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Version: 0.9.0

Hellhound Underworld


Through a magical mixup, a brave hunter has found himself transported to the dog Underworld. To carry out his mission, he must first seek out Cerberus, its guardian, to be restored to life. However, after a lifetime of living in submission to humans on Earth, now that a human is in their world, most of the dogs here see this as their opportunity to turn the tables and claim a human for themselves.

Type of game
This is a Zork-style dungeon crawler, with combat and a levelup system, choose your own adventure elements, and lots of sex. It is 99% text-only. Sexual content is described in vivid and graphic detail. The game has been built from day one with replayability in mind, and includes achievements with rewards via a NewGame+ system that encourages repeated playthroughs. The game is balanced to be hard, and contains some dynamically generated content. You may have to fail several times before you learn the game well enough to make a serious attempt at winning.

Note that saving has been restricted to certain areas to reduce savescumming, and the history "back" button has been limited to only a single step. It may be eliminated completely at some point. To play the game "as intended" please consider limiting yourself to only a single save slot for your first couple playthroughs. It is recommended that you not try to "try every permutation" of choices on your first run.

Transformation and sexual content
The primary theme of this game is male to female transformation by and for the sexual pleasure of dogs who are generally too horny to care very much how willing a participant you are. Encounters run the spectrum from playfuly affectionate, to eagerly enthusiastic, to awkwardly trying to shake off the dog humping your leg, to downright rapey. It's possible to get through the game without any major sexual encounters beyond being suggestively licked and dry humped, and in fact, the "one true victory" path is minimally sexual. A couple variations on the primary theme do exist, but this is not an "every fetish plus the kitchen sink" kind of game. Dogs are going to try to turn you into a girl and have their way with you. That's the subject matter.

Version 0.9.0: Sep 15, 2021: Major content update!

* About 10,000 words of new content
* 1 new achievement
* Previously unaccessible skills are now obtainable
* The link conversion process should now be complete, any any missing keybinds should now be considered a bug
* Most of the missing content and dead ends associated with combat and game over submission have been cleaned up
* Various rebalances to make certain puzzles a little more forgiving
* Lots of general bug fixes and cleanup
* Fair amount of visual polish has been added


Version 0.8.1

Mostly a bug fix release, but contains partial implementation of keyboard controls. Combat should be less frustrating now. Plus most of the starter area has been converted, but not the entire game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Canton

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 09/18/2021

A surreal blend of writing that looks like a lot of care has been put into it - focused on bestiality, but fair enough - and virtually none put into the combat mechanics, which is unfortunate as it makes up the vast, vast, vast majority of the actual gameplay.


Combat in a game doesn't have to be good. Doesn't have to be deep. But the words "tedious" and "frequent" really, really don't mix. I certainly shouldn't be able to boredly mash the same attack button twenty to thirty times in a row on random encounters, little of note happening all the while. 


Last playthrough, using the knife, I got as far as Cerberus. I lost; that's a heavy theme in the game. In return though, I unlocked NG+ and was instructed to examine the magical circle at the start!

I had unlocked no actual options for said circle, mind you. But there was theoretically a chance I *could have*! All I had to do was go back out and try again, enduring twenty to thirty round combats in the meanwhile as I redid what I did prior and I promptly deleted the game and moved on. 

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 12/05/2020

Edit the development looks like in a bottleneck

the game needs a good writer

"the creators deep love of dogs makes it autentic

from a tf maniac: i feel that animal/antro tf missing in order to become more funn"

Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 12/05/2020

Still a lot of dead ends, including ones that say "double-click to edit this passage", but not limited to those, because you also get a dead end/error if you get eagerly fucked, but don't have a pussy, there are still plenty other kinds though, and there are also a lot of times where flavor text still needs to be added, so I'm going to play again once the game is complete, because it is a very interesting game.

Review by sanjafeth

Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 08/13/2020

An intriguing twist on a familiar theme. I love the writing, the balance and the replayability. An impressive start! Please keep working on it!

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 08/13/2020

I like the feminization theme, but aren't as big a fan of dogs as the author. ;-)

Yet the sex scenes are written well enough, so I found them attractive. But while the opening scene is written in a CYOA style and thus is pretty clean and straightforward, the rest of the game tries to be open world and fails at that miserably. There's no mini-map, nor any other way to orient oneself. I managed to find one more "ending", but it all seemed awfully random. 

There should definitely be less aimless wandering. The player should have a better idea where he/she currently is and where to go. Without this it'll remain a mess and the good writing doesn't save it.

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