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Version: Chapter 1, Release 01

The Bitch Switch!
by echo hollow

You are Shay Perkins, a runty nerd in your senior year of high school, constantly harassed by your bitchy twin sister.

You spend most of your time playing D&D with your equally nerdy friends, or sitting alone in your room writing bad interactive fiction on antique computers.

But soon all that will be thrown into disarray in...

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A typical body swap story. Our runty nerdy young adult protagonist switches bodies with his intolerable mean-girl twin sister. Hijinks ensue.  You'll also get to play as the mean-girl twin sister part of the time, starting in the next chapter (they are both viewpoint characters, at different times).

This is Chapter 1. which ends on a cliffhanger right after the body-swap (you have been warned! ;3 ).  Chapter 2 is completely written, but is still being edited and graphic-ified.  Chapter 3 is fully outlined, but has not been written yet.

This game currently requires ES6, HTML5 Video, and will require HTML5 Canvas in the next release. If you're using an obsolete web browser, you're probably out of luck. Sorry. ;( The game is tested on and should work properly with the current releases of Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers may work, but there is no guarantee.  Formatting may be strange on mobile devices; a problem that I need to correct.

I've split the game mechanics (but not the story itself) off into its own 4-clause BSD open-source library.  It's intended for use with Tweego, but it may be possible to make it work with Twine as well.  You can find more information on this (and this game, and other stuff) at http://www.echohollow.net .

Only stable public releases will be posted here to the IGDB.  Unstable prereleases are currently publicly available on the discord server at https://discord.gg/H4MskX9 , but I do not recommend playing the prereleases.  They're incomplete, buggy, and you'll spoil the game for yourself!  But please feel free to pop in and hang out anyway.  It's always nice to have a little prodding to move me along, heh.

The viewpoint characters are:

  • Shay Perkins - A runty nerdy guy. He enjoys playing D&D and fixing up antique computers.
  • Brandi Perkins - Shay's bitchy twin sister. She sits at the pinnacle of the mean girl hierarchy.

And a cast of supporting characters, various jocks, mean-girls, weirdos, skinny goth waifs, nerds, hobos, etc.

The walkthrough is built into the game.  Once you complete a chapter, subsequent playthroughs of that chapter are put into a "Hints and Commentary" mode, which displays unrollable spoilers and random authorial musings.

The SVN repo automagically posts commit messages to the discord server, so you can follow the fine-grained development there if you want.


1.01 2019-08-05 -- Bugfix Release.  Hopefully fixed <> bug being caused by some browser extensions.  Removed game-overs.  Fixed typos.

1.00 2019-08-03 -- Chapter 1 initial public release.  Fingers crossed that it's not a disaster......  =:O


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Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: Chapter 1, Release 01 on 09/14/2021

Shame this game was abandoned.  Whas was written was very well done.  I'd love to see the author share the framework made so others could use it to develop their own games.

Review by Mycerinus

Version reviewed: Chapter 1, Release 01 on 06/06/2021

This is the most promising game in TFGS. It's a no-nonsense CYOA where each choice seems to immediately define what kind of character you want the protagonist to be and therefore what kind of smut you'll get. The choices are significant yet they still feel like a natural part of the story progression. Another good thing about the game is that it delivers just enough story to set the stage for the smut. The story progression is very fast (as it should be for porn games!).

The visuals are also good and highly polished.

Moreover, this game fills a unique niche, which is a body swap story with gay/sissy elements, some of which can already be seen in Chapter 1 depending on the choices you make. It doesn't seem like it will be forced on the player and there seems to be routes that could avoid it entirely to get a more traditional body swap story.

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: Chapter 1, Release 01 on 04/30/2021

Fantastic start. Really great writing and mechanics that enhance without getting in the way. Can't wait for more.

Review by stantondrew

Version reviewed: Chapter 1, Release 01 on 04/07/2021

A good first chapter. Shame the author never followed through with his promises of further chapters.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: Chapter 1, Release 01 on 11/02/2019

This is a good introduction.  Of course, it ends right when things get interesting...so we will have to see what the next chapters bring to judge it.


Lenio, the "will this game be continued?" question is a question that the site has said should not be asked.  I think it's to avoid harassing or annoying the authors.  I'm sure they welcome any encouragement to continue, though.

Since this version is titled "Chapter 1, Release 01", I'm sure the INTENT is to continue development of the game, though we never know what is going on in the author's life that might delay it.  All we can do is be paitient.  This was only released three months ago.

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