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Young Maria v2

I created my own site: https://MilkyNail.site
Discord server: https://discord.gg/GC37yVQ
SubscribeStar: SubscribeStar.adult/MariaMod
Patreon: Patreon.com/MilkyNail (I can't monetize YM there)
BuyMeACoffee: BuyMeACoffee.com/MariaMod (will be removed)
Boosty: Boosty.to/MariaMod  (will be removed)
Gumroad: Gum.co/MariaMod  (will be removed)
Itch: MilkyNail.itch.io
Email: [email protected]

I'm changing my name to MilkyNail

Young Maria v2 is out! Here's an old version: click

Important news (if you play the Offline version)!
You should download the Main Pics Folder ( https://MilkyNail.site/download/YM-MainPicsFolder.zip ) to get all pics. You download that .zip file and merge the "pics" folder you found there with the "pics" folder I added to the last version .zip file ( https://MilkyNail.site/download/YM-Offline.zip )

Hello, my name is MilkyNail (previously - MariaMod) and this is my new game about a young girl in a big city.


- I make it with love, passion, and eagerness
- People like you tell me what they want to see and I add/fix this
- I like games at this site and I create this game with knowing what it should look like
- I've made this game for a whole year


- No dead pic links (I have a host with backup folders)
- Rich cheat menu
- You live with your parents and you can corrupt them!
- Music
- Free day-night cycle
- Bestiality
- Advanced Help menu
- You can buy a gun ;3

So, check it out. I'm working on updates.
Check my site (and other platforms) for other games and to buy cheat codes!

You are a young girl, trying to live in a new city. Make yourself as dirty and corruptive, as you want! Buy clothes, a gun, corrupt your parents, go to the school without panties, make new lewd friends, build your brothel and so on!

You, a young girl

Your dad and mom, a brother, a grandpa

Ralf, Jerry, Jackie and others...

Got stuck? Use Help, I made it exactly for this situation

- Added ability to log in to SubscribeStar account to get bonuses ($5, $14, $24 tiers). All other tiers will be removed soon, but you still can use cheat codes. For some time. Also, you can use special system to log in if you are doing this from downloaded game file ("Offline YM").
- Removed all "system" tags. They were used with the (temporary) removed hygiene system.
- Added test for P.E. There are three types of the test: jumping, running and playing football. All of them test your Fitness. The system takes a random number and see if your Fitness more or less than this number. Your score is based on how far your Fitness from this random number (min. -15 points, max. 15).
- Added test cheat options for School. Now you can either: Tease your classmate with cleavage (15 Corruption, 1/3 answer); Let him "finger" you (30 Corruption, 2/3 answers); Jerk him off (60 Corruption, 3/3 answers). There is no Reputation or Corruption reward for doing this.


- Added three new variables: beautyBoost, fitnessBoost, intellectBoost. All of them are being used in crime mechanics. They are changing every turn and have no min. or max. borders.
- Added a «link for crimes». It has the following structure: The link text + The amount of tries allowed + The result of try (Success/Fail/Crit fail) + The crime with info about it + The basic chance of success and the Beauty/Fitness/Intellect bonus (the stat/2). Also, the "crime scene" has a hidden success paragraph and sometimes a Crit fail paragraph. Crit fail (always 15% chance, can be changed later) means that you were caught or you broke your tools or whatever.
- If you were caught you are going to have a talk with a policeman. He lists the crimes and you will have to pay the fines and/or go to Jail for a few days (depends on the crimes). If you are going to the Jail, you will be changed into the start clothes and your Relationship with parents will decrease a bit. Maybe I’ll add prison robes or something later.
- Jail is a bit empty right now. All you can do there is to sit and sleep. Nothing interesting. For now!
- Added a list of crimes. You can watch it in the Help menu. It has only Pickpocketing in it for now, but the whole list will be remade later, of course.
- Added seven crime-related widgets: CrimesList, CrimeNumbersToWords, CrimeWarning, CrimeSentence, CrimeChance, CrimeTry, CrimeTimer. It was rather hard. All of them make the base of these new mechanics and work altogether. I tried to make them both functional and compact.
- You can try new crime mechanics in the Bedroom. The last link will bring you to the temporary passage, where you will be able to try Pickpocketing, Crit fail, Jail and so on.


- Added an event for waitress job. A visitor may slap your ass when you pass by and you can either shush at him or wink back, getting tips. Yes, there's no Corruption check.
- Fixed the Help menu a bit. Added a new article - Cooking.
- Improved food widget "Eat" a little. If Maria is having a free lunch in Canteen, the same food won't disappear from her bag. In addition, free food is working as it was intended now.
- Added an event for lifeguard job. You have to save someone's life and you actually do this. In reward, you get 1 Fitness point.
- Added the Dreams scenes to the list of scenes. Also changed the required Corruption from 90 to 80 points. I remind that there are 8 different scenes with different fetishes.
- Added a non-consensual scene that you can find working as a lifeguard (on the Beach). Make sure the non-con is turned on in settings and your Work Experience is more than 30. This scene contains 4 new gifs.
- Started working on the Jail. Added a group of processing widgets, crime list widgets, etc. I'll work on it more later - it's a very important mechanic.
- Added a scene for bartender job. A drunk man finds a hair in his drink and you can either change the drink or distract him with boobs and remove the hair. The second option rewards you with $5 and requires no Corruption or Work Experience points.
- Added a new location in the Park - Dog Area. It's open from 7:00 to 23:00 and you can see this location only with Bestiality turned on in settings.
- In the Dog Area, you can hide in bushes in order to catch and play with some dog. They vary in sizes, breeds and moods (from "Cold" to "Frisky"). You can pet them, touch them (handjob), suck them off and mate with them. Earn trust of these dogs in order for more. You'll see different scenes for every dog's mood (there are three of them). Each action requires from 0 (petting) to 50 (mating) Corruption points.
- Added a “List of scenes” button to the left bar menu in the very beginning so players can check it right after stating the game.


- Fixed the brother sex scene in the bathroom (it wasn't appearing).
- Fixed the Jackie and pig sex scenes. Now HaveASexWidget work every time whenever your grandfather saw you or not.
- Fixed cooking picture (Cooking and Cooking with mom passages) and grocery store picture.
- Removed lipstick from the game. Lips size and color were useless and they were removed, too, at least for now.
- Created an Apply makeup passage that is included in every passage where you can apply a makeup (Dressing table and Bathroom mirror). It shows your current makeup type and how many makeup kits you have.
- Added Dressing table to the bedroom. There you can comb your hair, see Expanded character info, apply makeup and watch beauty tutorials. Each view will add 1 Beauty point.
- Changed the Expanded character info passage a bit.
- Fixed the Makeup kit variable. Added it to the Inventory class, now everything works smoothly and you can buy and use this item as it was intended.
- Added a small scene to the Library. There's a 20% chance to run into a couple behind bookshelf. Peek on them to see 3 new gifs of a boy fingering a girl. This scene will add 1 Corruption point, but no Reputation points (because they don't see you).
- Changed the list of scenes in game. It became slightly different to you and it is much easier for me to add scenes there now.
- Added 10 farm scenes from Old YM to the scenes list.
- Changed farm scenes a bit. Changed the style of requirements and requirements themselves (just in a few scenes).
- Added ability to talk to a bartender at the bar. Took this passage from Old YM and rebuilt it a bit.
- Created AddIntoxication widget that will show how much intoxication you get from a drink when you digest it. Moreover, it is much easier to use this widget in comparison with the old construction.
- Added a dialog window that will appear only once when a new version of the game is available (including hotfixes).


- Added a small NSFW scene. You can suck off your dad while he's reading to you (Parents' bedroom, 17:00-18:00). This action requires 30 Corruption points and 30 Relationship, contains 4 new gifs, and you receive 1 Corruption point and 1 Relationship.
- Added small replies of schoolboys and schoolgirls onto your presence in the school boys\girls restrooms. You'll see 5 different reactions, depending on your Reputation.
- Added a medium size scene by ZeeMental and me. 00:00-4:00 there's a 30% chance (once a day check) to meet your mom in the kitchen, playing with a cucumber. If you have 40 Corruption and 40 Relationship with her, you can offer her some help and see the scene (and 4 new gifs).
- Added three small scenes by Joshi. With a 25% chance, you may run into a strange sound in the school restrooms. It requires: 20 Corruption to help a girl with fingers (4 new gifs); 20 Corruption to help a boy with your pussy (3 gifs); 40 Corruption to help a boy with your ass (4 gifs).
- Added a HaveASexWidget to the scene with mom at the kitchen ("Midnight snack").
- Added 5 "study events" to P.E. classes. One of them is a tiny scene of a boy, betting that he is faster than you are. If [Random number from 1 to 100 + your Fitness] is more than 50, then you won! The bet is $5.
- Now you can join your brother in his room when he is doing exercises at 17:00 every day. This requires 30 points of Energy, and you receive 2 points of Fitness.
- Added 4 "socializing events" to P.E. classes. One of them (showing your butt to a staring guy) will give you 1 Corruption point.
- Now you can eat with your brother in the school canteen. This will add 1 Relationship point. Pro tip: you can leave your meal untouched if you want to eat alone or with another person later~
- If you haven't met Cristy yet, she will appear with 30% chance when you'll try to eat your lunch with brother! I added the related line for Relationship stat with her to the Bag & Stats menu and added it to the Regular Check (borders: 0 and 100 points).
- If you have met Cristy already, you can invite her to have a lunch together. This will improve your Relationship with her, yes.
- Now lunches in canteen start at 10:50. Right after the second class.
- Added a small scene with brother (5 new gifs). You can tease him while you eat with him in the school canteen. This action requires 30 Corruption and 40 Relationship points. And in return, you get 1 Corruption, 1 Relationship and 1 Reputation point.


- Now there are no brother/mom/dad Corruption points. Remained brother/mom/dad Relationship points, which replaced Corruption points
- Added a scene. When Maria is bathing in the shower, her brother/mom/dad can drop in and offer to "rub her back." I took it from Old YM and remade it. I also added a scene with the brother.
- Now you can join brother/dad/mom while they shower. You need 50 Relationship points with them and 30 (your) Corruption points. You will see the same scene as if they were joining you.
- Added a scene. When you're watching TV and the lewd moment comes up, you can say something horny to the family members. This action requires 20 Corruption points.
- Restored and slightly changed the Watch TV passage. Now it takes 10 minutes, and you can't watch TV from 9 to 11 and from 12 to 16 when the parents are not at home.
- Added a scene (by me & Plaze). From 22:00 to 23:59, you can walk up to your Parents' bedroom door and hear them having sex (30% chance every day). You can peep and see a small scene with 3 new GIFs by getting 1 Corruption point. You can only watch once a day.
- School lessons (except P.E.) now give 1 Intellect point, and P.E. gives 3 Fitness points.
- Added a big scene by Emma. You can find it on the Beach while sunbathing. It requires 25 Beauty points and has a 20% chance to be triggered. A girl (Anne) comes to you, and after a quick chat, you have lesbian sex right on the beach. This scene has 4 new gifs.
- Changed Family Schedule Widgets. It's complicated, but now it's possible to put action links in these widgets without adding a ton of code every time.
- Now you can join dad when he is reading a book (17:00-18:00, Parent's bedroom). This action requires 5 Energy and gives you 1 Relationship point and 1 Intellect point.
- Now you can join mom when she is working in the Garden (16:00-17:00, Garden). This action requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points and 2 Fitness points.
- Now you can play on the computer ("in the dark room") with your brother every day at 22:00 in his room. It requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points. Also, you can play with him on weekends, 12:00-14:00.
- Added a "new" stat - Reputation at school. Added it to the regular check as well (min. 0, max. 100 points). Reputation grows when you socialize at school.
- Added 5 tiny scenes for studying at school. They are pretty small and affect nothing yet.
- Added 2 tiny scenes for socializing at school. One of them adds 1 Corruption point.


- Moved all YM v2 to "milkynail.site/..." directory (instead of "milkynail.site/young-maria-v2/...". Moved old YM completely to "milkynail.site/old-young-maria/..." directory.
- Added a small comic about how to merge the Main Pics Folder and the Offline Pics Folder. You can see links to it on the start page and in the "Options" menu, next to the game version. Also, now you can meet this comic in YM-MainPicsFolder.zip and YM-Offline.zip
- Slightly cleaned up the code from the paragraph of the smartphone, removed an unnecessary link
- Corrected pictures in the paragraphs: "Smartphone", "Read a book", "Character body", "School canteen" (by elRoig)
- Removed an accidentally left variable from the "Play with Ralf" passage and closed the "if" clause in "Bad & Stats" (by elRoig)
- Changed the "HaveASexWidget" passage. Now, in order to get pregnant, you need to finish into the vagina ("inpussy"), regardless of the type of sex. This widget will be heavily redesigned in the future as it is not flexible enough for this game (by elRoig)
- Fixed the "eternal Monday" bug. I had to rewrite the progression of days widget and it turned out so well that this system now works perfectly! Now, the day changes right at midnight. Yes, this system worked differently earlier...
- Thanks to the new day progression system, the player can now sleep at any time. But if he goes to bed before 8:00, the day remains the same.
- Fixed the issue with the Logo on the start page.
- Fixed the farmer working process. Now everything works normally.
- Worked a little on the bathroom. Fixed the shower bug. Now "relaxing in the bath" requires one shampoo, restores 10 Energy, and this action takes 30 minutes. Slightly corrected washing - it now produces 10 Cleanliness every time you wash your face. Removed some if clauses and other things from the descriptions to make them look better.
- Added Cleanliness to "RegularCheck" passage to set borders, 0-100 points.


- A lot of minor mistakes and typos were fixed.
- Changed the character creation page here and there.
- Changed the "Edit appearance" menu.
- Changed StoryCaption and RegularCheck passages again. Cleaned them up a bit, too.
- Changed the system of cheat codes. Now they open small debug menus. Some cheats affect more stats now.
- Fixed the display of Money, Energy, and Intoxication in the left menu bar.
- Fixed the display of main character pictures in bed ("Main char in bed picture").
- Greatly changed the pregnancy system. The widget ("HaveASexWidget") has become simpler and more stable. Pregnancy lasts 9 days instead of 22. Throughout the pregnancy, the protagonist receives messages about the current stage of the pregnancy in the morning. From the third day, the pregnancy can be terminated in the hospital. On the ninth day, it will be possible to give birth immediately after waking up.
- Slightly changed a few widgets so that menstruation and pregnancy do not affect each other. Also, I changed the pregnancy settings tracking system ("settings.pregnancy") - this will significantly reduce the number of errors.
- Removed all "&emsp" that were adding space before every new paragraph in some scenes.
- Slightly changed the "Bay Window" passage and added a picture to it.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Vanafaye

Version reviewed: on 05/10/2022

I thought this was a joke when it first came out. All of the content was thrown out, game was cut down to like a tenth of what it used to be. Seems to have more direction but honestly it's not even that much of an improvement. Even the game description comes off as a complete meme. Like buying a gun is something I really care about in a porn game.

But I guess if bestiality hentai is up your alley you might enjoy it? 3/10? 2/10?


The original was better, even if the only thing that made it better was the fact it had a lot of decent quality real life porn in it.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: on 02/19/2022

Too much content has been cut from v1 for this to be called a successor game... this should probably be its own title, as it's literally starting from scratch. Almost none of the interactions exist anymore apart from beastiality in the farm. Well, that's about it.

Anyway, I hope some of the old content scenes will make it back. I'm actually confused about the job system. You gain experience, and eventually are able to wear a lewder outfit, yet the tips don't reflect the change in uniform, nor does it warrant any additional "unsolicited" attention from the patrons..

In general, the game seems very empty, and the script is horribly unoptimized, to the point that when you click a link, the passage takes a few seconds to load. Music is wholly unecessary, and I still don't understand why games add it, it's not like a soundtrack adds anything, or creates an ambience, it's just music playing in the background. If the players wanted such an ambiance, they could have just launched a tab on youtube with their favorite video playing in the background and achieve the same effect.

So, in general, skip for now, wait for more content down the line, or play the old v1, these are your choices.

Review by zact99

Version reviewed: on 01/24/2022

First Off I have to say that I am A fan of Young Maria. While I am a fan V2 was kind of lacking to me Which I will talk about below. The good the bad and the new.


The Good

I really like the ideas added here in v2. The ingredient and cooking aspect is really interesting and i can see it being fleshed out in the future.

The School is vastly improved. in the original the school felt like filler. but here some of classes give stats and increase your grade.I enjoy the new clothing  system using stats to determine what you can wear.

The new jobs are great. My only hope is that events for the jobs are added for variety. I tried all the jobs except farmer as when I tried Igot placeholder text with no way to progress.


The Bad

This version has almost no content Wheni was looking for images the only one I was able to find where the ones related to Masturbation with the laptop.



ATM I reccomend the original over this one. This one is built from the ground up and I look forward to what is to come.

Review by RyzyMcPherson

Version reviewed: 11.8.0 on 10/15/2021

I liked game very much, but after a while I am not sure if there is any end? I am at day 92, has seen most of the scene (I think). How does it end?

Review by SU2AR

Version reviewed: 10.5.0 on 05/11/2021

I feel like school is there just to waist your time with clicking. And every time I return home parents tell me I missed classes even if I didn't.

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