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Version: 0.6.3

Blacked & Whited

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The official Blacked & Whited website is now out ! Click here to play


BEST FRIEND UPDATE - 0.6.4 Patreon build is out !

RIVAL UPDATE - 0.6.3 is now public !


Blacked & Whited. Two words. Two paths.

You play a young man in search of identity in a world where competition is fierce, very fierce. Which path are you going to take? Your decisions can make you the undisputed alpha, or on the contrary lead you to unknown depths. Reality has no mercy for the weak. And behind the varnish of civilization is hidden a beast. Overtake your rivals, or accept to be damned. The winner takes everything, the loser... says yes.

About the game

It's a game about corruption, domination and submission, with an overlay of raceplay to spice it up. My main sources of inspiration are: The Company, A New Dawn and Succubus Dream. The Blacked path leads to fetishes such as: submission, female domination, cuckold, slow feminization/sissyfication (for you), BBC. This Whited path leads to fetishes such as: domination, female submission, cheating, masculinization, feminization/sissyfication (for your rivals), cruelty, BWC...

The game is available in French and English. If you want to add a new language, please contact me in private.


I want to thank you all for your many feedback, advice, help, translations, and of course all your encouragement and sharing. The enthusiasm for this growing game is fantastic, and I hope that the development will meet your expectations!

Join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/f64k9M7

Support us on Patreon and get access to the patreon build, polls on the next update and much more!

You. Your blonde stepmom. Your blonde stepsis. Your redhead girlfriend. Your bestfriend. Your brunette bestfriends's. Your rival. Your rival's chicks.

And many surprise characters are planned!

Changelog 0.6.3



Changelog 0.6.2



Changelog 0.6.0



Changelog 0.5.1 hotfix

  • Fixed the bug that blocks the game when you have to choose a job
  • Fixed the video loading bug for bus girls
  • Fixed the bug when loading a save compatible with the current version of the game


Changelog 0.5.0 public

  • New job system

    • Skills and experience system

    • Skills level-up

    • A new confidential ads website with jobs offer

    • Job state -> postulated/active/fired/banned

    • You can have a job level 

    • Salary + tip remuneration

    • New job introduction scene

  • New job : masseur

    • Job announce

    • You need a formation

    • 2 basics clients

    • 1 special client

    • The desk of the Boss

    • 2 new characters

  • New location: a Park !

    • Logo and design

    • Sunbathing with some randoms events

    • Wood exploration

      • 2 new scenes

      • Random events

  • Adding settings

    • Blacked & Whited design

    • Audio mute

      • Notifications

      • Ambiance

    • Audio volume

    • Video hide

    • Images hide

  • Audio system

    • Persistant ambiance @ scene change

    • New audio transition with a fadeout/fadein

  • By general request, seeing the blacked videos on bf’s house don’t give Blacked Point anymore. ;)

  • 2 notifications added : Blacked-up & Whited-up

  • Bank scene reworked

  • City location discovering is now random

  • New scene announcing the chapter 1 of the story, and revealing its name

  • $relationss $relationsm bug fixed.

  • ‘Uppercase’ first page bug fixed

  • No more fadein in school class scene + rewriting

  • Fixed several passages that didn't translate well into English



Changelog 0.4.2 Public


  • Weekend update: Sunday school is over!

    • The time management system is now finalized. Each day is divided into 3 major moments: morning, afternoon and evening/night.

    • For the first 2 moments, you have 3 energy points at your disposal that you can spend on the activities you enjoy most.

    • This time is now graphically represented by a half dial indicating the time of day and the remaining energy points. I tried to do something clear and above all graphic, and I'm happy with the result.

    • Weekends are now considered as free time.

    • Note: the house is still empty, the content will arrive with the next updates. Be patient.

  • Blacked & Whited City: a free city is born!

    • You can now visit the city of Blacked & Whited in your free time and discover new places or come across random scenes (1 for the moment lololol).

    • Adding of a bank

      • Logo and design

      • 1 new scene

      • 1 new character

      • 2 random events

      • Addition of bank account and withdrawal SupaCard™

      • Addition of SupaATM™ terminals

    • Adding a nightclub

      • Logo and design

    • Addition of a massage salon

      • Logo and design

      • 1 new scene

      • 1 new character

  • New transitions : I’ve added a new transition mode to make it easier to read and play the game.

    • Feature validated by the patreons: extension of this transition to a maximum of scenes

  • Exciting new feature : You can now control your choices with the keyboard. This feature is very experimental, there could be some issue. 

  • Added a tutorial explaining the basic concepts of the game

  • The blacked & whited system has been completely reworked.

  • New feedback system : you can know track the effects of your actions

    • Earn or lose money

    • Gain or loss of gf’s corruption

    • Gain or loss of Blacked Point

    • Gain or loss of Whited Point

    • Gain experience and skills level-up

  • New background management : the background color is not yet defined by you Blacked/Whited Point ratio but by the moment of the day (morning/afternoon and night) or by a specific location.

  • New action button design (yeah, again, but I'm starting to get closer to the desired result)

  • Seeing the blacked videos on bf’s house don’t give Blacked Point anymore. ;)

  • 2 notifications added : Blacked-up & Whited-up

  • New scene announcing the chapter 1 of the story, and revealing its name.

  • $relationss $relationsm bug fixed.

  • ‘Uppercase’ first page bug fixed

  • No more fadein in school class scene + rewriting

  • Fixed several passages that didn't translate well into English

  • Added content for story mode

    • New porn type available

    • New composed dream with rival & girlfriend

    • New random dreams for boobs lovers :)

    • You can now ask your best friend to watch non-interracial porn (give you Whited Point)

    • 2 new scenes in the school bus

      • 2 new characters

Review by taxeiraki

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 09/29/2019

The game has a very nice UI and a lot of potential, but right now is very unfinished.

You can begin different stories with different characters, all of them very grindy in nature, but most of them just end with a "no more content here" after some advancements.

Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 & 0.5.0 on 09/28/2019

Feels very grindy without reward.


Really nice UI, compared to similar games with much more likes and patreon supporters.

Review by Shalassan

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 & 0.4.2 on 08/25/2019

Player 4.2 and before and enjoy the game so far but ... Oh hell it's so grindy and that's really what prevent me to enjoy it fully.


English writing is not really good, so i played in french, where the wording is far better.


So the grinding ... Is so stupid in this game that in the first versions i missed most of the content cause once you tried an option 3 or 4 time and it change nothing at all, basically i stop. Here you need to do the same action again and again to have it finally progress at somepoint. This lead to a game that become boring quite fast.

As an example, when you are with your girlfriend, you can work or kiss her in the neck. If you do kiss her, she stops you to work. Ok. But once you have done this same action again and again, suddenly after the kiss you can massage her breasts. Alright. Now you need to massage her a few time to have access to the next step. So you need to go to her, kiss, then massage and same next day. So at first you have to do the same action again and again, but once you have unlocked the following in the chain, you need to do the chain awhole again and again.


Also, i don't know how "white" you need to be to go in the nightclub but can't get inside even with the bar at 2/3 whited lol.

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