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Version: 0.4.01

Version: 0.3.15

Version: 0.3.14

Version: 0.3.13

Transylvania: The EroticHorror Adventure
by Somnium

Welcome to Transylvania!



State of the game:

CONTENT:  0.4.01 features over 350K words / several hours worth playing

ILLUSTRATED SCENES:  50+ illusrtated erotic-horror scenes;

UNIQUE GAME ART:  over 200 custom drawn images, from character art, portraits, landscapes, interface elements and death scenes;

CHAPTER 1: Playable and stable, over 85% completion. Receives occasional updates to systems or extra choices;

CHAPTER 2: Active development. Currently at about 50% completion, with functional story and scenes, but the plot is not complete yet;

 ====>Official game presentation page: https://xfiction.org/Transylvania.php

If you want to DOWNLOAD the game: Please note that download versions are typically released 1 week later. This gives time to apply any hotfixes or adjustments after release, before freezing the game for download.


Version 0.4.01 - Wings

This release includes a major milestone, in which the plot extends to the end of Chapter 2 and includes a sneak-peak of Chapter3.

 Highlights of the update:


General and Engine:

-added a new background: Manor Gate and Manor Gate-Open;

-added a new background: Cemetery Gate and Cemetery Gate-Open;

-updated arrival sequence;

-save exporting and importing has been re-implemented to the new version of Harlowe (special thanks to Aphrodite);



-added a new task: Full potential;

-added a new scene with Felicia and multiple choices/branches;

-added new scene with the Elder and multiple branches;

-Alex can now acquire succubus wings;

-Chapter 2 can now be completed;



-added new art for looking the tattoo;

-added new splash art for Chapter 3;

-added new background art for the dungeon;

-added a new background for Ruxandra's tree;

-added a sound effect for opening the cemetery gate;


-Various improvements to Chapter 2 nodes and flow;



 Patreon-only bonuses:

1.Cheat Menu:

-quick navigation.

-stat edit

2.Lewd Catalogue :

-direct access to all scenes;

==>Please note that all in-game content will always be accessible to everyone, for free. Patreon only adds shortcuts and conveniences.


If you wish to support the game and gain additional perks, click on "Support the game" on the left panel =)

Patreon helps me commission more art for the game. It gives you access to in-dev builds, cheat menu, polls, as well as Discord. Pledge only if you can, playing is the biggest support already ;) 

If you like my content you can find more stories and games at http://xfiction.org/

You play as Alex, a young man who decides to take a summer job as a hotel receptionist at The Crooked Elm in a remote mountain village in the Transylvanian region. Shortly after arriving, a mysterious woman by the name of Felicia gifts you an antique bracelet with 5 crimson beads on it. You think nothing of it, until your untimely death on the next day

After you die, you wake up on the previous morning, as if the day had never existed. The only difference is that now you are a woman, and one of the crimson beads has gone dark.

In Transylvania, you are on a quest to return to your normal life. Danger lurks behind every corner and every death changes you a little more. Will you succeed to lift your affliction, or succumb to the pleasures of your new form?

If you are having difficulties or are not sure what to do, this is here to help. In the first part there are some spoiler free tips that can orient you without revealing the plot. If you're still having trouble, below are detailed pointers, which contain spoilers.


1. Spoiler free tips:

-the game has a long intro; until you reach Monday, there isn't anything to worry about.

-if you die, keep playing;

-exploration is usually rewarded; even if you have already talked to a character or visited a place, your options might change in the future;

-there is a recap at the beginning of your day that will tell you your current knowledge and relationship with the main characters. Keep a close eye on it. If you're not sure what to do, working on improving these can give you a direction;

NOTE: Options that are in red but redable are not complete yet and pending implementation. Options that are red and smudged are in the game, but not available to you at the moment due to in-game requirements.




IONUT / TOWER line - you need to acquire the keys from the servant. You can do this by distracting him, via messing with the pipes in the basement.

ELISE line - talk to her regularly in her room, AFTER breakfast. You will need to give her flowers, which can be found in the garden. After a point, you will need to take the ribbon from FELICIA at the antique shop to further your progression. Once you max out the Elise relaitonship, you will be given a choice to define its final shape (servant / friend).

LAVIUS line - you need to talk with him at the inn, but you can only progress if you have few beads remaining.

WEREWOLF line - you need to get pheromones from FELICIA in order to not die. Use 1 and remain calm to pass him by. Use more if you want to trigger the phero overdose events.

ZACHARY line - you need to remain cool and not flirt with him. Zach will give you info about the characters. If you have visited Lavius' lair alone FIRST, THEN you can ask Zach to help.

MAIN story line - activating the generator. You need to have gone to Lavius' home once with Lavius, then alone to get info. You need the pheromones from Felicia. You need to talk to Zach and ask him to help. Find the fuel in Lavius' lair after these conditions are met.



-updated the Elise piercing dialogue to better synch with Sabrina plotline;
-updated round piercings art to match Elise's spiders;
-added a quickload option on the starting screen;
-updated stat changes across multiple events;
-some deaths will now drain sanity;
-added more behind the scenes stat tracking (to be used in the future);
-added a Felicia dialogue if your last death is from the Ritual;

-added new background for The Garden;
-added a variation for The Garden - Evil tree;
-added new background - Lost in the Forest;

-reworked the navigation of Sabrina's hub;
-your limit of training sessions you can do at once now starts at 1 and increases up to 3 with your visits to Sabrina;
-added transitions between trainings (when Alex has the capacity to take more than 1 at a time);
-added a new training: Accepting your female side;

Sabrina's final Trial
-added a final test: Sabrina's trial;
-added erotic sequence: angry tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: provole the tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: futile escape;
-added erotic sequence: suicidal sacrifice;
-added erotic sequence: elder acolyte;

Sabrina Art
-added new art: The Ritual;
-added new art: The Ritual - tentacles;
-added new art: The Ritual - the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual - accepting the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual - the ancient one - after;
-added bonus cuts and variations to Trial art;

-added Sabrina training limit to cheat menu;
-added Sabrina's Trial and new training to the gallery.

-fixed Lavius bj sometimes leading to a dead end;
-fixed Felicia's debt settlement not persisting after death;
-fixed multiple descriptors firing in Lavius's bj scene in the garden;
-various typo fixes;

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by alabiana

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 06/25/2022

A very cool game with transformations and bad ends. It took me quite some time to experience all pathes.
im playing this game since an early version and its very good to see how it developed so far

Review by truthyfalsey

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 06/06/2022

Groundhog day succubus.

This game was very fun, as the mystery of how to escape your predicament draws you in while each step along the way pushes you forward with the transformations. It is especially refreshing that the characters in the game react to you differently depending on how much you have changed.

9/10 very good.

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 06/05/2022

EDIT: Regarding the M/M suggestion, my vote is HELL NO. The creator should stay the course, this game is perfect as it is. Partly, I'm being selfish, because I really don't like games where the main character stays male. But mostly because the game is pretty well-developed already, and has a nice progression of updates. I want to see it finished, and adding a big divergent path at this late stage would seriously dillute the game. I'd rather see the MC becoming more and more succubus-like, a sexy demonness to be ravished/married to one of the juicy male monsters.

This is a wonderful game.

It makes excellent use of classic horror tropes to tell a TG story, it's very atmospheric and has engaging characters, and most important of all, it still manages to be sexy and to have a lot of great porn scenes. 

Many times, games that are pretty original and well-done end up skipping on the sexy. This is not the case here.

Yes, there are some difficult puzzles to get through, but it's not in any way impossible, and there is always walkthroughs and tips to get you through.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 06/05/2022

Considering this game is not marked as MM I do not know why the below reviewer even mentioned it. The game is in a similar vein to Wanton Cove(Erotic Horror Fiction) but with more puzzles and less seek and find driving the progression. Overall a unique game on this site and worth a play or two.


Review by art926

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 06/04/2022

The art and writting are great. I wish it had a path, where you could stay male and had some m/m content though.

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