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Version: 0.3.1 Hotfix

The Estate


Hello! This is The Estate, a game I've been making in Twine. This is my first IF game, and has been an exercise in learning Twine. Expect some hiccups.

This is admittedly a rather ambitious first game. There are at least 5 planned routes, and each is intended to have not only a different story, but a different experience as well. At the moment, there are two routes. They have choices, but some of the results are behind the scenes. Due to this, the game is a bit linear at the moment, but that is quickly changing.

This game is also meant to be a very slow burn. It's not meant to be a quick one-handed story, so don't expect it to be. The priority here is to tell a story, and the porn-y bits come after.

Any and all feedback is appreciated! I respond to feedback a bit quicker on my Discord server than I do here.

If you like the game, please consider checking out my Patreon! Backers at certain tiers get access to the game a week early, along with a few other perks.

You are Zack Carson, who after leaving a college in another country, finds himself at the doorstep of a large estate. Why is he there? Well, that's up to you.

0.3.1 Hotfix
- Accidentally undid a blur effect on one of the dream sequences.

- Made several corrections along the new route. I ought to look into getting an editor.
- A new route appears! This one takes the story in a new direction.
- Made a few UI Tweaks
- 15490 more words, increasing the total word count to 41537
- Added a little more story to the Maid route
- Added a Skip Intro link for returning players
- Added a day count system
- Added slide-in notifications for certain stat increases
- Added backgrounds to all passages (with a couple of small exceptions)
- Made a few changes to the UI, mainly the speech boxes and sidebar
- Tweaked some images to fit a little better on screen
- Added a link to my Patreon to the starting page
- Made minor changes to some of the avatars and replaced a few images. Can you spot the differences?

- Fixed a typo caused by a third-party tool (no really, it wasn't me, I swear!)
- Maid Route: Removed an old link from the first night sleep sequence
- Engine: Temporarily removed ability to drop items from inventory. I don't have a way to differentiate between quest items and normal items at the moment. A more long-term fix will hopefully be in 0.2.0

- Added links to Discord and this post to the opening page
- Fixed a few issues for mobile users regarding the sidebar
- Small code changes and visual tweaks

Initial Release

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Review by Zeal

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 Hotfix on 08/09/2020

Wow, this may be one of the strongest starts to a story focused game I've seen on the site!

It's very early days so there's not a lot to go on right now, but if the current quality of writing can be maintained it bodes well for the future.

In terms of gameplay, there's not really much to it; you make some choices, those choices change the outcome of an event slightly, and occasionally adjust some hidden background stats that will presumeably play a part in later events.  It's simplistic, but works well for the purposes of the story the author seems to be trying to tell - and it's the story where this really shines. 

There are currently 2 paths in the game: A classic 'maid' path, which will presumeably introduce all the typical play on power dynamics and submission that we normally see from this kind of story (not a bad thing!); and a rather more original path that seems to be turning the MC into a young heiress.  I'm very interested to see where the latter path goes, due to the rarity of finding a feminisation story that puts the MC into a position of relative power.

I enjoyed what is currently available for both paths quite a lot.  The maid path is arguably slightly further along and can have the MC in a maids uniform before the current content ends, but they both give a sense of what to expect going forwards.  It's also wonderful to find a story where the premise is driven froward by encouragement and character motivation, rather than mindless cruelty at the hands of a master or mistress who doesn't give two shits the MCs feelings like so many other games.

This isn't a game for someone just looking to get their rocks off asap, but fans of well written, believable feminisation should enjoy it.  I look forward to seeing how it develops and what other routes the author introduces in the future!

Review by Zoeylicious

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 07/31/2020

This game is also meant to be a very slow burn. Yes please!<3 
and from what I've read and played you're off to a great start. Thank you for the amount of effort you've already put in this, it really shows and it feels like you're keeping the bigger picture in mind. The writing is really good and paired with the interface and images gives great immersion. If this is a teaser for what to come, I can't wait to get more !

Review by Luna_blue12z

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 07/30/2020

While still in it's early stages I like what's there so far. I really enjoyed both paths, Can't wait to see how this progresses.  

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 07/30/2020

So first of all Great game!
Pretty good writing i quickly skimmed through it but so far i like the art its pretty attractive.

And the clothing options that hes going to wear its all good start for a decent feminization game.

I secretly hope that the nanites path is going to be an ABDL path, because their aint to much of those on TF site... 
((if that happens I probably concider becomming a patreon too but we will see ^^))
But even if that is not the case i will keep an eye on this game seems good so far.

Second i would love to mention that the best part you can do the time skip is to the start where the choices divert
Instead of at the start in to the first choice.

You have a pretty obvious moment where the story diverts and by the looks of it 2 more options in the works.
I would place the start skip there ^^

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 07/30/2020


smart phone friendly

initial phase slow feminisation game

2 classioc rutes active

highly unfinished

minimal TF content

personal opinion: it does not add anything to the genre and i find the story telling booring.

It may improve in the future like any project given enough work and creativity(yet to find even a spark of it)

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