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Version: 0.3.7

Hunter's Harem

New Version 0.3.7 is out. If you already have downloaded an older version you have to re-download it.


In Hunter's Harem you play as Hunter (name changeable) who one day recieves a package from his dead uncle. In there he finds a mysterious book of magic spells, the first of which allows him to magically hypnotize, enslave and transform the people around him.

The game allows the player a certain amount of freedom as there is no particular order you have to do things (visit places, enslave characters, fuck characters, etc.). There are some actions that have certain requisits, though.

It features lots of pictures and mp4s.


The game is in developement. I am a one person team(?) and I work on the game in my free time. I try to update and fix the reported bugs as soon as possible, but it all depends on my schedule.

Until now there are 4 Characters that are fully enslaveable including one mtf transformation. More are coming in future updates. The main story is only hinted at yet, there is not much to do storywise, but you can fuck your slaves, so that is nice.


I hope you enjoy it, have fun.



This game is hosted on the TFGamesSite via. the Hypnopics Collective. Visit my game thread at Hypnopics as well.

Hunter one day recieves a package from his dead uncle. In there he finds a mysterious book of magic spells, the first of which allows him to magically hypnotize and enslave the people around him. In further studies of the book he will discover a way to change the people around him even more, including their gender. He will encounter mysterious figures and learn dangerous secrets about a mad medieaval wizard, his dead uncle and his presumably dead father.

  • Hunter (the MC) is a down on his luck guy, living in a boring small town, who by chance gets hold of a powerful magic book of spells.
  • Janet (India Summers) is Hunters mom and a bad person through and through.
  • Jasmin (Adriana Chechik) is his childhood friend on whom Hunter always had a slight crush.
  • Henry (Henrietta is Ana Foxxx) is the annoying but friendly nerd who is also a friend of Hunter.
  • Andrea (Casey Calvert) is the bitchy sister of Hunter.

In the game, but no content yet:

  • Brian (Brianna will be Roxy Raye) is the highschool bully who terrorized Hunter.
  • Lisa (Carter Cruise) is Hunters ex girlfriend and Brians current girlfriend. She broke Hunters heart.
  • Brenda (Corey Chase) owns at the local book shop.
  • Lucy (Mia Li) owns the local cafe.
  • Christina (Amirah Adara) owns and manages the local sex shop.

Further characters will be added once these are finished.



Changelog Version 0.3.7:

Fixed bugs in Jasmins home.


Further continued Brians enslavement path.
Finished Henrys talking options (for now)
Added a quest with a monetary reward (Get a job)
Added parts of Andreas talking option

The pictures in the journal entries of the npcs are now galleries which allow you to see the older pictures by clicking through them with the given links.

Changelog Version

Fixed the bug reported to me.

Added the price information and number of upgrades in the streaming upgrade menu.


Changelog Version 0.3.6:

Fixed some more bugs.
Fixed a lot of the popups so that most of them are closeable again (popups essential for storyline purposes are still not dismissable, but I think I got all of those covered with closing links)

Fleshed out some talk content with Henry.
Completing the enslavement of an npc allows you to get a reward in the quest menu.
Added the option to upgrade the streaming equipment for more money gain each day.
You can now ask Jasmin to flash you. Reaction depends on progress in enslavement and the publicity of the location you are in.
Some options, like asking non enchanted characters to fuck will now lead to a bad end.
The popup with the infos for the new day now contain a list of thoughts of what options are generally available for the character. These can be minimized by clicking on the "Dismiss" link and displayed again by clicking on the "Display" link that will appear in its stead.
Added Brian stage 2

Changed the .gifs to .mp4 to reduce the folder size to around 90 mb.
Changed how the interaction menu works.
Changed the naming of some pictures to streamline some widgets.
Changed the design of the questpage.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by abbabb

Version reviewed: 0.3.6 on 09/09/2019

A really Great game but still unbelievably buggy. I cant do more then half the content atm. i finished moms content but cant start brian. I cant finish henry or jasmen and at this point i gave up

Review by Ragnar_Ulfson

Version reviewed: 0.3.6 on 09/08/2019

I want to like this game, I really do, but it is buggy as all hell.  It has a fun premise, but I can't play for very long before I end up at a screen I cannot close, cannot get past.

Review by Aguion12

Version reviewed: on 09/05/2019

The game is pretty cool! My problem is that there are a LOT of screens with no close button, so you end up stuck on them and unable to move. I actually got stuck on the one where mom's masturbating on my desk.

Fix this as soon as possible, please, but aside from that, nice game!

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: on 09/05/2019

Interesting start to a game that certainly has potential if the author sticks with it. The first mental transformation of your relative is a little abrupt for my taste, but that's always something that can be expanded upon over time to heighten the anticipation and allow the player to have a dominant but not sexual relationship if they prefer.

Review by dinosaurohs

Version reviewed: 0.3.4 on 08/30/2019

Great game! Easy to follow and I look forward to the progression of this game. Definitely enjoy the concept. Would love to see more MTF and enchantments too!

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