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Version: 0.0.9b

Version: 0.0.9a

Version: 0.0.9

Version: 0.0.8b

Version: 0.0.8a

Version: 0.0.8

Version: 0.0.7c

Version: 0.0.7b

Version: 0.0.7a

Version: 0.0.7

Version: 0.0.6a

Version: 0.0.6

Version: 0.0.5a

Version: 0.0.5

Version: 0.0.4b

Version: 0.0.4a

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Fresh Starts

21/10/2019: 100 likes reached! Thank you so much!
21/03/2020: 250 likes reached! Love you wonderful people <3
23/01/2021: 500 likes! I can't beleive it. Thank you everyone, I wouldn't be there without your support.

Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do... immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lenghts are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell...

As of Alpha 0.0.9, the game --still-- heavily revolves around sissification of the PC, most event revolving around said theme. However, there are plans in the future to open new paths, but also to implement a female character. The game currently doesn't offer much story wise at the time, but all the content is optional, which felt really important as the game is supposed to be a "sandbox".  However, major features keep being added with each update, making the game quite complex despite its early stage of development.

Join the discord for weekly dev diaries and to interact with other players! (https://discord.gg/3AjHUuY) 

Selling points:
-Decent writing
-Option to avoid specific content in character
-110 unique clothing items
-417 passage
-158 unique adult pictures and videos
-23 visitable locations
-9 jobs (with three involving complex game mechanics)

Please note that:
-Starting from 0.0.4, files are now save compatible! How wonderful!

Known Issues:
-Inconsistencies in Quest Detection
-Possible continuity inconsistency regarding the Halloween event

Feedback and reviews are welcomed! (Even if you didn't like it! I strive on constructive critiscism)

Mr Ronzo: Your cheap landlord.
Crystal: A girl you meet at the Red Vixen with a secret...
Jordan: One of Crystal's friends, you can see him at the Gym some times.
Jeff Godwyn: Your boss at the Gas Station
Kara: Crystal's roomie, from what you can see, she's quite kinky~
Raven: Works at Tenebria, a snarky, almost stereotypically goth woman.

Go to the Gas Station to get your first job, working there will unlock new options such as the gloryhole and specific stats will unlock new options!
Go to the college and choose a program before day 5.
The laptop (unlocks porn, cheat, extra items and additional jobs) is available for purchase at Future Shack which is located in the Mall

If you want to access the sewing content, you will need to choose the fashion program and attend to a class on day 33+

For Holt-Oritz Engineering (HOE) job, you need to be in the business program and attend the interview (don't miss it!)

Hotfix 0.0.9b
-Players will no longer be able to leave the Gym until they change back if they make use of the locker feature
-Fixed bug with Routine on Saturday (for good!)
-Fixed Latex Dress not displaying in outfit preview
-Fixed the redirections for "Critical" Punishments (16 instances)
-Fixed Hypno 2 "Regular" reward being a dead end
-Fixed Ring Light and Microphone not being purchasable at Future Shack
-Fixed Gloryhole actions not giving any money
-Fixed the Routine Shower returning to "Don't Shower" whenever you went to look at your routine.

Note: I am aware of some inconsistencies on quest detection as of now, while those aren't patched, I am working on finding out what's wrong. Thank you for your patience

Patch 0.0.9a
-Not wearing a top or a bottom or shoes will make you stay in when resolving
-If a type of food is no longer available, it will go to the next tier down, if you don't have any of the lowest tier you won't eat
-Home upgrades during rent will no longer display if there are none left
-You are no longer able to attend Sissy Training if you refused Kara's advances before hand
-The Crystal event announcing the Halloween Party at the Red Vixen will give you the option to go see Kara afterwards if you are doing Sissy Training
-Fixed bug with Routine on Saturday
-Routines will now properly make you consume the food item
-Fixed Latex Stockings being dependent on Leather Stockings of display
-Fixed Latex Nun Set not displaying in outfit preview
-Fixed Latex Stockings not displaying in outfit preview
-Fixed the redirections for Kara Quests (there was a lot of them)
-Fixed Hypno 2 task looping infinitely
-Fixed Laptop detection for Hypno 1 task
-Fixed Line Break issues
-Fixed Face Forward calling itself Hush Hush when your sissification stat is too low
-Probably a bunch more that I forgot to list, sorry >.<

-Apartment: Added HairBGone to the Bathroom
-Future Shack: Added Microphone and Ring Light
-Face Forward: Replaced [Insert Name] to Face Forward, added description/help to all tabs
-Red Vixen: Added Kara feminization quests (8 quests with various outcomes each)
-Laundromat: Finished the flavour text
-Gym: Added two new (rare) training outcomes
Red Lights District
-Underground Clinic: Added HairBGone
-Kam.io: Added caps to income per stream (raised with upgrades)
-Minor update to the laptop's UI
-Changed button style at Future Shack
-Tweaked the UI of the SportsPro
-Tweaked the UI of the Wardrobe
-Tweaked the UI of Hush Hush
-Tweaked the UI of ShoeShop
-Tweaked the UI of Forever 69
-Tweaked the UI of ClotheR
-Tweaked the UI of Elsa & Rose
-Tweaked the UI of Tabitha's
-Reduced spacing between the items UI and leave option in all Face Forward Tabs
-Tweaked the UI of the Red Lights District
-Overhauled Hospital UI
-Overhauled Laundromat UI
-Webcam no longer acts as a revenue multiplier for streaming, instead raising the revenue celling
-Reduced cost of the Webcam from 85 to 70
-Gloryhole Blowjob xp gain is no longer RNG reliant
-Gloryhole Handjob xp gain is no longer RNG reliant
-Gloryhole Anal xp gain is no longer RNG reliant
-Gloryhole Titfuck xp gain is no longer RNG reliant
-Gloryhole Blowjob now gets a payout bonus according to your Oral Level
-Gloryhole Anal now gets a payout bonus according to your Anal Level
-Gloryhole Titfuck now gets a payout bonus according to your Breasts Level
-Gloryhole Handjob now gets a payout bonus according to your Hands Level
-Fixed missing image for the Contour Palette
-Removed extra backslash in the Sets tab of Face Forward
-Latex Stockings should now be purchasable
-Fixed bugs with Blackmailing payment
-Fixed changing back into your regular clothes at the Gym being broken
-Fixed a minor bug with routines
-Fixed the bug preventing you from going back inside the Red Vixen even if it wasn't closed
-Fixed a bug where going back inside the hospital would send you back to the Underground Clinic unlock event
-Fixed one of the cheats making the player wear a top that didn't exist
-Fixed Dimoxinil being applied permanently
-Removed "ItemFutureS" variable (deprecated)
-Nudged Stove's InfoID
-Removed deprecated code from Shoes tab in the wardrobe
-All Lonzo/Ronzo instances have been consolidated to Ronzo for consistency's sake.


Hotfix 0.0.8b
-Fixed various bugs in the last Red Vixen Event
-Added Info button for the webcam in Future Shack
-Added prompts when successfully entering a cheat code on Puddle.com

Hotfix 0.0.8a
-Fixed a bunch of Routine bugs (value resets, errors)
-Fixed the errors when sleeping at home
-Fixed compatibilitywith 0.0.7x and before save files
-Fixed blank screen with the sixth event
-Fixed fixed corrupted link for home renovations (Homekeeping route)
-Fixed corrupted link in the Halloween Party event
-Dimoxinil should now be applicable
-Fixed a CSS error at Planck's: (Homekeeping route)
-Fixed Nude Eye Shadow errors when using it as part of a style
-Added forgotten Dimoxinil image

Fresh Starts 0.0.8
-Added Routine Menu (Unlocked with alarm)
-Red Vixen: Added two new events
-Hush Hush: Fixed CSS
-Future Shack: Added info buttons to help players figure out what items do
Red Lights District
-Underground Clinic: Added Dimoxinil and info buttons to help players figure out what the drugs do
-Added a new repeatable Sissy Maid task
-All porn stat changes are guaranteed (once) after an equivalent of 50 minutes of videos without gains (10 short videos, 4 normal videos or 2 normal videos)
-Switched computer icons to png with transparent backgrounds
Quality of Life
-Added Routine (Major Feature)
-You can no longer fail Mascara application
-Reapplying eye makeup will no longer mess your Mascara
-Fixed a couple of bugs regarding makeup application
-Fixed CSS bugs in multiple passages
-Added custom game art to the side bar
-Backend: Added female character creation (inactive)
-Backend: Added female character backstories (inactive/draft)


Content Patch 0.0.7c

-Gym: Added lockers allow to change at the gym (suggested by phoebefluid)
-College: You can now do the enrollment event for the entire first week even if you said no to enrollment, as long as you don't choose a program
-Face Forward: Added the Pretty in Pink and Dark Fantasies sets
-Blue Moon: Added a dignity drop when first performing
-Show N' Tail: Added a dignity drop when first performing
-Dimly Lit Street: Added a dignity drop when having sex for the first time
-Overhauled Tips for a spoiler free in game wiki on stats (Will be expanded later)
Quality of Life:
-Added warnings for low health and low hygiene on the side bar
-Disabled the Campus so you go straight inside/out of College until other sublocations are added (suggested by phoebefluid)
-Added a special notification for Halloween week
-Minor changes to the Apartment's UI
-Fixed last bug with repainting the door
-Fixed fanmail/blackmail not displaying notifications on Kam.io
-Fixed a bug with the arrestation passage
-Fixed a dead end if you aren't costumed at the Halloween Party
-Fixed Vibrator only granting Anal xp if you didn't have any xp
-Fixed an exploit with toy training

Patch 0.0.7b
-Pink Pleasers are no longer a valid option for shoes in the second sissy maid quest

-Fixed more bugs with the second sissy maid quest
-Fixed links in the "Ask for Help" section of Face Forward
-Fixed a bug in the updater
-Fixed more bugs regarding home upgrades
-Fixed one of the scenarios when auditioning at the Blue Moon not having any link
-Fixed some Show N'Tail links redirecting to a passage that doesn't exist
-Spelling tweaks in some passages

Patch 0.0.7a
-Fixed a bunch of links in the new content (and in the Crystal reveal scene)
-Fixed VPNs not ticking down when the day changes
-Fixed the house upgrades via Mr. Lonzo
-Fixed the second sissy maid job
-Fixed Internet Exploder leading to Tips
-Fixed a stray "$Name" instance in the code
-Added a confirmation button to force set the name in character creation to patch a rare bug.
-Added VPN timers to the inventory

Alpha 0.0.7
-Kam.io fanmail, blackmail and privacy
-Apartment: Repaint your door, change your water tank, new interactions with Mr. Lonzo.
-Future Shack: ErosVPN, ErosVPN+ and ErosVPN Pro
-Planck's (homekeeping exclusive): Added water tank and paint
-College: Added a new random event at the library and a new blackmailed option
Red Light District
-Added Dimly Lit Street
-Forever 69: Added Latex Stockings
-Overhauled computer UI (Thanks to Luna Zarus for the help)
-Other minor UI tweaks
-Added a new gregschart unlockable quest (Sissy Maid)

-Added mail function to gregschart and Kam.io
-Slutty Leather Outfit: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances

-Pink Crop Top: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Pink Latex Skirt: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Black Lace-up Boots: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Tall Platform Heels: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Red Thigh High Boots: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-White Thigh High Boots: Now grants a major boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Leather Skinnies: Now grants a boost to prostitution solicitation chances
-Micro Shorts: Now grants minor boost to prostitution chances
-Ballerina Heels: Now grants minor boost to prostitution chances
-Black Over The Knee Boots: Now grants minor boost to prostitution chances
-Black Pleasers: Now grants minor boost to prostitution chances
-Pink Pleasers: Now grants minor boost to prostitution chances
-Reduced price of the alarm clock from 60$ to 30$

-Vibrator: Removed random effect chance and xp gain upped to 2 (from intended 1)
-Dildo: Removed random effect chance and xp gain upped to 4 (from 1)
-Suction dildo: Removed random effect chance and xp gain upped to 6 (from 1)
-Fuck Machine: Removed random effect chance and xp gain upped to 8 (from 1)
-Migrated the fellatio from the dildo and suction cup dildo to the new skill system and xp gain upped to 2 (from 1)
-Shower rebalanced in accord to new water tank.
-Fixed the vibrator not granting any anal xp

-Fixed the Maid Dress picture not displaying properly in the Looks tab
-Fixed "Gym is (Closed)" displaying when travelling from the grocery store
-Fixed insta-travel bug from the grocery store to the gym
-Fixed an ending bug in the Halloween Party event
-Fixed White Eyeliner appearing in inventory when purchasing Eyeliner
-Fixed "You are out of painkiller" appearing on the same line as another option in the bathroom
-Fixed UI bugs with Eyeliners, Styles and Advanced makeup menus
-Fixed removal of Leather Stockings
-Fixed Mascara not appearing in Face Forward
-Replaced Latex Maid Dress Image

-Moved Updater Code from StoryCaption to a separate widget
-Cleaned up the StoryCaption code


Alpha 0.0.6

-New Makeup system
-There is a chance for you to fail application of a specific item based on your level in makeup
-Sleeping with makeup on will cause your hygiene to fall rapidly
-You can preset up to three of your most favorite looks!
-New advanced techniques allowing you to test your skills
-Overhaul of the sexual skills to work similarly to the recent skills (doesn't include the "hypno" skills)
-Face Forward: The new cosmetic shop just opened at the mall, offering a wide variety of items for the player to purchase.
-Red Vixen: Going to the Red Vixen between day 54 and day 61 will allow you to get an invite from Kara to the Halloween Party
-Blue Moon: You can now get a stripper nickname after your third shift, New Halloween event on day 62!
-Show N' Tail: You can now get a stripper nickname after your third shift
-Apartment: New Makeup menu accessible via the bathroom, go to the Halloween Party on day 62 if you have been invited!
-Rebalanced sex toys in accordance to the Anal Skill system
-Muted both shemale stripper videos


Patch 0.0.6a
-Added an extra 15 minutes of leeway to arrive late in classes
-Added a minor makeup xp gain in the acting class about makeup
-You now need 10 sissification points to go to Face Forward
Profile and Stats
-Dangerously low stats will now display in red (Health, exam success chances and hygiene)
-Tweaked sexual skills display to reflect the new changes.
-Fixed warnings in the sidebar not showing up (food and classes)
-Fixed some options within the 4th Red Vixen Event
-Fixed the last Red Vixen event choices in the "Panic path"
-Fixed one of the crossdressing convincingness levels not displaying
-Minor Makeup UI tweaks
-Minor spelling fixes
-Day 62 (Halloween) will now show in orange in the side bar


Alpha 0.0.5
-Dog sitting job now available (gives a random cheat if you succeed)

-College: Random events in Library, can refuse to enlist during first event, tuition fees can now be repayed
-Red Vixen: Two new events
-Gym: Two new events
-Mall: You can now interact with Raven a bit (1 event)
-HOE: First week of work added and added short description

-Fixed a Acting Skill, Sewing Skill and Dancing Skill gains during College classes
-Fixed HOE
-Fixed the 1000$ option for stream goals
-Fixed rare bug with Lolita Garter Set purchase
-Fixed College Party being repeatable
-Fixed Leggings setting outfit to "0", causing subsequent issues when equipping a top or other bottom clothing
-Fixed Blue Moon job application never showing up
-Fixed the return inside options for Blue Moon and Show N' Tail
-Fixed Practicing in the Blue Moon and SNT causing an error
-Fixed time not updating properly after strolling in College
-Fixed time not updating properly when switching district
-Probably fixed rare bug saying you missed class at weird moments of the day

-Tweaked tuition fees
-Backend change to help dialogue writing with Kara, Crystal and PC
-Muted Lapdance1.m4v and Lapdance2.m4v

Hotfix 0.0.5a
-$Name popping out instead of player name
-Fixed Admorvils being entirely consummed when popping a single pill
-Fixed surgery dead end at the Underground Clinic
-Fixed bugged pictures/videos warranting a zip only rerelease (Thank you sissyaline for pointing out each instances)
-Fixed buying Admorvils teleporting PC to the Gas Station
-Fixed confrontation option in the Red Vixen's fourth event

-Added a leave option to the Pharmacy at the Underground Clinic


Alpha 0.0.4: The Big City Update

-Added Backstories
-Crossdresser (Legacy gameplay)
-Jock (Harder to slip into sissy content, health doesn't affect sport)
-Nerd (Bonus when studying, health doesn't affect studying)
-Rich Kid (Easy start with laptop and extra money)
-Acting and Dancing skills are now added to the game
-Crossdressing Detection and Convincingness

-Red Light District (4 new sublocations)
   -The Show 'n Tail (strip club - male/shemale): New job, can attend as a client
   -The Blue Moon (strip club - female/sissy): New job, can attend as a client
   -Underground Clinic: Extreme sizes+Admorvils
   -Forever 69: Maid Dress and 15 completely new clothing items
-Downtown: Includes all previous locations
   -Hospital: (New event, unlocks the Underground Clinic)
   -College: Acting and Dancing programs now give you skill points in their respective skills.
   -Tenebria: 3 new items
   -Hush: 5 new items
-Uptown: (3 new locations)
   -Spa: (Improve dignity and lower certain stats)
   -Holt-Oritz Engineering: (New job)
   -Elsa & Rose: 11 new items

-Added Kam.io (New job)
-icoast (replaced Maid Dress with Lolita Garter Set)

-Overhauled the travel screens
-Overhauled the mall

-All gifs have been converted to m4v
-Managed to introduce save compatibility starting with this version (Hooray!)
-Reframed some images to remove stretching
-Changed Goth Heels and Red Pumps pictures
-A whole bunch of spelling and grammar errors were corrected!

-Fixed the confirmation for sewing/business and acting class saying you were in the homekeeping program.
-Fixed Cheats
-Fixed Undercut and Shaving (female) setting hairstyle to "blank"
-Fixed Remove button on thighs removing your boxers/panties instead
-Fixed Debug Waiting
-Fixed the Sexy School Girl Uniform not being wearable
-Fixed Tailed Plug detection for Kitty Cat job
-Fixed Toy Tester event's pay
-Fixed Green Wig button checking for Rainbow Wig
-Fixed Sport Top button
-Fixed Pastel Thighs button

Hotfix 0.0.4a

-Fixed the bad conditional expression during your encounter with Kara at the Red Vixen

-Fixed a broken image in the Toy Tester Event
-Fixed rear and breast sizes not displaying properly in the profile

 Content Patch 0.0.4b

-Presets: 8 slots to save your favorite outfits, including outwear, wigs, underwears and accessories! (Suggested by QuantumKat)

-Hospital: Added new ways to get the event unlocking the underground clinic
-Hair Salon: You can now get you hair cut "refreshed" (suggested by sissyaline)
-Underground Clinic: Added an intro when first visiting the clinic
-Show N' Tail: Now allows you to see shemale strippers when enjoying the show, you won't tip the stripper if you are broke
-Blue Moon: You can no longer tip the stripper if you are broke

-Bunch of changes in clothing pictures (mostly resizes), hence the absence of an HTML only download for this version
-Few typo fixes
-Adjusted HTML for icoast and the homepage so the selection button is on the same line as the selection bar
-Few tweaks to hair lengths under the profile tab

-Fixed Botox for good (HUGE thank you to sissyaline)
-Fixed rare bug with haircuts (Thank you to sissyaline)
-Fixed tipping the strippers giving you money
-Fixed being unable to take the bus from College
-Fixed walking out of the Hair Salon leading straight to your place
-Fixed crossdressing convincingness text so it only shows the tier you are at
-Fixed being unable to come early to the Show N' Tail for practice
-Fixed a visited meter in the Underground Clinic
-Fixed HTML code in icoast offers (sewing path)
-Fixed bad evaluation code in the Redlight District
-(Hopefully) fixed the unexpected tokens in the Blue Moon and Show N' Tail
-Fixed Show N' Tail shows teleporting you to the Blue Moon (Thank you sissyaline)
-Probably a few more that I forgot along the way


Alpha 0.0.3
Core Infrastruture:
-Added sewing (New job, new skill, 13 different craftables based on 8 different patterns and 3 different fabric types, all content is exclusive to fashion students.)
-Food overhaul and fitness system

-Sewing supplies store (Polyester, Denim, Latex, String, Sewing Machine, Patrons)
-Electronic Store (Stove)
-Grocer (New food options)
-College (2 weeks of extra content, school start moved forward by a week, new library study options)
-Hair Salon: You can now cancel an haircut before completing the first stage.

-Gas Station: (1 new event,half shifts)
-Gloryhole (2 events, Anal option and titfuck option)
-Online sewing job: 11 different repeatable contracts

-icoast now have two extra tabs when you are in the fashion program

-Fixed the Fuck Machine breaking time
-Fixed Gloryhole gifs always being the same
-Fixed bug preventing MC to train with the Green T-Shirt on
-Fixed another instance of dayskip bug which happened when passing out
-Fixed hair dying breaking the game
-Fixed starting the game with your body being entirely shaved
-Fixed Pastel Wig displaying the picture of the Rainbow Wig in the wardrobe
-Fixed hygiene being able to fall in the negatives.

-Optimized the mall a bit
-Optimized submissiveness calculation (Thanks sissyaline)
-Rebalanced some of the cheats
-Updated credits
-Few UI tweaks in the wardrobe

Hotfix v0.0.3a

-Fixed rare instances of the Dayskip bug with Red Vixen events number 2 and 3 if going to the Red Vixen past midnight
-Fixed being trapped in the kitchen if you are out of food
-Fixed the Grocery Store and Red Vixen always closing right after you go outside from them
-Fixed the the College Party so you can't can repeat it multiple times.
-Fixed other shaving bugs
-Fixed Coming back home too late from the College party might prevent you from sleeping (Patched for 0.0.3a) 
-Fixed Black Jeans 
and Watch so you can wear them  
-Fixed the link for changing your mind at the hair salon  
-Fixed gloryhole HTML errors

-Added waiting options in the debug menu
-Tripled the odds of finding the maid dresses on icoast
-Doubled the odds of finding the tailed plug and cat ears on icoast
-Moved the cheat codes to the internet home page (use the Puddle searchbar)
-Removed an exploit allowing to remove the penalty for not fulfilling an icoast order

Content Patch 0.0.3b
-The ball-gag and dildo-gag are now both wearable, but you can't go out wearing them

-Watching Maledom or Femdom videos with a gag on improves or decreases the odds of you gaining an effect by 10%

-Fixed a bug preventing the player to attend the college party
-Fixed the Cat Ears and Fishnet Thighs so you can now wear them
-Fixed HTML span in the gloryhole
-Fixed one of the gifs in the Gloryhole boobjob
-Fixed Paizuri option showing as "Ride it" like the Anal option at the Gloryhole
-Fixed the return loop if looking at one of the menus after being in another (Thank you HiEv)


Alpha 0.0.2:

-Hygiene System 
-Cum Staining 
-Hair Growth 
-Functional toys (Dildo, Vibrator, Suction Cup Dildo, Wand, Sex Machine, 13 new gifs) 
-Classes and studying

-Apartment: New Bathroom, shower now got a different gif if you masturbate and/or have breasts 
-The Laudromat is now Functional 
-Hair Salon+Wig Store (15 haircuts, 16 hair colors and 3 wigs) 
-Mall: 3 new shops (Tabitha's [5 new items], Old Republic [12 new items] and Sport Pro [5 new items]) 
-Red Vixen (1 new event) 
-Gym (You now require "gym clothes" to work out, 2 new events) 
-College (Classes until "week 4", +1 new event, temporarily removed football field, the library is now functional) 
-Gas Station (Job text variations, new gloryhole system) 
-Grocer: (UI improvements. 4 new items) 
-Tenebria: (2 new items)
-ClotheR: (1 new item)
-ShoesShop: (1 new item) 

-Sport Clothing
-Maid Clothes 
-More Costumes 
-Expanded Male Clothing 

-UI Improvements 
-8 new items for icoast and "junk items" 
-Gregschart (5 One off quests) 
-Porn site (Photosensitive mode, BDSM reworked into Maledom and Femdom, 20+ new gifs and 5 pics) 

-Improved odds of getting an effect watching porn. 
-Increase pay from work to reflect changes in week schedule (85/shift to 100/shift) 

Quality of Life: 
-Reminder saying if you didn't eat today on the side bar 
-Notification for skill gain when watching porn 

-Removed the back and forward options 
-Added Debug mode 
-Basic UI tweaks 
Bug fixes:
-Fixed being unable to pay rent after failing the first time 
-Fixed day advancing twice 
-Fixed rent being skipped or charged twice/on the wrong day 
-Fixed porn effects not working 
-Fixed Gamebreaking bug when pressing enter after writing something in a textbox
-Fixed Botox Cooldown always being active 
-Fixed lower rent events.

Hotfix v0.0.2a:

-Fixed grocer draining your money (and giving you a gazillion razors)
-Fixed some errors in the profile.

Hotfix v0.0.2b
-Fixed College not working (which means you are now able to attend to your classes and to the new event)
-Fixed 3rd Red Vixen event
-Fixed Library
-Fixed having laptop from the start (sorry I'm taking that away folks)
-Fixed paying late rent
-Fixed gloryhole not taking time when there are no cocks peeking through
-Fixed hairgrowth
-Removed the uTorrent.exe from the game files
Quality of Life:
-New indicators in the College so you know if you have a class today and when
-New option to stroll in the College to advance time.
-The maid event can now be repeated 7 days after completion (now a recuring job). Just note that I didn't do any new text for now! (Thanks Elune for the suggestion!)
-Changed "None" Musclebuild to "Average" (Suggested by JW)
Hotfix v0.0.2c
-Fixed Red Vixen 3rd event, again
-Fixed broken pictures (Shaved Male, All Femdom gifs)
-Fixed shaving
-Minor tweeks to the profile
-A few english mistakes have been corrected

Hotfix v0.0.2d
-Summoned eldritch powers to quash the bugs in Red Vixen's third event.
-More fixed gifs (caged variants of toy interactions+dildo sucking and College's Party
-Fixed "$ExamPassChance%" in the Library

Hotfix v0.0.2e
-Fixed painkillers
-More fixed more gifs (chastity suction dildo+Femdom2) and the Razors picture.
-Fixed $ExamPassChance not updating to a numerical value after starting classes.
-Attempted fix for the day skipping (experimental, might not work please tell me on Discord or the forum thread) 
-Readded the pictures in the zip file

Content Patch v0.0.2f
-Fixed painkillers giving overdose effect all the time
-Fixed submissiveness turning into an equation
-Fixed Wigs menu not refreshing properly
-Fixed dayskip definitively (thank you sissyaline for the idea)
-Fixed one of the event ends in the second Red Vixen event
-Fixed Bodypainting ending and font color
-Fixed "Double Rent" permanently 

-Changed the breast augmentation surgery text/selector to make more sense
-Added D cups and DD cups as options
-Removed the misleading "(Does nothing)" next to the check-up option 

-Surgery recovery is partially active, you can no longer work if recovering from any surgery (Breasts is 7 days, rear is 14 days).
-You can no longer work with low hygiene or attend to your class/study at the library with very low hygiene

-Added class reminder on the sidebar (Thank you Nutluck for the suggestion)

-Tweaked Internet UI a bit
-Tweaked profile text
-Tweaked stats
-Tweaked inventory
-Added a new download option (Thank you Dark Lord Kimmi and Jet-Boy for the suggestion)

Patch v0.0.2g
-Fixed the sissy maid option vanishing
-Various formatting fixes
-Fixed Gym event 1 looping indefinitely
-Fixed (body) hair growths
-Fixed Maledom porn only giving submissiveness
-Fixed the Kitty Cat task in gregschart
-Fixed University reminders showing up on week-ends if the homekeeping, design/sewing or stenography program is chosen.

Red Vixen:
-Events now make the day progress as well as affect body stats (food, hairgrowth) (Event 2 and 3)
-Tweaked certain macros to display items purchasable since 0.0.2
Alpha v0.0.1:
-Explore Hutinberg: visit 14 different locations throughout the city
-Wear Clothes: Chose from 42 different clothing items, ranging from professional clothing to casual outwear, passing by bimbo and goth styles
-We're not cavemen! We have technology!: Buy a computer and visit different websites or just buy an alarm clock to wake on time.
-Change your appearance: Go to the hospital and modify your body at your will... or at least, almost to it...
-Educate yourself: Go to school and begin to learn one of 4 professions
-Get kinky: Buy sex toys, watch porn, have sex.
-Your apartment: Eat, sleep, use your computer.. if you have one (1 recurring event with an unlockable option~)
-The Red Vixen: A vibrant club where you may make new encounters (2 events)
-The gym: Work out and improve your shape!
-College: Begin to learn a new trade (1 event with no actual gains as of now)
-Grocery Store: Buy sustenance
-Gas Station: Get a job, have fun at the gloryhole out back or buy food at an increased price (2 events)
-The Mall: Which includes the following locations:
-Tenebria: The local goth store still seems afloat (12 items)
-ClotheR: To supply you with more formal clothes (5 items)
-Desire~: The sex shop offers you a wide variety of toys (11 items)
-Hush Hush: The hip place where young people buy their clothes (11 items)
-Future Shack: For all your electronic needs (4 items)
-ShoeStore: For more generic footwear (5 items)

-Break reality using cheat codes
-Buy items online: 4 unique items in stock, with only one on display each day, visit often!.
-Watch porn: 4 different categories of porn, each with their own effect on yourself (20 different gifs)
-Read tips: Everybody needs some help.

Hotfix v.0.0.1a:
-Fixed Red Vixen issues
-Fixed alarm clock issue
-Fixed greglist placeholder
-Fixed a bug when travelling from the gym
-Fixed long porn durations bugging out
-Fixed a neverending loop when looking at stats whilst watching porn
-Fixed a bug where the sissification stat would bug out
-Job description now states shift lasts eight hours instead of five
-Fixed rent taking money before actually paying it
-Fixed being able to stay in the gym after its closing hours
-Fixed Surgery giving a removal option for both rear and breasts when on recovery from a surgery.

-The Gas Station's night shift is always covered, preventing an exploit where you could work without ever needing to sleep, pay rent or eat.

Hotfix v.0.0.1b:
-Fixed Extreme Mode Porn bug
-Fixed issue where no benefits could be gained from watching porn without Extreme Mode being turned on
-Fixed rent for good (hopefully)
-Fixed spans when trying to leave topless or bottomless 
-Fixed bug which broke the game when staying up too late

Quality of Life:
-Added travel times and certain actions times (Idea by CravenSloth)
-Added hints in the apartment to guide the player towards important content (Idea by CravenSloth)
Hotfix v0.0.1c:
-Fixed rent happening on monday instead of sundays
-Fixed rare bug where rent would be skipped
-Fixed pastel crop top image in wardrobe
-Fixed pink lingerie not being bought when clicking
-Fixed gym not working properly
-Fixed another gregschart bug
-Fixed cheatcodes
-Fixed a few travel times showing in "X minutes" instead of "(h:mm)"

-Changed Extreme mode to last 15/30/45 seconds instead of minutes-long breaks
-Pictures have been resized (and thus makes the file a bit lighter (thanks to Cupworth for the pointer!)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by silverhammermax

Version reviewed: 0.0.8b on 03/21/2021

So far it's a very good concept, but the QoL oprtions are bugged. Every morning the debug escape has to be used as it breaks somewhere after it applies the time for breakfast and shower but before it flags them as complete. Also randomly interspersed with every action involving changing outfits.Otherwisethe gameplay is solid enough and show potential if one is into a slower burn and selecting the options for themselves.


I'll be keeping an eye out for some significant bug fixes, but I'm excited to try again.


That was a wonderfully fast update and many bugs were addresed. There are still a few liying in wait, but it made the game playable enough to track trough many options. the gym still binds up making it impossible to use after your first trip, unless you manually change your outfit.

There's a very solid foundation for a game here, but very little going on without player driving or foreknowledge. I can see the framework of a decent game here building itself up and I know with a little expansion and some better in-character engagement this game could be one of the greats.

One of the major failings of slow-burn TF games is player engagement during the tedium. Strong QoL features, clear paths, and intermittent burst of activity are critical to make it happen. Fresh Start is clearly building toward those, but doesn't have all of them yet. The game is currently at a point where you can experience the tedium, then buy your way clear fo some of it via the alarm clock (When the routines are working) and outfit saving. There's also framework for more to make things easier.

What's lacking is feedback and clear pathing. Feedback on what resources have been used by automation or when something has been altered outside of the various hypnotic content the player has to choose to engage in. Clear pathing in what actions are suggested, something to lead the player to make the right choices to engage the content they want. I can see the intentions to include that sort if guidance and from the earlier glitches I encountered, it's likely the kind of reporting I'm asking about is already in the back ground, we just need it more accessible.

On the subject of intermittent activity, there's some strong flashes here and there, but there could stand to be more and they would make a great way to guide the player without having to eternally use the porn/hypno method (For instance, In several hours of playing I encountered a single opportunity to decrease dignity, but reducing dignity is needed for most of the lewd content)

TL;DR: There is massive potential here. There's framework obviously in place for something good, but the execution so far leaves the player wandering in circles with too little feedback as to what effect they're even having.

Review by sappho

Version reviewed: 0.0.8 on 03/16/2021

It's fine so far, and could develop into something great. The transition from "I would never buy femme clothes" to "I'm happy to go out fully en-femme" seems abrupt, hopefully that's softened as the game/plot develops.

My main gripe is the repeated use of quotes around the pronoun of a trap character, even after you know. It's just not necessary to refer to quote every reference to "her" as "she". Just use female pronouns without quotes and it will be fine.

Review by Witoli

Version reviewed: 0.0.7c on 01/25/2021

This game has promise but:

It starts and progresses way to slow, even if you don't want to make a wank game, there still has to be other non repetetiv content in that case.

There are so many unneccesary clicks - there is no respect for the players time if you have to click your way through five pages just to leave your house in the morning.

In its current form I couldnt continue playing it to see what you can unlock later.

Review by black_swan

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 11/05/2020

Love this so much! 


Version reviewed: 0.0.3b on 02/27/2020

really interesting premise and game so far. My only beef is that some scenes are not repeatable. Some games repeat scenes too often and this ruins the game but here its every scene once. Otherwise this game is worth its download. Thumbs up dev. Obviously its 003 version so dont expect much stuff but keep an eye for this

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