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Version: 0.1.1

GCRM - The Mobius Chronicles

Game Story

Tarsia IV is a remote planet only of interest because of a large quantities of a rare mineral, Gendium. Gendium therapies are used primarily for medical purposes and allow for massively accelerated healing, anti-aging, and even limb or organ regrowth. It has single handedly increased the galactic average age and saved countless lives on the battlefield.

However, the most lucrative use for the mineral has been in the field of cosmetics. When teamed with nanobots to guide the effects of the radiation, the cosmetic surgery field has nearly disappeared. Now, patients receive an injection of a strain of nanobots programmed with the desired changes. They are then exposed to a carefully calculated dose of Gendium. In as little as a day the desired changes occur and the patient experiences no pain, little discomfort and negligible recovery time.

Recently, all communication from Tarsia IV has abruptly ceased. The Galactic Congressional Republic (GCR) has sent your marines to investigate.


More details are available in the game, but essentially the game is advanced through missions done by you and your marines. Each mission involves you and two other marines (selected at mission start). Currently there is only a single mission, but it should give a good idea of things to come.

Combat is central to the game and a major portion of each mission but is still in fairly basic shape. It currently supports single and aoe target attacks, turns handled by individual character speed, and multiple different weapons each with different attacks. It can handle up to three player controlled characters and up to five NPC enemies. Future plans include:

  • Damage ranges on attacks
  • Weapon reloading
  • Special effects on attacks
  • Accuracy


Transformations take a slower pace, proceeding in a step-by-step fashion in most cases. The themes listed for the game are the ones that are theoretically available in the game currently. I'll be updating themes as things actually appear in game.

Transformations not currently in the game, but planned include:

  • Multi-Breasts
  • Mental (Reduced Intelligence, increased libido)
  • Potentially some more extreme/weird ones depending on how the current list goes.

Transformations are done via three main methods:

  • Combat
  • Traps
  • Environmental Hazards

Transformations are intended to affect your combat capabilities. Large breasts getting in your way? Reduced accuracy. Intelligence dropped too low? Reloading your gun is complicated and takes longer. etc. None of this is currently in the game though.

  • You - The pilot and second in command of the Mobius and its squad of marines.
  • Torres - Co-pilot of the Mobius. The two of you have been teamed up for years.
  • Williams - Comms officer of the Mobius. A stealth and computer expert.
  • Hodge - Tactical officer of the Mobius. Specializes in heavy weapons and demolition.
  • Lee - Engineer of the Mobius. A rookie marine on his first real deployment.
  • Gorman - Commander of the Mobius and the squad of marines. A real asshole.

Version 0.1.1

Bug Fix List:

  • Updated the folder naming for the images and paths used in the game. I think this should fix things so everyone can see the images.
  • Should now use the name you enter at the start of the game.
  • Fixed characters dropping below 0 health.
  • Fixed enemies attacking already defeated characters. This along with characters not going below 0 should fix most of the insta-KO issues at the start of a fight. I have plans to add medkits that can be used as well, though they aren't part of this update.
  • Hopefully fixed issues of it being $combatTurn's turn.
  • Fixed trait info links in the "You" section.
  • Fixed weapon info links across the board.
  • Fixed head images jumping to the second face instead of starting with the first.
  • Fixed several typos and other text issues.
  • Fixed the Rookie trait info link on Lee.

Updated content:

  • The final lab in the Power Armor mission is now locked. You'll need to find a key or have a hacker on your team to get in.


Version 0.1

  • Initial game version. Woo!

- Updated tags on the game. Swapped out F2M for M2F. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kazuma

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/29/2019

Very good start, interesting mechanics of transformations, waiting for more!

Review by sparknsnark

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/27/2019

A very promising start. Not a lot of content so far, but what is there is complete and playable. I also like the means of transformation, and the possibilities there.

I am looking forward to more!

Review by Jindary

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/27/2019

So far looks promissing, however you get to name your character and the game still calls you by the default.  Once that gets fixed I will like it better.  Overall it's fun and interesting.  Could use a proof reader but it is early.  Def one I want to see more of

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