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Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0 hotfix 1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.3B

Version: 0.1.3A Hotfix 1

Version: 0.1.2B Hotfix 2.1

Version: 0.1.2 Hotfix 1

Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1.0

Roll The Dice
by OhMeGa


Roll the Dice is a semi open-world adventure-rpg played between a real and virtual world, which I started in late 2019.
Since then it's been through many changes and is evolving into a much bigger thing than I had ever hoped it to be.

Please note that while the game is in development, you may come across placeholder art. The aim is to replace it fully with commissioned artwork as the game funding continues. The game features custom made inventory and battle system both made by my extremely talented friend Goctionni. Commission art done by fabulous Greko/BagusR.

I sincerely hope you give it a chance and enjoy it enough to join our humble community :)

HD Image pack will likely not be making a return due to high workload requirements and poor performence in most tests.

Please note this project has been discontinued.

Check out my other project Tale of Tali!


You/Tali - You're a shy guy with no luck in finding a girlfriend. You're a virgin and your friends know about it.

Mike/Felix - Your genius extrovert friend in charge of the development of the breakthrough VR technology. Insanely rich.

Sarah/Brindall - Mike's Girlfriend. You don't know much about her, but she seems very outgoing.

Jay/Clax - Your old buddy. Keeps joking around.

Elen/Mistress of Fate - Mike's coworker and lead developer of VR technology. Also your gamemaster. Has her eye on you in particular, and a very peculiar taste.

v0.2.1 Final

No downloads this time, not till I iron out all the details. I don't want bug reports from pirates to flood my DMs for a month again. Please report the bugs on the forum so I can patch them out live.


  • New Scene in Town Hall (separate Male and Female versions, about 6k words total)
  • Some new art to facilitate those scenes, including implementation of chastity (yay)
  • Replacement of art for Leena, Blacksmith, Adam, Vincent and some of the GIFs
  • All drawn art is now fully replaced with commissions
  • Tweak to TextBox code, removing likely miles of unnecessary spacing from the game
  • End of content markers tweaked
  • Popup added on game launch

Again, wish I could give you more, but work has sucked all life out of me these past 2 months.

v0.2.0 Hotfix 1

Minor fix, I was on a break abroad for most of Jan :)

  • Baths Fix Felicia POV (size was too big
  • Tavern Fix Lilly full nude (incorrect image link)
  • Tavern work tweak (users with touchscreens are now informed that they can tap the letters)
  • Dark Alley Fix for accessing scenes (incorrect if statement locked off some content some of the time)
  • A few spelling corrections



  • The overall game size is about 50% bigger in terms of words volume (though personally, I think that is a horrible metric since I deleted a bunch of crap too, making that volume lower) This includes:
  • Added Patreon Credits and Special Thanks to the game
  • Added 1st transformation sequence (For narrative purposes it works independently of the new TF engine)
  • Added 4 Major narrative routes for the player to follow depending on their actions in VR (some mutually exclusive, some not) with placeholders for minor diverging routes to happen inside those routes in future updates.
  • Rewrites to some of the older scenes to either fix mistakes in narration, change part of the scenes, or introduce proper new triggers for the new TF engine.
  • Tweaks to some menus like Baths, Dialogue with Alice etc. so now they don’t look like a garbage fire


  • Replaced all location arts in the VR section with commission arts (18 new arts!)
  • Redone left menu panel to be more informative, but at the same time neater. It now also shows the current look and clothes of the player character / Tali.
  • Added new commission art for multiple characters
  • Added  Battle Animations for
  • Even more art is already done and ready to be implemented, but it has been pushed out of 0.2.0 for time reasons. Will be added soon!
  • Revisited every single passage in the game to replace static images of the main cast – Tali, Felix, Brindall and Clax, as well as some NPCs with custom paperdoll extracts (meaning the avatars now react to equipment changes!
  • Also, a lot of the assets that were added previously now actually do things. Yay!
  • Variation of commission animation added for one of the POV scenes.
  • Replaced all webm content with GIF! This is a hit to efficiency, but lets iPhone users enjoy the game as intended as well. Hope this will eventually be reverted when iOS updates to handle webm format.
  • Alice the Barmaid (8 new assets)
  • Felicia the Foxgirl (12 new assets)
  • Female Centaur (10 new assets)
  • Guild Mistress (7 new assets)
  • Lilly  the Bard (12 new assets)
  • Mistress  of Fate / Vivien (WIP) (16 assets)
  • Dark Alley Stranger (9 assets)
  • Male Centaur (WIP) (9 assets)
  • Tali, Felix, Brindall, Clax – Full animations
  • Felicia, Centauress, Centaur, Guild Mistress, Alley Stranger, Lilly – Partial 2 frame animations
  • Being dead… doom… dooooooooooom!


  • Introduced a new difficulty system with 4 game difficulty levels and 5 battle difficulty      levels and a pretty new slider system for those <3
  • Added placeholder for the levelling system
  • Introduced a new system where particular slots in every character can be unequipped without player interaction for narrative purposes.
  • New Transformation now gathers and records all your actions in and out of VR! While the first transformation sequence is independent of it, all others will be driven by it.
  • Tavern Typist minigame got an improvement
  • A new paperdoll system upgrade now allows for dynamic cropping or paperdolls! This comes in handy a looooot.
  • In addition, I rewrote pretty much all my old code to not look like absolute shit. Yay!
  • Added  XP system with players already being able to gain some XP from battles in       available content (Levelling not yet implemented, but gained XP will be       recorded and used later)
  • Added placeholder function for the player to be able to swap skills in/out for Tali and other characters (feature not yet implemented) to be able to customize your build with different spells and attacks.



As promised this is the last system update before 0.2.0. The next update will be a large story expansion :) Thank you for the patience! <3

  • All party members now have separate inventories and character screens along with appropriate art
  • Accessing inventory only in appropriate areas
  • A new set of art that replaces all instances of Tali with commissions, as well as reacts to some changes in the body (15 full sex scenes replaced using 90 new original art assets)
  • A new minor scene in the tavern to help build up lust when you need to.
  • Few new sets of assets ready for 0.2.0
  • Few minor tweaks to game code to make it run faster and more efficient
  • A tonne of old crap code removed
  • New HD Image Pack exported and available for download (replaces the regular art game comes with which is downsized to 40%)
  • Male Tali now starts with much smaller breasts

A few of the features (including a bunch more art) planned for 0.1.3B have been delayed and will instead be tacked on to 0.2.0, as not to delay the whole build further. I anticipate 0.2.0 will take 1-2 months due to extensive writing necessary, but thankfully a lot of the heavy lifting with code has already been done and I can do all I need without waiting for more system upgrades to come in :) 

v0.1.3A Hotfix 1

  • Fixed the download link and web version to no longer be a debug version
  • Fixed Inventory not showing icons properly


  • New Inventory system base implemented (will be expanded in 0.1.3B)
  • Paperdoll implemented and upgraded with over 250 assets
  • Full Art redesign (excluding combat minigame) to Tali, Felix, Clax, and Brindall!
  • Assets optimized to dramatically reduce the download size
  • The entire game has been combed over for spelling and grammar mistakes! Boy was there a lot!
  • Hosting established for the game, so now it can be played from browser :) Further optimization in 0.1.3B
  • New location and 2 new scenes in Town1
  • Minor improvements implemented in various scenes all over the place

v.0.1.2B Hotfix 2.1

  • Progression with Alice possible again (requires doing well at work at least 3 times)
  • Few more bugs squashed...
  • I am a dum dum
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed the Skip buttons

v.0.1.2B Hotfix 1

  • Removed a few bugs. There's always some
  • Added skip buttons to intro screen you lazy bastards
  • somehow I added Herobrian back in. I'm not sure how.

v.0.1.2B (NOTE: v0.1.2B and its hotfixes, is the last build that releases fully public. Every next build is going to be Patreon Exclusive for at least 2 weeks.)

  • New Emotes system for Tali (Pilot in Dark Alley content and Scenes with Brindall, please feedback!) 
  • A complete overhaul of Dark Alley, 30+ pages of writing... (content warning, verbal abuse, and other nasty stuff) 
  • Tavern Minigame should now be mobile friendly!
  • Updated some art assets 
  • Updated all combats in the game to the new combat system (as well as removed all legacy system widgets)
  • Removed unused and unnecessary assets from the Images folder to optimize download size
  • Visual update to almost all passages 
  • Damage and Healing now use dice rolls to determine effectiveness (0.8 to 1.2 modifier) 
  • Visual and code improvements to the Combat system

v0.1.2 Public Hotfix 1

  • All content for female Tali baths is now accessible! Oopsie! :)
  • Multiple spelling mistakes fixed
  • Dark Alley now works as intended (though it will see some upgrades in the future)
  • Scene with Brindall now still accessible if you didn't have enough Lust to try it on the first encounter
  • Herobrian restored

v0.1.2 Public

  • The entire game has at a great expense of time been moved out of the twine app into a .twee library. 99% of the effects that brings are invisible to the players, but it helps us build a better, bigger game in the future.
  • ~11k words of new content
  • A prototype of the new combat system by Goctionni implemented into the 1st screen (Looking for feedback!)
  • Reworks and rebuilds of multiple menus, scenes and dialogue trees
  • Brand new paper doll system for Tali funded with contest money <3
  • Brand new character Lilly funded with contest money <3
  • Clax is now a Gnome Barbarian! How? We still don't know!
  • Brindall looks different! How? We know, but we won't tell you
  • New corruption system that mostly prevents players from going too bananas too quickly. Corruption can be brought up to 2 (current max) in 3 different ways!
  • Lots and lots and lots of new art assets!
  • All instances where the action is locked behind the lust/corruption threshold, it is now indicated to the player
  • Some additional worldbuilding effort has been made

Special thanks to my wonderful testers! (in no particular order)

  • Goctionni
  • Coya
  • Lotharin
  • Lysander
  • cody732195
  • WolfSaint
  • Anime Avatar
  • Graff
  • ErnestoQSP

The game is now on Patreon!

v0.1.1 Public (Hotfix - removed debug stats :) ) (Hotfix 2 - Fixed a few spelling issues and incorrect picture links)

  • Fixed various code and typing issues (Special thanks to Technomagus for the testing report!)
  • Smite and Mind Shard now work properly
  • Party Stats tweaked
    • Tali Base Arcane Attack up
    • Tali Dodge Chance Up by 15%
    • Felix Physical Defense sharply up
    • Brindall Physical Damage sharply up (still misses a lot, but hits like a truck now.
  • Added functionality for upgrading spells in the later stages of the game
  • Tweaked the tags due to popular demand
  • Herobrian removed

v0.1.0 Public - Initial Release

  • Herobrian added

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Dranylis

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 04/13/2022

Excellent Intro. Can't wait to check out your new project. Sounds like it's going to be great.

Review by yomi619

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 03/24/2022

This was of my absolute favorite games. The story was well thought out and dynamic and included genuine RPG aspects. It is a true shame that it is no longer being developed. Still worth the time to play.

Review by Darkfeenex

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/08/2021

First thoughts: WOW!!!

Personally I've been waiting for more games like this and being able to play one is great. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this game.




At this point of time I'll easily give this game a 9/10. It's got the makings of a great game, the intro really "hooks you in" and made me want to play it so badly. It's sad that theres not that much yet in terms of content but I am really enjoying what I see.



Little note to author: PLEASE PLEASE DONT MAKE THIS GAME TOO GRINDY. I can see it happening - most games like this tend to follow this "grindy" route and most people stop playing the game because of it and miss all the rest of the quality work.


Review by JustSomeSissy

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 hotfix 1 on 02/25/2021

This game is really really great, and I love it. The writing is great, both sexual and not sexual. The premise is great. I like the choices, and I like the current branching paths. I am really looking forward to a "Day 2" continuation going into the fantasy world more and seeing more of the real/virtual world changes.


I hope this game progresses more quickly, what is here has really been polished and is fantastic. There is a really solid base to the game. I hope you keep up the great work!

Review by EmbraceDifference

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 hotfix 1 on 02/12/2021

Played this twice now, two different paths, and I love the way it plays, and the story it tells. Keep it up! I'll be keeping an eye out for future updates!

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