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Version: 0.13.1

Version: 0.13.0

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Version: 0.11.0

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Version: 0.10.7

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Version: 0.9.0-Bugfix-3

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Version: 0.2.0

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Version: 0.1.8

Version: 0.1.7

Version: 0.1.6

Version: 0.1.5

Version: 0.1.4 Bugfix

Version: 0.1.4

Version: 0.1.3


Zach, a broke college freshman who's been coasting through life without a purpose, just found a curious phone game called re:Dreamer. This incredible phone app has world-bending powers, and he accidentally turned himself into a sexy and voluptuous young woman before he even finished the tutorial. Even worse, he'll never be able to change back unless he wins this reality-editing competitive sex game and he has to keep its existence a secret from everyone except the single friend he's allowed to invite for help playing it!

With a lack of sexual experience and an impish and unreliable in-game A.I. who insists on calling him "Zoey" as his only lead on how to compete in this perverted game, will Zach be able to hold onto the things that made him a man, keep his transformation a secret for the six months of the game season, and win a world-changing wish to change himself back, or will he remain stuck as a woman?

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Downloading re:Dreamer over itch.io's client is heavily recommended as its intelligent way of patching game files simplifies updating the game as it turns 1.5 GB downloads into patches less than 50 MB.

Zach Taylor, the protagonist of this story, is a smugly intelligent but neurodivergent introvert who feels like he doesn't know who he is. After a gap year taken to find his identity, he's now a freshman mechanical engineering student at a large university in Portland, OR. He spends his idle time searching for new and obscure phone games to play as F2P user on a broke college student lifestyle.

Zoey Taylor, the name that got thrust upon the woman Zach turned into, is a smugly intelligent but neurodivergent introvert who feels like she doesn't know who she is, but she's going to have to find out soon.

Ai is the unreliable and mischievous A.I. that came with Zach’s copy of re:Dreamer. She seems to treat this all as one big game, though it probably is just that for her. Ai appears to have her head in the gutter 24/7 and seems to take great pleasure in teasing Zach. It remains to be seen if Zach can trust her.

Britney is a dorky young-adult blonde white girl and anime/game/cosplay otaku from Austin, Texas who is quite attractive but abrasive if you can't keep up with her pace. She and Zach met in high school and bonded over their similar taste in anime and phone gacha. She is also Zach's only female friend.

Keisuke is Zach's childhood friend and neighbor. Despite being opposites, the two have been best friends since they were little kids. He's an athletic prodigy and social butterfly who gets along well with the ladies, despite being a blunt meathead. Though their personalities have diverged since they were kids, they've known each other for a very long time and have a strong bond of trust.

As of 0.4.4, each release's route flowchart is bundled as a .png with the release, but all the flowcharts since 0.7.0 can be found here on Dropbox (including Patreon-only releases).

Natalie of Nigmabox has also provided a helpful player-focused flowchart in her review of 0.10.5 here that should give a general outline for the routes.

Please check here on JustPaste.it for the full changelog.

Review by Doperanks

Version reviewed: 0.10.9 on 09/01/2022

As a visual novel, this game is one of the best I've seen out there. The artwork is amazing and the story is really good. 

Be warned, this is not a create your own story style game, and there is hardly any branching in the paths. 
The difference is mostly in the reactions of the MC, not in how the story unfolds.

Still, this is one of my favourites on this site and I'm excited to see more!

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.10.9 on 08/28/2022

The major issue I have with this game is that although the writing may be as good as Stargazer says, there is so much of it that you really are not encouraged to read any of it.  Most of the game seems to be the same scene with 10, 15, 20 screens of text.  I tend to hold down the control key to get to something different and it feels like I'm holding it down for 5 minutes.

Review by Stargazer

Version reviewed: 0.10.5 on 06/24/2022

The writing is good and got me invested in a few good places. The problem is the lack of choices. Hopefully as things are worked on there'll be more added but as it stands it's more of a linear story with two paths than anything else. 

Review by ElectNigma

Version reviewed: 0.10.3 on 06/03/2022

While re:Dreamer is still fairly early along in its development, the project is shaping up into something amazing. It can be funny, it can be heartfelt, it can be methodical, it can be existential, it hits pretty much every note I want to see not only as a TG/TSF/Gender Bender story, but as a story overall.

Full Review: https://nigmabox.com/2022/06/03/redreamer-version-0-10-5-review/  

Review by Dsanchez

Version reviewed: 0.10.0 on 04/18/2022

Decent game with really good art and thought into the background story and world building. The story is well written and generally flows well from one part to the other however it also is not perfect.

One of the main cons of the story is that it can get unecessarily long winded at parts where it takes the player out of what's going on interrupting with the flow.

The writing is geared more towards a young male who is not straight but hasnt realized it yet. The MC thinks and acts far more femenine than masculine right off the bat. This is fine if you are trying to go the gay,bisexual, trans, femenine male route but does not work if you are trying to go for the straight male route.

Some of the writing does not match some of the choices you can make. For example if you are trying to go the straight male route, the writing does not seem to match what a of straight male would think or do in certain situations.

A straight male would display strong negative feelings/emotions/actions if another male got too close to them or approached them in a provocative manner and probably more extreme reactions towards strangers. Add to that finding yourself in a female body that you did not want.....the feelings/emotions/actions would be amplified by several levels nearing towards hostility and paranoia towards other males.

If you are approaching it from from any other perspective than a straight male though the story does flow well for the most part. Some of the scenes can still be a bit long winded at times and seem forced or cringy for what the story has revealed so far.

Generally a decent game so far for what is available but definitely geared towards a more femenine MC playthrough




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