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Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

Bimbo Bus

You make a tool that can hack into people's phones and hypnotise them.

You decde to test it out on various people around you.

Transformations will mostly be bimbofication, with some M2F/feminisation options too.

You corrupt and bimbofy people for fun.

I might add plot later, but not right now.

You - A programmer with hypnosis and bimbo kinks that made the Hackatron 6969 (working title)

Sophie - Your boss, who you don't get along with

Valerie - Somebody you met on the bus, she works in an office in town

Cindy - A scientist working at a local lab

Lara - A fit, muscular woman you see on the bus when it's raining

John - Some guy you only see on the bus on weekends

Amber - A young woman you see on the bus when you act too suspiciously

Hack people's phones when you get the chance.

Upgrade your phone at work.

Give commands remotely to get variations of scenes.


- Add missing image

- Change file separators so files shoudl show up on iOS, linux etc.

- Add missing remote command passages to home and work

- Fix issues with going back from command passages

- Fix styling of speech thumbnails


- Add initial Sophie route

- Add initial John route

- Rearranged Valerie route

- New graphics for Valerie

- Add graphics for Cindy and John



- Initial release

- Full Valerie route

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Review by Theacds

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 10/23/2020

I've been putting off this review for months, because I don't know how to say what is so damn appealing to this game. But, I think I've got a part of it.


The system of corruption/bimbofication/sissification is tight. In short, there's three tiers of transformation that increase from minor subconcious suggestions to major hypnotic commands. Within in each tier there are a handful of changes that can be done in any order, but each one must be done before moving on to the next tier. Starting with small tweaks, pushing to medium changes, and ending on major transformations, it's a simple but effective way to keep the player not only interested in the transformation sequence but invested in what comes next. The natural pacing of events, the wonder of how all of the small suggestions will compound into big ones, it's done so much more effectively than if it were simply uninteractable words on a page. There's a meaningful choice made for when which one gets done based on personal fetishistic preference, there's a bulletproof internal logic that keeps everything grounded in the players mind and controls, and there's potential for interactions between bimbos and the world around them changing to reflect their current status. It's a great system to write bimbofication and one that's easy for the dev to tune and one that's simple for players to understand.


That system of transformation, those potential choices, and the writing are honestly the magic behind the machine. The resource management over a tri-sected day cycle is in need of tuning, there's only one completed route with two more partially finished, the interaction with characters is a touch too limited outside of the hypnotic suggestions to be deeply satisfying, but those are all flaws of detailwork and polish--all of which come later. Frankly, it's not necessary that each little nook and cranny be squared off right from the get-go. There's no need to finish every character's sequence right now. Hell, it would be ridiculous to try and rewrite transformations to build off the previous because all that work could be goign to something much more important. What should be done in the next revision is a cleanup of the core gameplay loop. After that, maybe character routes and plot points are added. But the gameplay loop should come first because once that cycle of moving through the days managing resources is clicked into place, the rest of the game will be so much easier to square off and develop for.


At the moment, the two resources, time and suspicion, are a touch imbalanced due to the latter's lack of a counterbalance. Suspicion being a check to the players mindless pressing of buttons, it currently runs the risk of merely acting as roadblock. It doesn't promote any alternative style of play or strategy in the current build, nor does it really present any meaningful danger as there is so much suspicion to burn through that it never becomes a problem save for when hack attempts fail. That can become a problem because it will typically be either a minor or major halt to pacing in a game that doesn't actually need it. Hypnotic suggestions already require a certain amount of time to set in, and the limiting of one action per time slot means that there isn't a way to brute force rush the transformations down. So while it can be used effectively to heighten tension or give weight to plot twists or serve as dynamic response to players' victims reaching certain bimbofication thresholds, it still needs a counterbalance. It needs something that turns it from the slow and grating pushing of a button into a decision to push this button instead of that one. Perhaps going from small/medium/large tiers of transformation makes that person suddenly more suspicious, thus lowering the players? Perhaps the upgrades can be moved from midday to morning/night, allowing players the choice to either ignore them entirely while they grind people down on the bus or focus on balancing those side characters with the player character's domineering boss? Or, perhaps, the bus and office can increase suspicion based on how many non-bimbos witness other non-bimbos bimbofy, encouraging the player to learn the schedule of appearances while punishing those who are willing to brute force it down in plain sight? Honestly, the possibilities are endless. But as long as something can counterbalance Suspicion endlessly ticking up (other than soft requiring players to upgrade before trying to hack), it should be fine.


In summation, the game's great. As a proof-of-concept, it passes with flying colors. As a demo, it looks very promising. As a game, it just needs some tweaks to the core gameplay loop of managing resources to make it airtight, as well as a healthy number of quirky side characters all with their own unique transformation routes. The only reason I can see this falling through is if too many features are add on top of what's already here or if the author isn't feeling up to it, which, honestly, given the current year, is more than understandable.


10/10, will play again and again and again

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 09/07/2020

Fast and cute, it needs more content here, but the core loop is pretty solid. I also like the fate patch for the protagonist? character. Not to spoil things for the spoiler unready, but there may be some karmic reward for the mind controller with discretion.

Review by max02

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 09/06/2020


Error: the passage "SophieUncertain" does not exist

Medium Commands
Make Sophie a little less self-assured
Make Sophie sound like an idiot
Suggest that Sophie starts bringing you coffee
Suggest that Sophie addresses you more formally




Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <<if>>

<<if $characters.Amber.minorComplete>>…

Amber regretfully arrests you for real this time.

You should have been more careful, especially after the massive favour she did for you by giving you a second chance.

Game Over.

Error: child tag <<else>> was found outside of a call to its parent macro <<if>>

You raised too much suspicion and somebody contacted the authorities.

You were justifiably arrested for your crimes, and spent a lot of time in prison.

Game Over.

Error: macro <</else>> does not exist


Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 09/05/2020

Fun little game,

Seems like it has good potential.

Looking forward for improvements for sure.

Ill keep an eye on this and give a proper review once its further into its development

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 09/05/2020

I played around with this last night. Right now it's a really simple premise, which could be to its advantage. There's not really a plot or even really many gameplay mechanics, but there's something here that can be built on. But there's tons of glitches like characters straight up disappearing, options that should be unlocked being locked. Also, the visuals are pretty lackluster for the one character you can actually mess with fully. It's a good base for a game but It's hardly even playable right now. This isn't really the fault of the author considering it's only at version 0.0.3, but I'm still going to point it out. 

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