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Version: 0.205a UPDATE ONLY

Version: 0.205a ALL FILES

College Daze: Follow the Light
by G28Here

Being a freshman in college is rough, but things are about to get a lot easier once you discover wandering lights with the strange ability to alter reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Maybe a little heat ray will shut them up. Trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Send her a bouquet of flowers plucked from an alternate dimension. Tired of being a broke college student? Conjure dollar bills out of thin air. Just be careful: the deeper you dig into this mystery, the more evidence you'll find that you're not the only one blessed with gifts.


For cheats, check the Walkthrough section.

If you're going to use the Update Only pack, make sure you have at least .180d first!


Note: - This version features the reamining afternoon portions of Saturday, see the changelog for more information. As always, remember that the play online link goes off-site.

Here are the interactable characters currently in the game: 


Mrs. Maywood/Mom - Corruptible.

Mr. Maywood/Dad - Transformable.

Brittany Maywood/Sister - Corruptible. 

Sofia Rodriguez - Classmate. Corruptible. 

Monica - High school best friend. Can be bimbofied. 

Mrs. Wilson - Monica's mom. Corruptible and capable of being impregnated. 

Lydia - Classmate

Jake - Roommate. Transformable and can be bimbofied. 

Ms. Hill - Jake's mom. Corruptible. 

Kyle - Floor RA and Transformable.  

At the beginning of the game, it will ask who the woman by the car is, with the default answer being "mother's friend". Depending on what you type, you can activate the following:

related turns incest on
cheat Gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points
cheatrelated turns incest on AND gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points

Note that ANY other answer will not unlock incest and will proceed with her locked in as "mother's friend".


As of right now, the game ends after leaving the restaurant on the second day. 

- Added remaining content leading up to the dinner sequence for 'Saturday'. Content ends before the actual dinner though, regardless of which route you take at the end. Red links are not bugs, it just means content wasn't finished for this release.
- Depending on your relationship with Professor Nadir, visit her home with Professor Ward to deal with her husband.
- Unlock training scenes for Brittany, Ward, Sydney, and Karen in various combinations. Some require you to work with Brittany as well, though eventually there'll be more combinations available as I finish them (as well as a few other character appearances).
- Deal with Heather and Professor Stein with permanent consequences.
- Conduct an experiment with Patel and Rio.
- Spend some time with Professor Barberry and Suzie, which can potentially unlock a later scene if you weren't already on the Naomi route.
- Fully unlock the Assistant's powers by finishing all ten chapters of her book. Note that if you use mods/cheats for this, you should still read the 'last chapter' in the library with Chang to get the full context for her later appearances.
- Unlock a temporary new form for the queen in a dream and (if on the submissive path) have some fun with her and Lydia.
- Enjoy a drug-fueled party at the warehouse with Nikki, Stacy, Brittany, and (if available) Sally OR with any demons that survived the fight against Titus (Keera, Candy, Raven).


- Main new content added since .170a are two scenes with Mrs. Maywood and Brittany that involve taking them through the park. Depending on previous actions you can have permanent effects on them or potentially start a genuine relationship with them.

- Some 'weekday' events have been ported over to Saturday morning as well to provide more options for players that struggled to do everything they wanted during the week. This also includes meeting with Kayla and/or Rachel if you were invited to speak with them and never got the chance, as well as the ability to go to the bunker (with or without talking to Suzie first if you got the keycard from Val or the assistant), or start/continue/finish a Swords & Shields campaign (many of the effects from this can be useful in interactions with other characters like Lydia or Sofia.

- Added the early morning events for 'Saturday'. Many of these events are available throughout the day, but there are a few that can actually only be completed before the afternoon, these are: 1) study session with Brittany, 2) Meeting with Professor Ward and her little sister, 3) interacting with Tom and Eric, and 4) meeting with Lydia's family.

- In addition, some events can only be done *after* it's no longer morning. This includes meeting Sofia's family. Going to the library can also result in a scene with Sydney. It's not time dependent but it's easy to miss if you just assume the library's there for just reading books.


- Fixes a Monica dialogue popping up when it shouldn't after S&S.

- Added a new green + sign hint system that players can hover over to reveal why certain scenes played out the way they did. Currently only appears at the end of the last Swords & Shields session and a few other random scenes. This will start appearing in every scene moving forward though.

- A number of new events added to 'Friday' specifically. Saves from the end of 'Friday' will still say that they've reached the end of content. New content can be found with the final Swords & Shields session (speak to Rio and Sofia upstairs in the evening and suggest to play a game. This can be done on four separate occasions for a total campaign playthrough), a gift shop adventure with Jane and Devin, and a scene between Mrs. Maywood and Stacy (and another guest).

v. 121a
- Includes content until the end of Friday. Due to a personal tragedy, there are a number of evening events that had to be delayed until the next update after this. 


A bunch of new content has been added for 'Thursday', but some of the biggest scenes involve: 

- An underground adventure with Suzie (talk to her at cheerleading practice and if your stats are good enough, or you previously paid her to spy for you, you can go on a mini-adventure)

- A sorority party with Brittany and some other characters (can be unlocked in a bunch of ways, including just having a good relationship with Brittany or being a part of the coven)

- Get Mrs. Maywood to arrive on campus a day early by calling her after dinner and using a new pink light option to make her hunger you.


Fixed the bug for old saves that used the cheat function and couldn't access spells on day two. 

Added the end of night two. 


A bunch of bug fixes from the previous release, as well as new content added for the second day. Ends after leaving the restaurant.


First release - content lasts until the end of the first day.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BelphegorMammonae

Version reviewed: 0.180d on 03/10/2022

An exceptional game that I've been following for quite some time. Choices are fairly significant, especially when getting into the 'middle' section of things, and multiple playthroughs are necessary in order to see even half of the scenes available due to the limited number of days to achieve a given scene line with a particular character. Updated consistently, as well as cheat modes for players like myself who have run through things and just want to get to new content without worrying about stat allocation. Even unfinished, with the amount of content as well as the breadth of its cast, I don't think people will regret giving this one a play at least a few times. I've got more hours than I care to count sunk into this after all. If I were to recommend just a few games on this site to a newcomer, this would certainly be among them.

Review by aps

Version reviewed: 0.156a on 02/27/2022

For what is currently in the game, there's a surprising amount of depth, narrative options, and other choices, and they all feel somewhat meaningful. Thankfully the back and forward buttons are present allowing you to explore all the choices if you're gunshy about committment like I am.

Gameplay is a basic CYOA game with stat build, but the writing is well done, the story is interesting, and the characters feel like they are well-written.

This is still a linear game, from what I can tell, but there is a large amount of replayability based on the choices you can make and the fact that you can't explore all the pathways in a given playthrough. I don't know if this kind of branching structure will continue as the game fleshes out but given the quality of the writing so far I have high hopes that it will retain this level of quality and narrative storytelling.

Not to oversell it, it's still a porn game, but it's always nice when these things are well written and have an engaging story.


Update: I especially appreciate the relative consistency of the character images. While I'm sure some of the scenes in the story were written to take advantage of available porn images/video that the porn stars had made, it's refreshing to have consistent images/portraits of the characters from one scene to the next, instead of picking whatever image or video happens to fit the text. It adds a layer of consistency that suggests at least a basic dedication to the craft.

There is a lot of content here, even in the small "time frame" that the game currently has built out. I think I agree with some of the previous reviewers that the pacing is kind of borked, it's very fast paced and a little overwhelming, but this is, for an in-development game, much preferrable IMO to a long slog of a grind to reach basic content milestones. As a bonus, the cheat codes can be had for free, so it turns a very non-grindy game into even less of one, if you just want to explore the content on offer without worrying about optimal stat-building choices.

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 0.121a on 10/08/2021

I've played this game on and off over the years. There is stuff I like and stuff I don't like.

I like that this game has plenty of nicely written and illustrated sex scenes that are easy to get to, and that it caters to a lot of different fetishes. It's very user-friendly in all ways, and it never forgets that the main goal of an erotic game is to offer hot scenes.

My dislikes are a bit more specific and very particular to my tastes, but here it goes:

- The game allows you the option of being mean to the NPCs. REALLY mean. I suppose I'm being a bit hypocritical here, since this is a game with mind control and involuntary transformations, so being evil comes with the territory, but unlike other similar games like A Spell for All, here you can inflict psychological torture on the NPCs. And the NPCs are well-rounded enough to have issues you can exploit, and honestly, I'm a bit of wimp, because I end up feeling a bit sorry for the NPCs and it kills the erotic mood.

- A bit related to the above, but this is a game for people who enjoy playing the dominant stud. While I do enjoy that occasionally, my real preference is for playing the submissive, slutty girl myself. There is enough possession and self-transformation in the game to whet the appetite, but it's still a very dominant-leaning game. It comes to a point where I think I'd rather be playing as one of the NPCs (particularly Jake, who has a very complete path of being transformed and dominated), and so it makes me think the game isn't for me, as I'd rather be Jake/Jane than the protagonist. 








Review by Copernicus

Version reviewed: 0.121a on 07/24/2021

I like the concept of the magical lights.  I like the variety of girls that you encounter, and the option to transform the men.  I like the writing and the interface.  It's all solid, and I didn't run into any coding snafus.  I think I'm in the same boat as Malhavok, though.  On the one hand, it plays quickly enough that you can get to any content that you missed on THIS replay by going back and hitting the game again and again.  I don't imagine that it'd take more that 3 or 4 playthroughs to get to most of the scenes, but I feel like it'd be better played as a sandbox.  I don't mind a LITTLE bit of grinding, and I feel like slowing down the pace of this game would add to the realism a bit.  There's a LOT of content to get through, and the author makes it easy to get to it.  So easy in fact, that I think any mortal man that tried to live like that for a week would quickly die of dehydration.  Points for originality.  Points for regular update.  Points for stable releases.  Points, points and more points to the author, really, but I feel like everything that I did was rushed.  I think the game content happens in under a month of in-game time.  I feel like it'd be better paced if it happened in two or three.

Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 0.121a on 07/22/2021

There certainly is a lot of content in this game now compared to earlier releases, but I have to admit that I am overwhelmed with the enormous cast of characters and multiple divergent options. To me this kind of feels like a visual novel, but without the ability to focus on a specific path as the game is always serving you up choices that send you in another direction. Honestly, it kind of made my head hurt after a while, especially trying to keep track of everyones stories and situations, I mean it, there are alot of characters in this game. Probably too many. I know you don't want to hear this because of the obvious large amount of work you've put into developing scenes for everyone, but you should probably trim this back and in addition to that, provide some sort of indicator to the player when they are following the essential plot. 

I feel like the game is sort of stuck in this sort of limbo where it's not a sandbox, so you can't just go do what you want (although that might be a better way to handle this, given the large amount of characters) and not quite a visual novel because it's not guided enough. I am totally fine with either mode of play, but somewhat frustrated with this hybrid approach.

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