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Version: 1.2.4

EmilyThompson's Swap Party (Simmer68 Mod)

Emily Thompson's Swap Party (Simmer68 Mod)
You found a strange card game in your attic and decide to try it out with some friends. Without knowing it, you just started a swap party!
You pick the first card and in the blink of an eye, you are facing yourself. How could that happen? Well, you just picked a card that swapped your body with your girlfriend's.
Will you dare continue playing?

The idea is that participants gather round and pick cards that will trigger changes on them.
What's cool is that you can play with real people! Just copy their images over the generic guy and girl images provided.
So go ahead and fill the "character sheets" with your best friends and see what happens ;)

Use the save feature to capture the configuration and save to a file for import later so you don't have to recreate from scratch.

This is a modification of durnySpam's mod:

Version 1.2.4

1. Split category 'Clone' into 'Clone body' and 'Clone mind'.
2. Gender swap images for player bodies now stay consistent. If player A is in player B's body and draws a gender change card, their body will become a flipped gender version of player B's body.
3. Identity name still displays even if a player's mind adapts to their new body. (e.g. if John becomes a flirtatious pretty woman in mind and body, the display will now say "John (who now looks and acts like a flirtatious pretty John)".
4. Mental identity is persistent and consistent. If no mind duplicate features are enabled (clone mind, back to original, back to mind) the identity will stay the same nomatter which body they inhabit.
5. Relationships now follow mind swaps if compatible in new bodies.
6. Various fixes to typos and narration.

Version 1.2.3

1. Gender Swap and Gender Change now display gender-flipped versions of the player pictures
2. Added category Masculinization
3. Fixed reference to Bimbo 18 image
4. Random typo fixes

Version 1.2.2

1. The game now runs entirely offline. All libraries stored and refenced locally.
2. Fixed all swaps so they won't change other characters if their sheets are locked.

Version 1.2.1

1. Added "Select all" option
2. Added "Lock Player" option
3. Added Personality Change & Personality swap
4. Fixed Clone so it doesn't "stick" to players
5. Fixed BackToMind so it doesn't lose relationship
6. Fixed BackToOriginal so it doesn't lose relationship
7. Fixed genderswap and genderchange - back to original bodies when change to original gender
8. Cleaned up character sheets. Removed dropdown boxes after game starts. Added color to output

Version 1.2.0
Changes from durnySpam's mod (07/01/2020):

1. Except for name all input fields are all selectable on the character sheets.
No more typing of file paths to image files. Just swap your pictures for the guy and girl images provided.
2. Separated the physical body from the mind. Every swap now has both physical and mental implications for the player.
Added: gender identity, personality, orientation, mental age
3. Created a Reaction function that evaluates every change for the player and enhances the narrative.
4. Removed the random turn and made the player turns sequential.
5. Kept most swap options intact with modifications. Change/Added swap options for:
5. Evolved the Position change into a Romance which can escalate from kissing to love.
6. Changed several pictures to my liking. Feel free to change or add your own.

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