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Version: 0.7.3

Dawn of Corruption

Dawn of Corruption is a Dark Fantasy NSFW RPG.

Warning, this game is nsfw 18+ only.
It features male gay characters and fetishes such as:
Muscle Growth, Macro, Hyper, Goo, Transformation, Corruption

What will you become? Will corruption seep into your being?

Release Notes 0.7.4:

Glory Hole room has been added to the Nyx dungeon.
-Features 3 variants for cock sizes.
-Features unique variant for players infested with Nyx Spawns.
-The outcome of this room affects a character in another room of the dungeon.

Added Overgrowth feature to growth caps.
-When trying to grow beyond your current limit, part of that growth will now be converted into Essence.
-You can consume the accumulated Essence in the "Modify Metabolism" menu.

Vastly improved performance and time to load passages (about 2.5 times faster on most devices)

Completely new modern UI has been added to the backgrounds, stats window, choices window and passage links.

Rebalanced all enemy encounters
Nerfed "First Strike" damage multiplier (from 2.5x to 1.9x)
Nerfed "Enraged Pummel" damage multiplier (from 2x to 1.6x)

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Tons of optimizations were made on handling save data for this version, this means that some saves might be impossible to upgrade. My apologies!

Release Notes 0.7.3:

The Stamina stat and its uses have been completely reworked.
-You have full stamina at the start of every turn.
-You can spend stamina to draw additional attack cards for the turn, this replaces the redraw action. The cost increases the more you do it.
-You can spend stamina to add additional action slots to your combo. The cost increases the more you do it.
-Offensive moves have been balanced to cost more action slots, while passive moves cost less.
-The "Stamina Recovery" stat has been removed.
-All abilities giving "Stamina Recovery" have been reworked.

"Unique Attacks" (Stomp, Ensnaring Goo, etc) have been reworked to be usable once per turn in any part of your combo (with the * combo value).
-Their cost have been increased to compensate.
-They are still affected by cooldowns.

Attacks now have a damage multiplier on top of their base damage.
-This makes expensive attacks scale better in the mid-late game.

Added "First Strike" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 4 (Must be used as the first move of a combo.)
Added "Enraged Pummel" attack that's unlocked upon reaching level 7 (Can only be comboed after 2 or more moves.)

"Summon Parasite" is now a comboable move instead of a unique one.

All four size stats (Height, Muscles, Cock, Balls) are now capped.
-These caps can be increased in the "Modify Metabolism" menu that's unlocked upon acquiring Echo.
-Spending a Limit Break on a size stat increases its limit.
-Limit Breaks are acquired every other level.
-Limit Breaks can be redistributed at any point.
-Up to 50 limit breaks can be applied to each stat.

Added six global size tier abilities for muscles, cock and balls size.
-Any character can acquire them once reaching a certain threshold for those stats.
-Height and muscle tiers grant strength.
-Cock and balls tiers grant stamina.

Passage links are now set under the main window.
-Passage links can now be activated using number hotkeys.

UI has be reworked to handle different resolutions better.
The ability window has been reworked. (Huge thanks to https://twitter.com/the_musclemage for this!)

Tweaked values for muscle descriptors

Fixed an issue where telling the right name to the minotaur guard wouldn't work in NewGame+.
Fixed a passage where The Bind wouldn't apply growth that was mentioned in the writing.
Fixed stat window taking the whole screen on some mobile browsers.
Fixed bottom of UI being hidden on some mobile browsers.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Hello everyone!

Big big big version for this month!
I finally feel like the game is truly in a production state right now.
New music, new art, new encounter and a pretty big list of tweaks/fixes are all here!
Honestly, I'm pretty proud of this one, it's cool to see the game taking shape like that.
I hope you enjoy~

Thanks again for the support. Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming next month <3

Release Notes 0.7.2:

Added doppelganger encounter in the Nyx dungeon. (Thanks to https://twitter.com/RainTheDriger for helping with the writing on this one)
-Meet an alternate version of yourself, who uses your stats, moves and abilities against you.
-This encounter has completely different writing based on whether your character is corrupted or not.
-His voice is always the one that the player didn't pick in character creation.
-Defeating the corrupted version grants the "Disciplined" ability
-Defeating the pure version grants the "Defiler" ability

Added "Shifting Ideals" achievement (Encounter both sides of the doppelganger.)
Added "Explorer of Corrupted Depths" achievement (Complete every room of Nyx's castle.)

Tweaked "Incomplete Memories" ending
Defeating Apothus's second form now leads to the "Incomplete Memories" ending.

Added first pass toward Steam Deck compatibility
-The is fully playable but I still have to work on making the combat control better on Deck.

Autosave is now applied in the Nyx castle main hall.
Your progress towards powering the monolith is now also shown from the manor's hub.
The minotaur will now have his lust increased with every room of the west wing that you clear.

Apothus art has been reworked (by https://twitter.com/Wintech3112)
-It features 6 emotes and 3 bodies.

New battle theme for harder encounters (by https://twitter.com/notardolf)

Fixed display issues when many abilities are activated by the same trigger.
Fixed cock and muscle growth descriptions sometimes not displaying.
Fixed Drenth showing up in the castle even after finishing his quest line.
Fixed a never-ending audio cue in one of the minotaur dialogues.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!


Release Notes 0.7.0:

Reworked the path to the Nyx dungeon and the minotaur encounter.
-Features text input from the player that determines how the encounter goes. (with fun easter eggs.)
-The minotaur now leads you to the dungeon and stays in the main hall.
-While there, his lust gradually increases as you explore or spend days outside the dungeon.
-Added new ending where you share the power of the black sun with the minotaur. (With writing by Dragonien! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragonien/)

Reworked Abilities UI to now filter them into 4 categories.
-Powers (Abilities acquired on level up)
-Alterations (Abilities given by story characters and events)
-Status Effects (Abilities given by fight moves, usually end when the fight is over)
-Global Effects (global abilities that are acquired by any character meeting their conditions. size diff, effects from visible stars, etc)

Added notification system for newly acquired abilities

Added "Promise of Servitude" Ability

Added "Safe Passage" Achievement (Skip the minotaur fight by telling him the right name.)
Added "Memories of the Minotaur" Achievement (Bring the power of Nyx to the minotaur.)

Added minotaur art (by Zhenelov https://twitter.com/Zhenelov)

Added Torgar Voice Acting (by GiganticBeast https://twitter.com/Gigantic_Beast)
Audio audio settings to adjust music, sfx and voices individually

Fixed an issue where player would be locked by an error when uttering Kanathar's name

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.5 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!



Release Notes 0.6.5:

New encounter in the Northern Barrens (over 5k words of new content):
-The Bind, a strange artifact possessed by a spirit, can now be discovered.
-Uses the new "Essence Surge" fight move
-Fighting him often enough can lead to a dominant or submissive path.
-Added small dialogue with Abel about the new encounter.

Added battle theme to combat encounters.
Added music to the Golden Bastion:
-The Golden Bastion theme adapts to the player's corruption (4 tiers)

Added "Collar of the Bind" Ability
Added "Cock Ring of the Bind" Ability

Visiting the imp is now done by accessing his encounter instead of from the village.

Optimizations of limbs/race code.
Fixed an issue where upgrading an old save would break some audio playbacks.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.4 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Release Notes 0.6.4:

Added voice acting to the player and the imp.
They all have 5 tiers of arousal sounds, based on the intensity of the scene.
Each of these sounds change depending on your muscle stat (4 tiers for the player, 3 for the imp).
This results to over 150 uniques sounds.

The player can choose between two voices in character creation.
Action sounds are also applied to certain scenes.

Sounds have been added to over 160 passages. This includes:
-The intro
-Echo's merge scenes
-Imp's encounter scenes
-Imp's servant path
-Imp's master path
-Imp's invasion of Nyx's realm
-Torgar's encounter scenes
-Torgar's path of the embrace
-Torgar's redemption path
-Lakkos encounter scenes
-Incubus transformation scenes

Fixed the selection of scene variants that could ignore certain ranges of stats.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!


Release Notes 0.6.3:

Added the "Path of Redemption" for Torgar's storyline. He can now be convinced to reject the Corruption invading his body.
Added Fight Move "Tonic of Stillness" (Turns Corruption into temporary strength.)
Added "Redemption" achievement (which unlocks "Tonic of Stillness" for the player)

Reworked Level up stat gain to be done automatically. (You gain stats from a set table that goes on infinitely.)
Tweaked ability select screen to show a lot more perks per screens.
Tweaked very high stat display to use thousands (k) and millions (m) for measurements.

Added "Master of the Barrens" Achievement (Accomplish 100 expeditions.)
Added "God Amongst Men" Achievement (Reach Level 50.)

Made all passage links slightly bigger. (Less misclicks!)

(Special Build) Add in the debug menu a way to shrink down to default height.

Deadly Aim now directly adds a percentage to crit chance instead of being a multiplier.

Fixed display error for Abomination's Corruption requirement.
Fixed weird decimals display on stats affected by stat multipliers.
Fixed "Sombreve's Whisper" removing the Corruption you were processing.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!


Release Notes 0.6.2:

Reaching high Corruption will now make the Herald exile you until you process and lower your Corruption (or fight him)
Added optional fight with The Herald.
Added new hub area for exiles.
Tweaked Corruption to be accumulated and slowly processed every day instead of a static stat.
Changed Corruption tier values [0, 50, 200, 500, 1000] instead of [0, 25, 50, 75, 100]
Endings now allow you to change your name and/or race for the next playthrough.
Added "Herald's Devotion" Fight Move. (Unlockable by the player upon reaching the "Incomplete Memories" Ending)

Added "Memories of the Lost" Ending. (Overcome the Herald.)
Added "Incomplete Memories" Ending. (Reach the end of what's currently done for the main story path.)
Added "Resolute" Achievement. (Experience the Barrens without falling to its corruption.)

Added exile hub art (by Winty!)
Added Lost ascension art (by Voidlesky!)

Slight nerfs to early game size diff global perks since enemies have consistent ways to grow from the beggining.
"Incorruptible" Ability is now unlocked on level 4 (from 7).
"Incorruptible" Ability now grant half of its bonus if your Corruption is over 25.
Buffed starting Stamina and Stamina recovery.

Fixed display issues with Exp bar.
Fixed "Compare Sizes" menu to include all encountered characters.
Refactored how multiplicative modifier buffs are applied. (Fixes the negative stat issues.)
Fixed an issue where upgrading a save didn't carry over achievements until getting another ending.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!


Release Notes 0.6.1:

Both imp paths (Dominant and submissive) can now be accessed either by winning or losing against him.
After reaching Apothus's Manor, you can now go to Kanathar (in his dominant path) and tell him about Nyx.

Kanathar will then invade the realm of Nyx once and take The Black Sun for himself.
Whether you win or lose against an empowered version of the imp determines the ending you'll get.
If you lose against him, Kanathar will empower his name, triggering a powerful transformation on himself once he learns his name in future playthroughs.

Added an easter egg if the player calls their character a certain name.

Added "Damnatory Knowledge" Achievement (Spread forbidden knowledge to your master.)
Added "Memories of Kanathar" Achievement (Allow Kanathar to ascend into a corrupted god.)
Added "Memories of Demonic Ascent" Achievement (Merge with Kanathar as he ascends into a corrupted god.)
Added "Word of Power" Achievement (Spread the name of a demon god.)

Achievements are now transferred when upgrading a save of an old version.
Added Autosave slot that triggers for every passed ingame day.

(Special Builds) Custom Races can now have custom starting values for each size stats.

Added Kanathar's corrupted ascension art (by Voidlesky!)

Fixed Faiths Reward's Stat Loss being triggered when losing corruption.
Fixed an issue where triggering an ending would reset your race to human.
Fixed alignement issue of size stats that were long enough to not fit in a single line.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.0 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!

Release Notes 0.6.0:

Added Achievements system.
Every achievement will give a new ability in your next playthrough.
Added "Baptism In Corruption" Achievement (Make an opponent reach over 150 Corruption.)(suggested by Kiuh)
Added "Host of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 5 spawns of Nyx.)(suggested by Pyro)
Added "Lord of the Spawns" Achievement (Take in 15 spawns of Nyx.)
Added "Might of Augwult" Achievement (Reach 200 Strength.)(suggested by Augwult)
Added "Off The Deep End" Achievement (Reach 200 Corruption.)
Added "Submissive Fighter" Achievement (Lose a battle to 5 different opponents.) (suggested by MoroccanWarrior)
All previous "Memories of ..." Abilities have been reworked into Achievements.

Added Wounded Lost as a tutorial battle with 3 unique fight moves and optional tutorials.
Tweaked the intro's writing to be closer in tone with the rest of the game.
Players will now start later in the intro after doing a newgame+

Added placeholder art in the northern barrens exploration menu.

Added borders to in-game CG Illustrations. (by Voidlesky!)
Added new Achievement menu icons (by Voidlesky!)
Tweaked UI for combat cards container window.
Added UI for the Link Value of cards (by Voidlesky!)
Added tooltips on hover to give info on every icon of the fight move cards.

You need need to have merge with Echo in order to get the "Vampiric Lust" ability
Fixed an issue where you would always top Torgar, even when choosing the bottom options.
Fixed an issue where Torgar's store could be closed before buying all moves.
Fixed the display of some ability modifiers.
Fixed "Faith's Reward" behaving strangely when gaining Corruption.
(Special Build) Fixed debug start for Nyx Parasite leading to a bad passage.

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.5.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence and Exp from older saves!

Release Notes 0.5.3:

Added the "Path of the Embrace" for Torgar's storyline where players can push him to embrace his ever increasing lust.
Added the "Torgar's Bond" ability which grants the player a portion of Torgar's Strength stat.
Torgar can now join the player's party.

Added "Select Teammate" menu to the village hub.

Added detailed descriptions of Corruption fight moves when they are used.

The UI now tracks Expeditions instead of days.
The Cycles UI now tracks the amount of newgame+

The "Verse" abilities have been reworked to represent distant stars that affect the world they shine on.
These perks now switch every day instead of every 30 days.
The order in which they appear is:
-"Power of the Golden Star" (Your strength is increased by 20%)
-"Tenacity of the Green Star" (Your stamina is increased by 20%)
-"Adaptation of the Blue Star" (All growth is increased by 20%)
-"Ferocity of the Red Star" (Your crit chance is increased by 20%)

Changed how Corruption tiers function. They are now separated into 5 tiers:
0 - 25 Uncorrupted
25 - 50 Minor Corruption
50 - 75 Major Corruption
75 - 200 Overwhelming Corruption
200+ Lord of Corruption

I'm experimenting with a new design for the progression of Corruption.
Basically, the idea is to have players be rewarded by choosing to go down the corruption route, while making it more challenging to sustain.

Achieving certain tiers of corruption rewards growth multiplier and arousal bonuses, but Corruption would gradually go down with every in-game day.
Reaching high Corruption tiers also makes you heal from Corruption at a slower rate.
This lets players experiment and dip into Corruption if they feel like it, while having the choice of letting it wither down until they become normal again.
It's also one of the steps to make growth feel more impactful, since growth on a normal human will be slower until they see what Corruption has to offer.

This also reflects how I see the Lost in the lore.
They have become beasts of lust and pleasure because they want to have their Corruption be at an all time high, while normal people getting tainted by Corruption would end up healing with time.
I'm not a fan of the idea that one touch of Corruption will set you in a dark path forever. The Lost always have a chance to go back, they just choose not to.

TLDR of that experiment:
-Corruption now goes down every day.
-Events in-game give more Corruption to compensate.
-Reaching 25, 50, 75, 100 and 200 Corruption now grants abilities that affect growth multipliers and arousal.
-Initial growth multipliers are lower to compensate.
This makes me excited to have the game change more when Corruption is very high, since it needs to be actively chased to trigger

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.5.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence and Exp from older saves!

Release Notes 0.5.2:

Added Torgar of the Shattered Peak as a new encounter.
Features unique art by Voidlesky that shift based on his changes (4 bodies, 7 emotes, 6 cocks)
Torgar can sell you new techniques that you can use in battle.
He can also give you the "Empowered Drink" ability if you lose to him early on.
The game tracks what choices you make in his encounter to lead into one of 3 paths that will be expanded on next version.

Added menu to choose which enemy to encounter after meeting them the first time.
Added sound UI (currently unused)
Added "Empowering Drink" Ability
Added Half-Orc race (can be used by the player)

Fixed Stat window collumn being misaligned on some devices
Fixed stats sometimes displaying unnecessary decimals
Fixed the imp using the player's limb descriptors when using sigils
Fixed an issue where some stat changes that happened before a fight were not being applied correctly

This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.5.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence and Exp from older saves!

Release Notes 0.5.1:

After the imp joins you in your adventures, you can go meet with him from the village menu.
Added Inspect teammate option in combat.
Added option to change when your teammate attack in the turn.
Added option to spar with the imp after he joins you.
Added new passage for exploring the northern barrens when over 50ft tall.
Added new passage for exploring the easter barrens when over 200ft tall.
Added new encounter intro passage for when the imp grows absolutely massive.
Added option to grow the imp and increase his stats after he joins you, with branching depending on how big the imp is and the difference between his size and yours.
Moved "Change Fight Moveset" to the Golden Bastion main menu instead of your home.

Deadly Aim now grants 7% crit chance for no stamina cost. (from 20% crit chance for 5% stamina cost)

Added alternate art (by Voidlesky!) for the imp's emote when he reaches over 100 corruption.

Fixed broken passage transitions in Jorm dialogue.
Fixed broken passage in slime encounter
Fixed an issue where "Strength of the Sixth Verse" could give negative strength.

This version is compatible with saves from 0.5.0!

Release Notes 0.5.0:

The imp will now join you in combat after making him pledge allegiance to you.

Added 6 height tiers as global ability for all characters.

Leveling up stats now applies different values per stat:
-hp: 6
-stamina: 4
-strength: 3
-arousalGain: 2
-staminaRecovery: 1

Added art (by Voidlesky!) for imp with 3 body size, 6 cock size, 3 expressions and cum variants for all of them.
Added art display with appropriate emote for every branch of the imp's encounter.
Added PridefulAscent fight move for the imp that makes him grow in combat.

This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.9!

Release Notes 0.4.9:

Complete rework of the imp encounter:
It now evolves based on how much you've been fighting him.
It branches off into specific paths after you act submissive/dominant enough with him.
The imp grows slightly stronger every time you encounter him.

Added "Servant of Kanathar" ability (The essence of demon Kanathar flows within you.)
Added "Momentum" ability (Gain 7% more Crit Damage for every damaging attack in your combo.)[Upgradable]
Added "Incorruptible" ability (While your Corruption is below 25, you gain 10% critical chance, 10 strength.)[Upgradable]

Changed valiant rush to boost amount of combo moves per turn instead of action slots.
Added stamina cost (4) to Focus fight move.

Fixed display issues with floating points on stats
Fixed display issue in the description of 'Overwhelming Corruption'
Fixed dialogue pathing issues for some Abel sections

This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.8!

Release Notes 0.4.8:

Reaching new Corruption tiers will grant abilities that inject new moves into your moveset.

New fight moves:
"Lustful Instincts": Give in...
"Corrupted Remedy": No wound can reach a corrupted soul.
"Corrupted Urges": Feast upon Corruption.
"Infectious Lust": Let the endless hunger corrupt all.

New Abilities:
"Corrupted Strength": Granted by the "Corrupted Urges" fight move.
"Focused": Granted by the reworked "Focus" fight move.

The "Focus" fight move has now be reworked from:
"Increases your stamina gain by 100%." to "Gain an additional action slot."

Upgraded max size for every stat to 142159079146 miles or 228782861070km
Added Exit button (press Esc)

Tweaked Fight UI slightly and added new backgrounds for all four "Corruption Moves" (By Voidlesky!)

Fixed jorm intro leading to an invalid passage after completion
Fixed bad conditional in one of the Abel dialogue branches

This version is compatible with saves from 0.4.7!

Release Notes 0.4.7:

Added conversations with Abel that are accessible in his house. (Thanks to Ortha for the writing on this one Tweaked intro writing and included Abel's new art in it.
Abel has a variety of expressions and costumes.
Changed display for mobile devices to be better spaced and more readable.

Started work on optional Abel branch for players who got the Nyx ending.

Added "Overwhelming Balls" and "All-Consuming Balls" global abilities. These are acquired by having balls that are bigger than your opponent.
Added "Deluge of Seed" Fight Move.

Vastly improved performances for changing passages.

This version is NOT compatible with older saves. Sorry! :(

New art for Abel (By Voidlesky!)

Release Notes 0.4.6:

Added the beginning of a new story arc featuring a new character! (Thanks to Jagaz for the writing on this one Contains two close and personal encounters that are accessible after clearing Apothus's Realm.
His initial size is affected by the player's corruption upon encountering him.
His personality is affected by how the player interacted with the Lost Naga.

Tweaked credits and gameplay settings and made them accessible from the village.
Renamed the village to the Golden Bastion.

This version is compatible with save files from version 0.4.5.


Combo values now range 1 to 4, with 4 now comboing with 1 and vice versa


New art for the village (By Voidlesky!)

Release Notes 0.4.5:

Redrawing your fight moves now has Stamina cost instead of being available only once per turn
Reworked how attack outcome are displayed
Enemy attacks are now displayed with the same UI as the player.
Fight Skills display is now ordered by combo values
Added 9 small scenes for when the player reaches the gate to explore the Barrens. These will be unlocked once the player changes in certain ways. (4 for the North Gate, 5 for the East Gate)
Improved performance slightly

This version is compatible with save files from version 0.4.4

Combo values now range from 1 to 3 instead of 1 to 4
Changed combo value calculation to promote combo generation
Tweaked the description of Sombreve's Whisper to be more explicit about its effect

New UI rework for combat (By Voidlesky!)

Fixed an issue where Codex's Passion could heal you more than your max HP
Fixed Firefox specific UI display issues
Fixed issues with stuns and combat flow

Release Notes 0.4.4:




Added a new ending after powering Apothus's chosen one and merging with Nyx. (Thanks to Draco for the help <3)


Added Memories of Nyx Ability


Added Draco's Omnipotence Ability, unlockable at level 20. (Whenever you reach max arousal, you gain size based on the amount of essence you have.)


Completely redone the sidepanel UI, thanks to Voidlesky for the assets!


This version is compatible with save files from version 0.4.3




capped the growth induced by Incubus Strike.




Added art for the encounter with the first Lost (By Voidlesky!)


Added art for when the player first enter Nyx's realm (Also by Voidlesky!)




Fixed an issue where the level up screen showed wrong percentage values for Piercing Precision and Unstoppable Expansion


Release Notes 0.4.3:

Expanded the intro after the player merges with Echo and returns to the village.
Added optional battle with a town guard.
Added a new path where you can join Apothus in his quest to ascend his chosen one.
Added XP gain modifier to all abilities acquired with endings.

Added UI art by Voidlesky (More will be coming soon!)

Fixed an issue where non-comboable moves could still be used even if their activation condition were not met.
Fixed a bug triggered by using Incubus Call on the Nyx Parasite.
Fixed an issue where Demonic Appetite would have more unlock conditions than shown in the level up screen.
Fixed an issue where you could look at your symbiote in the mirror before investigating the meteor.
Fixed an issue where ending a fight with Sigils of Perception up would keep them for the next fight.

Release Notes 0.4.2:

Optimized the performance of the game, cutting the wait when clicking a new passage by more than 70%.
Added Mulligan mechanic to fight, this allows players to reroll their attacks once every turn.

Reduced combo value range (from 1-5 to 1-4).
Reduced base damage on a lot of attacks.
Reduced base crit damage for every character. (from 1.75 to 1.50)
Removed crit chance modifiers gained by size diff abilities.
Reduced Tok's initial size to not have the size diff ability on the player at the start of the game.

Added art for Apothus' second form

Fixed an issue where escaping Tok after losing to him did not give EXP.
Fixed inconsistencies with loading a save game during a fight.

Release Notes 0.4.1:

New Intro:
Completely reworked the intro! (Massive thank you to Ortha and Delta-Tango
-This intro has more than 6k words amongst many different branches
-A permanent ability will be bestowed upon you based on the choices you make in this part
-The fateful encounter with Echo now happens as you explore the barrens
-Merging with Echo is now what unlocks the Arousal mechanics and the Pleasure Self fight move

New Game+ mechanics:
We now have everything in place to trigger endings that loop you back to the beggining with additional abilities and powers
-Our only test case at the moment is when you lose to Apothus' second form and join him
-A lot more of these endings will be coming in furute versions!

Added "Focus" Fight Move (A move to recover stamina.)
Renammed "Haymaker" Fight Move to "Slash" (A potentially devastating slash of your weapon.)
Renammed "Jab" into the "Bash" move. (A quick bash of your weapon's hilt with low stamina cost.)

Added "Host Of Echo" Ability
Added "Memories of Apothus" Ability
Added "Tainted by the Lost" ability
Added "Survivor of the First Eclipse" Ability

Added Behemoth to symbiote race selection
Added Dragonborn to symbiote race selection

Added colors for combo buttons based on corruption

Fixed an issue where "Pleasure Self" would reduce your arousal even more if it was negative
Fixed bug with change moveset cancel button not untagging chosen moves
Fixed an issue where sizes where displayed as bigger than they were with the imperial system.

Release Notes 0.4.0:

New Combo System:
A list of randomized moves are given to you every turn, you can combo a move if its combo value is adjacent to that of the following move.
So a move with a value of 3 can only combo with moves that have a value of 2 or 4!

Here's a little visual guide for how it works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ku.....ew?usp=sharing

You can keeping linking moves together as long as you have action slots for it.
The Valiant Rush ability increases how many action slots you have per turn AND how many random moves are given to you every turn.
Your symbiote form also increases those values.

Added "Jab" Fight Move (A quick attack with low stamina cost.)
Added "Haymaker" Fight Move (A potentially devastating, yet predictable attack.)
Turned "Basic Attack" into the "Hook" move
Sigil of Perception is now part of the starting moveset

Split all the fight moves to be either comboable or not.
The comboable moves are:
-Sigil of Vitality
-Sigil of Pain
-Sigil of Perception
-Sigil of Growth
-Incubus Call
-Incubus Strike
-Pleasure Self

Moves that are useable outside of the combo system are:
-Ensnaring Goo
-Summon Parasite
-Do Nothing
-Submit Completely

Inspect is now a free action that can be used at any time during combat.

Added new menu in your home to change your fight moveset.

Added Action Slots Stat that defines how many moves can be used in a combo.

Added Valiant Rush Ability (Increases your Action Slots and Combo Moves per turn by 1.)

(Special) Learn All Fight Moves cheat now includes ability driven moves (Goo Stun, Stomp, Summon Parasite)

Added art to the first form of Apothus (Thanks Rethxus!)

Fixed display of some size descriptions.

Rebalanced every single fight move and every encounter.

Fixed scaling issue with Tank, Berserking and Deadly Aim.
Fixed crit chance display issue.
Removed inability to use Pleasure Self during Eldest fight to be compatible with new fight system(for now, this section is being reworked from the ground up)

Release Notes 0.3.5:


Added new low-level encounter, the slime!
Using the Inspect move now shows the character's art (if they have any)
Extended the parser tech to support female anatomy.
Handle growth on targets without the associated limbs.
Removed crit chance from level up stat screen
Added crit damage multiplier stat

Added Piercing Precision Ability
Added Channel the Astral Soul Ability


Added art for Tok's encounter
Added art for Lost Naga's encounter
Added art for Nyx Parasite's encounter
Added art for Drenth's encounter
Added art for when make the Oath with Drenth
Added art for when you infest Drenth


Fixed display of some sizes.


Buffed Berserking Ability
Buffed Tank Ability
Buffed Deadly Aim Ability
The Imp now starts at 50 corruption.
Reduced base crit rate for the player.
The minotaur no longer respawns at every cycle.


Fixed Incubus Call displaying growth values without multipliers
Fix inspect not showing some abilities
Fixed an issue where Touched by Nyx's Light could give you a negative modifier
Fixed more than 50 typos (Thanks Legdim!)

Release Notes 0.3.4:


Added Apothus's Realm...

The mirror can now be used to examine your gooey partner's appearance. (Thanks DragonMystic and Pyromania!)

Reworked part of the intro (Thanks Delta-Tango)



Added a feature to compare your size with all other enemies you encountered. You can find it in your home. (Thanks Taerus!)

Added two new fights within Apothus's Realm.

Improved response time when clicking a link.

Acquiring the Nyx Parasite Lord now adds "Summon Parasite" to your moveset

Changed display to fit text better on mobile


Added Apothus as a boss fight with unique moves and abilities.

Added Oath of Nyx Ability


(Special Build) Added an encounter with a most omnipotent being... (Only accessible in the debug menu)



reworked the side panel UI based on designs by Furyalpha123 (Thank you so much!).



Added cap to Essence Hoarder's bonus

Reduced growth bonus of Unstoppable Expansion and Never-ending Growth



Fixed issues with playing the game on some browsers

Fixed an issue where balls grew faster than other limbs

Fixed issue with fight moves with duplicates not showing in move list

Fixed a stat bug triggered by growing Tok

Fixed Lord of Lust transformation glitch with the race name

Fixes an issue with perks requiring low health remaining active after healing

Fixed NPCs not using fight moves that came from abilities

Release notes 0.3.3:

Balls Size is now tracked as a measurable stat.
Added new generator for cock growth descriptions based on your current cock size.
Added unlockable ranks to most abilities on Level Up, ranking up an ability will make it more effective (Some abilities can be transformed upon reaching its max rank)

Added Mutant Ability (When you take damage, you have a 1/10 chance of growing additional limbs.)
Added Never-ending Growth Ability (Your body continuously grows larger while in combat. The more corrupt you are, the more effective this growth is.)
Added Abomination Ability (When you take damage, you have a 1/5 chance of doubling certain limbs.)
Added Kaleth's Fervor Ability (You gain 3% more growth for every point of corruption within you. Can be ranked up 10 times.)
Added Warrior of Duality Ability (Gain 1 health on level up if corruption lower than 50. Gain 1 arousal per turn on level up if your corruption is greater than or equal to 50. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added To Live For Echo Ability (You can only use pleasure self in human form, your stats in Echo greatly increased.)
Added Last Stand Ability (Whenever you fall below 20% health, you gain 20 arousal, 30% critical chance and 15 strength. Can be ranked up 3 times.)
Added Codex's Passion Ability (Using a Fight Skill that does no damage heals you for 2 health. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added Tank Ability (Your Max HP is increased by 10% and your stamina is decreased by 10%. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added Berserking Ability (Your strength is increased by 10% and your max HP is decreased by 10%. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added Deadly Aim Ability (Your crit chance is increased by 10% and your stamina is decreased by 10%. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added Under the Eye of Ortha Ability (You gain 1 health and 1 stamina whenever you win a battle. You lose 2 strength every time you gain corruption.)
Added Essence Hoarder Ability (Every 100 Essense within you grants you 1 Strength. Can be ranked up 5 times.)
Added Orgasmic Growth Ability (Whenever you reach max arousal, your body grows by 2.5in, your cock by 1in and your balls grow by 0.5in. Can be ranked up 3 times.)
Added Vampiric Lust Ability (Regain 5 health whenever you reach max arousal. Can be ranked up 5 times.)

Added global abilities for certain parts of a cycle:
-Energy of the Third Verse, Your stamina is increased by 20%.
-Strength of the Sixth Verse, Your strength is increased by 20%.
-Ferocity of the Ninth Verse, Your crit chance is increased by 20%.
-Expansion of the Twelfth Verse, 20% more size gained.

Herculean Build can now be ranked up, up to rank 5
Masochism can now be ranked up, up to rank 5
Unstoppable Expansion can now be ranked up, up to rank 10
Appetite for Growth can now be ranked up, up to rank 5 (Upgrades to Demonic Appetite when upgrading beyond the max rank)
Vigor of the Endowed can now be ranked up, up to rank 4 (Upgrades to Vigor of the Hyper Endowed when upgrading beyond the max rank)
Nyx Parasite Infection can now be ranked up, up to rank 15 (Upgrades to Nyx Parasite Lord when upgrading beyond the max rank)

Standardised text spacing in combat
Added Icons in fight text to indicate abilities
Verse Name added to sidebar
Added colour to damage numbers, heal numbers and enemy status on the fight screen
Added grades and categories to abilities in level up screen
Add sidebar description of what verse the cycle is in
Added km and miles measurement for sizes

Muscle is now capped at 999999999.
Size values now capped at 189393 miles.
Add stat passive to naga who stole your size
The Lost Entity now has the Never-ending Growth Ability

Fixed Incubus Call displaying growth values without multipliers
Fix inspect not showing some abilities

Release notes 0.3.2:

Added new room in the Nyx dungeon featuring a new NPC...
Remake of the Lost Werewolf encounter with all new writing (Thanks Taerus). They are now a generated Lost based on available races and have unique win passages based on your corruption and size.
Added content for your home that adapts to your size.
Added mirror inside your home to describe your appearance.

Taerus created a text generator to adapt content based on the many changes that can occur to your character. This includes unique growth segments based on your current size, passages being altered based on your corruption and descriptions considering if your character has certain limbs. (And this is just the beginning, thanks again Taerus)
Added selectable races at the start of the game using Taerus's tech. You can choose between Human, Minotaur, Dragonborn and Behemoth.
The demon transformation from Lakkos's encounter feeds that system as well.
Encounters in the Barrens are now split into two areas based on their difficulty.
Completely removed the level cap, levels are now set to a 5000XP requirement after level 10.
Added "Oath of Containment" and "Oathbreaker" passive abilities.
Added "Unstoppable Expansion" Perk, unlockable at level 10.
Equipped "Unstoppable Expansion" Perk to the Imp.
Added animated title drop when starting the game
Added Taerus as a co-creator in the credits :3
Your eye colour is now based on the colour of your companion.

(Patreon Build) Added custom races with customizable limbs. (Supports multi and custom descriptors)

New logo by Ghost (Thanks again).
New Background, also by Ghost
Tweaked Sidebar Stats display and show passives outside of Fight
New fonts for passages text and fight skill cards

Buffed Lost Entity
Buffed Lakkos's 2nd and 3rd form.
Buffed Sigil of pain damage, but reduced max stacks to 3
Added cooldowns to Growth and Vitality sigils
Buffed Nyx Parasite
Buffed stats gained by the Nyx parasite infestation
Nerfed demon transformation buff slightly

Fixed an issue with fight hotkeys being usable on unavailable Fight Moves
Stopped the imp from learning inspect. He became rather obsessive about it.
Fixed an issue with using a hotkey further than any fight skills you had triggering exceptions
Fixed a bug with enemies using skills without considering their cooldown
Fixed the "Stunned" fight card not using any visuals

Release notes 0.3.1:

-Ghost remade the UI for the borders and icons released in 0.3.0!
-They also made new UI for the sidebar and every Fight Skills type!
-Every UI still changes dynamically based on corruption~

-Added a hotkey system for fight. Pressing the key displayed next to the Fight Skill's name will select it.
-Added delicious Baguettes.

-WIP: polished parts of the intro based on suggestions by Augwult, Korboryn and Taerus!

-Fixed an issue with the parasite's height not being set correctly.
-The Sigil of Perception now says it increases critical hit chance instead of accuracy.
-Added preparation text on all Sigil moves for when an enemy uses them.
-Fixed an issue where tooltips would be printed behind stat bars.
-Fixed a misleading passage for when you lost against the Lost Naga and were too small to lose anymore size.
-Added a 1px border around the font to make it easier to read.

Release notes 0.3.0:

Part 1 of the Nyx dungeon
-Navigating this area becomes much different if you reach great height and/or corruption
-Contains a new encounter with a Nyx Parasite with unique attacks!
-You can get infected by the parasite, changing some aspects of your character and some interactions...

New UI pass.
-Massive thank you for the UI art done by the amazing
Ghost ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ghostboy/ ) !!!
-The UI also adapts dynamically as you get more and more corrupted

-Added a new "Inspect" Fight Move that gives information about the enemy you're fighting.
-Added passive abilities to each enemies
-Lakkos now gets a stat upgrade with every demon tf.

Release notes 0.2.1:
-Added the Lost Naga as a new random encounter. (Written by Jagaz https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jagaz )
-Comes with a new Hypnosis move he can use in fight.
-Will apply a persistent debuff if you lose against him.
-If you beat him with this debuff... You'll gain more strength than what you've lost.

-Added a cooldown mechanic to some fight skills
-Replaced the Accuracy stat with a Critical Hit Chance stat
-Rebalanced every fight in the game with those new mechanics
-Tweaked the Fight UI to display unusable fight skills.
-Added a tooltip on disabled fight skills that shows the reason why a skill is unusable
-Fixed a typo for the corruption gained in the Lost Werewolf scenes
-Fixed an issue with the sigil of perception removing other fight modifiers  
-Nerfed the Minotaur Guard's hp stat slightly.   
-Added a credits page in the main menu!

Release notes 0.1.5:

-Added the Lost Werewolf as a new encounter
 -Has a unique move that stuns if his target has 50+ arousal.
 -Has a unique intro, win and loss scenarios.
 -There's an extra scene with him for those who reached 25+ corruption upon beating him.
-Massive edits to the writing for all encounters, the intro and the main quest
-Added a tech that smoothly evens out future cock and body growth in case one of them becomes much bigger than the other.
-Added support for save files updates! (With the saves of this version onward, I can upgrade them if you use them in a newer version of the game.)
-Added Yellow and Brown as symbiote colours
-Lakkos, Tok, Imp and Werewolf encounters now have variations in their intros based on things you've accomplished.
-You now gain special perks based on how bigger than your opponent you are.
-Unlocks "Stomp" Fight Move when you are much bigger than your opponent

-Fixed an issue where growth would not be applied permanently to enemies during fight.
-Fixed a bug with the Imp being able to learn 'special' fight moves (surrender and do nothing)
-Fixed some growth not being applied at the right timing in the Lakkos encounter
-Fixed an issue with Lakko's growing more than expected in the final demon tf.
-Fixed an issue with the masochism abilities always granting the maximum possible arousal per attack.

Review by Agent069

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 11/29/2021

This game is extremely addictin, I will say 8 out of 10. I will say that it is annyong to loose alot of progress as it sometimes dose not save. Otherwise this is a very good game, exited for more updates.

Review by anteros

Version reviewed: 0.4.7 on 06/17/2021

It took me a while to get into this game and I still have yet to explore all the possible routes and changes, but I wanted to leave a review since (despite not completely lining up with my personal kinks) it's extremely well made and very enjoyable!

The game has a heavy focus on growth, corruption, and tfs centering around symbiotes, naga, slime, and demons. Of these I'm only actively into demons and growth (and to a lesser extent corruption), but I still found the game engaging and arousing given the balance of flow and detail, and the overall polish.

The game has a very nice looking UI — it glitches a bit for me when I play in-browser, but not enough to be game breaking. From a pure gameplay perspective I do agree with some people in the comments that the combat system feels a tad janky, but it doesn't bother me all that much. The focus of the game is growth and exploring the corrupted world the author created, and those elements are handled very well.

So, positives:

  • Well-designed and pretty to look at
  • Overall solid writing and world-building
  • Fun sex scenes, a variety of tfs
  • Game mechanics and tf mechanics are linked so your growth feels like it matters (being larger or smaller than an enemy by a certain margin has in game effects)

And some critiques:

  • The creator clearly likes heavy all-around growth (up to and including macro), slimes, corruption, and symbiosis, so if any one of those things is a no for you then you may have trouble enjoying gameplay
  • The combat system doesn't feel particularly intuitive or satisfying yet
  • Some elements of worldbuilding and exposition are frontloaded

Wishlist items:

  • More ways to grow just one part of your character, so if you have a thing for short hyper-dicked twinks then you could make that work rather than having to pack on muscle and height
  • Combat system tweaks to improve flow
  • Some clarity on what certain things mean — when you first meet Echo/the symbiote, for instance, there are various forms listed including "monstrous symbiote" and "behemoth," and at least last time I played it doesn't really tell you in the moment what, anatomically, these terms mean (at least until after you choose them)
  • Also, maybe a symbiote form that's more human-seeming for players who aren't really into slime or fur tfs? I don't mind much but it would be nice


Overall, there are precious few male-male games this well made on this website, and I enjoy this one greatly even if it doesn't perfectly fit my preferences.

Rating: 7.5/10

Review by nybx4life

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 02/14/2021

So I've tried this game for a while, and for a game focused on growth and corruption, it tries to cater to it.


I think, story-wise, it'll be interesting to see what comes up later.


However, my problems are with the gameplay:


-As said by others, the current battle system relies heavily on RNG, and while the game is more manageable with the appropriate upgrades, the early game is very frustrating when your offense is inconsistent. This holds true in late game as well, although it makes up by having the opportunity to do more.


-On a personal taste, while I appreciate you can tailor your stats based on growth and size, I find it hilarious you can clear the game as is, without growing at all. It somewhat ignores the purpose, I think, when you can be strong enough to clear every enemy without having to grow in any way. You do have some advantage for being far taller than your enemy, but no special attack or buff for having far more muscle, or larger genitals.


The game is definitely lacking in content, and having a greater variety of monsters, uses for essence, and scenarios can help improve the game experience.


Rating: 7/10

Review by WirelessW

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 02/10/2021

The combo system denies the player any ability to plan what they will do next, which is a major flaw in a game focused around combat. In fact, I cannot think of any other game focused around combat in which the player is unable to have a plan of action going into a fight. The player is entirely at the mercy of random card draw, which can and does create a frustrating user experience.

Review by Forejarwr

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 01/30/2020

This is pretty fun. I like the corruption themes. The English is occasionally shaky ("sensible" vs "sensitive") but it's serviceable.

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