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Version: 0.1

Transformation Warrior

Transformation Warrior is my Contest Entry to "Game Night!"
The Name is a play on "Ninja Warrior". I find it terrible too, but hey, y'know.


Through a board game the players are teleported to a hall where they have to reach the end, or be sold off as slaves. 

Replayability should be there for at least a second game if you do not care for every single changed paragraph. Depending on your choices, I think a third playthrough might bring up some interesting parts. Sadly run out of time to diversify more near the end, but that's definitely planned for an update!

Mental Transformations go towards Bimbo at the current stage. 

First Twine game ever. Got interested after reading the contest topic and thought "why not have a go at it". While I do think that there are not too many mistakes, there was no real proofreading done, so chances are that later parts might have content that does not always have completely coherent sentences. Maybe I'm too hard on myself though.

Gladly accepting feedback. Definitely need to know if you peepz want pictures added. 

Random guy brings random game with him.

Teleportation, whew!

Super awesome parcour contest. Let the loosers transform!

Try to reach the end so you dont end up a stupid bimbo.

You - Duh.

Sarah - A beautiful girl that's missing any description.

Cinthia - Another beautiful girl that's missing a description.

Paul - The guy Cinthia brought with him. The guy that brought the game. He sucks and deserves no description.



Click on stuff! 

v0.1 - Release. Content added up until start of Round 3. No character descriptions due to time, no images.

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Review by devidevil888

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/02/2020

I geniuenly adored what there is for the game right now and hope to see it be completed!

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/02/2020

Well, obviously I'd want pictures if it's an option. As for initial descriptions, it looks like the best move would be to start with your "friends" being generic brunette skinny bitches and work their way up from there.


But even without character descriptions or pictures, you've got a very interesting start here as it is. Would definitely play again if you update.

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