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Version: 0.3.1


Sculptor is a visual novel where the player feminizes their former bully.

The base scenario can be set up as appeals to the player - both the player character and the target of the game can have their gender identity (pronouns) and biological sex (genitals) changed to suit the preference of the player, and the route the player takes will change the nature of the relationship between the characters.

The antagonist is your bully, who has been making your life a nightmare, at your lowest point, you find yourself in a situation to gain the upper hand, and suddenly you are the one in control. Maybe they would look cute in girl's clothes...

An important point to make is that this game starts by portraying a deeply unhealthy relationship built on abuse of two different kinds. It isn't finished yet, and the nature of an unfinished work is that it can't have a whole message. I personally believe that artists are responsible for what they produce and the messages in your work, and I would like to be clear that the game is a portion of a greater whole at this point, and the nature of a story told from the perspective of a flawed protagonist is that it can't put all events into perspective as soon as they happen. I hope people will trust that the story will aim to resolve this in a way that is satisfying to the player and doesn't shy away from delving into the issues the characters have, and that their relationship has.


A student having a miserable time in sixth-form education in the UK (18), about to discover that feminization might be to their liking.


A popular student (in the same sixth-form as the protagonist), generally small but not weak. Enjoys music and bullying the protagonist, about to discover that being feminized might be to their liking.



  - New:

    - Patron credits.

  - Fixes:

    - A few small script errors.


  - Missing from this release:

    - The first new artwork will drop in a minor release after this, as due to day-job issues our artist wasn't able to finish the work in time for the release.

    - There is no inventory view for now. This will be added in later releases.

    - There are no patron credits in this version—these will be added for the public release, so no last-minute patrons are left out.

  - New Features:

    - Dyslexic-friendly font toggle in settings.

    - Patreon backers can access the toolkit, allowing them to directly manipulate core game stats.

      - To use this, download the sculptor-0.3.0-patron.zip file as well as the release for your platform, and place patron.rpa in the game directory.

  - New Content:

    - Added a new scene shared between the routes ("Makeup")

    - Added a new scene for the arousal route ("Walking In")

    - Added a new scene for the obedience route ("Reining In")

    - Added a new scene for the relationship route ("Leaning In")

    - Added a new set of small scenes ("A Job")

  - Updates:

    - Switched to new logo.

    - Added VFX to "Rain" scene.

    - Rewrote "Route Pick" scene.

  - Placeholder Content:

    - Added new placeholder backgrounds that have a little more fidelity and exist.

    - The "Nothing for now." option in "Makeup" is disabled as it would just end the game for now.

  - Known Issues:

    - This release will likely break compatibility with old saves. You can try them, but I suspect they won't work as expected. This shouldn't happen often, but when core systems change it can be inevitable.

    - The toolbox can completely break things (and also get you access to some content that isn't accessible normally), so be aware that things might go wrong if you make drastic changes with it.

    - The cash earned animation sometimes doesn't hide properly.


  - New content:

    - Added a new scene on Day 4 After School ("Observation")

    - Added a new scene on Day 5 Morning ("Rain")

    - Added a new scene on Day 5 After School ("The Empty Classroom")

    - Add a very short temporary tutorial segment to the start of the game, explaining reaction icons until we do something better.

  - Updates:

    - Slightly reworked a few small sections in the intro.

  - Bug Fixes:

    - Fix various grammar and spelling mistakes.

    - Fix bug where the contact links didn't work (including the one to report bugs, sigh).

    - Fix a bug where speech backgrounds were incorrectly being cached with the default character names in.

    - Made sure we don't go to sixth form at the weekend.


0.1.0: Initial release

The game is currently essentially text-only, but this is temporary. An artist is now on the team.

Right now, the game is just the introduction, segment which sets up the characters and setting—the pace is currently a bit fast, because having a first version without any fun scenes would be a drag, but hopefully it gives a good idea of what is to come.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by TyrantTraitor

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 10/20/2019

I decided to give this game a shot after reading some of the review's and I have to say it was a treat. For now, the game doesn't offer too much content, but it seems like it could be an amazing game with enough work and love put into it. This will be one of the few games I will be returning to after every few updates. Great work! Keep it up! 

Review by DeeB

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 10/11/2019

This is one of my favorite games to show up on the site in quite a while.  I love the simple art stylings of "Sam" and his (or her) emotional responses, I love the options you can go with in the sotry, and the ability to change the opening elements for yourself and your bully are fantastic.  I get excited every time I see an update to this game posted and already can't wait for the next one.  Thank you so much for the adorable and awesome little game.  May it continue to grow and expand while keeping the core of what makes it so wonderful!

Review by TransReptile

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/06/2019

Pretty Good so far.. even if there is not much. Also you can be a butch lesbian makeing a bully into your perfect femmie trans girlfrend. Thats unique tbh. Most games when you tf other people force to be a man or a femmie woman. Butch isnt really an option.

You could also play a creepy person who is forceing a tomboy to become a girly girl or trans man to detransistion. Thats kinda fucked so im going to ignore that though.

Review by Memers

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 09/18/2019

Barely even a demo, but what I do see is very promising. will be following

Review by Lost

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 09/14/2019

It's a good start, but there's really no gameplay as yet.  

The project states it was put out to attract an artist, but I feel you're doing that backwards.  Put out a good game/story and then once you've shown that you're actually dedicated to working on the project (and potentially bringing in some money via Patreon, etc.), you're far more likely to find an artist.  If I had art skills and was considering helping, I still wouldn't want to waste my time until I had evidence that you weren't just going to stop development at some point in the near future, and also that the project wouldn't end up sucking.  Most of the games on here with art got that art because they developed a following first, or could provide it themselves.

And honestly, the art style isn't even remotely bad.  It's cute in its own way, and better than a lot of other games out there.

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