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Version: 1.1.4

by missy

A brother and sister chase after bad guys into other dimensions. Each dimensions will have it's own themes (fantasy, spooky, ect) and transformations.

Currently goes part way into the first dimension and has a couple of game over transformations each with small extended gameplay segment.

Future dimensions will be focused more on a major transformations ear the start of the dimension and will last until near the ending of that dimension.


You and your sister are working for Sanguine a bounty hunter group in Ark City. Recently there has been several attacks on the city from the organization known only as Specter.

Soon you find them in an abandoned warehouse where you are whisked off to another dimension. The only way back is to seek out Specter and make sure they meet justice.

You: A nameable character and main character of the story. You work as a bounty hunter to Sanguine

Your sister: Also nameable and partner at Sanguine.

This is a quick walkthrough on story progression, side missiosn and some other stuff so it's missing chest locations.

Ark City: Exploration 1:
Once you gain control grab your phone, ID and 500 credits from the drawers. There is also an extra 2 healy pills on the shelf in the bathroom, once done head outside to the streets.
You can find a character you will meet taking a whizz in the alleyway just to the side of your apartment building but this isn't necessary. Head on further east just beyond the highway entrance.
Here if you walk into the alleyway you'll find a woman and man arguing with each other if you chose to intervene you can get some extra credits and access to Club Sketch. Head on east again.
This is the retail district, notable shops are the weapon shop, clothing shop, restaurant, Club Sketch, pawnshop and Sanguine HQ to the north. Head on into HQ and talk to Dex and Poppy then head on back outside.
The pawnshop is a special shop worth noting as it will allow you to buy any items or spells you may have missed however they will go for a steep cost.
The informant is standing outside the clothing shop, talk to her to gain access to the docks. It's worth buying some body armour from the weapon shop and you can also optionally go into Club Sketch to gain access to the high-class district (nothing there yet, it's just for a sneak peek)
Go back to the central area then south to go to the docks. Time to spy!
There are several twinkling/sparkling spots dotted around but there are 4 important once you need to see. 1: The fence just down from where you gain control. 2: A little alleyway/side path left of where you gain control. 3: Further left right in the middle with all the people. 4: Up from 3 in a broken window of the warehouse.
After some more cutscenes you have to make you way through the paths and reach the warehouse, you can't take a wrong path here so keep going until you get inside the warehouse

Maxum Warehouse:
Check any lockers you find standing alone as they have a Maxum "Heal" inside, an item that does damage to enemies. Head into the hall and go left.
Flip the switch and use the computer, pick "right" then get the keycard from the crate. Go back down the path you just came from and use the keycard on the big door and go up the straight dead ahead.
Take a left here, up and go onto the conveyor belt until you find the second puzzle. The solution to this one is left, left. Go along the conveyor belt to where the crate fell down and follow the path until you find a switch you can flip.
You should now be in some sewers and be introduced to the swapping mechanic. There really isn't anywhere to go here so go into the only open the door  to find a console to power up and a resting spot. Swap to your Lana after using the console.
Go out the room and make your way to the bottom left to find an open door and enter where you will be forced to swap back to Alex. Back in the sewers there once again is only one way to go, so enter the powered door and you'll
get into a fight with 2 people. Beat them to a pulp and go up the stairs and go back the same way Lana came from but instead of entering the little room head on up past the large conveyor belt system and check the elevator. SAVE!
Coming up is a 3 person fight and then a 2 person fight. After the 3 person fight you will get a level up which heals you. Go outside this room and fight your first boss battle.
After beating the Rowdy Guard head on into the room to the right and you'll get into a timed fight you cannot win.

Dimension 1: Altera
Cutscenes happen then you can rest on the bench.
This dungeon is all windy but if you keep heading east and north you will cross a bridge afterwards keep going south until you find a little hut. The hut has some hidden padded clothing in the open crate and a bed to rest on. SAVE!
Head west and you'll get into a boss fight. Losing to this boss will result in the first extended game over.
The boss will drop a "Crystallized Slime" that currently has no use, this will eventually allow the player to make elemental gems that will be put into a characters gem slot to change weapon elements.
Follow the path to the farm.
At the farm you have to enter the big house on the other side of the map and talk to the female cooking who wants some flower, head to the shop nearby to get the flour and consider buying a new weapon for Alex and then go back to the female cook where you will unlock cooking. You can learn an extra recipe by handing the cookbook nearby to the male cook.
Before leaving the farm check out the building south of the main house to find a free weapon for Lana.
After leaving the farm you get the last mechanic of this update. You can head on back inside the farm to split up (after seeing the skit) and find Lana inside the shop. The rock has no use for now.
Outside the farm you can find a little side path leading to the fairy den which is an optional area.

Fairy Den (optional area):
Go to the upper left area of the map and follow along, over the "invisible" bridge and through the "invisible" wall.
Take the left fork and walk into the sparkly thing on the ground and follow the path the fairies took.
After the cutscenes stop and you re-gain control you can either head back inside and fight the queen or head to the right and talk to the 2 fairies by the little pond for free fairy money then go back.
Go south to the 4 little houses and talk to the fairy in the bottom right one for a side mission then leave the house and head up into the treehouse for more free money.
Exit and go directly south and talk to the farmer fairy here and pull all the crops then south again to the tower and talk to the fairy in there.
Once done with that go into the shop on the far left and talk to the fairy from behind the counter and play the mini-game. If you give the correct item to enough fairies you get a free item, giving the correct item to all 6 fairies you get a recipe.
If you want to get the frog to go away with it licking you (it changes nothing if you do) then take the free fairy dust and spend your money on whatever other items you want.
Leave across the bridge to the south and then right to the frog. If you have fairy dust you can get him to go away by feeding him otherwise you'll be licked.
Once he's gone follow him into the forest.
Talk to the frog for a recipe then hunt for 6 flowers, 3 red 3 blue, they're easy to find. There are 3 on either side of the little river. Throw stink pods if you get into a fight.
Go back to the fairy in the tower then the fairy that wanted the crowns in the bottom right house. The crown fairy will put the crowns into the lost and if you leave and re-enter you can steal them.
If you want the fairy crowns go into the bottom left house and use the table to craft the 2 elemental crowns which will provide extra fire/ice defence so equip them here.
It's time to go and slap the queen so go back to the palace and through the double doors.
Now here you can either leave peacefully or fight her. Leaving will get you a permanent 20 extra MP + , fighting her will get you the 20 MP boost PLUS early fire/ice magic HOWEVER you will keep the elemental weaknesses. 25% extra to Alex(Ice damage) and Lana (Fire damage).
If you fight her the queen will only use fire/ice magic during the fight but the crowns will with survivability.
Losing this fight will put you into an extended game over.

Head down south from the cave/farm and follow the path. There are a few chests hidden behind the trees but it's nothing too important.
Talk to the captain here then head onto the beach and into the caves.
The jellyfish are all weak to ice and crabs are weak to fire.
The cave is fairly linear so keep following along the path until you find a grapple hook, rope and key.
You can either go back the way you came or go up and use the grapple+rope on the wooden peg in the ground to make a rope.
Use the key in the gate and follow the path again. There will be some simple puzzles along the way for extra goodies.
You will eventually reach another section that wants a rope. Climb down the rope, into the cave then push the crate into the hole and then push the rightmost crate up and up to get easy access to all 3 chests. (they reset if you leave the room)
Use the rope you just found in the peg just up the rope and keep following the path.
Soon you will reach a little resting room with a campfire you can use to cook at.
Rest up, save then go down the hole to the next boss, losing to it will put you into an extended game over.
This big brute is weak to ice so don't hold back on the ice.
Once it's dead keep following the path until you get outside. The path is safe so no need to go back and rest.
Head right along the beach, up the steps then go left following the stone path until you get to Hopewell Port and go to the inn. you can't get lost finding the inn and talk to the innkeeper.
Once morning arrives go outside.

Hopewell: Tip: Buildings you can enter have stone s by the door except for the church which isn't important anyway.
Hopewell Side Missions, relations and fluff:
Watch the skit then head into the bar next door and talk to the bald bartender to learn the Hot Chocolate recipe. You can also go up to the second floor and give the fortune teller a coin for some fluff text, some text change depending on if you have been a fairy or not.
Leave the bar and go right into the restaurant for a side mission. The reward here is 6 of every cooking ingredient available so far.
Go back to the entrance of Hopewell and then go up until you find a guard tower, enter and go up the ladder and talk to the captain to get another side mission. The reward is 250 credits.
Go back outside, and if you want you can examine board for more fluff text, then cross over the water to the left and talk to the female mage just above the park for the final side mission. The reward is 3 Regular, Nice, Revive and MP potions, the shop will then sell Nice and MP potions too and give a discount.
You can split-up and met Lana in the park here for a relation boost + a permanent 1 defence or agility boost for both characters.
Below the park are some shops. If you have the blunt blade you can get it turned into a sharp blade for cheap.
Go into the potions shop to advance the Drop Out Mage side mission, go back to her then back to the potion shop to complete The Dropout Mage.
This is a good spot to do some of the story stuff in Hopewell Port.
Leave Hopewell Port and go way down south and you will see some mushrooms in a hill. Get them.
Go back up the road until you see a dirt side path. Follow it to Hopewell Hills.
In Hopewell Hills head up and into the cave then into the other cave. You will fight a tougher enemy here and save some kids. You will be teleported back to Hopewell Port and can stay there or be teleported back to the cave, handy if you are doing the hunting rabbits story mission.
REturn to both the restaurant owner and captain to get your rewards and complete the last 2 side missions.

Go back to the entrance and then way up to the docks and into the building here and talk to the ferryman but the ships aren't open right now.
Leave Hopewell Port, go into the army training camp and talk to the old trainer here and prepare for a tough fight.
After that's done talk to the cook at the bottom right of the camp then leave the camp and keep going left and follow the little dirt path to Hopewell Hills to hunt 5 rabbits.
This area is simple enough and you can finally put Back Pat to use is an ally gets stunned from a rarer enemy here.
The first rabbit is found directly up from the entrance, second is inside the cave near the first rabbit. If you enter the cave other here you can find part of the missing kids side mission.
Go back outside and keep going left until you reach some steps then go up into another cave and follow the path to the third rabbit and then backtrack. The last 2 rabbits are found through another cave at the top left of the map and bottom left of the map down some steps.
Once you have all 5 rabbits go back to the cook and you will learn Rabbit Stew, talk to the old trainer again and now you can finally leave port.
Go back into Hopewell, all the way up to the docks and you can talk to the captain to leave Hopewell Port (save!)

Cutscenes happen and you get into a fight.
After the fight, Alex and Lana will talk for a bit. If you have been a fairy the text you can talk about that. Talk about everything available here.
If you bought Lana the ugly stone it will now become a pretty gem.
Once in Brook Port save the game.
This marks the end of the current content.
You can leave Brook Port and have a look around at the capital but saving will be disabled if you are outside of the port to ensure nothing breaks later. This is just more of a sneak peek there is nothing to do here yet.

1.1.2 and before needs at least version 1.1.3.
"Missing" parallax maps (You see red and green X/O's on the map)
Cave event broken. (Leave through the door then re-enter, the boss is in the same map just outside of view)
Brookport softlock during end of content notice.

1.1.3 Fixed:
Fixed a broken event.

Added compatibility script I missed.
Can take a little peek at the capital.

Included 3 save files.

Added in missing files.
This update MIGHT require a fresh save. If an error about MOG popups appear on an old save but don't on a new one then the script is screwing over old saves.

Copy/pasted RTP to remove the unneeded RTP music but keep everything else. This should reduce filesize by about 80MB+.
Hopewell finished. It now has 3 side missions and an event with your sister.
Side missions now gives a little jingle at the start and end of them.
Missions menu now has "Main" and "Side" tabs to help prevent clutter.
Jellyfish game over now has a transformation with 4 endings. It's very short, bad and the endings aren't too different.
Can ride a boat to Brook Port now where content ends.

Fixed fairy crown bug and rusty key gate bug.

Can skip intro to either the apartments or Hermit's house (items are not missed)
Stopped beach cave crates from soft-locking
Changed Item descriptions to show proper HP healing
Changed fire/ice magic form 10 to 4
Items hidden are now highlighted with a sparkle
Also highlighted the player can get the fairy crowns
Hunters are now in Hopewell Port with new stock and a reward
Bugs in Hopewell Hills now drop Wings (only used for selling reward for now)
More bug fixes
Shops on Hopewell Port now have items for sale
First side-mission finished in Hopewell Port
Story should now end before boarding the ship
Slimes drop more money

Fixed another fairy bug.
Fixed a black screen issue in the beach cave.

Fixed stating point and added a patching script.
Patches for 1.0.4+ can now be done via downloading these patches.

Slimes give more XP.
Fairy Den issues hopefully fixed for the last time.

Nerfed enemy HP and made them drop healing items.

Added Alex's sword + a few checks for if it is missing. Hopefulyl this means no needing a new savefile.
Made the game not so dark.
Increased healing from 25% to 50%.
Added missing music file.
Some other eventing errors I spotted.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Houdini111

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 on 08/24/2019

This has an enjoyable start. I look forward to there being more to the game.  
I especially like the brother/sister dynamic. There are some games with siblings but most of them have them be antagonisitic to each other. Having them get along and go through stuff together is great.  
If I were to request one change from what I've seen so far it would be to make money be easier to get. The slimes give a really low amount of money which will make it difficult to buy things in the future.

Bug Report:
Walking into locked doors (or at least the changing room doors and the door in the top right of HQ) causes noise spam.
There are numerous spelling and grammar issues. You could use a proofreader.  
You're given the option to enter the docks even if you don't have the mission.
Resting on the seat while still separated (which is possible after "Lana" finds the stairs down) has Lana speaking, despite not being present.
The regular potion's description says it heals 25 but the stat thing directly below says 50. Seems you missed that after balancing it.

Review by qwe35

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/21/2019

looks really good so far ! 

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