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A Visit to TG Island

Hi There! I'm HelliHalli, and this is the project I've been working on for a few months now.

Currently included content:

  • 1 Fully complete story chain
  • 177 Pages of text and imagery
  • 68 Unique possible endings
  • Nearly 29,000 words
  • A SPOILER-FREE Ending Cheat Sheet
  • Full Character Bios
  • And much more to come!

The project is hosted entirely online on a WordPress website, and the game itself is currently played in a Slideshow CYOA format (which may be a turn off but I do plan to transfer it to play within the website itself over some time.)

As for Themes currently included:

  • MTF (Obviously)
  • Bimbofication
  • Prostitution
  • BDSM
  • Interracial Intimacy
  • Male/Female Intimacy
  • Female/Female Intimacy
  • Noncon (Kinda?)
  • Masturbation
  • Submission
  • Shemale
  • Corruption
  • Mental changes
  • Voluntary Change
  • Involuntary Change
  • Cloning/Twinning?
  • and Robots? (Best not to question it…)

I hope you enjoy your very SPECIAL visit to the island

Notice: You may find parts of this story on a different website and a different username. This is because I originally wrote this for a different website with multi-author stories, but stopped it a while a go to pick it up as a standalone project. The written text is my work alone.


  • Beginning second story path (Go somewhere relaxing)
  • ‘Favourites and Recommendations’ page
  • ‘Player Feedback’ page

A Visit to TG Island is a CYOA Interactive Game/Novel with a fairly simple premise;
One average day, you find a mysterious letter in your mailbox. Upon opening it, you find you’ve won a VIP vacation to a remote tropical paradise. An island of sunny beaches, fun resort activities and hot babes. Who wouldn’t want to go? You quickly go and redeem your prize and prepare for the trip. Arriving at the airport, you are taken on a private helicopter to fly you to your destination. What will you choose to do, and will you keep your manhood intact?

Right now, One of several major story paths is complete;

the "Go Back to Site B" story path's focus is to give the player a deeper lore into the dark secrets of the island and will provide some well needed context for players in upcoming story paths. Your goal in this path is to infiltrate into a top secret facillity owned by the Islands rich owner, Gabriella Marcillas. a cunning genuis and the richest woman in the world, what secrets lay within the doors of her facillity and what will you do once you find out.

Coming Next:The "Go Somewhere Relaxing" Path

You, Male, Age 18+: A blank slate person in nature. Who you are doesn't matter, who you'll become is the fun part.

Gabriella Marcilas, Female, Age 34: Rose to great wealth at an incredibly young age, considered a business and technology pioneer. She built a public island paradise off her wealth and is always planning towards the future. She runs a major business on the island, and SITE B is just an example of her handiwork. Ambitious, gorgeous and flirtatious, she keeps up her image well. Though maybe she’s hiding some secrets under her self-inflated charm…

Tyrone LeMach, Male, Age 37: He is Gabriella’s fiancé and second in command. He runs a third of the island, including SITE A, and is a natural romantic. Though not a public celebrity like Gabriella, he is a hard working and goal oriented individual who puts her first, always. He may come off as snobby to those he doesn’t care to speak to. He is also the one who makes special outside connections for Gabriella.

Jenna Hartrite, Female, Aged 27: She is a leading doctor at Site B, but seems to have a deep resentment towards her boss for an unknown reason. She is also quite two faced, one side is professional and caring, the other is stern and twisted. She is willing to sacrifice anything to reach her personal goals, though she does put the health of the innocent first. She is also a lesbian.

Marcy Evans and Tasha Hughes, Females, Both aged 22: Security guards at Site B. They are two tough chicks who are ready to break any criminal. They are also pretty athletic and have access to the many tools and equipment developed at the site. They are also madly in love.

*Spoiler Free Walkthrough*

Since this is a CYOA style game/novel, the main focus of this game is to go from the beginning to the end, and then play again and try to get something different. It's pretty simple, you click an option, the story continues along it's split path.

It's a big project, and not easy to navigate. So i've come up with a comprimise to get you to each of the games endings without spoiling any of the ending names. Here's the formula:

Ending Acronym (Page Number): Path Choices

Simple right? Just think of it this way, when your presented two options, the option furthest left at the top would be A, the option opposite that would be B. Some paths have multiple choices, in that case just keep going left to right down the rows for each set of choices on a page to guess which letter it is.

If you read this far, you probably are looking for the one ending your missing, or are just too lazy to guess and check, for those people, here you go:

Go Back to “Site B” path:

  • TEP (3): A,A
  • TH (6): A,B,A,A
  • TRLB (7): A,B,A,B
  • TPN (20): A,B,B, then A, then A,B, then follow to finish.
  • TLGIT (23): A,B,B, then A, then A,A,A,A
  • TBRS (24): A,B,B, then A, then A,A,A,B
  • TTATL (25): A,B,B, then A, then A,A,A,C
  • TAOMOM (26): A,B,B, then A, then A,A,A,D
  • TSA (27): A,B,B, then A, then A,A,B
  • TPBICIM (31): A,B,B, then A, then B, then A
  • TMPWITW (32): A,B,B, then A, then B, then B
  • TNRL (41): A,B,B, then B, then A
  • TMAFO (42): A,B,B, then B, then B
  • TTQAAK (43): A,B,B, then B, then C
  • TDOTC (45): B,B
  • TLL (48): B,B,A, then follow to finish.
  • TGOTRF (49): B,B,C
  • TSM (53): B,B,D,A,A, then follow to finish.
  • TBOTW (55): B,B,D,A,B,A
  • TBB (56): B,B,D,A,B,B
  • TBFG (57): B,B,D,A,B,C
  • THD (58): B,B,D,A,B,D
  • TFF (59): B,B,D,A,B,E
  • TBP (60): B,B,D,A,B,F
  • TBSFB (62): B,B,D,B,A
  • TSS (63): B,B,D,B,B
  • TMW (64): B,B,D,B,C
  • TFS (65): B,B,D,B,D
  • TRBO (66): B,B,D,B,E
  • TLATF (69): B,B,B,A, then follow to finish.
  • TRMW (71): B,B,B,B,A
  • TRMW (71): B,B,B,B,A
  • TRWW (72): B,B,B,B,B
  • TTCATC (73): B,B,B,B,C
  • TTGOA (78): B,B,B,C, then A,A,A
  • TSFS (83): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then B,A
  • TBB (85): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then B,B,A
  • TBBB (86): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then B,B,B
  • TLLLD (87): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then B,B,C
  • TBDA (88): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then B,B,D
  • TSO (91): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then A, then B
  • TCBU (93): B,B,B,C, then A,A,B, then A, then A, then follow to finish.
  • TFTFP (98): B,B,B,C, then A,B,A, then B
  • TEMW (103): B,B,B,C, then A,B,A, then A, then A, then follow to finish.
  • TLH (104): B,B,B,C, then A,B,A, then A, then B
  • TSD (107): B,B,B,C, then A,B,B, then A
  • TRC (113): B,B,B,C, then A,B,B, then B, then A
  • TMULS (116): B,B,B,C, then A,B,B, then B, then B, then follow to finish.
  • TWATP (120): B,B,B,C, then A,B,C, then A
  • TDHE (123): B,B,B,C, then A,B,C, then B,A, then follow to finish.
  • TBT (128): B,B,B,C, then A,B,C, then B,B, then follow to finish.
  • TBATB (134): B,B,B,C, then C,A, then A, then follow to finish.
  • TAA (136): B,B,B,C, then C,A, then B, then follow to finish.
  • TNRE (137): B,B,B,C, then C,A, then C, then follow to finish.
  • TGWTGF (139): B,B,B,C, then C,A, then D, then follow to finish.
  • TNN (142): B,B,B,C, then C,B,A, then follow to finish.
  • TBBB (144): B,B,B,C, then C,B,B,A
  • TGOTPF (145): B,B,B,C, then C,B,B,B
  • TGG (147): B,B,B,C, then C,B,B,C then follow to finish.
  • TVS (153): B,B,B,C, then B,A,A, then A
  • TLLS (154): B,B,B,C, then B,A,A, then B
  • TFIB (157): B,B,B,C, then B,A,B,A,A
  • TFIIMP (158): B,B,B,C, then B,A,B,A,B
  • THH (161): B,B,B,C, then B,A,B,B, then A
  • TCD (162): B,B,B,C, then B,A,B,B, then B
  • TBD (167): B,B,B,C, then B,B,A,A, then follow to finish.
  • TISYST (168): B,B,B,C, then B,B,A,B
  • TSF (169): B,B,B,C, then B,B,B
  • TCC (170): B,B,B,C, then D

Version 1.0 (3/10/20):

  • Introduction completed
  • First story path completed (Go to “Site B”)
  • Website created
  • ‘Ending Cheat Sheet’ and ‘Character Bios’ pages created

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Mario64

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/29/2020

A pretty fun CYOA game with plenty of endings.


Google Slides is a weird choice of engine and it has some issues but it isn't all bad. Loading times can be a bit slow however it does seem to improve as a session goes on. It has the nice benifit of allowing the player to jump to any slide which does mean it is very easy to find a missed ending. It does also mean that if a player wants to go back and redo their previous choice they need to take note of the previous slide's number in advance or hit restart and repeat all of the decisions they took to reach that point. 


While it is quite fun navigating can be a chore. This could be improved significantly with the addition of a return button on each slide to send the player back to the previous slide.

Review by Tolkien46

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/24/2020

An interesting CYOA visual novel. However the "engine" it uses is a bit flaky.

If they can transfer it to a more stable platform it would be pretty decent.

Not bad, engine lets it down.

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/24/2020

There's a nice simplicity to this; it reminds me a lot of all of old RAGS games in a good way. However, the strange engine it runs in is so atrocious and frustrating I can't recommend playing it. The author should seriously consider looking into porting the game into a better engine as well as a better spell checker. 

Review by tedruge

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/23/2020

Fairly Liner, but I did enjoy the multiple endings with pictures and a description. Despite the linearity there are small off shoot choices that contain consequence, which I like. I look forward to seeing some other options hopefully open up. 


Kind of awkward the game is in Google Slides at the moment, which works and is probably familiar and easy for the designer to use. I can’t help but feel that this would go well as a twine game. The change though may slow down game creation and I think I’d rather have more paths to fap to. 


Overall I enjoyed it. It had endings, interseting small event, and pictures. As one of the ealier reviews read it is find the transformations which is great fun.

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/22/2020

Most if not all of the transformations lead to an immediate end to this interactive story, but they all come with sexy pictures, so it's good for a quick rub.

This would be a great game if it was created in anything other than Google Slides -- an interface that was apparently never intended for gamemaking. Every single interaction is clunky, slow, and liable to glitch out.

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