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Version: 0.8.0

Bimbocalypse: Rise of the Bimbies

Download it here: https://judoott.itch.io/bimbocalypse-rise-of-the-bimbies

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Version 0.8.0 is out (June 20, 2020)! See changelog for details.

This is the first public alpha release of Bimbocalypse: Rise of the Bimbies available for Windows. This is a short project intended to be my introduction into game development with the Unity engine.

As an agent of Center for Transformation Control and Prevention, you are tasked with collecting samples of a meteorite that crashed down near Fox City, bringing with it some unknown entity that is transforming the locals into voluptuous women intent on spreading the infection to every corner of the earth! Collect samples and dodge the bimbies (bimbo-zombie) to assist the Center in developing a cure, but be careful, every time the bimbies catch you, you become just a little more like one of them...

Play as one of four (more on the way) different Agents with differing abilities. Levels 1 through 11 are currently complete out of a total of 12 of the main campaign; after completing level 11, you will be sent back to level 2 until more of the campaign is completed.

OR, play as a Bimbie to convert and command your fellow infected to transform whole towns and cities--but be careful, there will be Agents you must overcome, lest you be struck by one of their magical firearms and end your invasion as a squeaky lovedoll!

In contrast to previous works of mine, this is a an action-driven short game that rely on your timing and reflexes--and a bit of luck--to avoid infection.

If you'd like to support our work, consider donating at our Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/BlueFairyMediaGames . [Note that while the Patreon states it is for the previous / ongoing project Exile of Aphrodisia, the proceeds raised will also be used for this game and future projects.]














Agent campaign:
- New agent, Turning. Turning has a very fast base movement speed but cannot sprint much faster or for very long. Turning's special ability is deploying a drone that will retrieve the most distant sample and bring it back to you. Artwork is by Darkoshen.
- Agent Kenneth has a slightly faster base speed. Additionally, his special power has been changed to drastically lower all Bimbie movement speed for 10 seconds instead of his old ability of replenishing stamina and spawning more stamina-restoring pickups.
- Fixed a collision issue on the third Agent level.

Bimbie campaign:
- Added new Bimbie character, Beatrice. Beatrice's special ability is to double the speed of all Bimbies on the map for ten seconds, yourself included. Artwork is by Nooken.

- Added an 18+ verification splash screen upon game launch
- Playing around with some visual styling on the main page buttons. Giggles now play when selecting most menu and back buttons.
- Trees have a darker outline
- You can now see High Scores straight from the Main Menu and choose between Agent or Bimbie game modes, as well as Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty levels.
- The game difficulty now determines how filled your character's Special bar begins. On Easy difficulty, it starts out full, on Normal it starts out at 50%, and on Hard it starts out at 0%.



Agent campaign:
- Agent campign level one introduction has 3 comic pages to illustrate some of the Bimbie invasion's events. Artwork is by Vjeol.
- Agent Kaubach now has a special ability that stuns all Bimbies on the map for a few seconds
- Agent Kenneth now has a special ability that instantly recovers his stamina and spawns several more energy pickups across the level
- Agent Romero now has a special ability to instantly teleport back to the start of the level
- A ticking sound now plays when an Agent character's immunity has reached it last 3 seconds.
- Reworked Sewers level in Agent campaign to encourage fewer samples from spawning in large open areas.
- Removed the stopped cars in the middle of the streets in the City Outskirts level

Bimbie campaign:
- Added new Bimbie character, Dolores. Dolores has a special ability that breifly stuns all CTCP agents on the map. Artwork is by Darkoshen.
- Added new Bimbie character, Jin. Jin has a special ability that redirects all civlians on the map to move towards her location. Artwork is by Darkoshen.
- You can now use left shift in the Bimbie campaign to head in a straight line towards the nearest target as long as they are within 10 meters of the player.
- Bugfix for bullets moving at different speeds depending on framerate
- Bimbie character Lily now has a special ability to teleport all bimbies on the map to where she is
- Current POWER level now displays close to the main character icon. It has a tendency of jitter; this will be address in a future release.

- Added High Scores page that records campaign duration, agent, and the achievement date upon completing a campaign. Scores are tracked separately for different difficulty. Currently these are only your own local high scores.
- HUD text show now always have a shadow, making them easier to see against different backdrops
- (Mostly) fixed some graphical artifacts around certain level grid sprites to be closer to being pixel-perfect
- Main page now randomly selects two Bimbies upon load instead of always using the same two



- Fixed bug where Agent level 11 looped back to level 2 instead of level 12



- Agent campaign now has its 12th and final mission. The objective in this mission is not to collect samples but to activate broadcast towers. Completing this mission will bring up the Agent campaign epilogue.

- Bimbie campaign now has its 6th and final mission.  Completing this mission will bring up the Bimbie campaign epilogue. 

- When defeating CTCP agents in the Bimbie campaign, you build up reinforcements (1 for 5 POWER agents, 2 for 10 POWER agents, 3 for 15 POWER agents, 5 for 25 POWER agents, and 10 for 50 POWER agents. Press the 'R' key to spawn some Bimbies from the same location that your player character does.

- The bimbie avatar is now based on the campaign invasion score instead of the number of Bimbie followers.

- Small performance adjustments when issuing orders to Bimbie followers.

- Updated How to Play page to include explanations on the various symbols for the Bimbie campaign, as well as the new Agent campaign broadcast towers.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tafuri

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/25/2020

The game actually has a pretty interesting loop to it, with a couple issues.  One: the graphics aren't intuitive.  I wasted a lot of time getting stuck on trees I thought were bushes, houses that looked like parking lots, and fences so thin they didn't look much like barriers.  On the opposite side of things the sidewalks look a lot like walls, meaning I instinctively avoided areas I could get through.  Some of the map designs feature dead ends that need to be braved for samples.  The game warns you about them, but they still feel unfair.  Immunity is hard to like since it has to be used the moment you pick it up and only lasts a few seconds. 

The art is cool.  The transformations are something I looked forward to.  I do hope there are future plans for the in-game sprites to look more appropriate and maybe get some art for narrative descriptions.  The controls could be made a liltle more streamlined.  I'd like to play this one-handed if possible.

I actually think this could be really cool, but it's held back by some issues that could easily be fixed. 

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/16/2020

The new artwork is even better than before, the new character feels right at home among the other two, and I appreciate the counter that lets me know how long my immunity will last...but I really miss being able to control the action with the arrow keys. Using WASD is just so much clunkier.

Review by MilitaryAaa

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/15/2020

This was fun to play, went through all three characters and got further with each one. It does get surprisingly hard, more than what I expected, I think the furthest I reached was mission 8 but I'm sure if I try again I'll get further. obviously, I also enjoyed the slow transformation of each guy to Bimbo, the art was good if a slight issue on their outside lines with the game. It be intresting if something would happen the more infeced you'd become, like in the text saying the Bimbo's were faster the higher infection score you had there's be a slight increase to speed and for the high leves you'd accidently infect other people so you'd have to plan around the civilans. I reccomnd this to anyone on TFGS. It's short and sweet with a good challenge to it and more to come.

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 02/04/2020

Just awesome. This game feels like a very fresh idea.

I would love to see the transformation being a bit less linear and a bit more story. Maybe when you get hit there could be little story bits.

But the idea and the first version are great! 

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 02/02/2020

Best part of the game(being transformed) gets you a game over. Lame.

Controls also not very responsive for this type of maneuver heavy type gameplay, feeling very floaty.

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