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Office Bully: Stallion or Sissy (Man Story)

Office Bully

< Click this link to play Office Bully Online Version (Public Release) >

You play the game from a submissive POV. Expect the game to feature scenes involving M/F, F/F, breasts modification, sissyfication, bimboification, light BDSM and use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals/drugs.

The game features characters from the Dream Therapy series: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1681

Offline Versions (Backers Releases) may be found on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loganscodini

You may find me on Discord for comments and technical support: https://discord.gg/B35eS8w

Hypnopics Collective Link: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=23811.0

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully


Office Bully


Office Bully

Synopsis (The New Secretary - Woman Story)

You are a proud and ruthless executive in one of the world’s leading biotechnology enterprises. Or at least, that is who you were until recently, when your reputation as an “Office Bully” was about to bring an end to your career. To avoid a scandal, the company has offered you a single chance at redemption, which you reluctantly accepted.

Your body was transformed and your old identity erased, as you undergo behavior modification sessions with Dr. Kumiko Tamura, a renowned psychiatrist, to prove you are no longer a threat to your colleagues. In the meantime, you have been assigned as a secretary in a very peculiar enterprise, where you’ll need to display compliant behavior toward customers and coworkers as you are compelled to become an obedient employee.

Will you find happiness and a lasting relationship in this new submissive life, or will you attempt to regain your previous position of power?

Note: The game features characters from the Dream Therapy series, but in a different storyline. The original games can be found here: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1681



Office Bully is a Reverse Trainer game, in which you are being “trained” by various characters who aim to transform you (physically and mentally) into an obedient and compliant submissive.

It features non-linear gameplay, and allows you to choose the characters you want to be involved with over time (either as lovers, master/mistress or girlfriend/boyfriend).

All scenes features high resolution graphics and the sex scenes are animated.



v6. Added Scene 1-3 of the Man Story

v5. Added Scene 1-2 of the Man Story

v4. Added Optional Scene with Darryl in the Woman Story

v3. Added Scene 1-1 of Stallion or Sissy (Man Story)

v2. Added a Scene with Deirdre

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: Online v5 on 10/27/2019

I am going to second Uhuru N'Uru's review below.  It's as true in v. 5 as it was in v. 3.

Review by mollydeal

Version reviewed: Online v5 on 10/27/2019

to grindy 

Review by Uhuru N'Uru

Version reviewed: Online v3 on 09/25/2019

I really don't understand why arthors of such games, add exessive grind to try and give the iompression of lots of content, when the reality is there's very little, it's just repeated so damn much

THe male Story is none existant, more a teaser, with the proverbial Patreon to see more roadblock., but you can see from the female story it's giong to follow the same grindfest.

So as the female, your "Goal" is to Earn 200 crowns to see the Dr Tamara, which reminds me, even the renders are recycled friom the last unfinished game. Even the name, and image of the Phycho Phychiartrist are the same.

Right so down the girl path, you supposedly can go shopping, but your money score is amount/100, so even at the max 100, you haven't enough cash to buy any of the 3 new items you're shown. They recoulour, but are the same. so money is useless.

Earning that 200 crowns, requires submissive sex acts at work, and again three coices repeat, the real probl;em is so does all the text, so you end up clicking like a madman to get through it.

The actual sex scenes are even worse, because thats a clicker game to, sort of loses the plot, when you end up skipping the sex because it's to much hassle to do. Credit for having a skip button is to the Ren'Py game engine though, not a thoughtful author.

As others have pointed out the loading screens are a pain, and the author leverages that into keeping download version behind the Patreon pay wall. To me that was the least of the issues though.

If you grind through, and reach your 200 Crown target, that's where it ends, so lots of grindy clicking to see the same content repeated, ad nauseum, and no payoff at the end of it. No fun at all.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Online v3 on 09/25/2019

This is a visual cyoa, up to the current end of development. Just like all the other work by the same author, the game is backed by stunning still / animated 3D cg. The CON side of the games is that it takes ages to move on the story. A page of short text could probably turns into a dozen of scenes each taking minutes to go through.

The current development ends at the morning of the second day. You have three routes to take: man story dom, man story sub and woman story, which looks more like an open game because of the stats. If we take away the one erotic scene in the man story routes, there is no content yet.

Review by apeppertoo

Version reviewed: Online v1 on 08/26/2019

The transformation, if it's even really there, is perfunctory and barely referenced. Extremely little would have to change to make this into a purely mental TF game and I suspect that's how the project began. Like other games from this author it's well put together but the "streaming" feature whereby the game dynamically downloads content as it's reached is unwelcome and introduces unacceptable load times for a game that's essentially just showing the player prerendered images.

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