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Version: 0.11.1

Sleepover Makeover

This is CYOA of a 16 year old boy forced into overseeing his 8 year old sister's sleepover party. A little sister who has been empowered by their witch of a mother to help her brother learn a lesson, by joining the party with the rest of the girls.

Through a series of pre-planned activities, the MC must try and maintain his maturity and his masculinity while keeping his sister and the rest of the girls happy. Or just give in and have some fun.


Current Content:

12 activities with multiple variants each
Regression down to age 8 (mentally and physically)
25 endings
Lots of traits which cause both minor and major variations to scenes
Lots of descriptions of the MC at different stages of the regression
Embarrassment overload scenes when the situation becomes too overwhelming to handle
340k+ words


Future Content:

More activities
More events
More regression (current target is down to age 5 both mentally and physically)
More traits
More endings (and some bad ends)

Feedback is heavily encouraged. Both in terms of bugs and typos and in suggestions/ideas. Both by DM and in the discussion thread. I'd love to hear what you all think.

PG rating is just for bad language. There is no sexual content.

A 16 year old boy forced into overseeing his 8 year old sister's sleepover party.

A little sister who has been empowered by their witch of a mother to help her brother learn a lesson. A lesson learned through joining the party with the rest of the girls whether he wants to or not. 

He fights to maintain his mind and body, all while trying to keep his sister and the other girls happy.

Emily: Your 8 year old little sister, the brat who is the de facto ring leader of the group.
Kara: A 7 year old classmate of your sister, very smart for her age. Acts as a bit of a 'mother' to the group, often acting as the voice of reason.
Miki: 6 year old little sister of one of your sister's classmates. Shy around strangers, but excitable once she gets to know you.
Sophie: The 9 year old 'older sister' of the group. Can come off as a bit of a bully, but protective of those in the group. Fiercely competitive, but doesn't like losing.


0.11.1 (April 27) - Fixes to journal entries and endings.

0.11.0 (April 20) - Bored of board games

Board Games

- The board game activity has gotten a much needed makeover. It's got *a lot* of new content, there's shopping and dressup and even some new endings in there. Lots of paths to take and places to explore. Have fun :)

Imaginary Friend
- A series of dreams that can be access from various parts of the game (see walkthrough for more details on where).
- Gives you the largest trait (by words) yet, evolving from being in contact with your "inner child" to sharing all your experiences. Think of all the fun with having your own imaginary friend to take you through the party.
- There are even a couple endings associated with the dreams.

Scene Enhancements/Improvements
- Now you can tell Sophie to stop climbing the tree rather than just standing there. Whether she'll listen to you or not...
- Dressup prompted by successfully hiding in Emily's closet now makes it easier to wear pretty dresses, and even lets you keep it.
- Hiding in the basement is now a little more interesting, especially for clumsy people, scaredy cats and crybabies.
- Non-participation in the Mini-Olympics is now punished in new and interesting ways.
- Getting trapped in the dark now makes things dark for you as well.

- The walkthrough tab now has a link to a Google Doc containing spoiler light walkthrough. Trying to keep a balance between clarity and keeping things spoiler-free, y'all let me know how it feels.

Technical Changes
- Most images are now in webp format. Should have no impact on how they look (unless you are in an old Safari that doesn't support webp), but makes the zip file a few MB smaller.

Everything Else
- NPC descriptions for the teenage versions of the girls for the various high school age epilogues. Note these descriptions are partially shared between endings. So one ending where Sophie would be 20, it still talks about her as a high school girl.
- New ending if you select "Get Mean" a second time in a embarassment break.

0.10.1 (March 20) - General bug fixes with the new activity

0.10.0 (March 17)- The Community Update

Small scene improvements/additions (in more detail than usual so people can see their specific suggestion show up)
- Miki hide and seek "hide under" route a little more fun.
- Reaction for finding Emily hiding in your closet when you'd hidden in hers.
- Improved descriptions of moments where fear traits kick in during Hide and Seek.
- Small mat variant to skinned knee.
- Trying to find a way to contain your new feminine endowments.
- Learning about the issues with girl's clothes during jump rope.
- Softspoken characters now have trouble being heard at the top of a tree.
- Hiding in Emily's closet might result in some impromptu dressup.
- Young MCs who are denied extra cupcakes have a second chance to partake.
- Small commentary on hulaing in a skirt.
- More excitement if Sophie wins the Olympics or you win, but refuse the winners prize.
- Extra choice of a favourite "pony", sure to cause some chaos.
- Small musings on being in a skirt for the first time.
- Some lore updates for background on what this "sleepover" actually is.

Emily Low Happiness Scene
- Accessible when Emily's happiness hits zero
- She decides to teach you a lesson about how much harder it is to be little and how it's the responsibility of the older sibling to help.

Two new endings
- Rejecting a life as Sophie's personal cheerleader leads you into making a whole new group of close friends.
- Rejecting a life as a pudgy super nerd leads you into indulging your interests in a different way.

Bug Fixes
- Fix ending descriptions for new game +

- Description updates to a few traits
- A zillion typo fixes

0.9.2 (Feb 16) - Bunch of little fixes, mostly typos.

0.9.1 (Feb 10) - Hotfix to fix bad assignment, some typos and windows specific pathing issues.

0.9.0 (Feb 10)

Getting even smaller

  • Regression of body and mind down to age 8

Painting Nails Activity

  •  Activity where you...well, I'm sure you can all figure this one out :D

Golden Ending Updates

  • Witness a trio of vignettes of all the fun you can have in your new form. Though depending upon the age, maturity and traits of your character these can go different ways. More will be added in the future.

Freedom of choice

  • No longer will you be denied a choice just because you have a trait. If you're afraid of heights you can try to climb a tree all you want. Key word being try. :)

Not so random events

  • Started implementation of some "follow-up" scenes to full activities. Many are dependant upon age/maturity so you'll have to choose if you want to try them now, see if it changes later, or just avoid them entirely.


  • Fix to Golden Ending not setting age/mat
  • Updates to the trial

0.8.2 (Jan 7) - Hotfix to fix a few bad variables and conditionals.

0.8.1 (Jan 5) - Hotfix to prevent blank gymnastics journal and fix bad conditional in cupcake decorating.

0.8.0 (Jan 3)

The Friendship Update - Grab Bag Edition

- Minimum Age/Maturity lowered to 9.


  • Rewrote all the age 13 journal entries to be more maturity appropriate.
  • Added journal entries for ages 8-10.
  • Slowing working on intermediary steps so the entries degrade more smoothly. (WIP)

New Activity

  • Decorate some cupcakes with the girls, just try not to make a mess ;)

Activity Updates

  • Medium rewrite of the cartoon activity to have more detail and new variants.
  • Small additions in remaining activities which allow you to ingratiate yourself to the girls or to push them away.


  • A new(ish) ending to replace the former ending 3b with something more fleshed out.
  • Updates to endings 9 & 8b to better align with character motivations and behaviours.
  • Better integrated ending 1a/1b into the flow of the trial, rather than being a separate entity.

Everything Else

  • Debug mode re-exposed for anyone who has seen at least 1 ending.
  • Very small lore update to integrate the mood ring a bit better.
  • Sidebar passages converted to pop-ups rather than passages of their own. This deals with a whole bunch of behind the scenes pain/bugs. Will be looking at cleaning up their design in the future.
  • Changed index.html to SleepoverMakeover.html so it's more clear what the actual game is.

0.7.1 (Nov 30) - Couple variable fixes and typos

0.7.0 (Nov 27)

The Friendship Update (pt1)

Hide and Seek Activity

  • This activity has been entirely re-written and greatly expanded.
  • Careful if you've picked up a lot of traits before you do, being too giggly might make you easy to catch.
  • You can choose where to hide from each girl, but your decisions will have consequences. People might like you less if you try too hard, or don't try enough.

Braiding Hair

  • Moderate re-write to this activity to make new hairstyles available.
  • Now you can make your feelings known about the new style.


  • Added some traits to the character in relevant endings. No gameplay impact, but makes it a little more consistent with the rest of the game.
  • Renumbered the endings to make it more clear how they are connected.
  • Added some "hints" about how to get into the various endings.
  • Added some Content Warnings to help players avoid content.

Everything Else

  • Small additions in various activities which allow you to ingratiate yourself to the girls or to push them away.
  • NPC tab now shows friendliness of each girl and the group as a whole.

0.6.3 (Oct 31) - A couple minor conditional fixes and correctly tracking the "reason" for not competing in the Olympics. 

0.6.2 (Oct 28) - Functions have to be called to work

0.6.1 (Oct 28) - Fixed "girlName" being improperly set in endings.

0.6.0 (Oct 28)

Endings Endings Endings

  • An enormous addition of 16(!) new endings (~70k words)
  • Seriously, it's *a lot* of ending/epilogue content

Dynamic Journalling

  • The fruits of all of those "overhauled how the journal worked" now the journal entries will actually change as maturity decreases.
  • Right now this is just one additional variant for ages 10-13. Which sounds like not a lot but it's something like 30+ new journal entry possibilities
  • More variants will be added over time both for lower age regressions and to break up some of the large ranges (ex. adding one for 10-11)
  • Additionally, the new journal entry will appear as a new passage after each activity (including regressions) which hopefully mitigates -some of the scene blending which can occur when multiple regressions stack up.

Updates to a couple of scenes to fix a couple of narrative quirks.

  • Twister, Get Mad Break, Age 12 dressup

Usual minor typo/bug/spacing fixes

0.5.3 (Sep 13) - A bunch of minor bug fixes and typo things. Nothing too exciting. 

0.5.1 (Sep 11) - Patch to fix a few bad conditionals. Sugarvalidator doesn't catch variables without a $ :( 

0.5.0 (Sep 11)

New Content:
Initial implementation of the embarrassment mechanic.

  • All the things that happen to you will slowly build up your level of embarrassment, if it gets too high you'll snap and might do something you'll quickly regret.
  • Currently, there are three different 'snaps' implemented. Each of which is attached to its own fairly extensive scene.

Small variations added to a few scenes.

Behind the Scenes:
Improvements to the word filter

  • You may have noticed in old versions that certain words (such as curse words) would get increasingly innocent/girly as time went on. The technical implementation of this has changed dramatically. It will make things much easier for me to add to/modify, however it's a little wilder. If you see anything that looks like it shouldn't be replaced, let me know.

Using a new "pronoun" system. The text should always be reactive to your current gender. If anything looks out of place let me know.

More improvements to the journal system to allow for some future ideas.

Usual rigamarole of spacing/typo/bug fixes.


0.4.0 (Aug 27)

  • Regression down to age 10 with 4 new detailed scenes to show the changes.

  • Overhaul of how the journal works.

  • Some extra ponysplaining for the non MLP initiated 

  • Experimental User Setting

    • Disable physical age regression

      • This should prevent age from going down and any of the related scenes from playing. 

    • Images 

      • Only in a few places for now (13->12 age regression and 12->11 maturity regression, MLP explanations)

    • Animations

  • New Game+

    • Both endings now have a link to a new game + which should reset you back to the start of the game but with traits/age/maturity intact.

    • NOTE: This is much less tested than other stuff, so bugs are likely. Report as you find them and I’ll try to fix what I can but NG+ isn’t the main focus of the game so it’s lower priority

  • A couple of small trait variant scenes

  • Usual litany of typo fixes

  • A few small bug fixes

  • Fix to “return” when navigating to description/traits/etc…

0.3.1 (August 9) - Little typo fixes 

0.3.0 (August 9) - 

Completion of the "mini-olympics" a series of activities challenging your physical prowess (or lack thereof). 5 activities and about 20k words.
Dynamic NPC descriptions

0.2.2 (July 23) - Fix to remove incomplete activity from 0.2.1

0.2.1 (July 23) - Fix to traits not being applied. More typo fixes. (Pulled and replaced by 0.2.2)

0.2.0 (July 22) - Converted the entire thing into TweeGo. Fixes to journal. Added hairstyle descriptions.

0.1.2 (July 21) - Better handle for underflow of minimum age. Formatting changes.

0.1.1 (July 21) - Minor bug fix (disney princess text), restart button on endings.

0.1.0 (July 21) - First release. 4 activities, 2 endings, regression to age 12, full character descriptions.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Witherskid

Version reviewed: 0.10.1 on 03/31/2021

Geninely fun, the only thing I wish was that age and sex+gender change where seprate variables.

Review by digitalsurrender

Version reviewed: 0.10.1 on 03/27/2021

This review is based on v0.9.1. I enjoyed it so much, I came back to leave a glowing review! An now I see it's been updated to v0.10.1 since I first downloaded it, so I'm grabbing an up-to-date copy and looking forward to seeing whatever improvements/expansions are included.

First, let me say, this game was a surprising joy to play. I was in the mood for a little age regression story. While there's moments where the plot or character motivations are a little hard to buy into (you gotta really suspend your "real world" disbelief to enjoy the game), but if you can do that, you're in for a real treat playing this game.

The pacing is excellent. Transformations are slow and gradual, but subtly begin early on. There's a lot of choices to make within this game. At no point did I ever feel like I was be rail-roaded to a certain destination. Nor did I feel choices were just "flavor" text that had no actual consequences.

Instead, your choices do feel like they lead you down different side paths, and each side path takes some time describing and exploring the consequences of that decision. 

For example, during a game of hide-and-seek, I was given the choice of different places to hide. I chose the mother's bedroom, and then chose to hide under the bed. While hiding there, I came across a magical trap that led me through a whole side scenario that directly, uniquely, and permanently affected my character's development! Amazing.

But you know what I loved MOST about this game?

It helped me feel like a kid again, for real. It's a sleepover party, but there's lots of games and playful activities to engage in or resist. Watching the kids play, listening to them talk, and sometimes playing along with them... as my character in the game regressed more and more into childhood, I too felt like I was remembering and reconnecting with my own inner child. I'd remember old childhood games I used to play, but hadn't in many, many years. I remembered how silly and playful, how simple and innocent, childhood could be. As an adult in real life, with all the stresses and obligations and burdens that come with it, I've lost touch with that inner child. And this game helped me remember, helped me reconnect.

So, to the game creator and all who helped raise it to the level it is today, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I'm looking forward to playing this game again. I've only reached one ending so far (a sweet, romantic first kiss with Kara after becoming a teenager a second time). And I can't wait to explore this world and re-play this magical sleepover night again and again, to discover different transformations, childhood experiences, and alternative endings.

This game is already excellent and feels "complete" as-is, but please please please keep making whatever other improvements or additions you want. I'm subscribing for any new updates. This game is a rare gem to find on this website. I loved it.

Review by Rubzz

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 02/11/2021

I honestly find this game really cute and super fun to play through, i really like the new changes to the ending where you get more choices in how it ended, because i previously disliked how forced the ending was.

Review by MystLeissa

Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 02/09/2021

This in it's current form is perhaps a very niche game, but then I am niche myself. It fits the bill for a AR Game, that doesn't feel particularly sexual (yes it's m2f but it's very g-rated content I can assure you, it kinda has to be given the theme)). It's absolutely hillarious to watch your character struggle to find a way out of a purposefully inescapable trap. I know that I'm normally a bit of a AR Kinkster, and I have alot of M2F in my past and present, but this game seems to attract me for an entirely different reason: The Endings I've encountered thus far, have options that allow you (compared to earlier versions) to "Choose your own path" ( I think this was done in response to user comments tbh) by either willingly electing to stay a little girl, or somehow trying to convince yourself it can still work. I'm not going to say much more than that because I feel it'd spoil the surprise, but there has been a definite improvement in the game, and since I last played (about a year s ago) it has improved not only in content but in overall scope, all the "current" endings I've experienced have ended with a situation of "Let's view a little further than the sleep over in the story" which was a really eye opening experience, it's one thing to say "Oh we'll fix a few things in the endings" it's a completely different level of committment to actually extend the scope and depth of those existing endings with an entirely new subplot.

"Bravo! Encore! Encore!" to quote the audience.

Review by Shaing

Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 01/31/2021

So... first of all for everyone reading this. I do fit the target audience of this game and i liked it. I can fully and whole hearted recommend it. But i also do have a few problems with it overall, some really minor, some concerning the whole concept of the game.


The game itself has a heavy focus on TG (Male to female) and AR (Age regression toddler - teen) and this is the main focus and lure of the game. If that is what you like, you will LOVE this game. No question about it.


Buuut... here are my problems with it: a really minor one is that some of the consequenzes dont seem to carry over properly, and get lost later on. That is a little sad but totaly understandable and doesn't take much of the fun away. Here is my main problem with it tho. The setting.

The entire premise of the game is set up in such a way that you, the player character are the baby sitter for your little sisters party. Simple enough, no problems there BUT it becomes a problem once your mother who left you in charge also gave your 9 year old sister a magic wand... Heres my problem with it. No matter what you do, your little sister WILL transform you. There is no possible way for you the player to remain a hormonal 16 year old boy and even if you wanted to flee, your mother has set up traps to stop you from doing so. Basicly, you the 16 year old son are at your 9 year old sisters mercy. It basicly shows that your mother doesn't care about you the icky boy and actively encourages putting you down a notch, seeing you even less responsible then a 9 year old and this, REALLY bugged me the wrong way. Your mother should be the character thar you trust and like but instead she plays blatanted favortism and it really makes me hate the mother and gives the game a sour taste for me. It just takes away the agency because no matter what you choose to do, your mother will only like you once you become a little girl and made her daughter into the tool to achive that, intentional or not. It got to the point that at the middle of the game i thought "i wish to tell the mother that as soon as i can, i move out and never talk to her again" but then again, it wasnt possible at the end of the game. 

For me, that is what really ruined the game and sadly, its not even something that can be fixed with a simple update since its in the core of the entire game. 


Even then, i would give the game a solid 9/10

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