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Version: 0.02c

The Last of the Kitsune

Welcome to 'The Last of the Kitsune'!

'The Last of the Kitsune' is an erotic game made in RPG Maker MV.
Each update shall eventually be free to play but Patreon supporters shall receive updates far earlier and on a more regular basis plus enjoy additional benefits!


The game, when fully completed, shall have themes such as possession, detailed male to female and male to futanari transformations (targeted at individual body parts such as breast expansion) , pregnancy, lactation, mind control/ hypnosis and possibly more depending on what fans wish to see.

The game shall use assets from RPG Maker MV as well as free to use assets that other talented creators have made. I believe I have done a thorough job to credit them but if I have missed anyone out please do not hesitate to contact.

 V0.03 is Currently Only Available for Patreons! Patreon Link Here:



Just to let people know who are going for multiple routes 'Page Down' can be used to skip Dialogue but this can ruin the flow of the game, causing bugs!

If you do skip, save often!


The hapless protagonist is a thief called Michael who suffers an unusual fate after attempting to steal from, what he and associates believed to be, an abandoned kitsune temple.


Character List

Michael - A prime example of a vapid thief, uneducated and not especially willing to learn. His lifestyle has led him into a situation he himself does not see. Maybe what happens to him is a blessing in disguise?

Dodger - An experienced thief and one of his boss' go-to guys. A good thief and a better fighter, he is respected leagues above Micheal in the crew they are in. Strange that such a dangerous job requires only two men...

You shall have to play to see the others!

None needed as of yet but there are a few secrets to find:

  • Secret TF at the end of the game (so far) on the East side of the final map.
  • Nipple related TF in Eikan-Do Dungeon. Avoidable if you are not a sociopath.
  • Did you kill all the hornets after Eikan-Do? Be prepared for a tough battle!
  • Did you search the statue outside of Eikan-Do Temple Dungeon?
  • Found the memaid?

'The Last of the Kitsune'


Version 0.03
- Foxy Reunion.
- Love and Loss.
- Two Tf's, one nipple based TF and one Penis Reduction TF.
- Four new stores.
- New items and weapons.
- ???


Version 0.02

Major bug-fixes:
- Michael should now appear as 'himself' in save and menu windows.
- Collisions should all be fixed now (hopefully).
- Collisions with invisible bees after their defeat should be fixed.
- Various event fixes and tweaks.
- Michael should learn all attacks properly now, including ones obtained from scrolls in Eikan-Do.

New additions:
- An hour or so of content.
- One (possibly) final forced feminization TF for Michael. It is up to the player from here how he/she develops!
- One elocution based transformation as voted for by Patreons.
- The 'Blue Plant Daughter' can be picked up without any TFs happening to Michael's chest or testes now.
Make sure to do this AFTER the new big TF. (You will miss out on a couple of scenes doing this though.)
- Secret mermaid.
- Eikan-Do temple can be revisited whenever now and the 'rusty badge' and all other items can be picked up
anytime as well.
- A new short dungeon.
- A hidden boss.
- A new boss.
- A little bit of lore.
- A new party member.

Version 0.01

- Start of the main campaign. Roughly an hour or so of content.
- Added Michael, the hapless hero.
- Added Dodger.
- Added Ahmya.
- Added Kudokuten.
- Added Hatsuko.
- Added Inari.
- Added Izanami.
- Added Nozumo.
- Added sexy times with a needy slutsune.

- Added an optional nipple-related TF in the Eikan-Do Temple Dungeon. Is is difficult to miss (the dungeon is small) but is forced on you if you trigger the event and have been mistreating a particular party member...

- Added an optional BE and ball-shrinking TF scene hidden in what is the last area at the moment past Eikan-Do Temple. If you are struggling to find it, it is a hidden path on the Eastern side of the largest  area of 'The Blossom Forest'. Be warned; you can't get one TF without the other!

- An optional mini-boss is available that drops a unique item that shall be useful either immediately if you have been nice to a certain character or later on if not. I have future plans for it.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 08/03/2020

This is utterly fantastic thus far.  If you like RPG maker games, this is a big win.  Keep an eye on it.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 07/19/2020

If you've been on TFGamesSite for long enough, you might notice a trend of abandonment. Personally, I think it's mostly HTML and, like TLotK, RPGMaker games. I've pretty much abandon all hope of one ever being finished. That is to say, I try not to get attached. This game is making this hard. I'm liking the characters so far, and I can see this having a lot of potential. Fingers crossed that the OP will finish this someday.


Until then, if you like Kitsune TFs, definitely keep an eye out for this one.

Review by falla1n

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 07/19/2020

This review is not of the about the game because at this rate it will take a week to download. If you could host a link to a prezipped version and not use the hosts shared directory because it takes a lot longer to download.

Review by thepybro

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 07/13/2020

I am hooked. You have a good base here. Just keep on doing, my only problem is that I takes a long time to download. I am not sure how you would make it go faster, but if you can it would make updating the game mush easier.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 07/12/2020

Soo im usually not a big fan of RPG maker stories

But there are a few that have a golden story and transformations.

Myself as im not big into the whole kitsune thing and such i wasnt thinking to highly of this but i gave it a try never the less



I am happy that i did, the story is great very unqiue and the charracters are lovely.

Im constantly intreged to move on, dungeons arent big dont take alot of time avoiding combat is quite easy (and i hate RPG maker Combat)

so thats a plus. And i love walking in to traps <3 so much!!

So far very satisfied with what you have created and i cant wait so see what comes up next. 

If you keep regular updates up then i probably will add you to my list of patreon subscriptions!

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