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Version: 0.232

Version: 0.231



This is a game about...I'll admit it: a ratcatcher.
In the City. The only real city in a fantasy world, where rats are a BIG problem, and spiders are deadly. Unless they are large: then you call the army.

Have fun, and maybe a little horror with a heavily randomized game: lots of skill rolls and the fights are simulated by the computer.

Please vote in the poll for the mc's picture (1st page of the game thread).

Update 0.23 (29.8.): The port is open for the first tenday now. 

For the next update I try to understand the code that Annen and Principle Chaos have developed for Inheritance: the Aftermath Team is letting me use that code in my game! 

Don't miss Inheritance (https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1151) or the other games by the Aftermath Team! 


Regarding the Patreon link: A couple of people have asked me in the last few years about a patreon link for my games. I cannot accept any money for games, or I would have to ask my boss for a special allowance to work in my spare time: I live in a country with special job regulations. 
Pervy Sage is an artist who will illustrate all my games in due time. Pery has a patreon: 

Perversity is a one man operation working on art commissions, while also working on different projects of his own creation. When dealing with commissions he's willing to undertake any kind of art request. While the projects he works on tend to usually sit in the science fiction, or superpowers genre of games. His projects tend to look more reflect real life situations, than fantasy outlooks (IE: the real world is a pretty bad place, and he doesn't see any particular reason to hide that, or lie about it) the real world is a grimdark setting, and his projects tend to reflect this.

You are an indentured ratcatcher apprentice. 

That sucks, because really you are the Blood of Kings. 

Please note that this is the retelling of a story much more beautifully woven in a (free) mod for Neverwinter I: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/agrenost-beneath-cobbles

Frank, the indentured ratcatcher apprentice and Heir of Kings.

Master Albert and his wife.

An Inquisitor

A paladin

A sandestin

2 gangs: the Red Hounds and the Black Crows

A madame

A noble group of "heroes"

A slum full of people


Spiders. (Treat softly, they FEEL the sound that you make...)

A Portmaster

A Governour

A Noble

A Scholar

A Gatekeeper (not THE Gatekeeper: a lesser one) 

Four Fops

The game is as merciless as the old school game books were: please use the "reroll" and the "But I rolled myself..." options. This is heavily coded (for my tech skills) and random chance means that you CAN, in fact, die ingame. 


Vs. 0.21 I did a tiny update with some minor corrections as a heads-up that this is a game in the making and may greatly profit from proofreading. There is no additional content yet. 

Vs. 0.22 A small update with a trip to the mountains: visit a remote village and meet the neighbours!

Vs. 023 The tenday in port is playable now; and I added some dice when the game is rolling (in case anyone has the advantage "luck" and gets a reroll [reload the page, the circle arrow in the upper left corner of your browser]). The cash may not be coded all well since you can loose money at cards, and I am using to variables that I have problems to balance. Rfpnj has helped a lot with that, but I do not understand all those tips...

Vs. 0.231: Cleared a bug in the fight with Dimitri the forger.

Vs. 0.232: I checked the code and found lots of typos: I cleaned out any that I found and added the info page abot sandestines that I promised in the thread. No new content yet. 

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Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 08/21/2020

It's a Blauz game, with everything that entails.
Use your best judgement on this one.

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