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Blake, a shy and smart, but horribly unlucky guy ends up being forced to become a maid in a rich house. Now he has to fight against several perverted and cruel characters, who want to shape him according to their own tastes. Or he could just relax and enjoy the ride. Shattered is all about choice. Your choice.

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This is Shattered — an erotic visual novel with rendered 2D graphics, where you play as Blake Blinn, an unlucky guy who had to grow up in slums, but didn't really find his way into thug's life, and due to a series of misfortunes ended up being a maid (yes, a maid) in a rich family's house. And you decide how he's gonna deal with this situation.

The game mainly centers around your cruel and sadistic boss (or rather owner) Melinda; her naughty and enthusiastic daughter Rebecca; her business partner Samuel, a dominant and imposing person; and her friendly and lighthearted assistant Liam. And many others! In this house you'll never be alone. For better or for worse.

While the feminisation aspect of the game is unavoidable, Blake's relationships and potential fetishes can be chosen, and include both sexes, so if you're not into M\M stuff, don't be scared: there's plenty of femdom for you. As well as many other things like BDSM, petplay, netorare, bimbofication — all optional of course.

Blake — our unfortunate protagonist and the future winner of «Maid of the Year» contest. He ran away from trouble and ended up in much bigger one. His personality is more or less shaped by you: make him a sassy bitch or a meek maiden, and enjoy the result. But be prepared to hear his thoughts about it a lot. Now, there are four main characters for Blake to build relationships with, and of course they all want him to become something else.

Melinda — a rich and powerful mistress of the house. A cruel, heartless and sadistic dominatrix — you know the drill. Torturing people for her is as natural as breathing. Luckily for Blake, she's rather busy woman. Choose her if you can't live without hardcore femdom, but don't complain later on.

Vanessa — upbeat and energetic policewoman with particular distaste for men, thanks to her tragic personal history. If your Blake goes for her, expect him to change his personality accordingly.

Samuel — Melinda's business partner, who thinks that everything in the world belongs to him. His nature is as dominant as Melinda's, but unlike her he knows when to stop and genuinely cares about his partner's well-being. Choose Samuel if you want Blake to become a beautiful trophy wife.

Liam — easy-going and kind-hearted young man, who works as Melinda's personal assistant, and probably the only person in the house who actually likes Blake. He might appear pretty simple at first, but under those expensive clothes he hides an enourmous appetite for love. He just needs a companion. Choose Liam if you wish to join him in his quest to find a perfect dick. Or several.

Version 0.18: 290000 new words in 9 days total, 1038 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), 259 new character sprites. Completely recompressed images in the webp version, which is now on par in quality with the full png version, and it also comtains music now.


Version 0.17: 160000 new words in 5 days total, 592 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), partially remade 6th act, 127 new character sprites.


Version 0.16: 280000 new words in 7 days total (in two parallel playthroughs), 1062 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), fully remade 5th act, and partially remade 6th act, 170 new character sprites.


Version 0.15: 270000 new words in 11 days total, 813 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), partially remade 5th act, 253 new character sprites.


Version 0.14: 250000 new words in 12 days total, 818 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), almost fully remade 4th act (including some of the previously untouched sprites), 369 new character sprites.


Version 0.13: two completely separate storylines. 275000 new words of dialogues in 9 days total (so, 18 in two routes). 752 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), 208 remade ones for the 2, 3, and 4 acts, 251 new character sprites.


Version 0.12: major continuation of the story: 265000 new words of dialogues in 11 days total. Storyline split: two alternative paths to choose from. 649 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), 291 new character sprites, and progression on every route.


Version 0.11: major continuation of the story: 190000 new words of dialogues in 13 days total, 436 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), 198 new character sprites, and several major scenes with lots, and lots of variations.

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 0.17 on 10/13/2022

WOW just WOW, really well done!

I didn't finish the story yet, but there's a lot of very positive points in the novel for me:


- Artwork, obviouslly. I mean, obviouslly.


- Realism in both visuals and the characters. Blake looks like a girl but still have a bigger thoracic box and shoulders, wihch is not always the case with every born male, but ok, it's a choice you made. The point is, his original gender is noticeable, which is realistic. I would like to  have unrealistic transformations, but I also appreciate the realism.


- The relationships and characters few very real. You have shapped their personalities and considered their hability to notice and rationalize things. This should be basic but I've never actually saw anyone do this in a adult game or novel, to make realistic characters. Sometimes people play dumb, sometimes they lie but you can kinda notice that they're lying, sometimes not. Blake is oblivious to his/her own arrogance, but sometimes notice that (you made it very smooth, which makes me think that you, the author, is or were somewhat like this).

Internal dialog was very interesting. Although it got kinda excessive at times, it was always a valid addition to the story. I mean, at some points you kinda expect the character to react in a certain way to things. I hate generic and blank characers and prefer to have indications on their personality. I like to see how they react to things. I prefer having what I was given and accepting that, rather than having a blank canvas as a character.


- Variety of expressions, backgrounds and you didn't save any efforts in doing new scenes in completly different scenarios instead of reusing the same ones. I saw many angles to the same room and a lot of different expressions on the charaters. There's a lot of reuse on expressions and some of them don't fit well for every situation, I think, but there's a lot of variety already. It's great, it's awesome, great work!


- Interesting story. And I appreciate that the world is show according to Blake's perspective. It's always implied, afterall he knows about the world he lives in so we don't have an obvious introdution to the world. 


One possibly negative point to this is that:


-I think Blake didn't resist at all to to the changes that were forced upon him/her. At the beguining of his new life I would expect at least some resistance. Anyone, even if they know they don't have a way out, will resist at least internally to abrupt changes. All I saw was a little hesitation.

Maybe you were trying to potray a society in which transgenderism and homosexualism are not seen as a taboo at all? So when someone came trying to transform Blake to a woman, he didn't have any taboos and simply went after his curiosity? Like "Oh I never saw myself doing this, but let's try it. Well, I guess I like it, but whatever, not a big deal". I mean, there's not even this kind of internal dialog. So I assume you wanted to idealize what you envision how society should see this matter? Ok I get it, but it doesn't tick my fetish, cause I like to see corrution and some resistence. Taboo or no taboo, this is the unwanted change of your previous self image.

But I also have my suspitions that Melinda and Rebecca are doing some stuff to Blake's mind while he sleeps. Or maybe it's in his food. They're obviouslly doing something. There's the butt growth, and the phycological changes were too sudden to be natural. Maybe I'll understand this when the plot thickens.


Review by cd1997

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 07/18/2022

The art style is quite pretty, not animated but it looks good.

The story exists, it's kinda trippy and both cliché and weird at the same time lol.  A lot of cliché femdom moments, but in weird combinations with stuff like being a bimbo, etc. And the MC talks to himself all the time lmao dude's inner monologue crazy

Review by Arkade117

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 06/28/2022

I love this story, evertime it's updated it makes my day!

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 02/25/2022

I've spent way too much time exploring the different routes and all... seriously I've sank like 40 plus hours in this baby. If you really take your time to read through every dialogue and action, then you'll probably take as much as me, but, of course, you have the ability to skip until the next choice, if the game is too verbose.

I still feel that the game doesn't do the whole transformation much justice, and should have pushed for more MC transformations, because for the most part, it's a sissy journey, and nothing else.

The art is pretty good, though the setting is nothing to write home about. The original premise of coming from the slums into the world of the elites was interesting, but too much time was spent dicussing how the various few at the top control everything... If you have that much dialogue about the whose who of the city, why not talk more about the Divide, or really, what lead up to it, in more detail... kinda seems like a wasted story potential, and seriously, it feels like an empty, boring story.

So, art is great, music is whatever, and the main story is only interesting insofar you get invested in the characters with whom you like to interract. You can reject characters, and your previous choices pretty much dictate your future available interactions, and while there is some moving between love routes, some you're locked in and can't get out of.

Again, people, read the walkthrough. Though it feels organic to play the game blind and experience the bliss of choice, if the reward isn't obvious and good enough, and you end up on the wrong path, you can only blame yourself for your wasted time. If in doubt, save often, and before major decisions. That's all for now, folks.

Review by zimmermacher

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 02/19/2022

This is a very extensive game with good visuals and a story of potential.  However, what I find is that there is unnecessarily too much text resulting in a monotonous game.  You are more likely to fall asleep than excited here.  I hope the author puts more action/paths into the game, because this could be a great game.

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