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Office Bully: Stallion or Sissy (Man Story)

Office Bully

< Click this link to play Office Bully Online Version (Public Release) >

You play the game from a submissive POV. Expect the game to feature scenes involving M/F, F/F, breasts modification, sissyfication, bimboification, light BDSM and use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals/drugs.

The game features characters from the Dream Therapy series: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1681

Offline Versions (Backers Releases) may be found on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/loganscodini

You may find me on Discord for comments and technical support: https://discord.gg/B35eS8w

Hypnopics Collective Link: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=23811.0

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully

Office Bully


Office Bully

Synopsis (The New Secretary - Woman Story)

You are a proud and ruthless executive in one of the world’s leading biotechnology enterprises. Or at least, that is who you were until recently, when your reputation as an “Office Bully” was about to bring an end to your career. To avoid a scandal, the company has offered you a single chance at redemption, which you reluctantly accepted.

Your body was transformed and your old identity erased, as you undergo behavior modification sessions with Dr. Kumiko Tamura, a renowned psychiatrist, to prove you are no longer a threat to your colleagues. In the meantime, you have been assigned as a secretary in a very peculiar enterprise, where you’ll need to display compliant behavior toward customers and coworkers as you are compelled to become an obedient employee.

Will you find happiness and a lasting relationship in this new submissive life, or will you attempt to regain your previous position of power?

Note: The game features characters from the Dream Therapy series, but in a different storyline. The original games can be found here: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1681



Office Bully is a Reverse Trainer game, in which you are being “trained” by various characters who aim to transform you (physically and mentally) into an obedient and compliant submissive.

It features non-linear gameplay, and allows you to choose the characters you want to be involved with over time (either as lovers, master/mistress or girlfriend/boyfriend).

All scenes features high resolution graphics and the sex scenes are animated.



v11. Added Scene 8 of the Man Story

v10. Added Scene 7 of the Man Story

v9. Added Scene 6 of the Man Story

v8. Added Scene 5 of the Man Story

v7. Added Scene 4 of the Man Story

v6. Added Scene 3 of the Man Story

v5. Added Scene 2 of the Man Story

v4. Added Optional Scene with Darryl in the Woman Story

v3. Added Scene 1-1 of Stallion or Sissy (Man Story)

v2. Added a Scene with Deirdre

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Dilligaf

Version reviewed: Online v11 on 02/06/2020

Unfortunately, the constant disruptions, caused by the online version downloading content (and then re-downloading again the same stuff), make those games not enjoyable for me, leaving me only the choice between forgetting about them... or using Patreon releases leaked on other sites. I really don't understand the author's persistence in not allowing us to download demo/public versions. Certainly not a slightest chance of a positive reviews or Patreon support, until the author decides to change this practice.

Review by Tolkien46

Version reviewed: Online v10 on 01/19/2020

When the Author did Tales in Wonderland it was quite a good game that never got finished, subsequent games have become progressively more interactive novels.

This one is basically the same as the previous 2 or 3 but with a new skin and title. 

graphically the are quite nice but don't expect any content or plot that doesn;t involve being forced to become a submissive woman.

there is an initial illusion of choice but that is the only plot as far as i can tell, no matter what you choose. 

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: Online v9 on 12/27/2019

I've gotta agree with a lot of other reviews. I was really disappointed with this update. The most recent update looks like recycled content from previous stories.  The dream sequence was alarmingly similar.

Also, the inner narrative of the dominant path just doesn't ring true for me. The element of "subservience" feels forced. Unfortunately, the inner dialogue is just too similar to the sub-path.

As for the Subpath, rather than embracing the "Sissy" tag on the story, they turn him into a woman . . . just like every other dream sequence story by this author. I suppose this appeals to supporters that like vanilla M/F or F/F sex with their storylines, but it cheats those who really were hoping for a Sissy storyline or maybe M/M content. There is already a woman's path to this game, so why use the male path to explore aspects of the female path? It just feels like lazy storytelling. Why not solely explore the feminization aspect of the character and leave the woman sequences either for later, as part of an MtF transformation, or just leave it for the woman's path altogether?

The sameness to previously stories by this Dev was just too high and it feels like the Dev is kind of out of ideas. As for the sex, the Dom and Sub paths looked like mirror images of each other with only the face changed.

Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: Online v9 on 12/27/2019

Liked the game so far, but


latest update broke story for me. Change is sudden and unnatural. All slow changing vibe lost.

Unfortunately this game is ended for me.

Review by Kalon

Version reviewed: Online v8 on 12/11/2019

As with all games by the author, it's an attempt for creating a game based on graphics far beyond story and it shows with.  Download and wait, click twice to make a choice or two and then wait for another freaking download which kills any potential immersion effect.

I suggest figuring out a way to optimize the file sizes of the images used to reduce the constant wait necessary to progress the story lines and work to develop a new storyline not the constant rehash of a dream scenario.

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