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Version: 0.10a

Sheroni Girls - The Tournament of Power

Sheroni girls will be a mix between an rpg, an adventure game and a life-sim in a modern world where humans know about aliens and also had contact with them.
You get to play a female human hybrid (half human, half sheroni) who starts out as a virgin and your decision will decide if she stays like this, loses it to someone she loves or if she will become a complete slut. The game will feature several people to romance as well as casual sex. Everything you do in this game matters. For additional infos and screenshots you can check out my blog: https://draga-x.blogspot.com/

What are the Transformations?
The first is the Main TF of the Game where the Sheroni Girls change their appeareance, get more curvy and get stronger and faster. Something like body morphing. I got inspired by this mainly from Magical Girl transformations and the series Dragonball.
Other transformations that are in the game already: Possession, Mind merging, corruption and mental changes.

Sheronis originally were inhabitants of the planet Sheron with a population count of 12,8 billion.
In terms of physically strength they are as strong as humans, at least in their base form. In terms of appearance they can't be distinguished from humans. Female Sheronis have a way to increase their strength and speed through a transformation. Male Sheronis however lack this transformation but they make it up with an above average intelligence.
However, after a 3 years long planetary war against the Everáks, their population count went drastically down and their planet got uninhabitable. The few that survived fled to planet earth.

In Sheroni Girls you get to play Lucy, a 18 years old human-hybrid, who is just about to finish her training. She has it especially hard because she is half human and can't transform like all the other Sheroni girls but this doesn't stop her to work as hard or even harder as everyone else to become a worthwile protector. On the other hand she is still a virgin and a prude and others might take advantage of her.


-Fixed a loop bug at the Pink Galore store
-Text revisions
-Minor changes and fixes


New Content:
-Added Ash's final quest with 4 different outcomes
-Added Pink Galore add-on (4 new events and 3 new H-scenes with different variants and choices, Idamville)
-Added a treasure hunting sidequest into the game (you have to buy the treasure map from Woodcock's item shop to start)
-Added 2 small maps related to the treasure hunting (+ several small events and a new hacking minigame)
-Added Pinu's quest into the game + 1 new animated H-scene at the end of his quest
-Added the first few events to the bathhouse in the evening (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new event with Angie (Woodcock)
-Added 2 new H-scenes with Ash (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene between Lucy and the cheerful girl (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene in Woodcock's Item shop
-Added the new scenes to the gallery
Updated Content:
-Rework of the Gallery layout (it's now split into three main areas that will unlock as you progress through the game)
-Bugfixes and minor changes


New Content:
-Added the second town into the game (8 new maps)
-Added a new map and event that happens while you travel
to Woodcock
-Added Woodcock's introduction events and first main story quest
-Added some events for Angie at the beach
-Added 2 H-scenes involving Angie in Woodcock
-Added 1 new beach event for April's pet path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for Kira's girlfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for John's boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new beach event for Marcus' boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on Kira's girlfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on April's pet path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on John's boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added 1 new H-scene on Marcus' boyfriend path (Woodcock)
-Added a second meeting in the Janitor's base (will unlock after you arrive in Woodcock)
-Added a new quest to the Janitor's path (just the quest indikation, more janitor content coming with v0.10)
-You can now buy a Bikini in Idamville (once you met the requirements)
-Added a new variant scene to the bathtub masturbation on Stella's (Lucy's mom) date night (Idamville)
-Added the new scenes to the gallery

Updated Content:
-Using the mine advances time by one now
-Using the secret entrance at the mine only advances time by one instead of going straight to the evening now
-Added proper night lighting at the Training refuge and Master's Base
-You can now skip and auto-win Britney's and April's race on PE class at school after you lost at least 2 times
-You can now sell materials and items at the Weapon & Armor Shop in Woodcock
-Text revision, minor changes and bugfixes


-Fixed a bug that makes your game freeze when you accept both the Janitor quest and the monster in a basement quest at the same time
-Fixed a bug that makes Sally disappear at April's mansion after you recruited her for the Janitor
-Fixed a bug with April's punishment scene repeating all the time
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't work as a maid for April a second time
-Fixed a bug with Sally appearing too early at the Janitor's new hideout


New Content:
-Added the clothing store job
-Added several events and mini scenes at the clothing store job
-Added 5 new clothing store related H-scenes
-Added 1 new event with Lucy's mom at saturday evening
-Added 1 new animated H-scene involving Lucy's mom
-Added 2 new events with Vicky at home (at 10+ and 25+ corruption)
-Added the adult shop interior to the mall, you can now buy a sex toy there (requires the 25+ corruption event with Vicky first)
-Added 2 new H-scenes with your new toy (one of them animated)
-You can now start your training as April's pet on wednesday and friday (talk with Britney after classes at the school hall)
-Added 2 new training events as April's pet with different variants
-Added 1 new H-scene with April while being her pet at school
-Added 1 new H-scene with April after refusing to serve her in school (it has different variants)
-Added 1 new H-scene that can happen while you do some maid chores for April
-Added 1 new H-scene with Britney, April and you on her pet path
-Added 1 new final event with the Janitor at school (it triggers a new quest)
-Added 1 new H-scene with Mia after the Janitor had sex with you for the first time, at school
-Added 2 new maps that can be accessed by solving the Janitor's quest
-Added 1 new quest to recruit a new girl for the Janitor's harem
-Added 2 new H-scenes with the new girl at the Janitor's new place (one of them animated)
-Added 3 new small events + 1 H-scene and one possible future quest for Pinu at home
-Added 1 final H-scene with Kai at the mining hideout
-Added 1 final H-scene with the cook at the diner
-You can now talk with the school bully about your pregnancy, if he is the father
-Some new npc dialogues and other minor changes
-Added the new scenes to the gallery

Updated Content:
-Almost all of the text has been proofread and revised (Thanks to the amazing help of Emily!)
-You can now go back into the A.D. Inc building after finishing the mission (in case you missed the calendar page)
-Added lots of missing portrait images for several npc's into the game
-Saving is now disabled in the gallery (try saving in Lucy's room instead)
-Fixed a bunch of bugs



New Content:
-You can now use condoms before having sex if you have any in your inventory (Doesn't work if you are getting mind controlled or are too horny/drunk to think about protection)
-You can now get pregnant if you don't use a condom (30% chance if creampie, 10% chance if he pulls out)
-You can now use the pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant (you need to do that to actually start the pregnancy, pregnancy duration can be set at this event aswell)
-You can now talk with your boyfriend/girlfriend about your pregnancy (event might vary greatly depending on who you are together with or who the father is)
-Added several small pregnancy related events
-Added a new talk event with your mom after you did a pregancy test
-Added several new renders for Lucy in her pregnant state
-Added birth event + some interactions with your baby at home
-Added Marcus' apartment which can be visited if you are in a relationship with him
-Added 1 repeatable h-scene at John's home if you are in relationship with him
-Added 1 repeatable h-scene at Marcus' home if you are in relationship with him
-Added 1 new H-scene with Marcus at April's party if you are his girlfriend
-Added 1 new H-scene in the bathtub at home if you have enough lust
-Added 1 new H-scene with Marcus while being heavily pregnant (animated)
-Added 1 new H-scene with John while being heavily pregnant (animated)
-Added 12 sexy calendar pages hidden all over the town, if you find them all you might unlock a nice reward

Updated Content:
-Replaced some low quality renders with better ones
-Bugfixes and minor changes

New Content

-Added April's Mansion Party to the game (which includes the interiors of the mansion, several events depending on your earlier choices and a big spin the bottle game event)
-Added more than 65 new renders and 50+ mini scenes for the spin the bottle game
-Added 8 new H-scenes in total (one of them animated)
-Added all three dates with John

Updated Content:
-Added all of the new scenes to the gallery
-Some more bugfixes and other minor changes


New Content:
-Added all three dates for Kira
-Added all three dates for Marcus
-Added 2 new H-scene with Marcus (both animated)
-Added 2 new H-scene after becoming Kira's girlfriend (one of them animated)
-Added 1 (or 2, depending on how you see it) H-scenes at the school locker room with Kira after becoming her gf
-You can now visit Kira at her home and talk or spend some time with her (or find out about her secret) after becoming her gf 
-Added some new dialogs for Main class after getting together with someone
-Added some new dialogs for Art class after getting together with Marcus
-Added a new dialog in the school cafeteria with Marcus after you get together with him
-You can finally study at home now to improve your grades further (yay?)
-Added all of the new scenes to the gallery
Updated Content:
-The waitress minigame is now a bit easier (added more time to get the order done)
-The racing minigame is now a bit easier
-Other minor changes


-1 new event at the Art class (+old ones are now repeatable)
-4 new events at the Biology class
-8 new events with Kira at the rooftop
-8 new events with John and the others in the cafeteria
-1 new event with April in the school lockers
-1 new event where Marcus will ask you out on a date (+one following event if you refuse him)
-6 new H-scenes (one of them animated)
-1 new event if you slack off in main class
-1 new detention event if you slack off in main class too often (+lewd variant)
-Added the new H-scenes to the gallery
-Some bugfixes and minor changes

-Fixed a big with the school nurse where you could visit her more than once a day
-Fixed a bug where Mia got stuck at the Janitor's sidequest
-Fixed a bug where the Janitor got stuck at his sidequest

New Content:

-New Mind-Control Sidequest with the Janitor at school added (Two branching paths, 9+ events)
-Added 10 New events for the Nurse after becoming her Assistant (5 for each path, Lesbian/Straight)
-Added 2 new events at the Art class, with some variants
-Added 2 new events at the PE class
-A total of 16 new H-scenes added (10 of them are animated)
-Auto Dress Up function at the PC at home added (If you enable it your character will automatically change their clothing if needed)
-All new scenes added to the gallery
Updated Content:
-The lockerroom scene where April takes your clothes only happens if you have the clothing device in your inventory now
-Fixed a bug with an item getting lost in the item shop
-Fixed a bug that didn't unlock the 'Lucy in disguise' scene properly
-Spelling errors fixed
-Some enemy balancing tweaks

New Content:

-Added a new Sidequest at the bulletin board
-Added three token tasks at the Ninjutsu Dojo
-Grand Reopening of the Mall, you will get a small event at friday that unlocks the mall (For now you can only talk with some people and walk around, more stuff will be added soon)
-4 new H-scenes at the babysitter job
-3 new H-scenes at the hospital
-2 new H-scenes with the school nurse and little continuation of her sidestory
-1 new H-scene with the cook at the diner
-1 new H-scene with Kai at the secret mining entrance
-The first scene with Kai at the secret mining entrance is now repeatable and has a few variants
-You can now skip forward to any day you want by using the calendar at the living room
-Added another help section at the computer explaining how to use and change some of your default keys
Updated Content:
-Updated every H-scene (and gallery scene) with a new Background music and put most of the text at the bottom instead of in the middle
-Added all the new scenes to the Gallery
-Slight visual changes to the Gallery, it's now showing you who is involved in a scene
-Added some more instructions to the gym race, telling you the default jump key
-Changed the 2nd Diner job name from cashier to bartender as it makes more sense
-Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't leave the Training refuge
-Fixed a bug where the fridge wasn't working at the bartender job
-Fixed a bug that caused some loading errors
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't re-enter the A.D. company after losing a fight.
-Fixed two bugs at the dishwasher job that locked you out of continuing if you accidentally threw the dishes out of bounds

New Content:

-Gallery added at the computer, you can rewatch every scene you have already seen and even get hints to scenes you haven't seen yet (new savegame required)
-Continuation of the Main story, one new main quest, you can challenge the Master of the Dojo and other new stuff.
-Each class at school has several events now (still a lot more to come in future updates)
 -Main Class Introduction + choices and dialogs with who you sit with
 -Biology Class Introduction + first event with 4 different conclusions
 -Art Class Introduction + first event
 -Gym Class introduction + several events and a minigame
-You can now get promoted to cashier at the Diner job and earn more money (+new minigame)
-Added a lot of new NPCs, the town is much more lively now
-You can now take a bath to clean yourself and reduce stress
-Added some new dialogs with Lucy's Mom
-A lot of new renders and a few new scenes

Updated Content:
-Reworked some of the characters and renders
-Updated the lost necklace sidequest and added a new choice after finishing the quest (involving Aaron, at the mine)
-Certain H-scenes get you dirty now and add a debuff
-Updated some older content so your new "companion" reacts to them
-Several Balancing changes (Some attacks cost less KI now, some items heal more, enemy tweaks etc.)
-Instant skill name changed to Stance
-Several spell and bugfixes
-Reduced game size significantly

-Other minor changes

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Total Transformation Themes: 26
Total Multimedia Themes: 9
Total Online Plays: 4,180,077

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