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Version: 0.8.6

Version: 0.8.5

Version: 0.8.4

Version: 0.8.3

Version: 0.8.2

Version: 0.8.1

Version: 0.8.0

Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.7.0

Version: 0.6.1

Version: 0.6.0

Version: 0.5.5

Version: 0.5.4

Version: 0.5.3

Version: 0.5.2

Version: 0.5.1

Version: 0.5.0

Version: 0.4.4

Version: 0.4.3

Version: 0.4.2

Version: 0.4.1

Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.9

Version: 0.3.8

Version: 0.3.7

Version: 0.3.6

Version: 0.3.5

Version: 0.3.4

Version: 0.3.3

Version: 0.3.2

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Version: 0.3.0

Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.11

Version: 0.1.10

Version: 0.1.9

Version: 0.1.8

Version: 0.1.7

Version: 0.1.6

Version: 0.1.5

Version: 0.1.4 Bugfix

Version: 0.1.4

Version: 0.1.3


Zach, a broke college freshman and chronic underachiever who's been coasting through life without a purpose, just found a curious phone game called re:Dreamer. This incredible phone app has world-bending powers, and he accidentally turned himself into a sexy and voluptuous young woman before he even finished the tutorial. Even worse, unless he wins this perverted game, he'll never be able to change back!

With an impish and unreliable in-game A.I. as their only lead on how to change back and the ability to get help from a single friend he's allowed to invite, will Zach be able to win this predatory game without giving up the things that make him a man in the process, or will he lose and remain stuck as a woman?

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Zach, the main character of this story, is a chronic underachiever who has been using his above-average intellect to coast through life with below-average grades. After a gap year taken to find his identity and expand his spiritual horizons that left his broke, he's now a freshman university student in a major he only chose because it's easy and can lead to a steady job right out of school. He spends his idle time searching for new and obscure phone games to play as F2P user on a broke college student lifestyle.

Ai is the unreliable and mischievous A.I. that came with Zach’s copy of re:Dreamer. She seems to treat this all as one big game, though it probably is just that for her. Ai appears to have her head in the gutter 24/7 and seems to take great pleasure in teasing Zach. It remains to be seen if Zach can trust her.

Britney is a dorky young-adult blonde white girl and anime/game/cosplay otaku who is quite attractive but abrasive if you can't keep up with her pace. She and Zach met in high school and bonded over their similar taste in anime and phone gacha. She is also Zach's only female friend.

Keisuke is Zach's childhood friend and neighbor. Despite being opposites, the two have been best friends since they were little kids. He's an athletic prodigy and social butterfly who gets along well with the ladies, despite being a blunt meathead. Though their personalities have diverged since they were kids, they've known each other for a very long time and have a strong bond of trust.

As of 0.4.4, each release's route flowchart is bundled as a .png with the release, but all the flowcharts since 0.7.0 can be found here on Dropbox (including Patreon-only releases).

Natalie of Nigmabox has also provided a helpful player-focused flowchart in her glowing review of 0.8.1 here that should give a general outline for the routes.

(Please check the TFGS thread for the full changelog)

(Patreon only) 0.8.8:

  • In a new branch of writing, Zach can now let Britney go first with explaining what how Zach can help get her parents off her back during their dining hall conversation. The conversations will change slightly depending on their order, but Britney will appreciate that you let her go first and will remember that option if you pick it.
  • There's some extremely significant backstory given about Britney and Zach's families in this update. I'm playing my cards close to my chest on this one, but this dialogue is important (and not just because it's another piece of the puzzle for why Zach is the way he is).
  • Zach's explanation about what re:Dreamer is was slightly edited to fit together with the variable conversation order and to make some of the more stilted lines flow more naturally. It wasn't anything major, but it should be a bit more readable now.
  • From the feedback from some players, I edited a few of Zach's behaviors towards Britney to be a bit more "trans girl-ish" should the Trans stats be higher or if Zach answered that he probably was a trans woman in denial during Ai's therapy session. Keisuke's route is later going to get the same treatment, but I really don't want to my gears back to his route and instead want to focus entirely on Britney's (at least until they have an equal amount of content).
  • I forgot to put in a check in Keisuke Day 2 morning's explanation about re:Dreamer that accounted for whether or not Zach claimed to have memory loss about re:Dreamer with Ai (or, as it is now, if Ai suggested to Zach that he had memory loss). I know I literally just typed that I didn't want to switch gears back to Keisuke yet, but this was a potential plot hole that needed resolving.
  • Many other very minor edits to Britney's route as I polished up lines here and there.
  • The window can now be resized again! Since I move things around my screen often during development and need pixel-perfect display of the game for checking assets, I have a developer setting enabled that turns off dragging the window to resize it. I left the code for that out of the compiled game via the Ren'Py build options so that should have been set back to being enabled, but I never actually checked that it worked. It didn't, meaning it was still impossible to resize in releases. Now I have it working based on detecting if Ren'Py is running out of a release with 'config.developer = "auto"' (the same thing preventing people from just pressing Shift+D to access the developer tools); if it's running in anything besides the Ren'Py SDK, the window can be resized normally. I'm sure this is going to cause a lot of confusion for Espeon and I fully expect her to grumble at me someday about how this makes her life more difficult, but it works perfectly for my purposes lol :^)
  • Zach's phone battery indicator now has a tiny little lightning bolt and turns green to show when it's plugged in and charging.
  • Ai's ahaha.wav laugh has been moved to the voices audio channel, meaning that you can turn it off if it bothers you.

(Patreon only) 0.8.7:

  • LOTS of new Britney writing. Seriously, I haven't had the writing demon possess me like this since 0.2.2 back in February 2020.
  • The Zach to Zoey transformation CG has been updated with final versions of the hands, shoulders, and Adam's apple TFs.

(Public) 0.8.6:

  • Britney has new writing after the sex scene. It's a bit short given that this dev cycle was only a week and I'm on new Parkinson's medications I'm getting used to, but it's building up for Zach going girlmode and eating dinner with Britney.
  • The campus commons area dining hall background from Keisuke Day 4 has been replaced so that it can be used as Zach's dorm room dining hall background.
  • The "cute" and "sexy" Keisuke Day 2 mall underwear have been swapped. The black one with purple lace is now "sexy" and the pink one with white lace is now "cute" (there's also a little graphic showing which is which in the content jump menu). Yes, I know pose A has smaller breasts than poses B and C.
  • The underlying Ren'Py engine is back on the latest version once again as the issues with rollback have been fixed.
  • Added a text document to the game folder detailing how to fix the relatively common problem of the game not launching properly due to Ren'Py's new graphical renderer settings as well as showing what to do if other errors pop up.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tzeshern

Version reviewed: 0.8.3 on 07/26/2021

Sweet. Hope Britney route can be finished soon and Ai decided to jump into the world to join the fun hehe

Review by ElectNigma

Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 06/18/2021

While re:Dreamer is still fairly early along in its development, the project is shaping up into something amazing. It can be funny, it can be heartfelt, it can be methodical, it can be existential, it hits pretty much every note I want to see not only as a TG story, but as a story overall.

Full Review: https://nigmabox.com/2021/06/03/redreamer-version-0-8-1-review/ 

Review by NachtWitch

Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 06/18/2021

the redone intro and TG sequence is riveting, getting the player to sympathise with Zach and his predicament. The writing is on another level compared to most games on this site, as it is interesting enough that I never found myself skipping any scenes (even going back a few times to reread some actually). If you value smut this game doesn't disappoint as each scene is both very hot and helps build relationships between characters, providing an excelent balance between the horny and the story, 9.5/10, removed .5 to make it look like I wasn't paid to say this. Re;Dreamer provides a wish fulfillment fantasy for those struggling with their current identity, definitely a replacement for therapy, cheaper too

Review by RealityBender

Version reviewed: 0.5.3 on 01/03/2021

Really loving this game and breaking Zoey in! Shower scene is wonderful~

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 10/23/2020


Its a well made game

without anything remarkable or sexy

it targets ppl with wish & dreams similar to the main story

If you are strugling with the issue then i do recommend this game, other wise not worth at all.

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