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Version: 1.1.3

Version: 1.1.0

EmilyThompson's Swap Party

A long time ago, in an Internet site far far away, EmilyThomson created the Swap Party game. Since that time, the original host site dissapeared and the game files were nowhere to be found. Till someone found them on his hard disk. This version was first debugged from the original (back to original didn't work) and then modded to include more transformations. 

So what is this game?

You select the number of "players" and then you fill the forms with their data. What data you ask? Well, their name, their gender, age... and their photo (via web-link). In fact you can fill the forms with actors, waifus, cat pictures... or real people (like you and your friends). Then you select the transformations that you want and click to "draw a card" - and a random transformation will occur (All Pics are now local and script/ads are eliminated).

Yes, the interface is very basic. But it also allows for a lot of fun and moddability.


I upload the game files in full in the only version I have. The original EmilyThompson mod is nowhere to be found, but the full credit for the game should go there. If anyone knows them and can point them in this direction, just do it - so the full rights for the upload can be discussed.

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Review by simmer68

Version reviewed: 1.1.3 on 06/05/2020

Great implementation in the genre, with lots of options to customize your experience. Adding your own images increases the enjoyment. Perfect for those who like to tinker.

If this were fleshed out with a narrative element and some character development it would jump to the top of my list.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: 1.1.3 on 06/04/2020

Really nothing here except press button > see image + some sentence describing in extremely literal terms what just happened. you could get literally the same level of enjoyment out of browsing the lewds in the assets folder. or, you know, staring at a chair.

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: 1.1.3 on 06/03/2020

Cute simplistic little gamewith ust one button: draw a card. Functional nice idea.

Review by reflector

Version reviewed: 1.1.3 on 06/01/2020

Surprisingly fresh and enjoyable concept.  Though the interface is clunky, that's nothing that couldn't be cleaned up.  The underlying concept is actually really good.  Go grab some photos of friends or celebs you'd like to transform into, fill out the options and enjoy.  Definitely could use more polish but worth the effort in my opinion.

Review by Yunai

Version reviewed: 1.1.3 on 06/01/2020

Thanks for uploading, I missed this little game.

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