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1.0 (Rework v0.2)
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Version: 1.0 (Rework v0.2)


Hello everyone.

So, things like that - I've been bored lately, and found this game, it has full-machine translation and obviously - it is terrible. As I understand original author abandoned this project and everyone who want can play with the code now.


Oringinal author DeGross


Synopsis: It's a Sandboxy/Slavery/Gangs/Whoring/TF/life simulator, game don't have "Story" (aside of your background I guess?), overall - You just have an open world filled with NPCs, talk to them, make them your friends or lovers? or marry them? or you can from your own gang and do some criminal-business? and so on. If you don't like that - you can just work on legal work or make your own legal business. Or you can just slut yourself around & have fun. Currently game have decent amount of content and not all content is straightforward, so play around and see for yourself.
I want to emphasize that game is primary - Sandbox, with big chunk of grind I will try to improve it & rework some stuff in future, but for now we have what we have.

Update v0.2 available!

Bugfix for mp4 -
For Gif - I updates files in mega repo.

I merged 2 different versions of the game (Huge thanks to jmts16 for providing their version with improved translation), SO! Keep in mind that it COULD be buggy, so - if you found any bugs, please report them on forum or me in PM and I will try fix tham ASAP.

Also, you might want to start new game, old saves SHOULD work, but it might be really buggy.

This game has potential, so I decided to create a mod, or rater rework, yet it's translation in terrible state... So, I decided to share it here, and ask for help.
If you feeling bored or enthusiastic - Feel free to help with text correction, I can handle it on my own eventually of course, but it would be faster if people who like good games - will help with this task.

Detailed information you can find on forum.

I already did some minor reworks, you can check them under changelog tab.

About graphic packs, first NOTE - You don't need BOTH of them, only one (You CAN have both of course, but I don't know why would you need that.)

Second - There is 2 graphic packs.

First is Mp4: It takes only 250mb, but it has small issue, integrated in QSP video player - has small delay (around 0.1-0.3 sec) when it starting playing mp4.

Second is Gif: It takes 1.2gb, and it working more smoothly than mp4 pack, pretty much that.

So, if you willing to help - feel free, any help will be appreciated. If not - Just enjoy the game<3

Version 0.2

- fixed crash in drug dealer location.

- fixed bordel crash & camwhore income issue. (Not sure about camwhore income, but bordel  crash fixed 100%)

- Fixed "contacts" not being displayed. 

- Most likely something else was improved in process, or broken? We'll see:3 

- Game now has several additional "Name Lists", and most of the names were corrected, again - thanks to jmts16.

- Translation improved greatly, thanks to jmts16.

Version 0.1

- New character creation. (Original game has only basic presets of the characters, with new character creation you can create your own, well - currently it's nothing more than just limited body-stats selection and stuff like that, yet - it's just a framework for future improvements, but first - need to rework/improve other aspects of original game to get more variabilities, because original game is rater limited on that regard.)

- New Main Menu & Disclamer. (Brand new main menu, nothing speacial, yet - better than NOTHIG at all, yeah, original game didn't have main menu, aside of some weird title screen.)

- All character descriptions corrected. (Pretty much all Player/NPCs descriptions corrected/reworked in order to look not so... awful. It's still not perfect and probably a bit verbose, because I didn't changed original structure, just corrected machine translation and tried to keep everything as close to original idea as possible, yet - I'm planning to rework it in future.)

- Reworked side menu. (Reworked whole in game side menu, original was kinda lame and purely text-based, I added a little bit graphics and some new infomation that in original game was hidden (Like Arousal), and added buttons for quick save/load, NOTE - DO NOT remove "save" folder, that is located in "game" folder, even if it's empty, it needed to create save files, otherwise game will drop an error, it's not critical of course - but quick save & auto save won't work without "save" folder. Also, removed bunch of useless buttons, and moved all their functions inside of this side menu.)

- Converted all .gifs to .mp4 (It's decreased size of the game dramatically (From 1.2gb to 260mb).

- Created dynamic tag for ALL vidios, this tag allows switch between .mp4 and .gif in game, obviously - you'll need to have proper pack installed in order this option work. (What the reason for that? well, there is a bit of annoyance with .mp4 - yes, mp4 takes less space, yet integrated video player in QSP makes small delay when it start playing .mp4, something around 0.1-0.3 sec, it surely not critical issue & pretty much playable, yet I always prefer to keep stuff OPTIONAL if it's possible, so - Gif takes more space, but it works more smoothly. And that's pretty much all the differences.)

- Oh, right, added click sounds. (It only implemented in stuff that I added, yet in future planning to add it everywhere, you can toggle it on/off in settings menu)

- Replaced 'default' static currency name with dynamic currency name variable, it supports small icons (added 4 default icons to choose in settings menu) and you can also just 'Name' your in game currency as you wish, like 'Hugs!' - who don't want have HUGS as currency? (Oh, right, default currency name was 'caps' I have no idea if it's because of machine translation or someone manually named it like that, yet it surely was silly.)

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