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Version: 0.050b HTML Only Bugfix

Version: 0.050a Full

College Daze: Follow the Light
by G28Here

Being a freshman in college is rough, but things are about to get a lot easier once you discover wandering lights with the strange ability to alter reality. Is someone disrespecting you? Maybe a little heat ray will shut them up. Trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Send her a bouquet of flowers plucked from an alternate dimension. Tired of being a broke college student? Conjure dollar bills out of thin air. Just be careful: the deeper you dig into this mystery, the more evidence you'll find that you're not the only one blessed with gifts.


For cheats, check the Walkthrough section.


Note: This latest release covers all of Friday. It also converts all of the .gifs into .webms, so you might need a plugin to play it on your device. If you want to see everything, you'll need at least two runs, one where you got your professors drunk the day before (Thursday night) and one where you didn't. Also, Ms. Hill comes to visit on this day and she can have different interactions if you got her to dress sexy on Tuesday or got her to agree to sleep in your bed on Friday night.

Here are the interactable characters currently in the game: 


Mrs. Maywood/Mom - Corruptible.

Mr. Maywood/Dad - Transformable.

Brittany Maywood/Sister - Corruptible. 

Sofia Rodriguez - Classmate. Corruptible. 

Monica - High school best friend. Can be bimbofied. 

Mrs. Wilson - Monica's mom. Corruptible and capable of being impregnated. 

Lydia - Classmate

Jake - Roommate. Transformable and can be bimbofied. 

Ms. Hill - Jake's mom. Corruptible. 

Kyle - Floor RA and Transformable.  

At the beginning of the game, it will ask who the woman by the car is, with the default answer being "mother's friend". Depending on what you type, you can activate the following:

related turns incest on
cheat Gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points
cheatrelated turns incest on AND gives you a large amount of energy, money, and stat points

Note that ANY other answer will not unlock incest and will proceed with her locked in as "mother's friend".


As of right now, the game ends after leaving the restaurant on the second day. 


Fixed the bug for old saves that used the cheat function and couldn't access spells on day two. 

Added the end of night two. 


A bunch of bug fixes from the previous release, as well as new content added for the second day. Ends after leaving the restaurant.


First release - content lasts until the end of the first day.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Broccolicauliflower

Version reviewed: 0.050b on 04/29/2020

I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think there is too much sex here for a porn game, this game seems like it could be great but I feel like it mixes two different styles in a way that doesn't fit, while there is a story, 90% of the game is mainly just "go to this scene, choose what kind of sex you want to have and then go to the next scene and repeat" nothing you choose matters after that specific scene is over, this game is long enough and has enough depth that it is not just a quick click, fap, done game, but then when you play it you realize that's all it is, it's just too long and tedious for what is actually happening in the game

Review by seanpatrickmorgan

Version reviewed: 0.042g Full on 04/06/2020

I've had lots of fun with this game. Nice amounts of text and images. It has a lot of promise.

Review by bobbob9999

Version reviewed: 0.042g Full on 03/27/2020

While the game is obviously well written, I lost interest reasonably quickly.  And I think it's because there's just not enough feedback from the game about the choices you make.  Sure, you can see in your phone the stats for everyone, but tracking changes to those stats after choices is neither fun or praticable. The characters have heaps of pctures of them that get more lewd, but these aren't easy to correlate with the multiple stats they have. And because each encounter you have with the characters is a new scenario, it's impossible to gauge if your previous choices have had any effect, since you have no baseline to compare them to at any stage of the game.  So the choices feel meaningless, and I got bored.

Please consider implementing character stat change text, just like how your own stat changes are shown.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: 0.041c on 03/10/2020

Started this game thinking "I've seen enough overcomplicated rags games to know where this is going." I don't have very good experiences with games that tell you to pick your stats in the beginning. it's usually a solid indicator of an overcomplicated game where everything is spelled wrong and the stats don't matter. turns out, I was pretty damn wrong about it. I'm not even slightly into milfs so I can't really say this game is what I'm looking for, but the sheer number of paths this game has is absurd. I feel like every time I choose something I'll see mention of it in later dialogue. I can't say that it's on the level of something like student transfer, where I've actually become emotionally attached to the characters, but this is a CLEAR cut above your average TF game. really seems like the author knows what they're doing and actually gives a shit about the game. in terms of sheer design for a tfgame, I give it a very solid 9/10.

Review by StrangeBrainwave

Version reviewed: 0.041c on 03/10/2020

This game is brilliant. Really well-written, lots of choices that actually seem to matter, with so many different branches that I still don't think I've seen them all. With every update, it gets better and better, and I can't wait for the full game.

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