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Living in Kanazawa
by JonesI

So yeah... one year has passed and to be honest I was really frustrated with not being able to expand on this game. The thing that was holding me back was the images, I tried so many processing methods to get a result close to what I wanted, and they all failed miserably. Every time I tried I hated that I couldn't get it to look at least decent and more or less consistent.
That changed last month; I was finally able to figure out a process that results in more or less the same art styles for character images, background and events, and also which doesn't take an excruciating time to work on each individual picture. I hope people will think it's an improvement, but at least I'm content with the current style result.
So I finished reworking what was added in the game, and now finally started working on expanding the story again. So now the only limiting factor is how much free time I can put into it. I really don't want to make promises I won't be able to keep again, but I don't think it's going to take a year again at least...


====Old Synopsis below====

This is only a sneak peek at what I'm working, but I wanted to get some early feedback on the direction of the game.


The story follows the main character moving to Japan as he always dreamed, but things don't go exactly as he has thought they would.


I've enjoyed many games over the years, the one that started my interest being the Japanese Crowd X-Change series, so there is some inspiration from that one. I believe that story is more important than sex scenes, there will be such scenes with graphic images, but I probably won't spend too many lines describing what is going on in them.

The main focus of the game will be the character development and how everyone interacts. I've always been disappointed when a game has so many individual stories of good quality, but almost no link between them. I plan to have the stories interwine based on the character's choices. All choices will have an impact on the game.


I also dislike when changes progress too fast, so the mostly mental transformations will be gradual. You'll notice that the game has a day system and quite a few days are missing. That is partially because this is still in development, but also because not all days will be covered. Just like in real life, not all days have exciting events, and I don't want to include a grinding mechanism.


The structure of the game includes main story points as well as side events between them. Development cycle after the first few releases will be Main story > Side events > Branching effects and clean-up > Repeat.

Regarding save compatibility, the first 10 or so versions of the game will most likely not be save compatible. After that I'll try not to include anything game breaking.

You - university student studying abroad in Japan and living with a host family.

Eimi - shy daughter of the host family.

Kaeko - psychiatrist and mother of host family

Vanessa - childhood best friend and weeb, also moving to Japan.

Michael - athletic friend also moving to Japan - Changed daily transitions. Extra contetnt for Mike girlfriend. Some content for games, literature, tennis clubs. - Reworked club selection. Changed code for future save compatibility (maybe finish in 2-3 updates from now). Added Mike's girlfriend. Updated some portraits and improved decensoring. - Added a bunch of morning events for the first two weeks. Added a large story event with Eimi's family. About 600 new lines of dialogue in total. - Reworked some of the story again. Remade all images. Expanded serum story and university intro. - Reworked some events and images to make the story go more naturally. More hints at how the serum works. Added a couple of events. - Hot fix for serum choice and slight branching. (Can skip if you already played 0.08.20) - First version of the game.


Preview 3 - One more path revealed. Updated images somewhat. Actual first version scheduled for end of next week.

Preview 2 - Some minor bug fixes just to have the version usable. Added sneak peek to another path.

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Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: on 10/05/2021

I like the look of the game.  The images all look nice.  On some of them I notice the halo around them a bit.  Wondering if the process you are using would be able to make the outer edge transparent?

Not really a game or even interactive story as yet.  I didn't get all the way through it.  TMDR.  Need to add some choices earlier on so we can participate and not just get a visual novel.

Review by JustSomeSissy

Version reviewed: on 09/21/2021

The game is just an introduction but its pretty good. Well written, the photos are good. I would like to see more and its good that the developer is working on it. Not a ton of content, but it gets to the transformation start.

Review by renee98

Version reviewed: on 09/21/2021

Nice to see this being worked on still! Looking forward to further updates and good luck with your writing.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.08.20 on 08/20/2020

This is really a proof of concept in the first release. I think the storytelling would be improved a great deal if there were a variety of images for each character so that moods and expressions could be shown in the art. Without that, the images have limited effect.

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