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College Daze: Follow the Light
by G28Here

Being a freshman in college is rough, but things are about to get a lot easier once you discover wandering lights with the strange ability to alter reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Maybe a little heat ray will shut them up. Trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Send her a bouquet of flowers plucked from an alternate dimension. Tired of being a broke college student? Conjure dollar bills out of thin air. Just be careful: the deeper you dig into this mystery, the more evidence you'll find that you're not the only one blessed with gifts.


For cheats, check the Walkthrough section.


Note: This latest release covers the entire fourth day. 

Here are the interactable characters currently in the game: 


Mrs. Maywood/Mom - Corruptible.

Mr. Maywood/Dad - Transformable.

Brittany Maywood/Sister - Corruptible. 

Sofia Rodriguez - Classmate. Corruptible. 

Monica - High school best friend. Can be bimbofied. 

Mrs. Wilson - Monica's mom. Corruptible and capable of being impregnated. 

Lydia - Classmate

Jake - Roommate. Transformable and can be bimbofied. 

Ms. Hill - Jake's mom. Corruptible. 

Kyle - Floor RA and Transformable.  

At the beginning of the game, it will ask who the woman by the car is, with the default answer being "mother's friend". Depending on what you type, you can activate the following:

related turns incest on
cheat Gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points
cheatrelated turns incest on AND gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points

Note that ANY other answer will not unlock incest and will proceed with her locked in as "mother's friend".


As of right now, the game ends after leaving the restaurant on the second day. 


Fixed the bug for old saves that used the cheat function and couldn't access spells on day two. 

Added the end of night two. 


A bunch of bug fixes from the previous release, as well as new content added for the second day. Ends after leaving the restaurant.


First release - content lasts until the end of the first day.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.013a on 02/01/2020

This is a really good game. Lots of paths with meaningful choices. The writing is strong. I am not a huge fan of the milf content but that is more a fetish complaint thananything else.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.009a on 01/09/2020

This is very promising. The writing and presentation is fine. Each character has their own porn star pics and you can use magic powers on them for sexy scenes. There's also a lot of gameplay choice that both develops your magic powers and influences the characters at the same time. This gives replayability exploring different powers and different characters.

Review by Tafuri

Version reviewed: 0.001b on 12/23/2019

I spent soooo long trying to get Mrs. Maywood in bed.  Either I didn't have enough time, or I couldn't figure out the right route.

College Daze: Follow the Light is a fun CYOA game following a college kid who acquires the ability to tap into supernatural powers.  These powers come in the form of lights you sometimes see floating around, and usable spells that come from those lights.  Now it isn't really immersive as far as teh magic goes.  You can only cast spells when given the option, but whether those options are available is determined by which lights you picked beforehand and how much energy you have. 

The result is deeper than I would have expected.  In its current state the game only gives you one day to work through.  Some events branch, but some are mandatory.  However depending on which lights you picked and which characters you want to follow, the scenes can play out differently.  It helps to add variety to the CYOA game while also helping the developer control the endless branching that is the challenge of every CYOA game dev.  As I indicated above, I spent a long time trying to get Mrs. Maywood into bed with me and couldn't do it.  But I chased down several of the other possible conquests with interesting results, and even used the transformation power to add new options in.  Liberal use of the 'back' button lets you constanly re-choose your powers and re-manage your energy, taking different sexy routes through the day.

That said, there is still only one day to work through in this early version.  It ends sooner than you'd like.  The energy system has potential, but can feel limiting when you see an option closed and aren't sure how to conserve the energy needed to both reach it and keep it open.  The stats are probably going to be used for checks, but at the moment they don't seem to mean much.  Also while I'm sure the options for porn stars in demon costumes was limited, the demon we meet at the end of the day looks really goofy.  Still, this is a fun time, if a little quick even with replay value.

Of note, while the author is using porn images for their visuals, they are consistent in which model is attached to which role.  This aids recognition of the character during play.  They also credit them in the game's phone system, which is appreciated given that their work is being used.

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: 0.001b on 12/19/2019

I think this game is going to be really good! I played it a few times and tried different ways. I wish it went for more time. 

story is very good, the idea for the game is really good. I want to see more about that when it gets longer. 

Pictures and descriptions are also very good. 

I am waiting for more update!

Review by DrElliotReid

Version reviewed: 0.001b on 12/17/2019

Doesnt seem to be much there... feels like I played a different game to other reviews tbh

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