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Version: 0.1.4

Girl Games

Welcome to Feminae College, where you'll meet your new roomie and explore the campus! But watch out for Heather and Jennifer, the two most beautiful and popular seniors, because they're hosting something called the Girl Games: a competition where girls transform guys into slutty sex kittens ...

Features both forced and voluntary feminization and crossdressing content, with a full Paperdoll dressup system, and a little CFNM and SPH thrown in for good measure!

UPDATE: Now with added Navigation bar!

0.1.4 - 23rd December

- Just over 16,000 words of new content added (now 34,843 words in total)
- Content includes: a long second scene with your chosen mistress, more gloryhole content, a trip to the city, ability to access Kevin and Amy’s laptops, a couple of email assignments, and a bunch of other Easter eggs, NPCs, etc!
- Jennifer thread is now totally rewritten from the start (i.e. no longer just a nastier version of the Heather thread).
- Navigation bar added to the bottom of the screen to make your journey around Feminae a little less click-intensive.
- Reworked dreams (now with gifs!) and added ‘daydream’ content to classes.

 Note: this update will break your previous saves.


-       Back button reinstated

-       Save Game css modified so that it’s no longer black on black (lol) and therefore visible!

-       Facial and body hair regrowth much slower (now every 3 days instead of every day)

-       New links “Grab towel and head to bathroom” (in dorm if unclean or unshaved) and “Return to your dorm to get dressed” in bathroom (if clean and shaven) added

-       Fixed missing “get dressed” option in wardrobe when player is totally naked

-       Added a few tiny reactions from Amy and awareness of yourself in your classes if you don’t shower – real consequences to come!

-       Added a few randomised subjects and descriptions to classes to make them (slightly) less tedious for now. Again, much more to come.



- added "shave everything" to shower options (as it becomes available), and just "shave face" in early scenes

- added "get dressed" option to wardrobe so you can quickly go into 'boy mode' without having to put on each piece of clothing if you don't want to

- sleep option only appears (on Day 2 onwards) once you've at least left your room!

- small bug fix (corrected the flyer issue so the girls don't approach you each week in the Cafeteria)


0.1.1 Initial release - 21st November, 2019

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Review by Shirubaurufu

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 01/06/2020

Definitely interesting; replayed what's there enough times to have (hopefully?) found a lot of things that probably don't get noticed right away.


I really do hate that it's so short! When will you be updating it some more? It's got a lot of potential to be something amazing, and what you have currently is pretty well set up in and of itself. Can't wait to see more of it though!

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 01/04/2020

From the short playthrough there is right now, this game does it really well! A guiding story with choice, some exploration but not overwhelming amount, and good sexual content! My reccomendations would be some stronger characterization (e.g. more amy content or a few more campus girls) but I understand this is likely not the authors aim, instead opting for stronger presence of Jennifer and Heather (great characters btw). Great job so far, keep watching this one! 8/10.

Review by Marciep

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 12/29/2019

Very promising start. Lots of interesting loose ends that I'm looking forward to following. 

update: the new content is great and moving in the right direction. It's now a decent beta, but I'm very much looking forward to more!

Review by ziztazlut

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 12/27/2019

Great start! The UI is nice to use and the content is engaging! I hope you go far with this one!

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 12/26/2019

This is a good start.I like the idea. 

Once you put on the bra, it seems to stay on, even when you strip to towel for shower. 

songs for dancing do not match the videos. 

Stuff with Amy is hard to work how to do right. 

I want to see more!

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