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Shrine to Corruption

An oafish priest gets sent to a remote, monster-besieged town to become the protector of its patron goddess, but the goddess and monsters have one thing in common: they want to make him a woman!


Please note that this game *will* involve quite a few TF (and aduilt) themes before it's complete. Expect the tags to change before long~


Update: Restored the missing files, sorry about the inconvenience everyone.

Morrison is a young, clumsy priest who fell from favor and landed in the town of Elderhidge. There his duties in the temple will include sweeping, praying, and... fighting monster girls?

Unfortunately, the monsters are far stronger than Morri! BUT, they may show mercy- IF he gives in to their sexy transformations! Why are there so many monster girls around town, anyway? What do they want with the shrine? What is the secret lure of Elderhidge...?

Will you find the answers, or will Morri be just another victim of the Shrine to Corruption?

1.0.1 - bug fixes, and a typo.

1.02 - missed a bug.

1.03 Fixed battle background. Also, apparently the game is really bad at knowing what files it doesn't need, so stopped telling it to exclude unused assets.

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Review by noyesr89

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 05/09/2020

So far seems good but no healing sytem yet also continuaosly repeats the slime girl battle results.

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 05/09/2020

I like the concept.

The execution needs a ton of work.

Also, in a slow transformation, I prefer for the penis to pussy to take multiple steps. It's not a deal-breaker that it doesn't, but I just thought I'd throw that in.

Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 05/08/2020

Missing tons of images. First fight and already no image How1, Cure4, etc. Unplayable.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/08/2020

I like it so far,
This might not be everybody's cup of tea

But personally really enjoy the slow forced feminization of a man
That really doesnt want it!!

Im currious to see where this goes.

Really short for now. 
Also wouldnt call this game version 1.0.0 but rather like 0.1.0 
As usually 1.0.0 is the finished product.

But thats just a tip for the rest really enjoyed the game looking forward for the next update!!

Also very happy to see that besides yourself every other charracter is female!!
(i personally prefer this)

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