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Version: 0.1.1

New Beginning

The New Beginning is an erotic game in which you are a young ordinary man starting his first year at the university. Looking for new friends, he joins a group of girls in the psychology club. But the girls don't want his friendship... Every one of them wants something slightly different and it's up to you who of them will win and who will you become.

The game focuses (rather "will focus") on the following themes: Forced transformation, M2F, Femdom, Cuckold, Chastity, Forced-bi.

Some important things you need to know:

- This game is a rework of old game called Psychology club (can be found on this page). Almost everything was changed, but the main idea (and to be honest, for me it's the most difficult part) remains the same.

- I have no previous experiences with game development, so I'm sure you can find a bug here and there.

- My English is not as good as it should be, I'm sure you will see some mistakes.

- Keep in mind the game is in a very early stage of development. The main reason I release it so early is to get some feedback, allowing me to improve it. I can't stress this enough - any kind of feedback is welcome.


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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 06/17/2019

The Psychology Club was a great game which was really firing... but it was never updated after the first (few) releases. I am looking forward to see New Beginning making better progress.


  • Great formatting. No, I don't mean fancy buttons. It is just that the author knows what he is doing, color theme, artwork and all that. You do not need to have purple background and big green buttons to make a sissy game look sissy.
  • The story was updated with new facts. Mobile wasn't so much a thing in Psychology Club, I think. It was all email and stuff. Nowadays... who do not have a mobile?


  • Comparing to Psychology Club, I think New Beginning is a little bit of a rush in pace here. The swimming pool event seems oddly out of place. I mean if a guy was bold enough to wear a bikini in the public, bet or not, he would have nailed more than a few girls...

Anyway, it looks promising so far. I am looking forward to the update.

Review by firefly.red

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 06/14/2019

Good UI, good images, and a hot well-written story so far (0.1.1).  I'm looking forward to more.

Review by becomingtgirl

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 06/14/2019

This game reminds me something... in fact i believe this is a remake of a game (dont remember a title) which i played few years ago and totally loved, but the developer abandonned it and it was never finished. I really hope this wont happen again, because i want to go through whole story 

Review by futatiger

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 06/12/2019

very good start looking forward to more :) 9/10 for 0.1.1

Review by pixelfrenzy

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 06/12/2019

This is a really good starting point of a potentially excellent TF game.

I really really really have to commend the author for the presentation. The visual style is clean, minimalistic yet easy to understand. There is a good bouquet of characters with a nice variety to their personalities. I hope the character development remains slow so that the author can really flesh out the world he/she is creating. I like how the characters arent overtly/unrealisticly bitchy that force the MC to do things. The author is cleverly using the female characters to use their looks and/or personalities to nudge or push the MC to do things. The slow manipuation is far more effective and hot than straight up forcing the MC to do things and then be okay with it.

I wish the author good luck in developing this game further. This initial release is promising and very hopeful towards a solid game. It is also a good example of how a simple and cliche story can still be powerful and effective it is well presented and the characters and the world is fleshed out.

Rating for vesrion 0.1.1 --> 4/5

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