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Unholy Arts

The High Priestess, symbol of the Goddess herself in the Confined Valley, has died, and the tribes must find her successor. Each of them must send a Candidate, a pure woman who just became of age, who will have to show talent for the arts of magic, combat, and love... And manages to get the others to accept her leadership.

A text-based, erotic game combining elements from Dating Sims, RPGs, Choose Your Own Adventure Novels and Simulation based games, that puts its focus on creating an environment that pushes its characters to engage in rich, dynamic behavior to make them feel as alive as possible, evolving to the events developing around them - and shaping the world and others to fit their own goals and visions.

  • Control your character in dynamic sex scenes. Other characters will act according to their own personality and desires!
  • Simulation of the daily life of the Temple's residents
  • Properly distribute your time to become as much of a great Candidate as possible
  • Socialize with the other Candidates through a system that recreates complex moods and relations
  • Develop deep relationships with other Candidates and get them on the proper mood, then take them to bed any day!
  • Each character has a lot of parameters representing their preferences, desires, goals and views, that are used to help them make their decisions during sex, during social interactions, and during other daily activities
  • Explore the stories behind the Confined Valley and the Passion Temple, its peoples' lives and secrets
  • Battle system: use magic, slashes or sensual strokes to get your enemies to submit
  • Stablish special relationship types with other characters, including alliances, tutorship, domination or love
  • Convince or force other characters to follow your schemes
  • This goes both ways! If you aren't careful enough, you may become someone else's plaything
  • Unlucky characters may find themselves locked in bondage, limiting their range of actions
  • Ask users of transformation magic to modify your body. They will require full access!
  • Many other ways for everyone to get corrupted into hedonism and submission
  • Embark on adventures with your peers to explore the Valley and its secrets

  • Lesbian: The six protagonists, including the Player Character, are women
  • Monstergirls: Different kinds of peoples coexist in the Valley, only two of the six tribes are human
  • Futanari (optional): Good Avatars of the Goddess are expected to represent her in her truest form
  • Transformations: There's a bit of transformation at the start of the game - upon reaching the first adventure, near the end of the first month, you'll also gain access to transformation scenes.
  • Your ordinary vanilla tags, including: kissing, caressing, vaginal, oral, threesomes and others
  • Soft powerplay, and optionally, more hardcore powerplay
  • Player domination/Player submission and Player top/Player bottom
  • Exhibitionism and voyeur
  • Harem and reversed harem: should depend heavily on the settings and the balance of power between the Candidates. The player should have the means to achieve either result, or none
  • Bondage, also comes in the form of vines
  • Male characters participating in sex scenes
  • Hypnosis
  • Slime
  • Generally lots of corruption 















The Ashwalkers

First of the human tribes to settle in the Valley, the Ashwalkers hail from an extense desertic region where they lived as craftsmen, mercenaries and travelling merchants. Their arrival to the Valley changed some of their customs: their battle techniques have turned into martial arts for exhibition and dance, and their crafts no longer focus as much on weaponry as they focus on toys.


 The Leirien

The Leirien are regarded as the first tribe of the Valley, eager to welcome all others. These beings often live in symbiosis with different kinds of plants, and use them to regulate their own organisms, produce hormones and aphrodisiacs and extract their magic. They consider their own leaders gardeners, who are expected to balance the needs and desires of those under their care to ensure everyone's happiness.



The Beastkin

Ages ago, human shamans lived communion with nature as an integral part of their lives, to the point of turning themselves into beasts for extended periods of time. According to the Beastkin, these shamans were their ancestors. In recent times, this tribe is experiencing deep social changes and conflict.


The Shapeshifters

The Shapeshifters are creatures with the capacity of altering their own bodies to resemble different shapes and textures, to the point of being able to imitate someone else's aspect or even appear as completely different creatures, with great effort. This condition has led them to develop a culture where everyone uses their powers with large responsability. Or at least, most of them.


The Aiishen

These peoples' bodies are closer to energy than they are to matter. This makes them exceptionally proficient at handling magic, but also very vulnerable to all of its effects. Their nature has led them to create a very strict culture where everyone is expected to fulfill their role.


The Gaanidans

This tribe of humans was the last one to settle in the Valley, fleeing from a chaotic, dangerous world, and they still struggle to find their place among the rest. Much like you, their Candidate.

Review by Surume

Version reviewed: 0.3.11 on 06/14/2022

I seachered for s.th. different but I stayed, as this is a really well made game.

I like the clever story. It explains why you, together with 5 other candidates from other tribes, are influencing each other and haveing plenty of sex. In many games I find myslef skipping large portions of text, here I almost read everything (didn't read some of the books).

While all the options are a bit complex and may be a bit much at the begining. Many options and info displayed becomes available later step by step.

Maybe the game could benefit from 1-2 more pictures per candidate (however, which state of mind / pose to choose is probably trickey).

For sure I will play again a new version.

Review by Moonflow

Version reviewed: 0.3.7 on 03/08/2022

This game got me hooked pretty early on, and I played it for quite a while.

I do agree with most of the reviews that's somewhat grindy, although you find relief from the daily events that occur each morning.
Also I found it to be quite complex in terms of stats and short term values and long term values and so on.

Feedback for devs: You started with tooltips, when hovering over some things. It would be awesome to have this for more elements in fhe game. Also, for the sexual preferences it's not always clear who they refer to.

All in all, I really like the game for its world and mechanics though.

Review by Darkfeenex

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 08/23/2021

Initial thoughts: Great game with a rich storyline and a fun but grindy system


Writing/Storyline: I think the writing in this game is pretty dang good. I really do feel like I'm there in the scenes and having the scenes unfold in front of my own eyes. The storyline is also pretty well done, it really creates a personality of each of the characters and really created a very enjoyable interactions between characters. The system of having to learn the lore via the library is a pretty nice touch considering the storyline of how each tribe doesn't interact with each other. Overall the writing is very well thought out and very enjoyable. 8.5/10


Gameplay: The gameplay itself is quite grindy but personally from reading the game description and after the introduction I kind of expected it. I think with the interactions you can do between characters and the leveling system of the game it kind of had to be grindy which I am ok with. If you aren't that into grinding then maybe give this game a try for the first couple of days then see if you like it or not. In my opinion the grindiness is very much worth it. The gameplay itself is very unique and creates a different take on the original 'fights' and 'sex fights' and combines it together. There are some times where actions can be kind of weird in terms of things not supposed to be able to do. One example that another reviewer mentions is that u can grind dicks while one of the dicks are currently fucking someone. It might just be a slight overlook and just needs a quick fix but there are a couple of other bits like this which kind of seem off. Otherwise I enjoyed the gameplay thoroughly and reccomend this to everyone even if you aren't too into the grindy aspect. 8.5/10


Transformations: This do be TFGames so I gotta include this section in. The transformations are only minor at this stage (growing a dick). I noticed that the author plans to create more transformations in the future but I think after playing this game, this isn't a game with hundreds of different tfs and hundreds of different branching paths, and you shouldn't expect it to be. This isn't one of those games.


Overall: Overall this is a great game with a rich storyline which I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend this game to everyone, even if you think the grindy aspect might turn you off this game you can give it a try, play a couple of days and then always delete it. It is a great game at the current stage it is in and I can't wait to see where this game goes. 


Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 03/28/2021

Interesting idea, but the sex/combat is grindy and silly at times, like when it lets you French kiss and trib at the same time.  Might check this again after a few updates to see if things become less of a grind.

Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 01/24/2021

Good concept and start, but feels a bit grindy. Both the conversation and sex systems are rather slow-paced, and get repetitive after a bit, and the main gameplay loop feels a bit directionless.

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