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Version: 2.3.0

Version: 2.2.1

Version: 2.2.0

Version: 2.0.0

Young Maria

Hello, my name is Maria and this is my new game about a young girl in a big city.


- I make it with love, passion and eager
- People like you tell me what they want to see and I add/fix this
- I like games at this site and I create this game with knowing what it should look like
- This game was developed in months and will be updated


- No dead pic links (I have a host with backup folder)
- Cheat menu
- You live with your parents and you can corrupt them!
- You can buy your own apartment
- You can build your own brothel
- Free day-night cycle
- You can buy a gun ;3

So, check it out. I'm working on updates.
Check my Patreon for another game, cheats, my telegram and more. $1!

Your family moved into a big city. New life, new money, new friends. Be as bad as you want!

You, a young girl

Your dad and mom

Some Ron, Jack, Key, and others...

Got stuck? Use Help, I made it exactly for this situation

UPD 2.3.0:
- Small, but critical bug with Jerry is fixed
- "Explore" system is revised
- The day-night cycle of the city now works properly
- A new event at night walks
- Two new shops at Lexena Market (I started working on them, but they not finished)
- I'm working with JS and CSS, trying to give you the ability to change the background of this game
- Added a Changelog!


UPD 2.2.1:
- Small changes, some bugs fixed


UPD 2.2.0:
- Smartphone "Back" button fixed! It took me ages to figure out how I can make such complicated method, but I did it. Now you can use Smartphone everywhere!
- Due to a small typo bath scenes with parents were unavailable. Fixed
- Another small typo in code is gone, the scene with mom in the kitchen now adds Parents' Liberty
- A bunch of other small mistakes fixed
- Now you can walk at night. But buy a gun first! Walking at night is dangerous. And it's a bit too simple now. I'll work on it
- Walking at night, you can meet a new character - Jerry. He loves anal plugs and tails, so wear them for him


UPD 2.0.0:
- No more dead pic links! I bought a host and created a backup folder. This problem is solved. Interesting fact: this game has 147 gifs and pics. Quite a lot!
- Some typoes fixed
- Some pics and gifs added
- Two bonus events with Jack is done and available at his house, try to find them!

Full lists of improvements - https://Patreon.com/MariaMod

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Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 2.3.0 on 05/21/2019

This is a good game & very interesting..  though i will not be playing any more updates till ye add a changelog.  There's no way of knowing what's new in it if there's no changelog.

Ye should put a changelog on the Game Page (on here) & not just in the game, so that we players can find out what changes have been made without having to download each new update.

Review by shrepogre

Version reviewed: 2.3.0 on 05/18/2019

I went out on the street, encountered a random guy, and the main character was at his home sucking his dick after one and a half sentences of dialogue from him. Without an internal voice for the main character, I'm even being generous with saying "my character decided to", because the next page has him forcing you to your knees. I... I think I just got raped in the game? But the author didn't write it as if that was what I was supposed to get out of it. Do you, "Maria", think that this is how normal human interactions work? If this was not supposed to be a rape scene, why wasn't I given the option to NOT just suck the dick of the first black guy I encountered on the street? Player agency should be a top priority when designing an open world game like this, and if you're going to force the player to do something they might not want to do, there needs to be a reason for it.

Speaking of open worlds and agency, SOME kind of direction for the player is obligatory for good game design. The only directions given is "You were happy for an opportunity to find new friends and discover new places.", which I outlined above is shallow as fuck in in terms of human interaction. This game feels less finished than almost any other game on this site.

Review by Anon21

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 05/14/2019

I like this kind of game a lot, but it is too early to be worth playing.  The game is a never-ending Monday. There is no way to earn money. There are a few random encounters, but once you find all locations you stop being able to have random encounters. The only thing you can do in the park is relax. The only sexual content I found in my playthrough is you meet a random black dude while wandering aimlessly and decide to give him a blowjob (no options available).

[EDIT] The 'Play now' online version includes a lot of bugfixes that are not in the offline version. Also, the smartphone is essential to making progress. No smartphone, next to no content. So don't ignore it like I did.

Review by Mugen Kagemaru

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 05/09/2019

Extremely barebones, little to no content, but it says it's Complete...

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