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Version: 0.1

Version: 0.0

A Guy Reprogrammed

You are Jesse Dimmins.
You're just a guy, really. Nothing too remarkable about you (just yet).

As you go through the day to day of your life, though, you find yourself slowly changing in small ways.
Your experiences collectively reprogram you from an entirely unremarkable, straight male into someone new.

A Guy Reprogrammed features adult situations including:
  • pornographic content
  • feminization/sissification
  • homosexuality
  • masturbation
  • prostate milking
  • long-term chastity
  • gas station glory holes
  • breast expansion
  • penis shrinking
  • clothed females, naked males
  • humiliating situations
  • forced maid servitude
  • graphic portrayal of soul-crushing corporate employment
  • ...and murder! (but that's really only if you refuse to feed your pet goldfish)
Your beloved fish Gilbert.


Rodney Spencer
Your boss.


Brodi Tanaka
The owner of the salon at the mall. Brodi is a stylish person whose mission is to make other people look better.


Duke Ellory
Your landlord. Duke also runs a housekeeping business on the side called HomeMade Housekeeping.


Master Ethan/Mistress Danielle
A dominant whose passion is molding slaves to his/her will.


Holly Hawkley
Works at the Doctor's Office.


Doctor Wendy Bendall
A local doctor who doesn't happily suffer fools.
Unlocking Story Events:
1) Be sure to spend some time in the chat room (while horny) and submit to Master Ethan/Mistress Danielle when you get the chance (the earlier, the better)
2) Approach your landlord about being short on rent before you get your paycheck
3) Make sure that you go to work while feeling horny sometimes and use the restroom if you have the chance
4) Fresh air is a good thing! Be sure to take lots of walks outside.

Other hints:
• The Help menu features a list of Hints that can give you some direction
• Exercising while wearing a jockstrap or sports bra can improve your results
• Viewing porn can have an effect on certain aspects about yourself (e.g. sexual attraction, gender identity, etc)
• Always follow tasks you receive promptly
• It's helpful to get a good night's sleep (but being too horny can make for more enjoyable dreams)
• Get a sneak-peek at the local glory hole by first discovering the gas station on a walk, then visiting the last stall in the bathroom (you'll have to have lost enough dignity to actually go through with it, though)
• You'll likely have experienced most of the available content by Day 30 (at which time you'll get a chance to unlock Debug Mode AND the all-powerful Debug Settings menu!)
• If you're struggling during the Giving Head minigame, don't bother waiting for the sequence to finish. Click each tile immediately after it flashes. Easy mode! :)
Version 0.1
• Fixed: issue with oufits and saving
• Fixed: Giving Head Minigame should work EVERY time (and if it somehow still breaks, there's a link to the previous passage)
• Fixed: added the Unread Message notification icon to Computer page
• Fixed: issue with Ethan/Danielle first name
• Fixed: an issue with a couple of Porn images displaying properly
• Fixed: an issue with a few images displaying with the wrong dimensions
• Fixed: getting multiple rent strikes now works as expected
• Fixed: a few pronoun issues

• Updated: no longer relying on JavaScript to store any non-static game info
• Updated: save names now include the version number and the final character is a unique (probably) character that can differentiate character saves (e.g 8:00 AM | 01/01 | (v0.1) &)
• Updated: napping through curfew now sends the player safely to sleep through the night
• Updated: changed the boss's name to Rodney Spencer, because Neo-Nazis ruin EVERYTHING
• Updated: reworked dreams a bit. They're no less confusing, but slightly more topical.
• Updated: tweaked a few colors
• Updated: added a few more images
• Updated: tweaked the porn screen to include each category's effect on sexuality
• Updated: task engine so that it will be able to support long-term tasks

• Added: an incentive to not abuse the Housekeeping Job :)
• Added: purchasing a dildo gives you the option to Practice Blowjob to get Giving Head experience
• Added: Autosave every morning (at least until I'm sure that there aren't any more game-breaking bugs)
• Added: more Giving Head images
• Added: Gilbert has a chance to comment on your appearance (feeding when naked/in chastity/women's underwear/practiced bj/shrunken penis)
• Added: a few more work events

*** Save files from 0.0 are NOT compatible with 0.1 ***



Version 0.0

• Initial Release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Heatblast69

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 06/04/2019

Next to perverted education, this is quite possibly the best game i've seen on this website, anxiously awaiting the next update keep it up

Review by tehqu2

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/26/2019

Another "slow" sissifcation game like PE or Secretary. It's a good start, and especially mechanically much more complete than the 0.1 version would suggest. Currently the game is not too long yet, with perhaps just 1 significant scene (Doctor's office). But a lot of things seem to be in place which are not used yet in the story (stats, items, locations, etc.) suggesting the author has a plan(!) and I'm really looking forward to the next update. Great work.

Review by slaveonline23

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/26/2019

Great so far! looking out for more updates!

Review by Ellipses

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/21/2019

Solid game so far with a decent mechanical base for HTML, I will say that randomizing when the Master/Mistress shows up is slightly annoying (at least I think it's random) and I suggest changing the blowjob gif pics as the character becomes more feminized.

As stated previously by others, maid work needs retooling.

Aside from that, again, it's fine.

Review by austinhaney6969

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/20/2019

Very promising start, I like it. And it's always good to see more sissy games out there.

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