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Version: 0.1.51

Version: 0.1.50a

Version: 0.1.49

Version: 0.1.48

by Somnium

You are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. Quickly you realize that nothing and no one in the village is what it seems, and every passing hour has you more embroiled in the mysterious happenings...

For more details about the story check PLOT, but beware of SPOLIERS!

 Version 1.51.2 - Art update

-new art has been added for the Crooked Elm

-new art has been added to Ionut lewd scenes

-various typo fixes from previous version

-some bug fixes

NOTE: I've been very busy IRL so this month it's not a story patch, only an art patch. More story will be coming soon but it didn't make it into this one.


Version 1.51 - Elise

-expanded Elise (spider) storyline

-expanded Elise (spider) art

-rebalanced the green bottle to only be obtainable at Elise relationship level 3

-added permanent choices that define your relaitonship type with Elise

-added more Elise-related death possibilities

-added a new library event

-added an easter egg suggested by a fan

-updated game dialogue interface accross the board (part 1, more to come)

=>added new UI icons and updated how some choices work

=>added visual representation of unavailable choices

-added game settings for text animation

-added new feature: fast start for new players. Updated game intro a little bit, there are now 3 variations of intro, from fastes to full (most immersive)


Things still in progress:

-items, secrets, and the shop -> I'm still working to improve this aspect, and some of this didn't make it in this patch

-end of day "work" module is still the same as last patch - it is scheduled for upgrade

-physical and mental changes have been expanded but are still scheduled for additional polish


Any and all feedback is welcome as usual.


PATREON UPDATE: Patreons will now get a version with cheat menu for quick navigation. Please note that all in-game content will always be accessible to everyone, for free.

If you wish to support the game and gain additional perks, click on "Support the game" on the left panel =)

Patreon helps me commission more art for the game. It gives you access to in-dev builds, cheat menu, polls, as well as Discord. Pledge only if you can, playing is the biggest support already ;)


If you like my content you can find more stories and games at http://xfiction.org/


The main premise of the game is that death isn't the end. Dying changes you but it's also a way of gaining valuable informaiton that helps unlock the secrets of the village. New dialogue options, locations and events become available.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BitNevada

Version reviewed: on 10/26/2019

Transylvania has everything I've wanted from a lewd game. It has a cute protagonist, an engaging story, a very good mechanic for exploring different scenes, a willingness to get dark, and a variety of fetishes. If you're still not convinced let me explain those points further. The protagonist's cuteness is thanks to the game having a really good artist. The story feels like an actual story and not merely an excuse for having sex. I won't spoil anything but there is a mechanic for seeing the different scenes that isn't just saving and loading. The game isn't afraid of darker themes like death and i like that. Again, I won't spoil anything specific but there are more fetishes past just men and women having sex.



In summary I love this game and I highly recommend it. 

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.1.51 on 09/16/2019

Going to be honest here... did not think I was going to like this, and the feeling got stronger once I first saw the style it was done in.... BUT... it kinda grows on you after a bit.  Olny found 11 secrets tho, and so far would need 12 for everything I have found in this.  Wish there was more progression in the history shifts, but can't wait to see it finished!  Definitely adding this to "like" and "subscribe" lists!  The style really does match the story quite well, on further reflection.  Definitely an artistic choice, rather than anything else, unlike what my first assumptions were (Deepest apologies, shouldn't have jumped to conclusions!).  Also, the story is interesting and, while it does share some elements from other stories, feels suitably unique.  Keep up the good work!  =^_^=

Review by Hatha

Version reviewed: 0.1.50a on 08/15/2019

The basic game mechanic in this game is something I've been dying to see executed for a while now and I think the creator nailed it.

I'm eager to see where it all goes.

I would definitely like to see locally hosted images, I download games and play them offline later, so I essentially miss out on all the art.  

Review by ziztazlut

Version reviewed: 0.1.50a on 08/15/2019

Fantastic game. Very engaging mystery and although the erotic content is sparse, it really feels deserved when you reach it. The writing and overall production value is something that all authors on this site should admire and all readers should consider supporting through patreon.

Review by Kyrael

Version reviewed: 0.1.50 on 08/12/2019

Transylvania is a game that's hard to talk about because it's just so great to experience unspoiled, so I'll stick to the generic parts:

It has a lovingly crafted setting that invites exploration and experimentation while its characters are intriguing and erotic and always hint at more than meets the eye. The core mechanisms work well for its premise. The writing is superb and constantly manages to leap between foreboding, evocative, creepy, sexy and evocatively creepy in a sexy way. The art style is certainly a change from all the usual porn gifs, but it wonderfully fits the genre.

A word of advice, though: Do not expect quick masturbation fodder as soon as you click Play. There is more than a bit of exquisite erotic writing in there, but the story builds up to that over some time to go from "mundane student looking for an interesting summer job" to "lots and lots of sex". Additionally, the setting's horror aspects are often presented in a sexualised way, but they are not defanged.

The current version of the game (0.1.50) has a good chunk of material that can keep players busy for some time and will not leave you hanging (though perhaps wanting for more).

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