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Version: 1.0

Version: 0.9

Rainy DayZ

This is Rainy DayZ, an HTML game created by me, Noodle Jacuzzi. I keep this and everything else I've made on my master index at https://noodlejacuzzi.github.io/index.html

In a world where a zombie virus has spread, transforming people into voracious sex-hungry shemales, you play as a young woman searching for supplies to survive.

This game focuses heavily on themes of rape and shemale-zombification, and includes optional content depicting bestiality, rimming, and sounding. It's made to be similar in tone to Futa Apocalypse.

This game is now back in active development, with finishing Scenario 2 on the hot plate. Check out the list of unused concepts in the author information section to see if anything strikes your fancy, I might do that next if you let me know.

Also, as an extra note, if for whatever reason you miss it, deleting your save data will send you back to the neato title screen.

I hope you enjoy!

I feel like exploration is half the fun, but if you'd like to know how to unlock each scene:

Zombie Assault 1: Fight the zombie in the town with no stamina while not infected.

Zombie Assault 2: Fight the zombie in the apartment basement with no stamina.

Zombie Assault 3: Fight the zombie in the factory with no weapon while infected.

Siren's Voice 1: While infected, use the flashlight in the factory.

Siren's Voice 2: While infected, use the rope in the factory.

Hunter's Chase 1: While wounded and at no stamina, try to travel through the forest with a weapon.

Hunter's Chase 2: While wounded and without a weapon, try to travel through the forest.

Horde Gangbang 1: Use the bag of marbles at the highway.

Horde Gangbang 2: While infected and at full stamina, return to the highway after obtaining the food and water supplies.

Infestation 1: Rest at the blue house with the air freshener in your inventory.

Infestation 2: While infected, rest at the blue house with the air freshener in your inventory.

Vaccination: While infected, talk to the fellow survivor in the red house.

Tainted: Eat the infected food in the convenience store.

Infected Ending: Eat the infected food in the convenience store.

- 3 new scenes in scenario 1
- 1 new scene for scenario 2
- Multiple typo fixes, including one in the footer when low on energy and a few in several events.
- New title screen and scenario selection menu.
- The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up. This does mean older saves are not compatible.
- New CSS, thank you to Stiggy752.
- Scenario specific info in sidebar.
- Scenario-specific galleries.
- Added an author information section with important info.

My older changelog was deleted, but this was basically where scenario 1 was finished up.

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Review by dextrousraid

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/30/2019

I wish games like this wouldn't use the term 'zombie', as it brings to mind images of shambling, decaying creatures and the infected here are just brain-dead dickgirls.

Otherwise, it's short but sweet; a great little game for girls growing dicks, if that's your thing.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 05/16/2019

This has a lot of potential and replayability already! I think with a bit of fleshing out and padding out the extrenuous bits it could be a really good short, standalone game!


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