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Rayne Falls

Rayne Falls is my first game, a CYOA with branching paths and a heavy focus on narrative and zero grinding

The game is played, or rather narrated, almost entirely from a first person perspective and follows the life of a foul-mouthed, bad tempered "neverbeen", protagonist; Rayne Spence.

Contains puzzle and riddle elements of varying difficulty

From Version 0.63 onwards, every passage in the game has been looked at and expanded or rewritten in an effort to make the game easier to digest.
More frustrating areas were addressed and made easier or in some cases skippable all together.

For a more detailed changelog, please view game discussion.

A walkthrough of sorts is included with the download to help with the tougher areas.

It was a cold winters night, snow fell silently on the neon streets of this nameless city.

A bitter wind thrust itself noisely upon every twisted and wretched alley, biting hungrily at whomever was unlucky enough to be caught in it's ever tightening grasp...

No mercy for the weak...no pity for the hopeless and downtrodden...


This is the story of Rayne Spence

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Review by DevilishDeviant

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 05/27/2020

It's an interesting idea, but the writing is a bit rambling and...honestly I have no idea how anyone is supposed to figure out  some of the rather random passwords thrown at you time and time again in this. Than there's the whole Sally sequence which I lost 3 times in a row because I didn't scroll down the page fast enough I dunno...feels like it needs some tweaking as a lot of it is just...frustrating instead of fun. 

Review by barbar

Version reviewed: 03.2 on 04/14/2020

Interesting take, and a very breaking the xTh wall style, featuring a foul potty-mouthed protagonist. Have to keep tabs on this one.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 02 on 04/12/2020

Got a slick style and a sexy subject matter. Love to see more!

Review by BgCntry

Version reviewed: 01 on 04/12/2020

Quite interesting story.  I look forward to seeing where this one will go.  Tried both paths, quick end to the first and potiential with the 2nd.  Keep up the good work.  I'll be keeping an eye out.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 01 on 04/12/2020

Has a lot of potentional the text isn't overwhelming and the visuals are very nice to look at. Definitely a 0.0.1a type of build though, there's very little to actually do. Keep an eye on this one.

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