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Version: 0.4.1

House Sitting

Day 5 has been added. The current EOC as far as main path goes occurs when you sleep at the end of Day 5.

House sitting is an semi-open world game which draws inspiration from one of my all time favorites on this site: GOLD RUSH. Because it has been so long since Gold Rush was updated I decided that I wanted to make a similiar game and complete the story to fit my own preferences. 

You will be guiding a young man Chad(you can change his name) through a gauntlet of trials. He however doesn't realize it is a full gauntlet. Along the way he will undergo many changes and learn just how much terrible power the Mob Families of Nevada wield.

With over 57000 words and over 300 pasages this represents 9 months of work.


When Reviewing Please do not include bug reports in the review. Please place those in the Discussion Thread. Link below:



Chad has just graduated High School and will be attending a state school to study bussiness in the fall. His family doesn't have the money to help so he has to figure expenses out on his own. One of his friends from High School has a rich daddy who will be taking her on an 8 week cruise. She convinced him to hire you to take care of their mansion while they are gone. All you have do really is keep it clean. Don't forget to keep it clean though or you might loose out on all your spending money.
The first day there Chad discovers a secret room and a challenge which sits between him and half a million dollars. He has never been more motivated in his life to achieve success in something. But success comes at a price. Even the pursuit of success will come at a cost. How much is Chad going to sacrifice for the money? You decide.

Chad- Our hero

Abby- The rich girl

Stacey- A stripper

Sierra- Abby's dark friend with a darker reputation

Vamsi- Owner of the Local Pawnshop

Evelynne- Owner of the local adult video store. She seems kinda predatory

Emma-Owner of a loval Krav Maga dojo.

Jonathan-Childhood Bully. He seems to be turning over a new leaf.

The walk-through can be found in my first post of the forum discussion thread.


V 0.1.0 

Initial release


V 0.1.1

Fixed Image Pack


V 0.1.2

Bug Fixes

I believe I have fixed some of the black screens.

Fixed spacing inside of the closets.

Fixed missing image links.

Fixed broken and orphaned tags

Posted a compressed file for download rather than separate files


More bug fixes

A few spelling and grammar fixes(not many I will do a dedicated combing in the next few weeks)

A few new images

Fixed a programming issue which prevented access to the Krav Maga studio. It should now be working.

Reworked the inventory system it should be less buggy now and more visually appealing. Fingers crossed.

The ballet flats should now work properly.

The first door now properly acccepts other female underwear than the white panties.

Make up has been added. It is in the bathroom after the first time you shave.

Fixed the issue with getting stuck at the mall if you skipped steps before going shopping. You will however not be able to finish day 2 unless you go back and fix those steps. 


Fixed a game breaking bug on day 2 No need to start a new game if you have a save from V0.1.3.



  • More bug fixes. This game is getting big.
  • a 4th day added.
  • 2 branching paths can be started.
  • Krav Maga Studio should be operational.
  • Image normalization for file format, size, and naming scheme.
  • additional work on the closet.
  • new outfit shortcuts added to the closet.
  • New calendar system added.
  • Spelling and grammar fixes. There is more work to be done here... I will keep working on them.
  • 2 bad ends added based around exhausting the MC and failing to get past the gauntlet or failing to clean the house often enough. These take some doing and can oly be achieved by grinding without reaching EOC.
  • There might be more that I have forgotten. This update almost doubles the size of the game.


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • House Cleaning Short Cut added to the UI Bar
  • A bunch of spelling errors


  • More spelling and grammar fixes. This will be an ongoing project as I write more. Sorry for my ADHD brain.
  • A system to track the player's gender identity. This will no longer be static allowing the player a modicum of control over how fast the player identifies as female. This will have more influence on the player reaction to events in the coming updates.
  • Added new scenes for when the player tries specific female clothes on the first time.
  • added 11 new images and 5 new gifs. More scenes now have image representation and are no longer just text.
  • Backend system rewrites that will hopefully improve the ease of adding new content.


  • Squashed more spelling and gramar errors.
  • fixed some more back end coding that was missed in the revamp
  • added a clothing debug to the cheat menu to ensure that you no longer get stuck in the house. This is a temporary band-aid until I can recreate the issue. I might need to add the male clothing to the inventory which I hadn't done yet to save passage space.
  • Fixed the broken link for buying anti-chaffing ointment. This object is not yet implemented so buying it is not recomended.
  • added day skips to the cheat menu they have not been fully tested so they propbaly contain missing variables which break the game. I would save before using them. Their primary purpose is to help if you do something out of order and do not get a progress reward.

Version 0.4.0

  • 14,000 words 43 passages added. 57000 words 317 passages.
  • 22 new images/gifs
  • A new dream sequence
  • A new day of content
  • A new door to challenge you.
  • First two branching paths implemented. You can for now choose to follow one or both paths.
  • You may pursue a romantic relationship with Jonathan
  • have first date and go to his house for sexy times
  • A Bussiness/Pleasure relationship with Evelynne
  • Get punished for any bad behavior you exhibit
  • Get rewarded for good behavior.
  • Service first client. Sexy times
  • You get to start making money. Just in case you want to buy your penile freedom.
  • Tumble the Dating app is downloadable on day 5
  • You can match with one of the named characters
  • Squashed a bug that could cause Day 3 content to skip breaking the game if the player didn't visit Evelynne and get caged before attempting the door once then attempting it a second time.

Known issues:

  • I am still having trouble recreating the bug that causes the Mansion to become innescapable. Until I can figure it out I will leave the cheat menu option to allow you to progress if you are still haing the issue.
  • I have not done a sweep of image names and paths to ensure they work on all system types.

Version 0.4.1

  • Added redundancy to the dance practice scene to hopefully address a previously unkown bug.
  • Fixed a bug with the computer search hints that would cause the player to become stuck unable to escape the passage.
  • Fixed some typos that would cause the players name and pronouns to not display correctly during the client scene at Evelynnes.
  • Pushed some code that is intended for a future release back behind a code wall so that it stops clogging the 4ever young shop with errors after Story Day 2.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player name to not display during the trial of the third door first attempt.

Known Issues

  • I am still having trouble recreating the bug that causes the Mansion to become innescapable. Until I can figure it out I will leave the cheat menu option to allow you to progress if you are still haing the issue.
  • I have not done a sweep of image names and paths to ensure they work on all system types.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BrandiSundays

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 12/21/2020

I would love to see the female crush cuck him or humiliate him somehow. 

Overall, one of my favorite games. 

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 12/14/2020

This is more-or-less a recreation of an old non-HTML game "Gold Rush".

It uses a mechanic common in games that want an adventure feel, where you need to figure out what new and special action has appeared somewhere in the house or town and click on that to progress. It's similar to Gold Rush, and a lot of RAGS games in that respect, but relatively forgiving. It's usually very obvious where you have to go next and what you have to do. You can click through it all very quickly without having to visit every location looking for something that's changed. There are also some daily routine tasks you can do, but not many.

The way the town and shops are integrated into the game works well.

It's still in an early stage, and only the initial part of the game is present. What is done is good, but there's a lot that feels missing even in the early stages. It only takes a short time to play through the existing content, and if the same design pattern is used for the rest of the game, that likely won't take long to play either, due to the lack of filler, grind, or much in the way of any repetitive content. Possibly, that will change in future releases.

It's worth a look to see how things are progressing. There isn't really enough to keep you busy for long, so the effort is easily rewarded.


There is another recreation of Gold Rush currently being worked on, and it was released very close to this one.

In a previous review, I briefly compared the two, without mentioning the name of the other game, with the comments generally favorable to both games.

To my surprise, the author of House Sitting requested I removed even the vague comparison to the other game, as they do not want to be seen as "competing".

I don't want to stir up any dispute between the authors, so I have revised the review as requested, and removed my statement of preference, but I feel it's pointless. There is no way that these two games are not going to be compared in future.

Also, a comparison, or even mentioning the name of the other game would probably be helpful to a lot of people who like this game and want to try one that's similar.

It's only a matter of time before some other review compares them in detail, but TBH, that's already ongoing in the forum discussions.

If you liked one of these recreations, you will probably like the other one too; they aren't vastly different to each other. Each has a few unique points.

Both are in very early stages, so I am waiting to see which progresses best. I do have a current preference, but it could change as the games are developed.


Review by Nerevar

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/12/2020

This is worth paying attention to.

At present, House Sitting contains quite a bit of content, but at present Gold Rush arguably took the story further and does some things better than this recreation. However, this recreation also does some very important things better.

First off, props to Gold Rush, however, one (I hope fair) criticism of Gold Rush was that you spent a lot of time running around trying to figure out what single action was necessary to advance the story, often it was very specific (click on this specific item in a specific location (from tons of possible locations) to see an option that wasn't there before) and difficult to figure out, and sometimes that could get frustrating. In this game, thus far, things are less confusing and less frustrating than they were in the inspirational successor. A little bit of searching is fine, but I love that this game, at least so far, doesn't make you go through 500 useless interactions before finding the 1 interaction necessary to advance things. I'm not sure what the optimal number is for such things on average, to avoid making things too straightforward, but it's less than was present in Gold Rush. This game also has a more gradual and nuanced transformation than Gold Rush had, and given that transformations are the principle focus of this site, I consider that to be a good thing.

Another reviewer mentioned inventory improvements would be good, which I agree with, but it's not unusable at present.

As further development takes place, House Sitting could well exceed its predescessor. There are elements of the story and mechanics that I like better in this version. Notably, writing that has more polish and gameplay elements that feel less haphazard.

This is a relatively ambitious undertaking, and the creator deserves credit for their work. Give it a try, see what's there (what's there is pretty good), and pay attention to updates. It is my hope that the current developer will continue to do good work, and finish this story. Too many games on this site are unfinished, and I don't mean that they could use improvement, I mean that the story just cuts out half way through. I really hope the developer sticks with it, and finishes this. Best wishes to you all. To the developer, thanks for sharing this with us.

Review by Zela

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 07/20/2020

There's some bugs and a few spelling errors, and it could use some better UI, but it's not bad and a faithful updated version of Gold Rush.


I'm looking forward to see how it will be updated forward and for it to reach content parity with the old game at least!

Review by DastardlyDoug

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 07/17/2020

I appreciate someone trying to recreate the vibe and basic storyline similar to The Gold Rush.

However, the inventory/wardrobe needs a lot of work. Too many things seem to be able to stack.

Some coding errors that need to be fixed, etc.

A little more testing before first release would have been a good idea.

Hope to see it get better. But overall a good effort.



Thanks for staying on top of the bugs. Keep it up!

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