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Version: 2.4.1

Version: 2.4.0

Version: 2.3.0

Version: 2.2.0

Version: 2.1.0

Version: 2.0.0

Version: 1.0.0

Version: 0.9.5

Version: 0.9.4

Version: 0.9.3

Version: 0.9.2

Version: 0.9.1

Version: 0.9.0

Version: 0.8.0

Forest Fairytales: Wild World

Another game by me, Maria. Open world, open time system, dynamic sex scenes and dynamic fights, rich body change, and transformation, clothes, stats, male/female enemies, level-ups, perks tree, family, anthro horses, weapons, fatalities, Codex.

I like my work and I hope you'll like it, too;3 Feel free to contact me via my Patreon page; my site; our Discord server. You can find my other games, cheat codes, link to Codex on Patreon.

Have fun, comrades<3


You are an elf. Male. Or female. Or futa. Or cuntboy.

You live in a kingdom of elves and fight with orcs. You have to, everyone does. But one day you wanted to talk with an orc and you found out that they are not so different from your nation and decided to know more about them. That's how the story goes...

You, your family, your enemies, and your natural freedom~


Go to the deepest forest, find an orc and talk to him until you will have 10 Orcs' culture. Repeat until one of them will offer you to to the shaman. Go. Then pass Border Guardians five times and then talk to them about passing the border.

UPD 2.4.1
Added pics:
- Bedroom. One for day and one for night
- A pic for gambling
- Another one for helping your father in the barn
- Three pics for training Strength, Agility and Intelligence


UPD 2.4.0
- Settings, where you can pick up a gender prevalence of enemies and change the difficulty level. Also, there you can change Health and Energy bars to numbers
- Added pregnancy content. Base fertility - 7%, and it grows when you get creampied. After 17 days, you will be notified that it's time to give birth. You will see the gender and race of the baby and will be able to guess who is its father;3
- Added horns and tales. You can grow them separately from the whole body or receive them by changing the race of head or legs
- Added a bit more start perks (ability to become a cuntboy/futa, pregnancy from the first day, 5 Orcs' Culture from the start, same to the Corruption)
- Added clothes sets. You can add them (up to 10), delete, and name.
- Added Utility Mages' Cabin, where you can: make a pregnancy test, make a magical abortion, increase and decrease your fertility. Also, you can buy an Enchanted Feather, that...
- Dyes clothes. I finally made it. Go to the wardrobe and use it on equipped items.
- Seashore is no longer useless. Now you can walk there. There is a 25% chance to meet a masturbating shark-morph and increase Corruption:)
- You've asked me to add a new strong enemy. So, I added wild Werewolves. They are very tough and aggressive, and they can rape you or be raped by you. They replaced wolves in the deep forest.
- Now you can gamble with both female and male Arions. Have sex - too.

- Foxes hunting, foxes selling and walking around in the forest were greatly balanced
- Sex scenes heat processing, when the partner has you
- Item displaying in Orc clothes shop
- Added "Back" button to the kitchen
- Added missed headlines to a bunch of locations
- Picking colors issue fixed
- A lot of typoes
- Helping your mom, you lose 5 Energy now
- Fixed sex scenes with Arions
- Fixed the Changelog link in the very first paragraph


UPD 2.3.0
- Now you can go to the shaman cabin to buy MaleToFemale or FemaleToMale complex transformation potions (they will be available in the bag!) or...
- ...Transform any body part separately. Also, you can change a race of any body part. For now races available: Elf; Orc; Arion (horse-morph); Pixie; Dark elf; Wolf-morph; Cow-morph; Fox-morph; Dog-morph; Cat-morph; Deer-morph; Mouse-morph; Tiger-morph; Dragon-morph. As I said, you can change a specific body part separately from the whole body. Horns, tails, wings will be added a bit later - I ran out of time...
- Added Clothes shop in Orc City. You can find there: Bandana; Slave collar; Battle gloves; Leather bra. Not much, so if you have any ideas - I'll be happy to hear them!
- Now you can read books in the Library. It will raise your Intelligence (25% chance to raise by 2 points instead of 1).
- Added Wardrobe to the Border and the Library locations
- Added the Corruption stat display
- Some useful widgets were added
- All body part stats are underlined now. It's much more comfortable!
- Greatly improved chance to run into an offer to see the shaman (also, you must have not less than 10 points of Orcs' Culture, not 20)
- The Border was fixed. Now you can buy the orc set of clothes and go to Orc City freely
- Now to get Slut Mind perk, you must have 40 points of Corruption (instead of 60)
- Some typoes were fixed
- Orc clothes display was fixed (Arion ones still in process)


UPD 2.2.0
- Now an enemy can wear clothes
- Now you can see the description of your enemy. Remove battle clothes to see underwear

- Sex system was rebuilt
- Penis length is displayed correctly now
- Small bug with penis length was fixed
- The prices at the clothes shop were reduced
- Now you have a bigger chance to run into foxes or orcs while walking around in the forest. Also, the time spent there was reduced from 30 mins to 20 and every turn you lose 3 points of Energy
- No damage will be taken if you are submitting to your enemy
- "<> does not exist" was fixed
- Sex issues (when you can't do anything with a defeated enemy) is fixed
- Critical hit now deals x1.5 damage, not 0 points
- Now enemy's breasts can produce milk
- Now you can't replace your underwear when Pants or Shirts on


UPD 2.1.0
- 67 new colors
- 8 new clothes items
- The clothes shop (Market Square->Clothes Shop)
- The whole new wardrobe and shop systems
- Ability to pick up any color you want when buying clothes (I think it will be removed later)
- 2 new cheat codes: raising combat stats and raising your level. The first one will be available to $5+ patrons and the second one to $9+ patrons

- Small improvements in Stats and left menu
- Removed Help - it's useless for now
- Some little fixes in character creation system


UPD 2.0.0
A huge system of character creation. Really, this game is so simple but so heavy... >1Mb. That's a lot


UPD 1.0.0
Added: The game's base is finished

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 2.2.0 on 11/30/2019

A game that requires a lot of grind and an incredibly broken system for it. You're supposed to hunt foxes for cash but they are impossible to hit no matter your stats. I spent about a week just combat training with no results. It only seems to impact actual combat which you have no reason to initiate since the results get you nothing since the sex scenes don't work at all. Which is funny, because according to this game you can fight an orc no problem but a fox is just out of the question.


I played for about 30 minutes and made no progress towards anything other than make some arbitrary numbers go up(mother's love, orc culture, none of which seem to impact anything). 


Review by aolw12

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 11/12/2019

While this game is good the 2.0.0 version seems to be missing the pictures it use to have and the added features in the characture creation are not in the game. 

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 11/10/2019

I've played this game before and had some enjoyment and marginal success, but recent changes have made it unplayable.

I start off with no money, and the only way to get money based on past experience is to kill foxes and sell them at the market. So, I combat train, go into the forest and the fox dodges every single time. I go back, combat train some more, go into the forest, the same outcome.

I quit when I combat-trained up to 27 agility, 19 strength, and 22 intelligence and still couldn't even hit the fox, who had a 9 agility, 6 Str, and 6 Int. At what level do I need to have to actually hit a Fox with far lower agility, strength and intelligence? I mean seriously. There is something broken in the combat mechanics.

Also, there are still errors in early gameplay. When the mother leaves the kitchen you have to use the back button b/c there is no link to take you out of the empty kitchen. Some of the stat and help buttons generate macro errors.

Review by SlaveDanni

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 08/30/2019

ok while I am sure this is a great game .... however.. I played it for 20 minutes and got no where. I met the shaman and the border gaurds but was unable to fight anything or sell anything at all the foxes can dodge your shot even if you agility or strrength is THREE times theirs. their dodge is WAY to high or you need to gain EXP for even attempting to kill one, esle wise all you will do is grind this game endlessly and get no where ... also starting money would not be remiss. last item, if you cannt fight the orcs and progress the game then we need something else to fight besides a bugged demon wolf.


1 out of 10 .. especially for a game that the author is saying the base is complete.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 08/29/2019

This guy needs to edit his work... bad.

It makes you wonder if he even bothered to read it himself.

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