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Version: v1

Bitch Medicenter

In a near future where body and mind alteration are the latest fad, customers of Bitch Medicenter often have very specific needs. Liz the physician and you, a nameless technician are here to fulfill those needs in the most depraved way possible.

Ranging from a frigid housewife to a prospective streamer, play a short series of puzzles and get some delicious lewds! Be sure to go into the "console settings" menu, where you can enable some hidden text-only scenes dealing with scenarios too specific for me to find images for. You can also remove dialogue thumbnails or even auto-skip the actual gameplay for those who don't enjoy it.

I hope you'll enjoy a game that will respect your time. Before you play, please note that every case has it's own niche and fetishes, and those are disclaimed before every case. Do not feel like you need to play all of it, just play what you like, and leave a review if you can. Whether you enjoy the game or not, thank you for playing!

If you do enjoy the game, you can find everything else I've ever made here: https://noodlejacuzzi.github.io/

On one last note, this is a standalone release. Aside from typos and bugfixes this game is complete. Partially because I think there should be more self-contained games in the porn world, and also because I'm already juggling other ongoing games.

You play as a nameless technician, fresh on the job at Bitch Medicenter. I hope you brought either a PhD in Anatomy & Applied Psychology, experience with body modification, or a healthy curiosity and a willingness to learn!

To be honest it'd be quicker for you to play online and give the game a test than it would take to read a plot/character synopsis, just know that you yourself do not participate in scenes.

To play the game you'll need to extract the game first, then click the .html file to open it in a browser of your choice. Or just play online. To complete the puzzles, use the arrow keys or swipe to fuse blocks together. It's basically a puzzle version of 2048, your goal is to get the highest score you can on each board.

Stuck? Have you tried wiggling everything around until you win? If you're stuck somewhere the settings menu has a button to auto-skip operations, meaning you'll jump straight to the scenes and unlock the ability to skip them afterwards forever.

And as one last hint, the cheat codes are the names of my other games. Another one is pool noodle, which unlocks two additional PSAs, though those are also unlockable by completing certain cases.

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Review by MalCharacter

Version reviewed: v1 on 11/01/2020

I'm agreeing with the author here. Nothing wrong with making shorter, more self-contiained games. This one uses the 2048 style puzzle to add the gameplay in between two short story sections. Lots of variety, lots of kinks, and a complete experience that does exactly what it wants to do, nothing less.

Review by Azerty666

Version reviewed: v1 on 10/13/2020

That's a very good start ! A great variety of fetishes, the concept is interesting.

I just wish there was a sandbox mode.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: v1 on 10/13/2020

Fun shot little game.

Good to play for a couple of times or to come back to if you ever be in the mood

I like the little backstory pieces and easter eggs in the game too very fun

Review by sparkysnail321

Version reviewed: v1 on 10/12/2020

It was very fun, short playthrough of the various playthroughs. Has a wide selection of fetishes and nice scenes to compliment.

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