that's supposed to mean. Hopefully in the future the game will actually have content that's worthy of the high honor of being on TF Games Site. I'm looking forward to when that time comes. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later. 

Review by ArcDragon

Version reviewed: 7.0.0 on 07/30/2020

Game is and has been a broken buggy mess for a long time through a lot of updates. The latest "feature" in the current release is a menu widget that immediately throws up errors from the moment you finish character creation. There's no possibloe way the developer could have failed to notice this if they'd so much as test-played even a single time, and I can only assume they just didn't care but released it anyway hoping some poor fools would throw more money to buy cheat codes from their funding site.

In previous versions there was some content and I assume it's probably still in there somewhere if you can find a way to get to it before you give up because of all the other problems. But at present "gameplay" mostly seems to consist of making a character, telling the game that yes you want to take a shower and brush your hair every day, then proceeding to trial-and-error your way through options that mostly don't allow you to do anything except look at things you can't afford, until eventualy you start searching for new locations to go to, at which point this happens:

1) You get raped by some random passerby!

2) Restore from save. Buy a gun.

3) Ok, now you can avoid it.

4) But now you get raped by some OTHER random passerby!

So then you disable "get raped evey time you do anything" from the settings menu, and you're treated to such riveting gameplay as getting watch tv with your $sibling_type, and running out of energy but not being able to sleep because it's not late enough in the day so your only options are to walk back and forth between rooms dozens of time, or to take a shower a bunch of times to get enough energy to make time pass. Or doing fun things like "leap out the window" of your house to get back to the living room, because apparently English is not the dev's native langguage.

Game is an awful waste of time. Give it a pass.

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 6.3.0 on 06/24/2020

It's still grindy, like many Sugarcube sandbox games are. On the other hand, there is some clear progression which helps, and MariaMod is a very aggressive developer, continually adding features and flattenning bugs. There's also an emerging narrative, which is gratifying.

You might want to try it!

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