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Version: 0.0.1a

If I have to be Isekaid then I may as well be the Hero!..ine
by Arty

Hi everyone,

This game is primarily a learning project for me, as well my way of saying thanks to everyone here. It was inspired by other great games like Little Bitch Academia, Afterlife, Magical Camp, Timeless Pantheon, and an endless number more. In fact the beginning of the game is largely easter eggs towards a few of those games.

The themes tagged are the ones currently in game. I plan for many, many more.

I hope you enjoy!

You start off as a young man in the modern world. Soon you get pulled into a world, not of your choosing, filled with magic, women and misogyny. Quickly you are made to attend an academy where you will learn magic.

Use the mushrooms on the ground to heal!

During The Fitting save some mana for the final boss. 

Freetime can be spent in the following ways:

Current options:
Bucketball: 20% chance of raising agility
Part Time Waitress: 10 Gold, will increase with further tfs
Culture District Cafe: +1 through 2 affection with whoever you invite (Future events with characters will have minimum affection requirements)
Study in Illustre Library: 20% chance of gaining magic attack
Dummy in Wayfarer's District: 10% chance of raising strength
Fishing in Warehouse District: Catch fish to trade for potions(Will probably change in the future)

Dorm baths
Communing at Wayfarer's district Sorcery Shop
Synthesizing at Wayfarer's district Sorc Shop
Prima Practice
Events with characters
A few others if they fit.

0.0.1 Alpha Release Build

0.0.1a Many minor bugfixes. BGM added to areas. Text History added on Tab key. More filler NPC Dialogue. Other minor changes. Greatly reduced file size.

Review by vdfvdvdd

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 12/19/2021

Great game, especially for one specific mind alteration, so frustrating it stops where the fun beguins. Id kill for a finished game

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 04/29/2021

It's a fun game, with a few hours of content. The trans-formation of the PC is gradual, which l like. Honestly, so far, my only complaint is it's too short. Hopefuly the last year or 2 has allowed them to work on it a little. All in all, l look foward to if/when it gets updated

Review by Danyl

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 01/22/2021

The game is very nice and I just hope its not a stub as I would like very much to see another part. Thanks Arty for the game.

Review by udders

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 02/13/2020

I enjoyed this game short as it is. Reminded me a bit of LBA and magical camp, some humourous writing made it fun.
As mentioned a bit better idea of how to get to classes would be nice 

Hope to see a bit more

Review by Viser3

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 11/19/2019

Great start! I liked all the customization for wand, I am excited to see how it turned out. The overall tone of the game is good and there is a steady drip of tf related events that keep me interested in more than just the plot. Oh and the combat so far feels good. Keeping the balance of plot, combat and uhh... stimulation is not easy in projects like this but so far your creation is high on my list of games that I will be lurking and cheering for. Art style is good and your choice of a pov shot for a certain event was a very good decision. Keep this up and you will be on par with the other great rpg's on this site, maybe even better.


Just a suggestion here, feel free to ignore it this because its just a personal preference. The daily choices system in games is not interesting or fun to me. If you can find a way to enhance that experience or do something with it that hasnt been done before it would really make this game stand out from the rest. It feels like an unnecessary break in plot progression and it doesnt impact the experience like plot, combat or stimulation. Maybe every time the player completes a "chore" something interesting should happen to incentivise the player for more than just a stat boost... stimulation would be my go to for that but its just my biased opinion ♥

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