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Version: 0.061 BUGFIX

Version: 0.061

Version: 0.060

Version: 0.050 BUGFIX

A New World

Hi! Hope everyone is having a happy New Year/Decade!

(Also, I held off on this update for a long time because I wanted it to feel like I added a lot for those who enjoy searching through my game, but there is still so much more I wanted to add and hide, I just felt like I finished the bulk of it though and I wanted to let everyone enjoy what I had done, so enjoy)


You wake up in an unkown research lab with little to no memory of your past.

You must find a way out and figure out what happened to you, where you are, and make decisions that directly affect this new world.


The story is being designed (to the best of my ability) to be fairly up to player choice with a main goal directing you along and the actions you make on your way to that goal will affect the development of the world around you.

Planned Features:

-Citizen happiness management

-Settlement expansion

-Further MC tfs

-Party expansion

-Individual character storylines



This is a game that I spent a large portion of last year and this past summer working on. I want to say that I'm proud of it, but there is so much more that I want to do with it and I just want people to tell me if there is anything I should fix/change before moving on.

It is my first game and I'm very interested in any feedback you might have, let me know what you like/dislike, what you want to see and if the way the story goes is interesting so far.

You wake up in an unkown research lab with little to no memory of your past.

You must find a way out and figure out what happened to you, where you are, and make decisions that directly affect this new world.


Inspired by games like:

Magical Camp (my favorite game on this site), Lust Doll (another great RPG Maker game), and Fallout 4

0.061 BUGFIX (This is more of a bugfix than an actual update as the sex scene with Anthonio I just happened to add)


-Sex scene with Anthonio

-More money earned from general enemies to make grinding easier



-Some scenes that weren't allowing people to progress without certain optional party members

-Some cutscenes that weren't playing properly




-More money from fighting Bandits (to hopefully help make grinding easier, please let me know if you have any suggestions/problems!)



(Special Thanks again to Eschation & Seleroan for all of the help finding bugs & suggestions on my game)


-Settlement can now be upgraded

-Settlement Happiness now affects certain interactions with settlers

-2 new side quests from Settlers

-1st time TF's and past choices affect your ability to make decisions

-Enemies now wander parts of the wasteland

-Fast Travel area (Must be unlocked under specific circumstances)

-A little bit more in game lore

-Player tent at Village



-Some minor things I've been wating to in the camp

-A bunch of minor bugs/annoyances I've had with the game along with some other ones that were pointed out to me


0.050 BUGFIX (Special Thanks to Eschation for all of the help finding bugs and extreme exploration of my game)


-Suicide item (for seeing battle loss endings)



-Infinite items in first dungeon

-Certain characters stayed in Bandit Camp after attacking the camp

-Turned off a Plug-In that might have been causing problems with respawning (this may cause problems in the laboratory if you lose a battle)




-Rough Draft of Settlement Mission (It probably moves too fast, but let me know what you think)

-1 new TF ending (its a secret ending and probably hard to find, if noboby can figure it out I'll hint at it later)

-Files now Zipped (for easier/faster downloading)

-Linux Download link Added



-Bug where guard blocks tent exit

-Combat system so even when using the *cheat* you can still see all text conversations/story




-Can now enter the settlement

-Can get 1 more TF

-Camp Upgrade System (not really anything major tbh)

-Notice for where to pickup keycard (bc I noticed a lot of people having problems with that)



-Can now properly talk to Chief after failing/completing his first mission

-A bunch of minor bugs I noticed while testing




-The game files have been properly uploaded




-Can now talk to Arthur for mission



(Sorry for taking so long, I have had no time to work on this and tbh the time I did spend on it I probably should have been doing work or studying)


-Able to finish the villager chief's first mission
-If choose the correct path, you can spend time in the bandit camp
-Can ally 1 of 2 new party members
-Can enter a new area
-1 new sex scene


-Fight scenes with village guards and other combats




-Multiple bugs either stopping player from activating certain objects, problems going down certain routes, etc.

-No longer allowed to keep the orignal name of the player (i'm sorry) as the way I have the transformation setup, the player name cannot be kept to my knowledge, if you want to keep your original name, please just reuse that name, i'm sorry for the inconvenience.




-Bug where couldn't type in the correct password on the computer

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Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.050 BUGFIX on 12/17/2019

There is some interesting backstory and worldbuilding going on here, but there are also a lot of things that need to be addressed before this game will be worth playing.

1.  The combat balance is skewed too easy, atm.  The slimes in the first area are incapable of damaging you.  The spiders in the second area do too much damage to you - at least until you find a single piece of armor.  Then they become trivial.  The wolves, again, you can one-shot and cannot damage you.  In short, the combat is unsatisfying.

2.  Some of the areas are quite barren, while others are full to the brim with unnecessary interactable objects.  If the only thing the description has to say about, for instance, a telephone is that it is 'a telephone', and it is visually evident that it is in fact a telephone, then you do not need the discriptor.  If you have something clever to say about it or if there is a reason I should be clicking on it, then put in a description.  Otherwise, don't bother.

3.  There is a connection between certain found items, the AI, and your mental state.  What is not clear is why any of that is.  It just happens.  Sometimes, this even leads to changes in your abilities, though I only found out about it because I happened to notice the addition in my skills list.  This is a storytelling problem.  

4.  The storytelling is generally... janky.  Sometimes there are lots of details to be found with good backstory.  Other times, things just happen with no discernable reason.  

I'm sure, or at least I hope, that all of these things will be addressed in due time.

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 10/07/2019

A good start.  Not much here, but definitely a good start to what could be really awesome some day!  Like the bracelet-statue idea...  good luck!  =^_^=

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