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Hunter’s Harem

Version is out.


In Hunter's Harem you play as Hunter (name changeable) who one day recieves a package from his dead uncle. In there he finds a mysterious book of magic spells, the first of which allows him to magically hypnotize, enslave and transform the people around him.

The game allows the player a certain amount of freedom as there is no particular order you have to do things (visit places, enslave characters, fuck characters, etc.). There are some actions that have certain requisits, though.

It features lots of pictures and mp4s.


The game is in developement. I am a one person team(?) and I work on the game in my free time. I try to update and fix the reported bugs as soon as possible, but it all depends on my schedule.

Until now there are 8 Characters that are fully enslaveable including two mtf transformation. More are coming in future updates. The main story is only hinted at yet, there is not much to do storywise, but you can fuck your slaves, so that is nice.


I hope you enjoy it, have fun.



This game is hosted on the TFGamesSite via. the Hypnopics Collective. Visit my game thread at Hypnopics as well.b

Hunter one day recieves a package from his dead uncle. In there he finds a mysterious book of magic spells, the first of which allows him to magically hypnotize and enslave the people around him. In further studies of the book he will discover a way to change the people around him even more, including their gender. He will encounter mysterious figures and learn dangerous secrets about a mad medieaval wizard, his dead uncle and his presumably dead father.

First wave characters (I call them that, because they were the first that I came up with in a batch)

  • Hunter (Brad Knight) (the MC) is a down on his luck guy, living in a boring small town, who by chance gets hold of a powerful magic book of spells.
  • Janet (India Summers) is Hunters mom and a bad person through and through.
  • Jasmin (Adriana Chechik) is his childhood friend on whom Hunter always had a slight crush.
  • Henry/Henrietta (Ricky Johnson/Ana Foxxx) is the annoying but friendly nerd who is also a friend of Hunter.
  • Andrea (Casey Calvert) is the bitchy sister of Hunter.
  • Brian/Brianna (Ramon Nomar/Roxy Raye) is the bully, who tormented Hunter in school and still continues to do so.
  • Lisa (Carter Cruise) is Hunters ex girlfriend and Brians current girlfriend. She broke Hunters heart.
  • Lucy (Mia Li) owns the local cafe.
  • Christina (Riley Reid) owns and manages the local sex shop.

In the game, but no/little content yet:

  • Brenda (Corey Chase) owns at the local book shop.
  • A mysterious woman (Bobbi Starr) will play a bigger roll in the future.

Further characters will be added once these are finished.



  • To enchant someone you need to cast the rego-te spell on them. When you do this, your spellpower is added to the existing progress. Once you reach a certain amount of progress you unlock one or more enchantment options. So to speed up the game you should upgrade spellpower, because more spellpower means more progress with each casting of the spell.
  • There are other spells, but most of them are optional. The only other spell you need is the mutaris spell, which is needed for transforming Henry and Brian into Henrietta and Brianna.
  • The spells can be researched in your room at the desk. You can increase research speed by buying translation books in the bookstore.
  • To get money you can either work in the cafe or you can strike a deal with Christina in the sexshop and have your fully enchanted slaves do streaming shows. You can upgrade the equipment in the sexshop which increases the money you gain from that slave. You can watch those streams on the computer on your desk.


All Characters have 3 or more enchantment levels. Some of them need different prerequesits for either beginning or advancing in the path.


Enchanting Mom is straight forward. Just click "Magic" and force mana into her until you get another link in the magic menu.


Enchanting Jasmin is also simple. Just force mana into her until you reached all the thresholds. Jasmin has sex options you can unlock by buying a dildo in the sexshop and gifting it to her via the "Talk" menu.


Enchanting Henry is simple in the beginning, but you need to convince him to let you transform him into a woman. The option appears automatically once you enslaved Mom to stage 2 or better.


To enslave Andrea you first need to convince her to talk to you. You do this by finding the bag with her stuff in the attic of your home. Then go to the apartment building and either wait for someone to go through the door or ring a random apartment until you get the option to get in. Go to Andreas apartment. If you have the bag in your inventory this unlocks the option to give it to her. From then on she will talk to you, so you can begin enslaving her.

If you buy a fuckingmachine and give it to an adequatly enchanted Andrea (via the Talk menu), you can have her install it in the gym. After that, go to the gym, there will be a new location (Storage room) unlocked. In there you can summon enchanted Characters to watch them use the machine. For now you can only summon Andrea and Mom.


To enslave Brian you need to get him in a state of weakness. To do this you need to go to the bar on main street in the evening. If he is there as well, buy drinks until he leaves. Follow him into the back alley. Attack him there, then enchant him. From then on you can continue the enslavement path normally.

Brian has some options you can unlock. Firstly, if you gift him a buttplug (via the "Talk" menu), you can have her (once transformed) show it to you (in private or, if her enslavement has progressed enough, in public). If you have the rope in your inventory, it unlocks the option to "Tie her up" in the "fuck" menu. After that, the ballgag unlocks the "Gag her" option, followed by the nippleclamps. Once you progressed through these stages, you unlock a different menu with more things to do. To unlock all the options you have to reach certain steps in the anal training menu though.


To get her to talk to you, you can either have Brian break up with her or tell Andrea to convince her to talk to you again. Both paths need a certain level of enslavement from either Brian or Andrea. After enchanting her for the first time, you need to fuck her until she has an orgasm (don't give up, she has a high orgasm threshold). To continue the enchantment after the second time, you need to fuck her brains out (she literally gets dumber with every orgasm). After you brought her to orgasm at least 3 times, you can enslave her.


Lucys enslavement path is completely different from the others. It consists of a lot more, but smaller steps. Force mana into her, until you unlock options. You can't do anything wrong yet. All options must be taken to get to the final path. Not all options are open, because some need certain requirements to work. So you need her to trust you before you can make her think of you as her best friend for example.


Christina can be only be enslaved once you have lowered her resistance to your magic. You need to book a bdsm session with her (via the talkmenu). Then, after completing the session with her getting an orgasm (skippable if you are not into the whole submission stuff), you can use your magic on her for the rest of the day. If you want to do it on another day, you have to repeat the session. You have two options when enchanting her. The first reduces the cost of the sessions, the second makes her more submissive. Once you have done all that, you have the capstone ability to either turn her into your mindless sextoy, or your submissive slut. These are mutually exclusive.


This character appears, though you can't do anything with her, yet.

The mysterious stranger

This character is part of the (to be developed further) main storyline. She shadows you in the street. When you get the event, look at the cars to get a glimpse of her. Once you've done this a few times, you will unlock the option to sneak up on her. When you confront her, she drops a photo. To get more information, you can ask your Mom about it (once she is sufficiently enchanted). That is all there is to the main quest for now.





*Expanded the tutorial
*Styled the scrollbar to be more discrete


*Fixed the bug with the sidemenu disappearing while interacting with Brianna
*Fixed some spelling mistakes



*Fixed the broken link in the Cafe to ask for a job.



*Added a rudimentary tutorial. For now it is reachable from your bedroom. It contains only the left sidebar. The rest is in the works.
*Added images for patreon and discord in the sidebar


*This time the money issue should be fixed for good.
*Fixed the bugged trigger for the mysterious woman events.


*Put the links to close the daily review dialog on top of the streaming table so they should always be accessible.
*You now need to have a job, before you can ask Lucy to speak privately.
*The intro picture is now minimizable, thus letting you go quicker to the links below.



*Added a button to ring Lucys apartment from the outside of the apartment building.
*Added a cheat option to reset your money if it is set to NaN.


*The button to show the stream overview will now only show if you have someone streaming for you.
*Replaced the widget that controlled the money, that I think was responsible for the NaN bug. That should hopefully prevent that.


*Added a limit to the tries to searching the attic. You should now find the back with at most 4 searches.
*Added a limit to the tries for entering the apartment building. Dependend on which action you chose you now have a limit of 4 (wait) or 9(ring random) actions. Waiting takes longer in game, but has a quicker guaranteed success. Ringing is quicker, but the guaranteed success needs more tries.
*The popup of the closing mall should now appear automatically if it gets too late, not just when moving.



*Added an alternate text for the title picture that explains that you need the images as well as the html file, if the image is not there


*Fixed the mistakes in many events
*Fixed the problems in sextalk in Christina and all blowjobs
*Fixed the bug with the date not displaying correctly
*Fixed the bug whith always transporting you to the apartments after you fucked Lisas brain out once


*Added a popup warning for Chrome users to adjust there minimum font size setting.

*Fixed the problem with the locations not showing.
*Fixed the problem with locations showing as closed in the mall.
*Fixed the problem with Mom in the hallway not showing when in her bedroom.
*Fixed the pronoun function not working in the force magic menu.
*Fixed the widget for forcing the npc to give you the key.
*Fixed the problems with the magic book (practical magic not accessible & spells not researchable).
*Fixed the bug where telling your sister to install the machine is not working.
*Fixed the problem with forcing mana into someone was working even when you had no mana left.
*Deleted the "Make her cum" magic link that was doubled in Lucys menu.
*Fixed the version number


*Added a way to save the original name (male in case of Brian and Henry, non-bimbo in case of Lisa), before the player changed them while progressing.
*Added a way to change the original name (for Brian, Henry and Lisa) in the cheat menu.
*Completely overhauled the cheat menu for the characters. The new version lets you chose a specific stage of the enslavement and even return to previous versions. It skips the corresponding events and names are reset to the default, though (Still changeable with the cheats menu).
*Added Christinas journal entries
*Added Lucy talk options.
*Added Lisa talk options.
*Added the option to make your women have an orgasm whenever you cum in or on them in the mutaris part of the enchantment menu.
*Comissioned and added a title image (Patreon money, Yay!).
*Added an intro event for Brenda in the bookstore. You can change her name in that intro.
*Written content for Christinas home.
*Added a quest for Christina
*Added a quest for Lucy
*Added an suspicion mechanic that tracks how suspicious you and your women are. It is tracked individually for each npc. To this date there is only one event dependant on a certain amount of suspicion, but in the future there will be more.
*You can now take a row boat at the lake and row to its center. There you can meditate for 30 min to regain a lot of mana. In later updates there will be more options here.
*Added an emergency dialog close with the esc key. I recommend you use it only in emergencies when you're stuck and can't close it otherwise (because of an error message for example). It can cause a fuckup in story variables if you use it in dialogs you can usually only close via links.

*Fixed some problems with Lucy and Christina.
*When Christina is turned into a sextoy and has thus closed her shop, you can buy the stuff in your room from the internet (under the option "Go online")

*Changed Brians sex menu and how the images/videos are generated.
*Changed how the spells are tracked.
*Reduced recupero and recreo max level to 8.
*Changed the journal to be expandable, so the page is not as cluttered.
*Structured the sex popups (with the videos) to be more organised.
*You now have to tell your women to start doing camshows via the talk menu and can equally tell them to stop camming. They don't start automatically.
*The event in which you are watched by the mysterious woman is now triggered at a certain amount of suspicion. It is also now a proper event and as such fixed into the normal event mechanics

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Review by ninjasmurf73

Version reviewed: on 11/28/2020

Have really enjoyed thisgame and would recommend checking it out. As a FYI this newest version does not save your game. It thinks the saves you make while playing are old saves from previous release and will not load. hopefully this will be resolved beacuse there is a lot to do so far

Review by EarthGodzilla355

Version reviewed: 0.4.3a on 11/23/2020

None of the pictures work in the newest version

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.4.2c on 09/23/2020

It's a good premise for a game but by god is it incredibly buggy. Still, nice work on everything I can actually see.

Review by rowinr

Version reviewed: 0.4.2a on 09/20/2020

0.4.2a was a mess most of the links came up with errors and certain characters henry and brian never showed progress in enchanting and when your mother goes to her bedroom you have to use back option to get out since there was no bar on the rightside to continue.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: complete file on 11/27/2019

I think the author has done a decent job finding and presenting the sexy stuff, however the gameplay seems to just be a block on getting there. There is a lot of clicking needed, enough to put a strain on your mouse hand. The author could fix this in a variety of ways, whether it is better UI, cutting down on repitition, better game design with meaningful decisions, better characters, or a proper story.

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